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Hunting; a resource or a hobby?

Some people may say that hunting is a hobby or sport, but is hunting actually a resource that people need? Does hunting have to be either a resource or a hobby? or can it be both? In most cases, hunters would say it is both.

“Not only do I get to relax and listen and watch nature, but I also get to provide for my family, which is much cheaper than actually going to the store every week for ground beef or steaks.� 1


The most rewarding part of hunting is of course the “free food”. If a hunter kills a deer, most of the time that person guts and cuts the deer to get the meat, which then they have their food. Getting the meat for food is the resource part of hunting. Another good resource is that hunters actually save lives and prevents injury. According to an article on, Car and Deer collisions cause 200 deaths and cost $4 billion a year, between July, 2011 and June, 2012. Deer are over populated and it is causing an increase in an urban sprawl.

The bad

There is’nt much of bad in hunting. The most complained about is of course the price of hunting. The cost of Guns, ammo and camo does add up, but most people seem to think the price of hunting is much more affordable than the grocery store. Greg Merriman, a hunter from Madisonville, KY, says that a Deer can last his family up to a couple months worth of meat, and the meat is also leaner. Merriman said in an interview, “Not only do I get to relax and listen and watch nature, but I also get to provide for my family, which is much cheaper than actually going to the store every week for ground beef or steaks.” As you can tell in hunting, the bad ends up being good.

The Ugly

To get the meat out of the deer, it is not a pretty process. The deer must be skinned and gutted. People usually do this themselves to save money, because having a slaughter house do it can lead back to “the bad” and become very expensive. It can cost between $70 to $150 to get a deer processed. So many hunters would suggest to do it yourself, unless you have a weak stomach ofcourse.

Greg Merriman with his first buck of the season. 2

Sporting it up There are many things envolved in hunting, like the excitement of getting your first deer or even chasing one when you shoot it but it runs. but to learn how to shoot a deer, you must practice. It is not your typical sport, but it most certainly is a competitive one. On open day of gun season and bow season, all hunters rush out to the fields, farms, and woods try to find the biggest buck out there. While competeting to get the most points on the rack, hunters seem to relax while awaiting there big moment to shoot one in the perfect spot. Andrea White, a Warren County, KY hunter claims that her favorite thing about hunting is not just beating her dad every year and getting the biggest one, but her favorite part is “sitting in silence in the woods, relaxing and just listening and seeing God’s Beauty.�

Practicing shooting guns is also a fun activity envloved in hunting. It is a big stress reliever and Andrea White with her 8 point buck. can be very competitive also. Many people throw orange clay pigeons into the air and see which person can shoot it first. Shooting guns can truley bring friends and family together. There are many games to play when shooting guns and it can be very fun, but most importanly before shooting guns you must know gun safety. Do not ever keep a gun loaded when it is not being used, never point at anyone, and keep on safety at all times. Hunting is not just a sport, a hobby, or a food is a way of life!

Haley Womac shooting at targets.


Do we really need hunters?

Some people seem to think that hunting is wrong, but is it really? What is the difference in killing a deer for food and killing cow for food. Hunting is a resource that humans need. Animal advicates tend to feel like it is unhuman for someone to kill deer, but then those people still eat meat. Hunting feeds people, decreases wrecks caused by deer and gives people the oppurtunity to do what they love. All in all hunting is a good thing, it is resource that is needed and it gives people the oppurtunity to have fun and learn the proper way to use a gun. So do we really need hunters? I would say yes...but that is up to you.


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