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haley klosterman

TEAMWORK ¡  WILLING TO WORK AS A TEAM §  I could talk about how employees of the conservation office has to work as a team for a long time. When it was most prevalent for me, was during tree planting season. There are so many ways you must work together in order for the growers to get what they ordered, as well as getting the trees in the ground. We had to work as a team verbally, and physically.

CAN FOLLOW POLICIES AND PROCEDURES ¡  During tree planting season, there are very strict rules about how the bare-root trees are to be kept in order for them to stay alive but in dormancy before they get to the ground. Here in the picture I am storing and rearranging the trees while checking the temperature, and watering them.

ENTHUSIASM ¡  As cold and messy of a job planting trees can be, I always tried to have a smile on my face and keep the enthusiasm up in the group. Also, you had to really enjoy and love what you’re doing because the hours can get intense, and tiring. So, enthusiasm pulled us through most of the time. Just have fun in a professional manner, that’s the key.

VERSATILIT Y ¡  As I stated earlier the hours are all over the place, we are at the mercer of Mother Nature so we must work when we can. Also, I was able to do a number of different tasks that were asked of me to do; from filing, to field work, to tree planting.

ABILIT Y TO PLAN AND THINK AHEAD ¡  During tree planting, it required a ton of work prior to the actual planting day. Such as getting the van loaded properly according to that particular persons tree planting plan.

CREATIVIT Y ¡  There were several projects that I was assigned. During those projects I was required to come up with new bright ideas about how to accomplish and attack this project. In this picture I cane up with ideas of how to decorate the May Baby trees given to the new borns of St. Francis Hospital. Also, assisted in creating our company website.

INTERPERSONAL SKILLS ¡  Working at an NRCS office/ Conservation office, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many farmers we work with, obviously. So, learning people skills was a huge deal in the office. I don’t really have a picture of this.

PROBLEM SOLVER ¡  I wish I had a picture of this, but on a lovely North Dakota rainy, spring day, I blew a tire on the tree planting machine, while planting So, I had to use my problem-solving skills/ mechanical skills to fix the tire. Though this may be using physical problem solving skills, there were many times were I had to use them socially and intellectually as well. Most of the times these were used in board meetings, as were my new ideas.

SELF SUFFICIENT ¡  I never had to ask “what to do next” I just did it. And if I didn’t have any thing to do, I found something to do. For evidence of this see my student evaluation form.

POSITIVE WORK RECORD ¡  Through out my career, I have gotten plenty of very nice comments on my work, my attitude, my life approach, as well as my drive. It has always appeared to me that my co-workers and boss have a positive outlook on me and how I work. ¡  For this you should refer my student evaluation form.

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