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Diemaker’s Rifflers B9860 (Cut O) B9862 (Cut 2) 150mm Long

B9870 (Cut O) B9872 (Cut 2) 150mm Long

B9900 (Cut O) B9902 (Cut 2) 150mm Long

B9960 (Cut O) B9962 (Cut 2) 150mm Long

Diamond Rifflers Description


Set of 10


Part Number

Engineer Files Hales stock a comprehensive range of Quality Engineer Files:Hand File Round File Half round File Flat File Warding File Square File Mill File

For finishing flat Surfaces For circular openings and concave surfaces For flat, concave and convex surfaces For general work on iron, steel etc. For ward notches in keys and narrow places For filing slots, key seats and general surface filing For drawn filing in machine shops, fine finishing and tool sharpening

Three grades of file cuts available:- Smooth - Second Cut Bastard. File handles are also available.


IP Diamond Rifflers