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Hyspin AWH® Series

High Quality Mineral Oils with a Viscosity Index Improver


CASTROL HYSPIN® AWH is a range of high quality mineral oils with a viscosity index improver, designed for operations over a wide temperature range with minimum variation in viscosity. They contain a balanced quantity of anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-foam and anticorrosion additives.


CASTROL HYSPIN® AWH fluids meet the needs of modern hydraulic equipment operating under severe service conditions, i.e. wide temperature range and high pressure. Having a fortified high viscosity index means the CASTROL HYSPIN® AWH Series are ideal for use in hydraulic systems sensitive to variations in fluid viscosity due to extremes in operating temperature as well as offering a long service life under normal operating temperatures. Applications include plant and machine hydraulic systems, machine tools (CNC machines), certain gearboxes, bearing lubrication systems and many more applications requiring an oil with excellent anti-wear, anti-oxidant and viscous properties. CASTROL HYSPIN® AWH is suitable for gear, vane and piston type hydraulic pumps, except those containing silver or cadmium. The recommended maximum bulk fluid temperature is approximately 95 0C. However, continuous operation at this temperature may reduce the service life of the oil. Caution should also be exercised with the lighter grades. Contact your nearest Castrol Branch for further advice.

Benefits and Qualities

High viscosity Index. Minimum change in viscosity over wide temperature range. Optimum performance under varying conditions. Proven additive system. Ensures maximum protection from wear, corrosion, foaming and oxidation. Reduced downtime, higher productivity. Lowered Pour point. Improved oil flow at low temperatures. Suitable for cold start-ups. High Aniline Point. Ensures minimum effect on synthetic rubbers. Extended life of seals. Full range of viscosities. Ideal viscosity grade can be selected. Optimise machine performance, minimise energy costs.

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