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The Jet Jargon Hello from Halena Ngo!



appy new year, manatees! I can only hope your first month of 2014

was amazing because after all that you have accomplished in 2013, you KIWINNER’S deserve it more than anyone! I am getting nostalgic thinking about all the memories we’ve made last year already… from Jet Banquet in May to the movie social in

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August to Fall Rally South in November, I had the best memories with you guys, and I hope you can say the same. Still, this term definitely isn’t over! Even if you officers are about to hand down your roles to your successors, there is still so much to do. Let’s start this year off strong and show them how kickbutt this division truly is! Good luck to those of you running for club positions! I am so proud of Jet! With love,

Halena Ngo Jet Lt. G. 2013-2014 Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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Spotlight on... Jet’s new Divisional Spirit Captain Tyanna Bui! Hey there my cute swimming manatees! If you didn’t know me already, I’m Tyanna Bui, Jet’s new Spirit Captain, and I’m very excited about this new position. As you all know, as Spirit Captain, my role is to successfully lead you during Fall Rally (which passed already) and DCON to win the one and only spirit stick. During my sophomore year, I led alongside Franz Acosta, the unofficial Jet Spirit Captain, and ever since then, he’s inspired me as well as given me advice on what it takes to lead a division. During 2013’s DCON, I tested this out and oh my goodness, your guy’s passion for cheering just blew my soul away. Seeing you guys cheer as an ohana motivated me to help pump pump pump it up even more. So taking the past two year’s experience plus advice from Franz Acosta and UCLA’s CKI’s Spirit and Ed Chair (yes, we’ve talked), I’ve come up with a plan for me, my future spirit committee, and Jet to dominate the floors at DCON 2014. Speaking of the spirit committee, details about it will come up later, so if you have any questions about it or any questions in general, just ask me. Before this ends, let me tell you something that a friend once told me, “Go all out to inspire people because that is what will make you unique.” It’s true, don’t you think? :)

Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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GOT SPIRIT?!? Congratulations to Tyanna Bui, and thank you to all the applicants for the position!

But that’s not all…. To those of you who can’t get enough of KIWIN’S, who lose their voices at every event, who want to be the ones leading the cheers at DCON alongside your spirit chairs….


More information on how to apply has been posted in the Jet group page!


Good luck to all applicants! Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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All of the forms (ARFs& MRFs) and awards updates are due BY FEBRUARY 1ST. Don’t be late, or you’re starting 2014 on the wrong foot!!! Send your nominations for Project & Manatee of the Month to! They are due FEBRUARY 1ST! Do you have any ideas for divisional events? A service event that you would really like Jet division to attend? A project that you think we should try to take on? Send your suggestions to!

Candidates’ Forum: February 8th @Downey High School Think you want to run for club/divisional/district board? Want to meet DB and other divisions? Get the advice here to start your journey to becoming an officer! February DCM/Conclave: February 16th @ OCC Good luck to those of you running for LTG or DB exec board! Jet, come out to help your delegates choose your future leaders! March DCM/Jet Spirit Night: March 9th @Jet Spirit Night Pump that KIWIN’S spirit up! Come on out to rehearse your cheers as a division! DCON attendees, review what you need to know before going to DCON!

Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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Announcements Hey, Jet! Missed your chance to grab this year’s coolest shirt supporting our Minor Emphasis? To donate to Pediatric Trauma Program AND show your pride, buy this awesome, exclusive Fall Rally shirt designed by your very talented Tech Chair Jennifer Ngo! Hurry because we have very few left! Contact me if you want one for just $10!

Calling everyone who’s interested in running for a board position! Candidates’ Forum is the perfect place to be this February 8th if you want to meet and ask District Board for advice. You will get a chance to attend workshops that are tailored to your interests and designed to help you as much as possible in your KIWIN’S journey! Come for fun, knowledge, and a chance to meet new friends! Flyer designed by Jennifer Ngo. Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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Wassup in Jet Division! On the last club meeting of 2013, Segerstrom KIWIN‟S hosted a card-making social! It was Wednesday, December 18th, when members helped make Christmas cards for soldiers, children at CHOC Hospital, and seniors with Alzheimer‟s at the nearby Sunflower Gardens home. As soon as school ended, members from KIWIN‟S, CSF, and NHS partook in this collaboration to celebrate the last week of school in 2013! Supplies for the cards were provided by officers from each club, as well as Segerstrom KIWIN‟S advisor Sean Decker. While members were making cards, Christmas music was playing and stories were being told by advisors there. Over a hundred cards were made! -Tony Do, Segerstrom KIWIN’S Vice President Once again as the year was coming to an end, Marina KIWIN‟S found ourselves at one of the biggest service events for our club: Rose Float Decorating. Marina KIWIN'S and some members from Los Amigos KIWIN‟S joined together on December 28, 2013 to leave for Pasadena. Upon arriving, we were split off into groups depending on the amount of workers or special needs required. Most of us were put to work applying glue to silver leaves or fruits which were to be used to decorate the floats. Others, who were not afraid of heights, were put to work on the actual floats pasting the objects that the other members had glued. During breaks we walked around to look at all the other floats, buy snacks and enjoy each others' company. Overall, it was a very memorable and fun service event.

„Twasa eleven days before Christmas, Los Amigos KIWIN‟S volunteered at the annual Christmas in the Gazebo. We set up, prepared cookie trays, and finally, enjoyed the show. After the performances, we distributed cookies, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider. The joyous atmosphere of this event made our volunteers‟ smiles ten times wider. Towards the end of the event, the lobos cleaned up quickly, but we can‟t end the day without a selfie. So off to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus we went, as the final finish of this event. Overall, the volunteers got free antlers and became a part of the Christmas cheer. Los Amigos KIWIN‟S is looking forward to this event next year. - Kelly Nguyen, Los Amigos KIWIN’S Vice President

On December 15, 2013, Edison KIWIN‟S helped with the Resolution Run 5K in Fairview Park in Costa Mesa. This race benefitted Edison Academic and Athletic programs as well as the McKenna Claire Foundation to fund research for pediatric brain cancer. Volunteers arrived an hour early at 7:30 to get directions and prepare for the race. KIWIN‟S members were stationed at the finish line to cheer on runners and direct them to get their race times. Volunteers congratulated the finishers, the majority of them high schoolers, and helped them through post-race exhaustion. - Michelle Hwang, Edison KIWIN’S Historian

-Hop Nguyen, Marina KIWIN’S Historian

Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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Wassup in Jet Division! In late November, the Philippines suffered from a tragic tsunami which created destruction throughout the country itself. As a way to help alleviate the damage to the Philippines, the Vietnamese community in Fountain Valley hosted a tribute concert to help raise funds. On December 15th, 2013, La Quinta KIWIN‟S had the privilege to volunteer at this event with VAYC-OC, a local Vietnamese youth group. Volunteers carried cardboard boxes throughout the audience and collected many donations. Some members were also interviewed for local Vietnamese TV stations and newspapers! Overall the event was successful thanks to the many volunteers and donations from supporters. -Jessica Tran, La Quinta KIWIN’S Vice President It‟s a well known fact in the Fountain Valley community that every year, the FV Recreational Center hosts a Tree Lighting Ceremony event to showcase performances, holiday cheer and a really nice Christmas tree. The kids look forward to a magical night out with Santa while their parents look forward to apple cider and cutting back for once to enjoy what the season has to bring. It‟s also been well established that Fountain Valley KIWIN‟S wouldn‟t miss out on a chance to give back to the community, so when the members were asked to participate in this delightful event, they gladly obliged. Our members helped out at other booths as well as managed an “apple cider pong” booth where kids could toss ping pong balls into small cups for prizes. Overall, it was a fun and memorable night for all attendees.

On December 7th, Edison KIWIN‟S decided to help out with the event Clothes the Children. Members came together early in the morning to help underprivileged families. At the event, we were given a child to shop for, and we shopped for necessities such as shirts, pants, socks, shoes, etc. The event was very heartwarming because the child appreciated small things that others would not appreciate for Christmas like shirts. Our members really enjoyed this event, and so did I! It was a great event that created meaningful memories! - Vanna Hoang, Edison KIWIN’S Treasurer Right when the bell rang for school to be over, the KIWIN‟S members quickly rushed to Heritage Park. The manager of the park quickly rushed out to assign the members their jobs. However first, the members had to bring out the boxes of garlands, wreaths, and bows. Two groups were soon established. One group had to pick up fallen pomegranates on the grass and the other group was in charge of the gazebo. The other group swept off the dust and leaves on the gazebo before decorating it. A group of members went around the new neighborhood nearby to pass out flyers that advertised the Christmas event that was going to be held at Heritage Park. In the end, the park went from a plain gazebo into a very festive one. -Angela Nguyen Fountain Valley KIWIN’S Publicist

-Vi Kim Pham, Fountain Valley KIWIN’S Vice President

Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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MANATEE OF THE MONTH: Alvin Nguyen Alvin is an extremely dedicated member who has been consistently attending an amazing amount of projects ever since the start of the school year. In addition to being an active member within the club, he also attended divisional events such as KTC, Fall Rally, DCMs, and the Rose Float Parade Decoration event. As a freshman, Alvin started off as a shy person who rarely socialized with others, however, he eventually made himself comfortable with the weirdness and crazy spirited nature of the club! It’s inspiring to see how he has grown from not knowing what KIWIN’S is to having big goals to achieve for the club. Alvin has the passion, dedication, and commitment needed to make great changes to the club in the future, and that is LQ KIWIN’S is honored to have him join us in our service projects throughout the school year!

-nominated by Yenyen Tran, La Quinta President Marina KIWIN’S kept the tradition going with our 2nd annual movie night. It was a social/fundraiser hosted on December 20th with collaboration between Marina Key Club, Marina Red Cross, and Marina KIWIN’S. The entry fee included the movie along with one meal and one drink. Additional food was sold separately. We started off the night with a few ice breaker games to get everyone comfortable with each other and ready to go. We then proceeded to announce the presidents and vice presidents of each club that were going to be auctioned off. The highest bidder got to go on a lunch date paid by the board member. After the auction we began to pass out food to get the movie going. We shared great food while watching Ratatouille. It was definitely a great way to start of Winter Break and we can’t wait to keep the tradition going next year.

nominated by Evelyn Romero, Marina Vice President

CLUB PROJECT OF THE MONTH: Marina Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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Hours School




















Fountain Valley






La Quinta






Los Amigos

















Monthly Totals



WE H I696 717 306 T 645 865 GOAL OUR LAS597T 474 123 384 782 MON T136H!!148 90 118K 150 EEP T204HE 98 109UP 70 173 GREA WO145R 119 T701 576 604 K!! 1,784







2,212 2,476 2,761

Club Total


WHAT IS PROJECT ELIMINATE? And how can I help? Project ELIMINATE is a project that the K-family and UNICEF are collaborating on to elimnate maternal/nenonatal tetanus from the entire world! The elimination of this disease can provide so many opportunities for these families; more than 100 million babies and their mothers must be immunized before we can complete this project.

ATTEND THE ELIMINATE BENEFIT CONCERT March 22nd @ Cal Poly Pomona This may be one of the easiest ways to play your part in eliminating this disease! Tickets will be on sale soon, but make sure you and your friends don’t miss this district-wide concert that will be the event of the year. Dance, sing, act, entertain, and lastly, ELIMIANATE MATERNAL AND NEONATAL TETANUS! :)

Official JET Division Newsletter

January Issue

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CONTACTS Jet Regional Advisor Jet Executive Assistant Jet Lieutenant Governor Jeff Dimsdale Costa Mesa Kiwanis C: (949)929-1201

Diana Du La Quinta High School C: (714) 867-4435

Halena Ngo La Quinta High School C: (714) 829-6471

Jet Regional Assistant Advisor

Jet Projects Chair

Jet Spirit Captain

Miribel Tran Marina High School C: (714) 342-1997

Tyanna Bui Fountain Valley High School C: (714) 458-7057

Brett Butler CAYP Kiwanis C: (714) 454-9109

District website: Divisional Reflector:

“Let our New Year's resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.” — Goran Persson

Follow us! Twitter: @cnhkiwins Tumblr: Youtube: TheCalNevHaKIWINS


E-mail Addresses

Katherine Pham (LA)

Yenyen Tran (LQ)

Austin Nguyen (Marina)

Manuel Santiago (FV)

Paul Pham(Segerstrom)

Vivian Thai (Edison) Mindy Pham (OCSA)

Official Official JETJET Division Division Newsletter Newsletter January April Issue Issue

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January Jet Jargon: KIWIN'S Newsletter  
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