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Meeting Your Digital Marketing Needs

Manchester United Soccer Schools see a massive 20% increase in sales with a new global website armed with marketing automation features.

Manchester United Soccer Schools Due to the high order value and the complicated buying process, the Soccer Schools website suffered from high abandonment rates and wanted a solution that ensured their customers received all necessary assistance and kept them engaged during the buying process. Livelink created a multilingual ecommerce platform to aid their sales across the globe. The goal was to increase conversion rates, overall sales and customer satisfaction as well as reduce the administration effort. A series of automated campaigns were implemented to respond to typical customer behaviours to help and convert prospects. Abandoned baskets, brochure downloads and post purchase reminders encouraged the purchase of optional extras such as match day tickets and airport transfers. Payment reminders helped with payment collection and a series of FAQ emails were sent to introduce the parents and the children to the camps.

Coals2U Through web traffic analysis, we discovered that traffic via mobile devices was increasing every month. This summer, we re-launched the Coals2U website with an innovative responsive design, providing a vastly improved user experience smartphone and tablet users. The new ‘theme’ was also optimised for faster page load times improving usability even further. We also took the opportunity to add some new features to improve the user experience, such as streamlined checkout and ‘repeat my previous order’. Customers have really taken to the new design, responding with more frequent purchases and increased order values. We have also introduced a highly targeted email marketing strategy, segmenting customers into twenty seven distinct segments ranging from highly engaged loyal customers to infrequent purchasers. This enabled us to deliver an appropriate proposition to the right customers at the right time. The increase in sales is a just reward for the strategy team who put it all together.

Responsive design drives sales by over 25% for Solid Fuel retailer

Website tracking and sales lead nurturing deliver over £2 million sales pipeline every month

Elliott As UK’s largest supplier of modular and portable buildings, Elliott’s sales team have an insatiable appetite for new and repeat business. Livelink’s challenge was to improve on an already efficient lead capture process. We re-designed and rebuilt their website with a responsive design, better navigation and more effective ‘calls to action’. We then added our magic ingredients – website tracking, nurturing and automated responses. This allowed us to capture all of the visitor data with a full record of their journeys, time spent on each page, clicks, form fills and downloads. This data is used to create a conversation with the prospect with highly targeted automated messages based on their behaviour, which delights the sales team as they only follow up on prospects who are highly engaged. Elliott are extremely pleased with the results and more effort is now put into optimising every aspect of the campaign.

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