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Specific Questionnaire 1. Present a SWOT for AIESEC AAU and make your focus IM and Marketing. What will you start, stop and continue. Strengths Weaknesses  HR capacity  Members don’t fully  Dedicated members understand the “why” of  Online platform usage AIESEC  Usage of Branding toolkit  Full utilization of the  Good personal relations refreshed branding between members system  Not fully utilizing online platforms  usage Opportunities Threats  Untapped markets that can  Past interns that were not be utilized through market satisfied with their research and Target internships act as marketing Detractors towards  Introducing online platforms AIESEC AAU’s such as Podio, Flickr, development Pinterest, ISSUU, Culture  Raised EPs that were not shock and Instagram to the satisfied with their EWA IM/Marketing team now act as detractors for  Full utilization of the OGX program. and DAAL



The various initiations I would try to implement during my term are to start: 

 

Giving sessions to the IM/Marketing team on weekly team meetings starting with the basics such as AIESEC 2015, BHAG , AIESEC WAY, how to use the Branding toolkit and move along to more detailed sessions about IM/Marketing strategies. Designing various templates to showcase the impact of ICX and OGX that can easily be used by every member in the LC. Giving basic designing trainings to each portfolio so that they can design their own posters and also making sure they align with the brand regulations of AIESEC. Reactivating the AIESEC AAU EP/Intern group on Facebook so that it can be the ultimate showcasing platform for various EPs/interns that have participated in the AIESEC AAU exchange program. Keeping regular contact with our EP/interns and making sure that they are promoting our programs. Working closely with ICX in enhancing the quality of the experiences that our interns are having so that they can become good promoters for our LC. Working with the OGX team to keep contact with the LCs that we send our EPs to while their abroad to make sure that they are having the right experiences so that they don’t become our detractors. Publishing and Printing external newsletters every quarter that showcase our impact on the community and our Exchange participants and distributing it to our different stakeholders. Having info desks at different campuses every quarter so that we can inform students about our OGX programs and also handout external newsletters and LC booklets. Reactivating LC AAU’s twitter account and Blog page. Expanding into social media tools such as Instagram, podio and culture shock so as to reach as many people as possible. Sending personalized emails to as many interns as possible registered on so as to convince them to choose Ethiopia as the ultimate destination to travel and AIESEC AAU as the best LC for their internship experience.



Sending personalized emails to the contacts we got for AIESEC AAU member recruitment to drive OGX. Using and daal to do market research for ICX to determine which markets to target throughout the year and also which projects to promote. Utilizing OP and ORS effectively to drive exchange. Instead of stopping what the COMM team has been doing till now, I would readjust all of its tasks. I would continue everything that the COMM team has been doing except for randomly promoting our products to any market and start using market research to determine which markets to focus on in order to increase our exchange numbers.

2. What is the role of a VP IM/Marketing in the LC? What will the LC lose if the portfolio were to be closed and how does it align with the goals of the LC? The role of a VP IM/Marketing in a LC is to Brand the LC in the right way, to facilitate Internal Communication and to drive exchange in the LC by utilizing Marketing strategies, Showcasing impact and providing innovative and brand aligned promotion strategies. If the IM/Marketing portfolio was to closed it would mean that there won’t be a team solely dedicated to promote the LC, which would complicate things for the other portfolios in the LC. It would mean that the impact that the LC has on the community, its members and all the things that we work on will be lost because they will not be effectively showcased. It will also mean that we won’t have an upper hand when it comes to becoming the number one choice for interns/EPs because there will not be any market research done to drive exchange in our LC. Since the goal of the LC is to give leadership development experiences to as many people as possible, so having an IM/Marketing team helps deliver this objective by providing market research, strategic promotion and proper facilitation of information



within the LC. . All of the above reasons prove that the LC needs an IM/Marketing team to succeed in the AIESEC world.

3. Present a tangible strategy to ensure that all the stakeholders of AIESEC AAU are well informed of the activities and plans of the LC.  A quarterly external newsletter will be published to be distributed around campuses and also our partners.  An LC booklet will be published listing our projects and different contacts that may be needed and it will also be distributed to our different stakeholders such as our BOA and LC partners.  There will be an annual written report of our activities during the whole year listing our different events, campaigns and all the activities that we have been doing which can be used our LC partners. 4. What marketing tools or strategies would you implement in order to increase exchange during off peak seasons. Operational Excellence

Customer Customization

Product Quality

 From marketing studies, we can see that a customer opts for perfection in one of the above three areas. So, through market



research done from, we can find what satisfies different group of customers.  If it is operational excellence, then we would have to equip our potential customers with everything they need to know about our country which includes cost of flight tickets, pocket money, visa process….etc, because these type of customers are more concerned about the operational cost of their internship compared to the product or the customer intimacy factor.  If they are looking for product quality, then we must design a project that the customers are usually interested in and package that in a way that also includes fair value in operation cost and Intimacy.  Lastly If the customer looks at th e customization of the whole product/package then we will customize our product/packages more so that it is specifically designed to meet the expectations of our customer targets. Thus, in order to drive exchange during off-peak seasons we focus on an untapped market and using market research we can design a package that specifically aligns to the needs of the customer and finally sell it. 5. Assess the current internal communication in the LC. Present what you would do different to ensure better internal communication. I would say that the internal communication in the LC has many flaws regarding the ongoing activities of the LC. Because of unclear communication between different portfolios there is delay in the promotion of different products, events and opportunities. To rectify the above constraints on our LCs performance my plan is first to inform members of AIESEC AAU about brand alignment and design so that each portfolio would be able to design and produce their own promotional material that are aligned to the brand of AIESEC. Secondly, I would update our members about the



importance of communication in an LC so that each portfolio synergizes to drive exchange and have a more united LC.

6. For the past two terms, no documentation system was in place in the LC. What effect do you think this has on our activities or growth of the LC and what plan do you have to change it. First of all, the fact there is no documentation of our LC’s activities means that years from now there will be no recollection of AIESEC AAU’s progress through the years and all of our achievements and our GCPs that we have accumulated throughout the years will be lost due to the lack of proper documentation. Secondly, as AIESEC AAU grows and prospers throughout the years and becomes the largest youth leadership provider of Ethiopia, the fact that there is no documentation of its early years will be a disappointment to all its past, present and future members. To rectify this problem my plan is to try to collect a detailed documentation of the activities of AIESEC AAU that were not collected before my term and also document each partner, project, event, PR publication and just about any activity or progress that we have in the LC will be documented. 7. Describe a successful campaign using GTCM strategy. What will be your MOS and KPIs? ( please be as detailed as possible)

“GO HABESHA” This is a promotional campaign designed to drive more interns to Ethiopia by showing that Ethiopia is a diverse and unique country and it also tries to show the Ethiopian way of life in a positive light. It incorporates push marketing strategy in which we introduce our different products (projects) to our customers for the period of time that the campaign will be running.



This depends on the goal that the VP ICX sets for a period of time but for example: if the VP ICX goal is to raise 50 interns at some point then the goal of the IM/Marketing team should be to reach at least 4 times that of the number set by VP ICX. In this case the IM/Marketing team should reach at least 200 people using different types of promotion.


Instead of randomly promoting our “Go HABESHA” campaign to random countries that may or may not respond to us, we use market research to determine which countries are likely to be interested in our products. 

In the past year, almost a 1000 interns have participated in the OGX program to come to East Africa. More than 2/3 of these EPs went to Kenya and Tanzania and the rest went to Uganda with Ethiopia taking less than 10% of the whole share of exchangers. Yet the most valuable fact is that most of the EPs came from countries such as: Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Norway and The Netherlands (not including East African entities).

Thus, without actually customizing our projects we should target the above countries (including other East African entities) because we can easily see that the above customers are more likely to come to East Africa because they have been engaging with East Africa in the past year. So with a more vibrant promotion and showcasing strategies we can drive our exchange numbers from the list of entities above.




CHANNEL Since we will be targeting foreign entities, we will be using online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for posting various posters and showcasing videos aligned to the “Go HABESHA” theme.

MESSAGE The message that we want to convey through this campaign is to tell potential EPs that Ethiopia is an amazing country to travel to with diverse cultures and inviting people. We also want to show that AIESEC AAU is the best entity to sign up with by actually posting different posters showing intern testimonial captions and intern testimonial videos that scream the “GO HABESHA” theme.

Measure of Success (MOS) The measure of success of this ICX promoting campaign would be:  # of reach that our posts on the targeted entities get  # of likes that our posts on the targeted entities get  # of shares and tweets that we get  # of potential interns raised

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) The KPIs for this campaign will be determined by the magnitude of success of the whole campaign. If we manage to successfully launch the campaign and raise the number of exchanges of our entity, then it will mean that the marketing research done was valuable and that the whole campaign can be used as a GCP in the future. Other than reaching the ICX goal that were set for the campaign, the second KPI for the campaign would be the



ongoing correspondence that we get from the targeted entities to work with our entity and constantly increase the number of exchanges in both of our entities. 8. How will you build a marketing process to create a strong AIESEC brand to drive results? How will this make AIESEC AAU the number one choice for intern destination and increase outgoing exchange. If elected, there are 3 marketing strategies that I would implement to drive exchange. These are: A. Push and Pull Marketing B. Customer focused marketing

Push Marketing This is a marketing process in which we introduce our products to a target group. We push our products to our customers letting them know what we actually offer. Push marketing strategy is what we will do to promote our ICX and OGX programs but instead of just randomly promoting our products we will use market research to pin-point target groups that would likely be interested in buying our products.

Pull Marketing This is a marketing strategy in which we PULL our potential customers so that they can seek our organization on their own and find out about what we offer. Pull Marketing can be done by promoting AIESEC AAU through an ongoing process of social media campaigns, showcasing our impact on the community and our members, through LC events, public media relations and through posters and newsletters distributed around different




Customer Focused Marketing Thus, from the marketing research done we can finally create/improve product packages that focus on specific target groups and by promoting these new/modified product packages we can insure that the customer is satisfied with what we offered, increase our exchange numbers and deliver quality experiences so that we gain promoters.

9. Initiate a new branding project to make a graduate go on GIP? For this project I want to initiate a “GO PRO” campaign to initiate students that are about to graduate to participate in our oGIP program. The promotion of this campaign would include:  showcasing the experiences of past oGIP participators on posters and videos  working closely with PR to have an event where we invite past GIP participators to share their professional and personal experiences to the audience(potential GIP exchangers) so that the graduates learn about the internship program first hand from the past EPs  having info desks that promote the program by showing the advantages one gets from going on a GIP and also showing videos different tourist attractions of some specific countries that provide TNs to our entity.  Posting vibrant posters that depict the “GO PRO” theme through social media.

Thank you for reading my Application!!! AIM THROUGH MARKETING


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