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General Questionnaire 1. Who are you and why did you decide to run for LCVP of AIESEC AAU? What are the qualities required for this specific role and what makes you best suited for this role? I am Haleluya Feseha that is the only remaining fact that has never changed about me since I was born. I am constantly changing and because of this it’s really difficult for me to explain myself. But in a more general sense, I would say that I am an active, social and fun loving person. I have always loved helping people in any way I can by taking it personally and I would say that empathy is one of my many traits that has prevailed throughout the years. I decided to run for VP IM/Marketing because I love the communication portfolio and I really don’t see it as a job. I live, eat and breathe COMM. And because of this my decision for running was not made recently, I have been planning to run ever since I joined the team. And it’s this love that I have for the portfolio and AIESEC as whole that drives me to work harder than ever. Not only this but working in the COMM team for the past year has given me an insight into what the COMM team needs to improve on and the path that the team should be moving towards. I believe that a VP COMM should be intuitive, decisive, motivating, positive and most of all, has to believe in his/her team’s capability to achieve remarkable results. I am best suited for this position because; I know my current team and what their strength and weaknesses are, I know how to motivate them and keep their motivation up, I am creative and time oriented and I am very hard working. I am also not afraid to take criticism if it will make my performance better for the position I work in. I believe I am the best person for this position because I have full faith in AIESEC AAU and AIESEC in general.


2. What is your vision as a person? And how LCVP experience will contribute and align with it? My vision as a person is to see an Independent Africa and I think that can be achieved by instilling leadership in each and every young person through motivation, inspiration and enlightenment. My LCVP experience will contribute to my vision because I work to enlighten my team and also work for an amazing organization whose sole purpose is delivering Experiential leadership skills to young people all over the world, which directly or indirectly aligns with my value. So being an AIESECer and running for VP is the right step towards reaching my value. 3. Highlight your time commitment through the whole of next year (Academic or otherwise). Ideally how much time should an LCVP give to this role? My academic plan for next year is to go on a professional internship for the first 6 months (October 2014-February 2015) and to continue my study for the rest of the year. I can commit at least 18 hrs/week to AIESEC but ideally I think an LCVP should commit 15-20 hrs/week. 4. What are your three most substantial accomplishments (non-AIESEC) and why do you view them as such? My first substantial accomplishment would be that I ranked in the top 50 women across Ethiopia for getting amazing results on my 12 th grade examination. I am proud of that because it was so unexpected even though I worked so hard for it throughout my senior year. My second accomplishment was that I volunteered my first summer since I joined college to teach children at an orphanage. I have always wanted to do it since high school but the fact that I actually did my part in helping those children was a great accomplishment for me at that time.


The third accomplishment I have had would be a more progressive one and it is that I have become more social since I started my campus life. I view it as an accomplishment because I was not socially active as I wanted to be and but now I love meeting new people and socializing constantly. 5. What is your vision for AIESEC AAU 14/15? What Legacy would you want to leave behind? My vision for the coming term of AIESEC in AAU is being the most preferred LC in AIESEC through meticulous market research, Target marketing and active engagement through every media. I also envision our LC to consist the most educated and motivated members that inspire and enlighten each and every young person that they come across. The legacy that I would want to leave behind for each member in our LC to have same kind of inspiration, motivation and education that I have derived through my AIESEC journey and also to leave behind very valuable marketing strategies to be used throughout AIESEC for many years to come. 6. Describe Your Leadership style? Explain how your style would be suitable for AIESEC AAU in its current state? Provide a candid assessment of your strength and weaknesses. I would say my leadership style would concentrate on active participation of my team members (participative leadership). I try my best to focus on educating my team about why we do what we do and I would say that I am more concerned about what they should gain from AIESEC than the tasks I assign them to do every week. This does not mean that I don’t expect them to deliver every week on the tasks that I have assigned them but it means that I


try my best to find the balance between trying to contribute to their AIESEC education and also helping the deliver their weekly COMM tasks. My leadership style would be suitable for the current state because we have a low retention rate so we need to motivate and understand the different needs of our members, try to provide them with the AIESEC knowledge that they need to succeed and also give reward and recognition when needed.




•Empathy •Follow through with tasks •Motivation •Support of the members •Love for AIESEC •Hard worker •Don’t give up easily •Innovation •Procrastination •Push-over •Perfectionist •Pessimist

7. Who is your role model and why? My role model is a woman I have known all my life and her name is Genet Delelegne but I just call her mom. I know that it’s kind of a cliché to choose your mom as a role model but she actually is mine. My mom is a fighter. She has raised me and my brother all our lives because my father passed away 17 years ago. Everything that I have I owe it to my mother because she is behind every achievement I have had in my life. She has been there for me through everything and she is everything that I am not. My mom never lounges around, she is constantly working


or reading some book, always giving motivation to me and my brothers, always positive and thankful. She is the person I think of every time I feel like giving up and even when I am not with her, she still manages to lift my spirit and keeps me going and face my challenges head on. Wherever she goes, my mom manages to inspire, motivate and uplift people’s spirits with whatever she does and that is why everyone loves her. Because of all these reasons my mom is the woman I look up to and hope to be like in the future. 8. Which 3 main trends do you see shaping Ethiopia in the next two years and what opportunities and threats do they present to AIESEC Ethiopia and AIESEC AAU?

• Ethiopia is booming with vast construction of roads, buildings and railways. This can be seen as modernization but it has caused a huge Infrastructure strain on transportation and living costs. Construction

• According to demographics research done by the UN in 2012, Ethiopia’s population had reached 91 million. This uncontrollable increase in population has affected the living standards of our people Increment in in more ways than one. population

• It seems like Ethiopia cannot keep up with increasing amount of students that are graduating, resulting in an educated youth without Increasing the means to contribute to the growth of Ethiopia and also Africa. unemployme nt rate


Trend Infrastructure Construction

Population Increase

Rate of unemployment

Opportunities  It helps us in promoting Ethiopia as an ever developing country.  There will be more youth that needs development.

AIESEC’s programs will be in need since people need traits that will make them more hireable in the job world.

Threats  The transportation difficulty might frustrate our interns.  Every complication that this trend presents on the living standards present in Ethiopia can be a detractor to attract interns.  This may lead to a demotivated youth that lacks motivation to participate in our various engagements.

9. What does AIESEC give to the Ethiopia? And what should AIESEC give to the Ethiopia? As our world is constantly changing, the definition of leaders has changed as well. The type of leadership our world needs at the moment is the kind that takes advantage of the ever-changing world and uses it to drive impact. And that is where AIESEC delivers. The method of Experiential Leadership Development used by AIESEC drives the kind of leaders that Ethiopia and also the World needs. Through AIESEC, born are leaders who think outside of the box; their many unusual experiences coming in handy in the real world.


AIESEC should provide Ethiopia with modern day youth that are independent, innovative, positive and practical to make Ethiopia stand out from Africa and the whole world by providing her with outstanding solutions to poverty, illiteracy, hunger and all the problems she faces. 10. As LCVP of AIESEC AAU, what will be your contribution to the midterm ambition of AIESEC 2015? ( consider your functional area) As LCVP of IM/Marketing my contribution to the most anticipated 2015 goal would be to drive as much exchange as possible by introducing: 1) A more structured IM/Marketing team that will try its best to facilitate communication between different portfolios in the LC, LC with MC and LC to LC so that can share GCPs and inputs with in our own national entity. 2) Introducing Marketing research to our LC so we can figure out which countries to target and which new products to incorporate to our LC to drive exchange. 3) Synergizing with each portfolio to fulfill the needs of our LC and to keep inspiration and motivation alive in AIESEC AAU.


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