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A new imprint, releasing an eclectic list of seven novels in 2014, Buried River Press draws on the best of over seventy-five years’ independent publishing experience to select and produce paperbacks to entice, intrigue and delight those readers with an appetite for superb stories.

Independently Novel

Named for The Fleet, the largest of London’s historic subterranean rivers, Buried River Press is situated in the heart of creative Clerkenwell. As befits the literary pedigree and history of the area, Buried River Press is committed to unearthing and curating a range of titles suitable for readers who want to be excited and informed, whilst enjoying the evergreen pleasure of a good book.



The Cicely Plantagenet Trilogy

‘Cicely was really brought to life, with her heart and soul bursting from the pages’ Novelicious

Sandra Heath Wilson

Cicely’s King Richard A new and compassionate look at the much maligned, misunderstood Richard, Duke of Gloucester, exploring the intensity and sensitivity of history’s ‘wicked’ King and his illicit relationship with his young niece: the perceptive and enticing Cicely.

Cicely’s Second King After the bloody death of her uncle and lover, King Richard III, Lady Cicely Plantagenet is griefstricken, alone, and with child. Ensconced in the court of Richard’s Lancastrian successor – the enigmatic Henry Tudor – Cicely faces a strange new England.

Cicely’s Lord Lincoln With her Yorkist cousin, Jack de la Pole, drawing Cicely into his treasons there are flickering shadows around every corner, and she should know better than to trust them. In this web of duplicity, Henry Tudor and his throne loom large, threatening to steal Cicely’s great love once again.

This is historical fiction with a difference; a trilogy showcasing the eternal hazards of being bewitched by a lover and succumbing to lust, whilst presenting an illuminating portrait of an intuitive young woman, entangled in a life of politics, stratagem and perilous hierarchy.




978-0-7198-1233-0 30 May 2014 £8.99 198 x 129mm paperback 352pp World rights

978-0-7198-1261-3 31 July 2014 £8.99 198 x 129mm paperback 368pp World rights

978-0-7198-1362-7 30 September 2014 £8.99 198 x 129mm paperback 400pp World rights

SANDRA HEATH WILSON Sandra was born in South Wales, but spent a great deal of her childhood in Ulster and Germany. Her other books, also published by Robert Hale, include her Regency novels Lady Jane’s Ribbons and Hide and Seek.



Love Byte

The Dance of Love

David Atkinson

Angela Young

If your dead wife emailed offering to find you a new girlfriend, what would you do?

The Dance of Love is a coming-of-age tale that spans more than two decades of vast change.

Andy Hunter is a single father trying to balance the demands of a 2-year-old daughter, an interfering but well-meaning mother-in-law and a job he is always in danger of losing. So, when he receives a series of delayed emails from his late wife Lindsay telling him to date, it seems like a good idea.

Against a backdrop of high Edwardian luxury, Natalie Edwardes is poised on the brink of adulthood and, in an age when a woman’s destiny is decided by marriage, her beauty, wit and money would seem to guarantee her a glittering future. But, isolated by her father’s position as a self-made man, Natalie has never felt at ease in a society bound by a maze of conventions. Heart, for her, will always rule head, and so it seems that an encounter with a dashing yet gentle artist-soldier contains all the seeds of her life’s happiness.

With Lindsay’s emails spurring him on, Andy weaves a path of disharmony and chaos amongst his close friends and family, but soon discovers he is not cut out for modern dating. Filled with laugh-out-loud situations and moments of soul-searching, this heart-warming, moving romantic comedy set in Edinburgh, is a bitter-sweet tale of second chances and selfdiscovery.

BOOK DETAILS 978-1-910208-01-4 30 June 2014 £7.99 198 x 129mm paperback 288pp World rights

DAVID ATKINSON David Atkinson was born in Glasgow, but now enjoys a hectic life in Edinburgh with his wife and two young daughters. Edinburgh, with its vibrant and energetic literary heritage and independent and quirky bookshops, provides his inspiration.

The dance of Natalie’s life whirls her from the glittering ballrooms of London and the grand houses of Scotland and Devon, to the Scottish Highlands. But the strictures of polite society are far-reaching and Natalie’s happiness is abruptly snatched away. She is forced to compromise her romantic ideals and it is only when the tragedy of the Titanic touches her life, years later, that she discovers what love really means and the heartrending choices it poses.

BOOK DETAILS 978-1-910208-03-8 31 July 2014 £8.99 198 x 129mm paperback 320pp BPTM excl. US

ANGELA YOUNG Angela Young is a graduate of Middlesex University’s MA in Creative Writing and her first novel, Speaking of Love, was published in 2008. The Dance of Love is her second novel. Angela lives and writes in south-west London.



A Fugitive Englishman

Nothing Undone Remained

Roy Lewis

Dominic Luke

Edwin James reaches the height of his professional career in the law when, on the brink of being knighted, legal scandals and debt force him to flee England with his new bride and attempt to establish a new career in America.

Life has been kind to Roderick Brannan in his first fourteen years, and in the autumn of 1906 there is nothing he wants more than to make a sporting name for himself at school. But with the breeze of the shifting seasons comes an imperceptible breath of change, for England, and for Roderick, when his father dies and he must return to the family home.

There, his involvement with the most sensational actress of the day soon destroys his marriage, and he quickly finds himself recruited into Colonel Lafayette Baker’s Secret Detective Service, investigating Fenian activity in New York’s hell-hole, the Five Point. And it isn’t long before he joins forces with former political assassin, Carlos Rudio, in the hunt for John Wilkes Booth, the murderer of President Lincoln.

There follows a tumultuous summer, for Roderick and his young cousin, Dorothea. Swapping the strictures of boarding school for the cloistered quiet of a remote country house leads Roderick to reassess his goals, and awakens in him desires he had never considered possible.

Forced to work with corrupt judges and policemen in New York he becomes involved with the most notorious fraudsters of the day, and always in the background lie the lurking dangers that arise from the shadows of his scandalous past, shadows that threaten to rise up and engulf him once more….

BOOK DETAILS 978-1-910208-05-2 28 November 2014 £8.99 198 x 129mm paperback 272pp World rights

ROY LEWIS Roy Lewis is a well-established crime writer with over sixty novels to his name. A former college principal and inspector of schools, he now runs business training programmes and lives in the North of England, where he sets many of his books

Nothing Undone Remained is a perceptive and potent glimpse of youth in Edwardian England, revelling in the naivety and bluster of a young boy, on the fledgling cusp of adulthood and responsibility.

BOOK DETAILS 978-1-910208-06-9 28 November 2014 £8.99 198 x 129mm paperback 288pp World rights

DOMINIC LUKE Dominic Luke was born in London and studied history at the University of Birmingham. He lives in Northamptonshire and his previous three novels, Aunt Letitia, Snake in the Grass and Autumn Softly Fell were also published by Robert Hale.





The Pershore Poisoners

In the Company of Strangers

Kerry Tombs

Nicholas J. Clough

It is 1890 in the Worcestershire market town of Pershore, at the Talbots’ Lodging House, a recently arrived guest dies in mysterious circumstances. Detective Inspector Samuel Ravenscroft and his colleague, Constable Tom Crabb, are called in to investigate. However, as the two policemen start their inquiries, they are faced with their most difficult case to date. As events unfold, Ravenscroft and Crabb uncover many secrets and an old case from Ravenscroft’s past threatens to cast long shadows over the present.

Two dead in a terrorist attack on the Second National Bank in Atlanta, a vicious mayoral re-election and a puzzling intervention by the Ku Klux Klan complicate British counter-terrorism expert Dr Marcus Denning’s solemn dance of death with Abu Almussab, Denning’s one-time torturer in Beirut. Both are being watched by a nameless man in the black Lincoln whose motivation is unknowable. Nicholas Clough’s taut, twisting thriller takes a headlong dive behind the mask of respectability and down into the depths of ferocity and deception.

The Pershore Poisoners is the sixth title in the highly entertaining Victorian Inspector Ravenscroft series.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1171-5 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

KERRY TOMBS Kerry Tombs was born in Smethwick, near Birmingham. After a career in teaching in both England and Australia he moved to Malvern where he became a local genealogist, lecturer and bookseller. He currently lives in Ludlow, Shropshire. There are five previous titles in the thrilling Inspector Ravenscroft series, including The Tewkesbury Tomb and The Droitwich Deceivers.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1227-9 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

NICHOLAS J. CLOUGH Nicholas J. Clough was born in Bradford and worked as a DJ and a chef before becoming a criminal defence lawyer. He is the author of Shadows of Death and Wish Him Dead, also published by Robert Hale.





Jazz and Die

Buried in the Past

Stella Whitelaw

Bill Kitson

Jordan Lacey, former policewoman-turnedprivate-investigator, needs work, so when dishy DCI James offers the job of guarding Maddy, unruly daughter of a famous jazz trumpeter, from a stalker, she accepts immediately and heads off to the festival in Dorset in her new sports car, the Wasp. But, discovering DCI James’s cold case involves a victim the same age as Maddy, and from the same school, Jordan is sure there is a link.

When a consignment of illicit diamonds en route to London vanishes, together with the couriers, it isn’t long before East End gangster Max Perry is found dead, having suffered horrific torture. Accused of killing a rival, Max’s nephew, Ray is sentenced to life in prison. He is released twenty-five years later and heading for Helmsdale when Ray is the victim of a hit and run, and D.I. Mike Nash is convinced it was no accident. Following the murder of a garage mechanic, Nash discovers a link to an unidentified skeleton found years ago in Helmsdale woodland.

Events escalate and Jordan must rely on her wits and training to keep Maddy safe. Once again she’s on the heels of a cold-blooded murderer and is unstoppable in her determination to chase the killer down.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1299-6 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

STELLA WHITELAW Stella Whitelaw began her writing career as a cub reporter and rose to become the first female chief reporter in London. She writes short stories for national women’s magazines and has won many competitions. Her previous novels, Portrait of a Murder and Money Never Sleeps, were also published by Robert Hale.

How do crimes committed long ago in London connect to the current wave of violence in Helmsdale? As the body count rises, the detectives struggle to keep pace with those who would prefer the truth to remain dead and buried.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1230-9 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

BILL KITSON Bill Kitson, a retired finance executive, was born in West Yorkshire. He is an avid fan of cricket and cryptic crosswords and is also the former chairman of the Scarborough Writers’ Circle. Buried in the Past is the sixth outing for D.I. Mike Nash, following Kitson’s gripping thrillers Depth of Despair, Chosen, Minds That Hate, Altered Egos, Back-Slash and Identity Crisis.





The Fruit Gum Murders

Money Tree Murders

Roger Silverwood

Roger Silverwood

Inspector Angel and his team are faced with a baffling case when a fruit gum found at a murder scene becomes a significant clue in their investigation. The discovery of a hospital porter, also poisoned, indicates that the killer has struck more than once and Angel is thrown headlong into a world of blackmail and deeply buried family secrets.

Detective Inspector Michael Angel and his team are sent to investigate the murder of a young woman, and inquiries indicate that she had discovered the operation of a Money Tree swindle at Zenith Television. Angel begins his interviews and is faced with a cast of eccentric characters amongst whom are the peculiar Abercrombie, who tows a boxcar and scavenges for fuel to heat his cottage, and a middle-aged couple who believe their house to be haunted by the ghost of an alcoholic dentist and his family who died in 1760.

This is the twenty-first story in the highly successful Inspector Angel series.

This dazzling mystery is the twenty-second outing for Detective Inspector Angel.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1231-6 Spring 2014 ÂŁ19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

ROGER SILVERWOOD Son of a Yorkshire businessman, Roger Silverwood was educated in Gloucestershire before doing National Service. He later worked in the toy trade and as a copywriter in an advertising agency. Roger went into business with his wife as an antiques dealer before retiring in 1997.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1361-0 Autumn 2014 ÂŁ19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights





Deadly Stuff

Sherlock Holmes and the King of Clubs

Joyce Cato

Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

Travelling cook Jenny Starling lands a summer job catering for the conference trade at a prestigious Oxford college, but she doesn’t expect murder to be either on the menu or on the syllabus.

A brazen daylight robbery at Christie’s becomes the talk of London, but Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are no longer in the business of solving crime. Holmes has retired to Sussex, to keep bees, and Watson, recently widowed, has returned to general practice. But when Watson, desperate for distraction, agrees to accompany his old friend to Vienna, to visit eminent neurologist, Sigmund Freud, it is not long before the pair are pulled back into the murky world of ruthless criminals bent on abduction, intimidation and murder.

An unpopular member of a taxidermy society is found dead in Hall, and Jenny is reluctantly persuaded by the college bursar to help the suspicious police solve the case. That’s easier said than done when nobody has a particularly strong motive, and absolutely everybody seems to have an iron-clad alibi.

A shadowy terrorist group, The Black Hand, is plaguing the city, and when the tentacles of a crime committed in England reach across to Vienna to coil around Harry Houdini, the famous American escapologist, the Great Detective and his Boswell relish the chance of solving yet another puzzle.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1320-7 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

JOYCE CATO Joyce Cato was born in Oxford and worked as a secretary before becoming a full-time writer.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1319-1 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World Eng. Lang.

STEVE HAYES Steve Hayes is a prolific novelist and also has enjoyed a fantastic career as a screenwriter in America. DAVID WHITEHEAD David Whitehead lives in Essex and can lay claim to a large body of work for Robert Hale.





Inspector Abberline and the Gods of Rome

Old Sins, Long Memories

Simon Clark

Angela Arney

Inspector Abberline is on the trail of ancient treasure and a murderer who will bring death to his door.

GP Lizzie Browne moves from London to a small town on the coast, looking forward to a quiet life, but when she finds a murdered patient on her first day it seems that perhaps Stibbington is not so quiet after all.

408 ad. The Visigoths have torn Italy apart and now besiege Rome. The emperor knows that his once mighty city will be ransacked by the barbarians. He orders his bodyguard to remove seven golden statues, known as the Gods of Rome, from the palace temple, and take them to a place of safety. Within a few short years the Roman Empire has ceased to exist and the location of the golden statues has been lost.

DCI Adam Maguire, and colleague Steve Grayson, haven’t been challenged by a case for a long time and welcome break from their normal routine. The puzzling thing about this case is the lack of motive. Why would anyone kill a harmless young drop-out? When a second body, similar to the first, is found in Lizzie’s garden she is drawn into Adam’s investigation against her will, and against her better judgement and her quiet life is riven with tension and conflict.

1890 ad. Abberline is investigating the death of Sir Alfred Denby. What at first appears to be an accident turns out to be murder and Abberline realizes that the Denby family is in danger and races to save the life of Professor William Denby, a pioneer in balloon aviation. The famous detective finds himself entangled in the world of international theft, an enduring vendetta, and the mystery of seven golden statues. The Gods of Rome are prized by kings, fought over by men who do evil, and curse the lives of whomsoever touches them.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1084-8 Summer 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 240 pp World rights

SIMON CLARK Since selling his first ghost story to a radio station as a teenager, Simon Clark has had a prolific career as a horror writer and has won a British Fantasy Society Award for his work. His previous novels include This Rage of Echoes and Midnight Bazaar – A Secret Arcade of Strange and Eerie Tales, also published by Robert Hale.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1368-9 Summer 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

ANGELA ARNEY Angela Arney was born in Hampshire and still lives in the New Forest. Having written many novels, she has now returned to writing after some time in the theatre, as a director of amateur companies.





A Full Churchyard

Random Targets

Nicholas Rhea

James Raven

Detective Inspector Montague Pluke, of CID, is England’s most superstitious police officer. With crime at its lowest level for years, he decides to conduct a cold-case review.

A sniper launches a series of deadly attacks on Britain’s motorways, striking in the dark during rush hour and causing total carnage. No one knows who he is, or why he’s doing it, but, as the death toll rises, fear grips the entire nation.

But there are no major unsolved crimes so, alerted by his wife, Millicent, to a large number of recent deaths – all attributed to natural causes – his expert knowledge of superstitions and folklore lead him to identify areas of suspicion sufficient to justify re-opening a case. Could an undetected mass-murderer be operating in Crickledale?

It’s up to DCI Jeff Temple of the Major Investigations Team to bring the killing spree to an end but, as he closes in on the sniper, Temple makes a shocking discovery about the motive behind the attacks. A ghastly precedent has been set and Temple soon realizes that in future anyone who drives on Britain’s motorways risks becoming a random target.

His inquiries reveal that many of the deceased had been attended by Crickledale Voluntary Carers and he quickly produces a list of possible suspects. Indeed, the entire team of carers falls under suspicion – and Detective Inspector Pluke’s wife, Millicent, is one of them.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1365-8 Summer 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp BPTM excl. USA, territories and dependencies and the Philippine Republic

NICHOLAS RHEA Nicholas Rhea is the pen-name for Peter N. Walker, formerly an inspector with the North Yorkshire Police and the creator of the Constable series of novels, the inspiration for the long-running and critically acclaimed ITV drama series Heartbeat. As Peter N. Walker, he is the author of Portrait of the North York Moors. He lives in North Yorkshire.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1366-5 Autumn 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

JAMES RAVEN James Raven was a journalist for most of his working life. After reporting for local, regional and national newspapers he moved into television in 1982 as a news scriptwriter with TVS television where he then worked his way up to become Director of News across Meridian, Anglia and HTV. James has previously published five novels with Robert Hale, including Rollover and Urban Myth.





A Question of Loyalty

Snow Wasted

Peter Taylor

Matthew Malekos

Investigating the murders of three men stirs up trouble for DI Alex Graham, causing him to relive a past tragedy. Working with his old lover, DS Best, Graham must delve deep into the men’s military histories to find answers.

Vicious murders, ruthlessly corrupt officials and a Mafia-funded drug trade festers at the heart of the British military establishment. Forensic pathologist Dr Karen Laos is recruited by the Ministry of Defence and sent to Cyprus to help solve a series of perplexing events terrorizing the British bases on the island. Against the beautiful backdrop of a Mediterranean summer, an undercurrent of vice and deceit simmers. Laos must work against the odds with her colleagues in order to restore law and order to this small but highly significant military outpost.

Having witnessed one murder, and now hiding out in a safe house, Liz Hunt gets word of the dead men, friends of her husband, Danny, who has isolated himself on the North York Moors to ‘think’. What is Danny hiding? And is it disloyal to share her information with the detectives? But it’s a sharply-winding path to catch this triple-killer, and DI Graham won’t be resting until he can close this case, and the door to his terrible past.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1370-2 Autumn 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

PETER TAYLOR Peter Taylor was born in Sedgefield, County Durham and has worked as both a teacher and a prison lecturer. A prolific Black Horse Western and crime thriller writer, Taylor’s previous novels include Trails of Fate, Stitched, Stone Cold and Orphans of Chance.

Snow Wasted is the second novel in the Dr Karen Laos series.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1367-2 Winter 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224 pp World rights

MATTHEW MALEKOS Matthew Malekos is an ex-psychiatric nurse. He lives on the island of Cyprus with his civil partner. The first Dr Karen Laos novel, Peroxide Homicide, was also published by Robert Hale.

General Fiction


General Fiction

Autumn Softly Fell

The Lambs

Dominic Luke

Peter James Cottrell


Dorothea looked out of the nursery window. Hours and hours had passed and her papa had not come.

Ginchy, autumn 1916 The 9th Battalion, The Royal Dublin Fusiliers, known rather ominously as ‘The Lambs’, go over the top. In 1914, Kevin Flynn had hardly given the war a thought; everyone said it would be over by Christmas: the problem was no one said which year. Instead, desperate to impress a girl called Mary, Flynn and his friends, like thousands of fellow Irishmen eager not to miss the adventure of a lifetime, and keen to help set their country free, begin a journey that leads inexorably to the shattered ruins of Ginchy and suffering beyond imagination.

He was not going to come.

Abandoned by her father and left in the care of an uncle she has never met before, eightyear-old Dorothea Ryan finds herself cast away in a big strange house in the middle of the countryside. No one seems to want her. Her one wish is to return to her old home in London. But as time passes and hopes of ever going back start to fade, Dorothea becomes more and more enmeshed in her new life at Clifton Park. She begins to wonder just where home really is....

Confronted by the vagaries of army life, the harsh realities of war and rising hostility at home, Flynn finds his courage, loyalty and love tested to the limit, making him question whether it was worth becoming a lamb to the slaughter.

This beautifully written story of identity and loyalty pulls the reader deep into contemplation, leaving them emerging, triumphant, from a stupor of remarkable storytelling.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1080-0 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

DOMINIC LUKE Dominic Luke was born in London and studied history at the University of Birmingham. He lives in Northamptonshire and his previous two novels, Aunt Letitia and Snake in the Grass were both published by Robert Hale.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1183-8 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

PETER JAMES COTTRELL Peter Cottrell grew up in South Wales. He joined the Territorial Army whilst still in the sixth form and after qualifying as a teacher, was commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1988. He later transferred into the army’s Educational and Training Services Branch. He retired in 2008 to teach, and pursue a career in writing. His first novel, England’s Janissary, was also published by Robert Hale.

General Fiction


General Fiction


The Chimera Sanction

Paying Davy Jones

André K. Baby

Millie Vigor

Pope Clement XXI is kidnapped, and the Curia, the Swiss Guard and the Italian police are overwhelmed. Thierry Dulac from Interpol is called in, but he too is thwarted at every turn. His investigations hint at secrets held for centuries, revenge and omerta in the arcane, twisting corridors of the Vatican itself. It seems the pontiff too has been less than open.

In the mid-1970s, the North Sea oil boom is in full swing and there is work for all. Though Catherine Williams’s children are adult and all four have oil-related jobs, she is not happy with the upheaval the oil industry has caused and believes that Davy Jones will demand payment from those who rob his locker, not only with oil spills, but also with men’s lives.

From within the hidden, shadowy world of the Vatican, the bustling Parisian boulevards and the charms of the Florentine piazzas, to the searing bleakness of the Great Sand Sea Desert, Dulac fights to prise open the plot which could cause havoc and disbelief amongst the billions of Catholics across the globe and bring the pontiff back to safety.

Immigrant workers flood in and when one such family comes to Deepdale, the valley in Shetland where Catherine lives, her eldest son, Robbie, falls for and secretly marries the daughter. The pair then move to Aberdeen where Robbie gets work on a drilling rig. But, having been persuaded to give up the idea of fishing for a living, will Robbie be any safer on a rig than in a fishing boat?

Nothing in this intriguing, exciting novel from a new and talented author should be taken at face value.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1304-7 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 256pp World English Language

ANDRÉ K. BABY André K. Baby is a Montreal-born lawyer and author. A former Crown prosecutor, his practice has focused mainly on the corporate and commercial aspects of international business. He continues to mine the wealth of his varied and rich legal experience to forge the characters of his thrillers. The Chimera Sanction is his first novel published by Robert Hale.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1326-9 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

MILLIE VIGOR At fourteen, Millie Vigor left school to start work and she considers this the beginning of her real education. In addition to articles and short stories, her autobiographical book, Kippers for Breakfast, was published in 2003. Her previous books in this Shetland trilogy, Catherine of Deepdale and No Skylarks Sing, were also published by Robert Hale.

General Fiction


General Fiction


Fate Has No Mercy

The Bonds of Earth

David Creed

E.V. Thompson

Fate Has No Mercy describes the path followed by one man on his way to an archaeological discovery, potentially of extraordinary importance, his crisis of conscience and the cruel decisions he must take: if he publishes his findings, he may well seriously damage the lives of people he has come to hold in high esteem; people who recently, in fact, saved him from a cruel death.

In 1837, when rich deposits of copper ore are discovered, a huge influx of out-of-work miners flock to the area from Cornwall’s far west, bringing with them problems alien to the hard-working but easy-going countrymen. Young Goran Trebartha, whose working life is divided between two farms, finds himself caught between the seemingly incompatible cultures, his problems added to when life is further complicated by the arrival of a mine captain and his all-female family.

There appears no acceptable way out of his dilemma until he encounters a woman from his past, whose unforgettable image and plight have dogged his memory for twenty years. This woman will go on to fulfil the role which – one suspects – was destined to be hers from the outset.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1325-2 Autumn 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

DAVID CREED David Creed was born in Sri Lanka and educated there and in Britain. After four years as a professional cricketer, he again went abroad, working for the British Government in Africa and the Australians in New Guinea. David Creed died in 2013.

Avarice and intrigue, the vicissitudes of farming life and the sheer desperation of hungry miners all add to bewildering changes that will irrevocably alter the course of Goran’s life.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0938-5 Summer 2014 £7.99 198 x 129mm paperback 320pp World rights

E.V. THOMPSON E.V. Thompson was born in London. After a spell in the Royal Navy, and then at Rhodesia’s Department of Civil Aviation Security Section, he returned to England. His novels have won him thousands of admirers around the world. In 2011 E.V. Thompson was awarded an MBE for services to literature and to the Cornish community. Ernest died in 2012.

General Fiction


General Fiction


Love and Freindship (sic) And Other Delusions Beth Andrews

Love and Freindship was written when Jane Austen was just 14, and foreshadows the conflict between moral obligation and individual desire which animates Austen’s mature comedic efforts such as Sense and Sensibility. Now updated in this sparkling satire by Beth Andrews, the story follows Isabel and her daughter Marianne when they attend the theatre in Bury St Edmunds and encounter Isabel’s old friend, Laura Lindsay, who gives her journal to Marianne to read. It is a revelation to the younger woman as she reads of one hilarious madcap romantic escapade after another. There is love at first sight, marriage the same day, the befriending of another young woman as romantic as Laura herself, exaggerated sentiment and complete disregard for the feelings of others. Havoc inevitably ensues. This is Jane Austen retold but retaining her huge capacity for laughter and enjoyment of the absurd. The book also includes the Jane Austen version of Love and Freindship in the original – complete with uncorrected spelling.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1385-6 Autumn 2014 £12.99 178 x 127mm hardback 192pp World rights

BETH ANDREWS Beth Andrews has been an avid reader since childhood, and her love of the regency period began when she read her first Georgette Heyer novel in the seventies. Her previous novels published by Robert Hale include St George and the Dragon, Hidden in the Heart and Stolen Waters. Beth lives in the Bahamas.

General Fiction




Cardigan Bay

Leaves Before the Storm

John Kerr

Angela Arney

When Major Charles Davenport is evacuated to England, to recuperate from a battle wound received at Tobruk, a letter is awaiting him from his wife in London, informing him that she’s in love with another man and wants a divorce.

When Megan marries into the Lockwood family of Folly House during the Easter of 1939, she believes that the rumblings of war in Europe cannot touch their lives in the peace of the New Forest.

Mary Kennedy is a young Irish-American who has moved to her grandparents’ cottage in Ireland to mourn the loss of her husband and infant daughter. Participating in a Red Cross morale-building effort, she corresponds with a young British soldier, but his letters cease abrubtly. Determined to learn what has become of him she makes her way to the army hospital in Sussex where his commanding officer, Major Davenport, kindly explains the young soldier’s fate.

But the winds of war blow and, like leaves before the storm, scatter family and friends in all directions. Megan is forced to cope with disappointment in love, illicit passion, and the terrible tragedy of war, only to realize, as life unfolds, that peace and happiness can be found in the strangest places.

Thus begins a love story, carried out almost entirely by letter, crystallized by distance and heightened by the intimacy of the private written word set against the dramatic events of WWII and culminating in the landings on D-Day at Sword Beach.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1417-4 Autumn 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

JOHN KERR John Kerr’s writing draws on many years’ study of European and American history. Kerr received a JD from the University of Texas and a BA from Stanford University, where he studied history, literature, and poetry. He lives in San Antonio, Texas. Cardigan Bay is his third novel published by Robert Hale.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1178-4 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

ANGELA ARNEY Angela Arney was born in Hampshire and still lives in the New Forest. Before writing she had a varied career as a caberet singer, a teacher, and then hospital administrator. She has been involved in the theatre as a director of amateur companies, and is now a full time writer.





Aphrodite’s Island

Valerie’s Russia

Hilary Green

Sara Judge

In 1955, Cyprus is torn apart by EOKA and Ariadne’s family is deeply involved, but her heart skips the divide on seeing the young officer, Stephen Allenby, when her house is searched by the British military. They have an affair, but when it becomes known, he is sent home.

An unexpected offer from the Empress of Russia sends Valerie Marsh to the romantic and opulent city of St Petersburg where she is torn between two cultures and two different passions: Pyotr Silakov, a handsome young officer in the Tsar’s household, and Grigorii Rasputin, the Tsarina’s holy man and friend.

In 1974 Stephen exists in a strained marriage and miserable job, but resurgence of EOKA activity affords him the opportunity to return to the island, but with his wife and young daughter in tow, where he searches for remembrances of his youth.

But what will become of Valerie when revolution comes and the glittering world of her royal hosts, a thousand miles away from her secure home in London, is not as safe as it seemed?

In 1998, his daughter, Cressida, is now thirty-six and at a crossroads: her mother has died and her relationship has failed. She travels to Northern Cyprus to seek answers to the pain-filled memories of her father’s disappearance. Two islands, two generations, and the duality of lovers. Aphrodite’s Island gives us the eternal cycle of birth, procreation, death and regeneration through blood sacrifice.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1184-5 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

HILARY GREEN Hilary Green is a trained actress and spent many years teaching drama and running a youth theatre company. She has also written scripts for BBC Radio and won the Kythira short story prize. Hilary now lives in the Wirral and is a full-time writer.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1234-7 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

SARA JUDGE Sara Judge was born in Zambia but educated and brought up in England. She trained as a dancer and spent several years on the stage, taking part in summer shows, pantomimes, and night club acts. Now retired she enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren and attending Pilates classes. Valerie’s Russia is her eleventh novel.





Beyond Reason

The End of a Journey

Gwen Kirkwood

Grace Thompson

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1318-4 Spring 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp BPTM excl. US

Janet Scott loves books, and learning, and is happy living at the schoolhouse where her grandfather is the dominie. When tragedy strikes, and her grandfather dies suddenly, everything changes, and she is sent to work for farmer, Wull Foster.

Zena Martin and her brother, Greg, are content with their lives and plans for their future: Zena and Jake Williams are about to announce their engagement, and Greg hopes to persuade Rose Conelly to meet his family and begin the next stage of their relationship.

Life with no one to protect her is tough, and Janet experiences first-hand the dangers which can befall a young woman. So, when philanthropist, Josiah Saunders, an old friend of her grandfather’s, takes her in, they both relish the companionship.

Then their father dies suddenly and secrets come to light that change everything. Zena begins to doubt her happiness with the kindhearted Jake when his generosity is more for others than for her. Greg is distressed when Rose leaves the town without any explanation.

Josiah’s avaricious relatives though, resent his generosity and are furious when he encourages Janet to stay at Crillion Keep, and he is forced to think of a way to thwart their scheming. Janet’s love, penniless lawyers’ clerk Fingal McLauchlan, is unable to spirit her away from her situation, and she faces a dilemma when Josiah offers her marriage and security.

But it is their mother’s secret that is hardest to understand. And when everything is revealed and explanations are offered, what will be left of their once optimistic future?

GWEN KIRKWOOD Gwen Kirkwood was born, and schooled, in Yorkshire but has spent most of her adult life north of the Border. With a background in farming she has written fifteen family sagas and also six shorter romances. Two of her previous novels, Another Home, Another Love and Darkest Before the Dawn, were also published by Robert Hale.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1323-8 Summer 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 272pp UK and British Commonwealth (Canada non-exclusive)

GRACE THOMPSON Grace Thompson lives in Swansea. She has a son and a daughter, as well as five grandchildren. Her previous books, also published by Robert Hale, include Nothing is Forever, Gull Island, Goodbye to Dreams and Pity the Lonely Dreamers.





Teardrops in the Moon

It’s In the Cards

Tania Crosse

Pamela Fudge

It is Sunday 28 June 1914 and Rose Warrington is celebrating her sixtieth birthday at the remote family home of Fencott Place on Dartmoor. Rose could not be happier, surrounded by her family and friends. But on that very same day, Archduke Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated in far-away Sarajevo, leading to the outbreak of The Great War. Rose’s spirited younger daughter, Marianne – having taken a vow of celibacy some years earlier – sees the war as an opportunity to prove herself as capable as any man.

Ellen Carson was still heart whole and fancyfree at forty – and that was just the way she liked it. Growing up in a crowded family home had given her a yearning for the quiet life, and watching her older siblings make a mess of their relationships had left her grimly determined to remain single. But her family are full of other ideas and, when they discover that not one, but two men from Ellen’s past have arrived in town, are keen to show that one of them must be right for Ellen. Just as she is coming round to the idea of finding ‘the one’ and changing her lifelong attitude, she finds herself a confidant to those around her who have now decided that staying single was the right idea all along. Is Ellen to blame when relationships start to fail? And what is she going to do about it to get everything back the way it was?

The peace of Dartmoor behind her, she joins the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry as an ambulance driver in war torn France and it takes all her strength to face its horrors: there are tragedies lying in wait for those she loves, and her girlhood vow will be challenged and tested. A powerful, dramatic and evocative story of love, courage, loss and the demon of revenge.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1329-0 Autumn 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

TANIA CROSSE Tania Crosse was born in London, but, at a very young age, moved to Surrey where her love of the countryside took root. Using her meticulous historical research and love of Dartmoor, she began penning her novels set in the area from Victorian times to the 1950s, all based closely on local history. Teardrops in the Moon is her tenth published novel.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1369-6 Autumn 2014 £19.99 234 x 156mm hardback 224pp World rights

PAMELA FUDGE Pamela Fudge started writing fiction in 1983 and has had short stories published in most of the national women’s magazines. Her previous books, also published by Robert Hale, include High Infidelity, A Blessing in Disguise, A Change for the Better, Never be Lonely, Turn Back Time and Not What It Seems. You can find out more about her at

Children & Family


Sleep and Your Special Needs Child Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson

Children & Family


Yummy Discoveries Worry-Free Weaning Felicity Bertin and Anna Walton

While most parents of babies can expect sleep problems to resolve within months, parents of children with special needs can find them lasting into adolescence and beyond. This is a pressing issue for parents, as disturbed sleep can cause depression, relationship problems and a weakening of the immune system. The majority of parents receive little or no help with sleep problems, and few families have access to sleep practitioners.

Worry-Free Weaning helps to ensure that your child establishes a healthy relationship with food, giving parents the facts and dispelling the myths about the weaning process. Drawing on their clinical expertise and insight, the authors use evidence-based medical and psychological research to support their advice. It encourages you to wean and parent your child around food in a way that strengthens the bond between you, taking both of your needs into account.

Victoria Dawson is a successful sleep practitioner and founder of the Children’s Sleep Charity. Here, together with health writer Antonia Chitty, she shares her own experiences, those of other sleep experts and those of parents. This book addresses sleep problems using a highly successful behavioural and cognitive approach to sleep management, and is the first book to explain these approaches in detail. The practical advice contained is invaluable for parents who want to feel more in control and more confident about tackling sleep issues in a way that is appropriate for their child.

The book is packed with hints and tips to encourage healthy eating, as well as recipes and menu ideas. Clinical case studies bring common problems to life and help parents understand what goes wrong and how to change things. This book contains everything you could want to be fully informed and prepared to introduce solid food to your child.



The Journey Through Assessment

The indispensable recipe book for any parent preparing to wean their child the babyled way. Over a hundred healthy, flavoursome recipes suitable for the whole family £9.99 paperback, 978-0-7198-0698-8

ISBN: 978-0-7198-0789-3  £12.99

Food and Your Special Needs Child ISBN: 978-0-7198-0790-9  £12.99

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0791-6 Summer 2014 £12.99 216 x 138mm paperback 192pp World rights

VICTORIA DAWSON Victoria Dawson is both a sleep practitioner and highly trained special educational needs teacher. She is the founder of the Children’s Sleep Charity and has written sleep-training materials for Scope. ANTONIA CHITTY Antonia Chitty has been writing on health for more than fifteen years, and has done so for books, national charities and voluntary organizations.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1307-8 Autumn 2014 £9.99 234 x 170mm paperback 192pp World rights Approx. 60 colour photos and illustrations

FELICITY BERTIN Felicity Bertin is an osteopath and lecturer in Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Medicine, Embryology and Developmental Biology at the British School of Osteopathy – as well as as being mum to son, Lucas. ANNA WALTON Dr Anna Walton is a chartered counselling psychologist. She has a Masters degree with Distinction in child development from the University of London and a Doctorate in counselling psychology.

Exploring the World


Exploring the World


The Natural Beauty of Dorset

Pilgrim Routes of England

Colin and Susy Varndell

Jennifer Alexander

The Natural Beauty of Dorset is an eclectic mix of everything Dorset, based around the county’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is packed with information about this stunning county: its geology, natural history, heritage and lures for residents and visitors alike.

People in the Middle Ages went on pilgrimage for a whole host of reasons – mostly they were spiritual, but not entirely so. For many, it was a chance to travel, to seek out cures for illnesses, to pay penance for a misdeed or simply out of curiosity. As well as the great shrines at Canterbury or Walsingham there were other places where spiritual met the everyday, and evidence of these is still around us.

Through a diverse mixture of subjects you can explore one of Dorset’s greatest charms: its variety. Its coast can be both cosy and treacherous; with countryside gentle and rugged in equal measure. It has more footpaths and bridleways than tarmac roads and it has the oldest letterbox in use in England to this day.

In a series of chapters, this book takes the modern traveller, whether actual or armchair, along the pilgrim ways of England and Wales, from the starting point in the towns and cities through to the great medieval shrines, taking in a whole range of out-of-the-way places en route. Delve into these pages, and we’ll rediscover some of these on our journeys across this ancient land from where we stand in the modern age.

It is a county that will enthrall the inquisitive and the adventurous, whether you seek unspoilt beauty or quirky charm within one of the most beguiling Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Britain.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0930-9 Summer 2014 £16.99 250 x 195mm paperback 172pp Approx. 150 colour photographs World rights

COLIN AND SUSY VARNDELL Colin and Susy Varndell run a natural history photography business and manage their own picture library, as well as a nature reserve and garden. Colin is a renowned photographer, who has also written and illustrated two books about the West Country, and they have both written features on natural history and wildlife for regional and national magazines.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0958-3 Autumn 2014 £12.99 178 x 158mm paperback 256pp Approx 80 colour photographs (including sketch maps for each route) World rights

JENNIFER ALEXANDER A respected academic with a deep interest in the ways that buildings were used in the past as well as their present usage, Jennifer Alexander has taught adult education programmes as well as in universities and combines teaching with research on medieval and later buildings in the UK, France and Spain.

Sport & Leisure


Sport & Leisure


Presentation Fly-Fishing

A Passion for Mountains

Jeremy Lucas

Edited by Hannah Burrows-Smith

Presentation Fly-Fishing is the comprehensive guide to fly-fishing for trout and grayling, using a minimalistic approach. It explores leaderto-hand and leader-only techniques with nymphs and dry flies, and from the basis of the contemporary state of the art in fly tackle and skills pushes the boundaries of the sport. The established dogma of the old school is questioned, reaching the limits of what is possible with the conventional approach, and presentation-based technique, which is radically changing the single-handed fly rod sport, particularly on rivers, is explained.

Documenting both personal climbing and mountaineering adventures as well as those shared with clients, the stories in this book, written by members of the British Mountain Guides, represent the diversity of the mountain activities these professionals thrive on: from first ascents on British winter cliffs to thought-provoking ascents of north faces in the European Alps, and from the big walls of Yosemite and Patagonia to endurance when facing the challenges of the high Himalaya. A Passion for Mountains gives us a unique perspective into what motivates and drives climbers; where they find fulfilment and reward and at the same time how they deal with failure.

Both the fly line-dominated Western style and the Japanese fixed-line style are considered, converging into the leader-only style. Watercraft, techniques, tackle and flies are explained in depth, with consideration of the potential for development on both rivers and lakes. The result is a form of fly-fishing that is comprehensively more effective and efficient than hitherto, whilst also being supremely elegant.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0699-5 Spring 2014 £18.99 246 x 189mm paperback 224pp 200 colour photographs World rights

JEREMY LUCAS Jeremy Lucas is one of the most internationally recognized figures in the contemporary sport of fly-fishing for trout and grayling. A former England international, he has been European open champion and a world championship individual bronze medallist, while also winning team gold, silver and bronze medals in European and world championships.

This fascinating account of mountaineering gives an insight into the climbing adventures that contribute to every Guide’s experience, and explores the difficulties that even some of the world’s most experienced mountaineers encounter when making decisions in the mountains.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0719-0 Spring 2014 £25 269 x 195mm hardback 256pp 150 colour photographs World rights

Amongst the contributors to this book are a number of authors of note, including John Barry, Martin Moran and Boardman-Tasker Award-winner Victor Saunders. HANNAH BURROWS-SMITH The editor, Hannah Burrows-Smith is a British Mountain Guide. The daughter of a Guide, she is originally from Aviemore, near the Cairngorms, and has spent many years climbing and skiing in the Scottish Highlands and widely throughout Europe.

Sport & Leisure


Sport & Leisure


Time-crunched Triathlon

Bowls: Making the Most of Your Game

Joe Beer

Patrick Hulbert

Time-crunched Triathlon is a manual for life, which will help beginners and experienced triathletes maximize their investment, success and enjoyment in this most demanding of endurance sports.

Bowls: Making the Most of Your Game is a comprehensive one-stop-shop detailing the key technical, psychological, tactical and physical aspects of the sport of bowls, including effective teamwork strategies using new and up-to-date approaches. Fundamentally, bowls is brought into the twenty-first century.

Participating in three sports means trying to be a jack of all trades, organizing a lot of equipment and trying to make sense of the huge wealth of training information available. This no-nonsense guide provides real-life examples, clear and simple explanations, and actual tips & tricks from successful triathletes. It debunks the theory that triathletes are super-beings and looks at the real ways they manage training on top of a busy lifestyle. It also considers the usual challenges of weather, illness and injury, and how to be consistent even when you can’t follow a completely regimented routine 24/7.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1263-7 Autumn 2014 £16.99 246 x 189mm paperback 176pp Approx. 100 colour photographs World rights

JOE BEER Joe Beer has been an endurance athlete for almost three decades, with multiple Ironman triathlon finishes. Joe has been featured in many respected magazines such as TwoTwenty Triathlon, Cycling Plus and Runners World and is a brand ambassador for Speedo, Scott and Power Bar. He is also the director of JBST Ltd, a coaching consultancy that advises amateur to professional athletes worldwide.

With tips and suggestions from some of the world’s greatest players, the book delves in great depth into how psychology can play an integral role in your performance, as well as the traditionally important aspects – tactics and technique. From grip to positive talk on a rink, and from limb-loosening exercises to ways to beat your nemesis to casting the jack, Bowls will explore every aspect of your game. Packed with pointers to help you get the most out of yourself while still enjoying the convivial nature of the sport of bowls.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1297-2 Autumn 2014 £9.99 216 x 138mm paperback 128pp Approx. 100 colour photographs World rights

PATRICK HULBERT Patrick Hulbert, a fourth-generation bowler, represented the England junior team from 2006–2013, amassing twenty-four caps at junior level. He has also represented England in China and America. Patrick has won numerous county titles out of Leicestershire and is the editor of Bowls International magazine. He has written for a number of local newspapers, Pitch Care magazine and The Daily Telegraph.

Art, Design and Practical Reference


Art, Design and Practical Reference


The American Pocket Watch

Masters of Mosaic

Christopher Barrow

Edited by Oliver Budd American pocket watches have long been popular for their range of standard sizes and readily interchangeable parts, plus their facility to be easily customized to suit the pocket of every purchaser. Many people will have inherited an American pocket watch that sits gathering dust in a drawer, but these may only need a really good clean and some minor repairs to get them working again.

Masters of Mosaic gives an exclusive insight into the work and specialist skills of twelve of England’s premier contemporary mosaic artists. Each chapter is written by a different artist and gives their unique story, including their inspirations and influences, and how they design, create and install their mosaics. There are also superb colour illustrations throughout, featuring past and present commissions.

Christopher Barrow has received several requests and queries about American models over the years from readers of his first two successful guides to the repair and maintenance of the pocket watch, The Pocket Watch and The Verge Pocket Watch, and now this concise and beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide to the intricacies of American models will allow the enthusiastic amateur to rescue an old watch and perhaps pass it on to the next generation in full working order.

Whether you work in stone, glass or ceramic, and are figurative or abstract in expression, this magnificent volume, which explores the work of the best artists in the business, is a must for anyone with an interest in this incredible artform.


The Pocket Watch: Restoration, Maintenance and Repair 978-0-7198-0390-1 - £18.99

The Verge Pocket Watch 978-0-7198-0400-7 - £17.99

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1041-1 Spring 2014 £15.99 216 x 138mm hardback 128pp 87 colour photographs World rights

CHRISTOPHER BARROW Christopher Barrow has been an electronic design engineer for thirty years. For the past twenty-five years or so, he has been restoring and repairing pocket watches as a hobby and has also run a successful eBay business, selling restored pocket watches and barometers.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0669-8 Spring 2014 £30 275 x 210mm hardback 208pp Approx. 300 colour photographs World rights

OLIVER BUDD Oliver Budd is a second-generation mosaic artist, a part-time lecturer at Chelsea College of Art and one of the leading exponents of the craft worldwide. With hundreds of large public and private commissions to his name he devised this book as a way of showcasing the unique talents of his contemporary fellow masters.

Art, Design and Practical Reference


Art, Design and Practical Reference

Garden Design

Travel Writing

Andrew Mikolajski

James Fair


Andrew Mikolajski’s Garden Design offers a complete breakdown of the process involved in creating a garden, from making an initial assessment of the site’s possibilities to applying design principles and choosing plants and landscaping materials. It is aimed at amateurs who have no previous knowledge of gardenmaking but will also be of value to professionals entering the trade.

This handy guide offers a complete introduction to the craft of travel writing and shows unpublished writers how to identify suitable markets for their work. It analyzes your different genre options and explores ways to come up with great ideas and pitch them successfully. There is a strong emphasis on dissecting the technical aspects of creating fresh and vivid prose, including the art of writing unputdownable openings, compelling descriptions and authentic quotes. The book assesses whether and how even novices can make travel writing pay, and delves into the brave new world of blogging.

Most books on garden design are either very technical or are predominantly picture books. This manual is different. A lively and provocative read, it is full of handy hints and tips for creating the perfect outdoor environment. Readers are encouraged to explore and question established ideas about good garden design, and will be sure to grow in confidence as they learn how to make informed decisions about every aspect of the garden design process

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7090-9195-0 Spring 2014 £22 250 x 195mm hardback 180pp Approx. 60 colour photographs World rights

ANDREW MIKOLAJSKI Andrew Mikolajski has worked on several RHS reference projects and has taught the RHS certificate and garden design at Warwickshire College. He has also lead day courses on aspects of design, garden history and practical gardening at Lamport Hall, Farncombe Estate and the English Gardening School at Chelsea Physic Garden. Andrew also gives talks to gardening clubs throughout the UK.

Contains fascinating interviews with key travel writing figures, including the guidebook publisher Hilary Bradt and acclaimed travel writer Will Gray. By appraising extracts from the works of such renowned writers as Gerald Durrell, Peter Matthiessen and Redmond O’Hanlon, as well features from key publications such as Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveller magazines, the book illustrates exactly what makes memorable writing – and what doesn’t.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1068-8 Summer 2014 £11.99 216 x 138mm paperback 240pp World rights

JAMES FAIR After working on conservation projects in South America in the mid-1990s, James Fair began working as the travel editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine in 1999. Since then he has travelled extensively, as well as commissioning and editing hundreds of travel features. In 2012 he was shortlisted in the Periodical Publishing Association (PPA)’s ‘Writer of the Year’.

Art, Design and Practical Reference


Art, Design and Practical Reference


Cherry’s Model Engines The Story of the Remarkable Cherry Hill David Carpenter

Model engineering is generally considered to be a man thing, as men in sheds everywhere don overalls and shape metal into models. But, arguably, the world’s greatest model engineer, Cherry Hill, is, in fact, a woman. For the past several decades Cherry has created scaled-down versions of traction engines – and not just run-of-the-mill types, but elaborate Victorian flights of fancy. Extensive research and meticulous design are the secrets of her success. She has created almost twenty models over the sixty-year period since her father gave her an old lathe from the workshop of his agricultural machinery business. One of the most impressive aspects of Cherry’s work is that all her engines are fully working and what comes out of her workshops in Worcestershire and Florida is perfection, both in terms of design and craftsmanship. Every last part, even tiny chain links, is made in the workshop from metal stock. No parts are bought in.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1421-1 Autumn 2014 £30 250 x 250mm hardback 120pp 120+ original colour photographs World rights

Once completed, all her models are given away: early ones to friends and family and later ones to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Each model typically occupies 7,000 hours’ work, and Cherry’s staggering efforts have been rewarded with the highest honours, including nine gold medals and an MBE from the Queen for Services to Model Engineering. Here, for the first time, the fruits of her illustrious career are displayed in all their intricate glory for your inspiration and enjoyment.

DAVID CARPENTER David Carpenter was originally an engineer who moved into journalism, working for national daily and weekly newspapers. David then retired after some time as a communication consultant to blue chip companies and the public sector but came out of retirement to edit Model Engineer magazine and, later, to set up a weekly model engineering web magazine. He is also a model engineer, although, ‘sadly not in the Cherry Hill league!’.

Art, Design and Practical Reference


Art, Design and Practical Reference


Basic Watercolour How to Paint What You See

Shades of Light Making Tailored Lampshades

Charles Williams

Ruth de Fraga Gomes

Watercolour has an anomalous position in the visual arts. Its association with Victorian ladyamateurs, the (incorrect) idea that it is a fugitive or ‘fading’ medium, as well as the contradictory ideas that it is both difficult and a beginner’s medium, mean that it has long been sidelined. But ‘Watercolour’, a recent blockbuster show at the Tate Britain, and the contemporary interest in less conventional media point to a renewed interest in this underrated art-form. Certainly, its advantages are huge. The kit is light and easy to carry, simple to clean and prepare, and you will already have a lot of the necessary material around the house.

An invaluable practical reference guide, which includes both clear written instruction and helpful illustrations, Shades of Light explores the history of lampshade-making, its trends and design inspirations. It looks at the technical elements required, shows the techniques needed to make the shade properly in the traditional way and then explores more advanced techniques such as chiffon swathing and knife pleating. Once the reader has understood the potential of the hand-crafted shade, he or she can begin the design process, even using creative skills from other disciplines. The great thing about lampshade-making is that it doesn’t require a large financial outlay and can involve a lot of reusing and recycling. Only a small work space is needed and there is little specialist equipment to buy. So if you want to create something beautiful, unique and practical but don’t have unlimited resources or a wealth of technical skills, this entertaining and satisfying home craft could be just what you’re looking for.

Watercolour is also a great and constantly evolving challenge, and can be used in all sorts of ways. Within these pages a range of artists share their diverse approaches to painting in watercolour. See how adaptable and enjoyable this medium really is!

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0741-1 Summer 2014 £16.99 250 x 195mm paperback 208pp Approx. 200 original illustrations World rights

CHARLES WILLIAMS After a long period living and working in London’s bustling and artistic East End, Charles Williams is now living in Kent, painting and writing, and teaching at Canterbury Christ Church University. Williams’ previous book, Basic Drawing: How To Draw What You See, reflects his deeper interest in enabling an appreciation of the practical side of the visual arts.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1105-0 Summer 2014 £17.99 246 x 189mm paperback 176pp Approx. 90 line drawings and colour photographs World rights

RUTH DE FRAGA GOMES Ruth de Fraga Gomes comes from a fashion background, which she uses as a source of inspiration, indulging her passion for fabrics, trim and embellishment through the craft. These days, Ruth works on lampshade commissions and re-coverings from a small studio and teaches lampshade-making courses in colleges and creative workshops.

History, Biography & Real Life Stories


History, Biography & Real Life Stories



Fields of Death

Raymond Edwards

Peter Slowe and Richard Woods

J.R.R. Tolkien has arguably had a greater influence on contemporary culture and reading habits than any other twentieth-century writer. Successful film versions of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit have only increased interest in his work. What sort of man was he, who so profoundly changed the sort of things we read and write? When The Lord of the Rings was published, Tolkien was in his early sixties; until then, he had led the outwardly unremarkable life of an Oxford don. Yet beneath the surface conventionality, his astonishing imaginative life grew luxuriantly.

‘Shell-fire was hellish all afternoon … the heat was intense … crouching in the trench, hugging the forward side, one could feel every moment small stones and lumps of earth ricochet off one’s helmet. Now and then one would be almost smothered by the parapet being blown in. The dirt flying about and the fumes from the lyddite added to our discomfiture. During a bombardment one developed a craze for two things: water and cigarettes. Few could ever eat under an intense bombardment, especially on the Somme, where every now and then a shell would blow pieces of mortality, or complete bodies, which had been putrefying in no man’s land, slap into one’s trench. Shell-fire, too, always stirred up swarms of black flies, of which there was an absolute plague on the Somme battlefields …’ Captain Francis Hitchcock, Guillemont, 1916

This is the first Tolkien biography, since Humphrey Carpenter’s authorized life of 1977, to deal with the wealth of posthumously published material; it sets Tolkien’s imaginative writing firmly in the context of his academic life, shows the difficulties he overcame to complete The Lord of the Rings and charts his ultimately unsuccessful efforts to complete the great cycle of legends that appeared, after his death, as The Silmarillion.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0986-6 Autumn 2014 £25 234 x 156mm hardback 256pp 30 photographs World rights

RAYMOND EDWARDS Raymond Edwards worked for some years as a researcher for the Oxford English Dictionary whilst completing doctoral research into medieval manuscripts. Before this he followed the Oxford undergraduate course originally devised by Tolkien. Edwards has written for various publications, including The Times Literary Supplement and the Literary Review. He lives in north London.

An original and highly detailed approach to the history of the First World War, combining contemporary accounts with a modern-day guide to the battlefields of the Western Front. This fascinating anthology provides a more authentic picture than any textbook could ever hope to give of the courage and the daily life of the men who served during the First World War.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7090-9327-3 Summer 2014 £14.99 234 x 156mm paperback 240pp Approx. 20 black & white photographs World rights

PETER SLOWE After a spell working in France (where he gained a first-hand knowledge of the battlefields), Peter Slowe worked for the EEC setting up co-operatives. RICHARD WOODS Richard Woods holds a history and geography degree and has taken a particular interest in the First World War since the age of fourteen, frequently visiting the Western Front battlefield sites.

History, Biography & Real Life Stories


History, Biography & Real Life Stories


The British Policewoman

The Great Fraud on the Bank of England

Joan Lock

David C. Hanrahan

Here, now fully updated for the twenty-first century, is the complex and fascinating history of the formation of the British Women Police. Full of drama, intrigue and humour, it also captures, through well-authenticated primary material, the colour and manner of the times.

In March 1873 the Bank of England was defrauded of over £100,000 – a financial heist of unprecedented proportions in Victorian England. When news of the crime broke, it caused a sensation, not only in London but all around the world. This book tells the full fascinating story for the first time, detailing the criminals’ somewhat surprising backgrounds, their meticulous preparations, and the life of luxury they enjoyed in London from the proceeds of their daring fraud.

Early policewomen fought much public and police prejudice, wondering all the time how far to hold out for their ideals and how much to compromise for the sake of some official recognition; the eternal problem when breaking new ground. Their story, which was played out not only in the streets and courts of Great Britain and the House of Commons but in a defeated Germany and strife-torn 1920s’ Ireland, as well as in prohibition-era USA, ended in victory with their official integration into the force in the 1970s, but the battle did not end there, as our story shows …

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-1422-8 Autumn 2014 £12.99 216 x 138mm paperback 256pp 15 colour illustrations BPTM

JOAN LOCK Ex-nurse and policewoman Joan Lock has written seven Victorian crime fiction titles and eight non-fiction police/crime books, including three on Scotland Yard’s first detectives. She has also written short stories, radio plays and radio documentaries, as well as working as a columnist on the leading police journal, Police Review, and Red Herrings, the magazine of the Crime Writers’ Association.

The book also chronicles the international investigation that was launched to solve the crime, involving police forces on both sides of the Atlantic and even the famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency. The Great Fraud on the Bank of England reads more like a crime thriller than the true story it actually is, with bank robbery, daring escapes, exotic international locations, opulent lifestyles, danger, violence, romance and treachery.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7090-9595-8 Spring 2014 £18 216 x 138mm hardback 224pp 8 illustrations World rights

DAVID C. HANRAHAN David C. Hanrahan is a former headteacher who lectures at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He has authored a number of books on British history, including The First Great Train Robbery. He has also written for BBC History Magazine and has worked as historical consultant on the BBC television programme Days That Shook the World.

History, Biography & Real Life Stories


History, Biography & Real Life Stories


Growing Older with Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s Journeys

Maggie Lane

Hazel Jones

With chapters on The Loss of Youth and Beauty; Old Wives and Old Maids; Merry Widows and Dowager Despots, the theme of ageing in Jane Austen’s novels allows for a lively exploration of many of her most memorable characters. There are chapters too on hypochondria and illness, age and poverty, death and wills. The book draws on the six novels, major literary fragments, Austen’s own letters and the reminiscences of family members and contemporaries. Real-life examples are used to underline the fidelity of Austen’s fictional representation.

Jane Austen lived in an exciting age for travel: improvements to roads and carriages meant that more people than ever were taking journeys for pleasure, to view picturesque scenery, to visit a spa town or the seaside, or to stay with distant relations. With one exception, all her heroines leave home at some point in their story to travel to a different part of the country and, even in Emma, where the heroine remains in her village, other characters travel about in quest of health, amusement or a marriage partner. Hazel Jones provides the context for this rage for travel, drawing on a wide range of archives and contemporary printed material, as well as on Jane Austen’s own letters and novels. From maps to inns, from travelling dress to turnpikes, every detail is brought vividly before the reader’s eyes.

Austen’s wry approach to the perils and consolations of growing older is bound to strike chords with many.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0697-1 Summer 2014 £16.99 234 x 156mm hardback 240pp World rights

MAGGIE LANE Maggie Lane has written many popular books about Jane Austen including Understanding Austen, also published by Robert Hale. She has lectured to Jane Austen societies worldwide, and has published in their respective journals. Currently she is editor of the Jane Austen Society (UK) biannual Newsletter and Annual Report as well as consultant editor to the global Regency World magazine.

BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0750-3 Autumn 2014 £16.99 234 x 156mm hardback 256pp 15 colour illustrations World rights

HAZEL JONES The author of two previous books about Jane Austen, Hazel Jones has also lectured to audiences in the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and the USA. Since 1995, she has delivered courses on Jane Austen’s life, times, letters and fiction and in 2009 she became a Pride & Prejudice Tours guide. She is currently membership secretary of the South West branch of the Jane Austen Society.

History, Biography & Real Life Stories


Maskelyne: Astronomer Royal Edited by Rebekah Higgitt

Nevil Maskelyne (1732–1811) was a hugely significant figure in the worlds of British science and maritime exploration, and was involved in all the key projects of eighteenthcentury astronomy. These included ambitious expeditions to observe the transits of Venus, experiments designed to establish the shape and ‘weight’ of the Earth, the remaking of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and the survey of new lands on voyages of scientific exploration. Written by experts in the history of science and the collections of the Royal Museums Greenwich, these essays give new insight into Maskelyne’s world, looking at his interactions with colleagues, rivals and employees and exploring the Observatory home where he lived and worked. They reveal a conscientious individual, close to friends and family, with a deep sense of commitment to his work and those who depended on him for a living.


A Alexander, Jennifer 43 American Pocket Watch, The 48 Andrews, Beth 30, 31 Aphrodite’s Island 34 Arney, Angela 19, 33 Atkinson, David 6 Autumn Softly Fell 24

B Baby, André K. 26 Barrow, Christopher 48 Basic Watercolour: How to Draw What You See 54 Beer, Joe 46 Bertin, Felicity 41 Beyond Reason 36 Bonds of the Earth, The 29 Bowls: Making the Most of Your Game 47 British Policewoman, The 58 Budd, Oliver 49 Buried in the Past 13 Burrows-Smith, Hannah 45

C Cardigan Bay 32 Carpenter, David 52, 53 Cato, Joyce 16 Cherry’s Model Engines 52, 53 Chimera Sanction, The 26 Chitty, Antonia 40 Cicely’s King Richard 4, 5 Cicely’s Lord Lincoln 4, 5 Cicely’s Second King 4, 5 Clark, Simon 18 Clough, Nicholas 11 Cottrell, Peter James 25 Creed, David 28 Crosse, Tania 38

D BOOK DETAILS 978-0-7198-0912-5 Autumn 2014 £18.99 234 x 156mm hardback 208pp Approx. 60 illustrations World rights

REBEKAH HIGGITT Rebekah Higgitt is a lecturer in the history of science at the University of Kent, having been a curator at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, and the National Maritime Museum. Rebekah also writes regularly for the Guardian Science Blogs network and is one of the curators working on a major exhibition on the story of longitude at the National Maritime Museum.

Dance of Love, The 7 Dawson, Victoria 40 Deadly Stuff 16

E End of a Journey, The 37 Edwards, Raymond 56

F Fugitive Englishman, A 8 Fair, James 51 Fate Has No Mercy 28 Fields of Death 57 Fruit Gum Murders, The 14

Fudge, Pamela 39 Full Churchyard, A 20

G Garden Design 50 Gomes, Ruth de Fraga 55 Great Fraud on the Bank of England, The 59 Greene, Hilary 34 Growing Older with Jane Austen 60

O Old Sins, Long Memories 19

P Passion for Mountains, A 45 Paying Davy Jones 27 Pershore Poisoners, The 10 Pilgrim Routes of England 43 Presentation Fly Fishing 44



Hanrahan, David C. 59 Hayes, Steve 17 Higgitt, Rebekah 62 Hulbert, Patrick 47


I In the Company of Strangers 11 Inspector Abberline and the Gods of Rome 18 It’s In the Cards 39

J Jane Austen’s Journeys 61 Jazz and Die 12 Jones, Hazel 61 Judge, Sara 35

K Kerr, John 32 Kirkwood, Gwen 36 Kitson, Bill 13

L Lambs, The 25 Lane, Maggie 60 Leaves Before the Storm 33 Lewis, Roy 8 Lock, Joan 58 Love and Freindship 30, 31 Love Byte 6 Lucas, Jeremy 44 Luke, Dominic 9, 24

M Malekos, Matthew 23 Maskelyne: Astronomer Royal 62 Masters of Mosaic 49 Mikolajski, Andrew 50 Money Tree Murders, The 15

N Natural Beauty of Cornwall, The 42 Nothing Undone Remained 9

Question of Loyalty, A 22

Rhea, Nicholas 20 Random Targets 21 Raven, James 21

S Silverwood, Roger 14, 15 Shades of Light: Making Tailored Lampshades 55 Sherlock Holmes and the King of Clubs 17 Sleep and Your Special Needs Child 40 Slowe, Peter 57 Snow Wasted 23

T Taylor, Peter 22 Teardrops in the Moon 38 Thompson, E.V. 29 Thompson, Grace 37 Time-Crunched Triathlon 46 Tolkien 56 Tombs, Kerry 10 Travel Writing 51

V Valerie’s Russia 35 Varndell, Colin and Susy 42 Vigor, Millie 27

W Walton, Anna 41 Whitehead, David 17 Whitelaw, Stella 12 Williams, Charles 54 Wilson, Sandra Heath 4, 5 Woods, Richard 57

Y Young, Angela 7 Yummy Discoveries: Worry-Free Weaning 41

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Robert Hale 2014 title catalogue, featuring an introduction to new imprint, Buried River Press.

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