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Robert Hale july--december 2011


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July–december 2011



The Brilliant Disaster JFK, Castro and America’s Doomed Invasion of Cuba’s Bay of Pigs Jim Rasenberger The American planned invasion of Cuba in 1961 remains one of the most illfated blunders the United States has ever committed – and still reverberates through American politics and policy today. Despite the Kennedy administration’s initial insistence that the United States had nothing to do with the invasion, it soon became clear that the complex military operation had been planned and funded by the best and brightest minds in the highest reaches of the US Government. The invaders had been trained by CIA officers and supplied with American equipment, and the operation had been personally approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the President of the United States. Now, journalist Jim Rasenberger takes a closer look at this dark incident in American history, illuminating what historian Theodore Draper called ‘a perfect failure’. Written in elegant prose and drawing upon recently declassified CIA documents The Brilliant Disaster is the most complete account of this event to date. Jim Rasenberger is the author of America, 1908 and High Steel and is a frequent contributor to the City section of The New York Times. 229 x 151mm • h/b • 480pp • 8 page b&w photo insert • Rights: BPTM excl Canada 978-0-7090-9277-3 • £20.00 • July 2011

The Golden-Bristled Boar The Last Ferocious Beast of the Forest Jeffrey Greene The wild boar appears to us as something straight out of a myth. But as Jeffrey Green learned, these creatures are very real, living by night and, despite shrinking habitats and hordes of hunters, thriving on six continents. Greene purchased an eighteenth-century presbytery in a region of ponds and forests in northern Burgundy. Following the gift of a side of boar from a neighbour, Greene became fascinated with the animal. The boar’s remarkable appearance (it can grow larger than a human) has inspired artists for centuries. The boar plays a unique role in myth too, appearing in the stories of Hercules and Adonis as well as in the folktale Beauty and the Beast. Jeffrey Greene’s search for this formidable animal takes him to Sardinia, Corsica, Tuscany and even the American South, where he explores the boar’s feral-pig counterparts and descendents. The author shares with us the wisdom of museum curators, scientists, hunters and chefs. Jeffrey Greene is the author of French Spirits: A House, a Village, and a Love Affair with Burgundy. A widely published poet, he is the recipient of the Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize and the Randall Jarrell Award in Poetry. He teaches at the American University in Paris. 229 x 152mm • h/b • 200pp • 25 b&w illustrations • Rights: BPTM excl Canada 978-0-7090-9270-4 • £15.99 • July 2011


| NON-fiction

The Children History Forgot Young Workers of the Industrial Age Sue Wilkes Once upon a time, Britain forged a mighty industrial empire – built with the blood, sweat and tears of society’s most vulnerable members. This book explores young people’s working lives during the late Georgian and Victorian eras, when boys and girls created almost every item in our ancestors’ homes: bricks, glass, cutlery, candles, lace, cotton and more. Sue Wilkes tells the story of the long, heartbreaking fight for reform. The story of men like Lord Shaftesbury, Richard Oastler and the tireless factory inspectors who battled, not only to improve youngsters’ working conditions and opportunities for education, but also to change society’s attitudes towards childhood. The Children History Forgot takes a fresh look at the true cost of Britain’s industrial success story. Sue Wilkes read Physics at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. Her first book Narrow Windows, Narrow Lives recreated Lancashire life during the Industrial Revolution. A creative writing tutor and member of the Society of Authors, Sue regularly contributes to history magazines in the UK and USA. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 320pp • 30 b&w illustrations • Rights: World 978-0-7090-8972-8 • £20.00 • August 2011

Fireballs, Skyquakes and Hums Probing the Mysteries of Light and Sound Antony Milne This book guarantees a grand tour of the ‘fireball’ mystery and covers everything the reader needs to know to understand the wide range of natural objects and unexplained phenomena that can be seen so often in our skies. It includes a discussion of comets, ball-lightning, anti-matter explosions, disc-like clouds, strange sunsets, plasma balls and ‘spooklights’. No scientific theory, or hunch, is left unexplored. Without shrinking from listing the paranormal evidence of phantom planes and battlefield ghosts that local people have often reported, along with the mystery voices and radio messages that scientists and the military have recorded, Milne creates a detailed and probing account of these types of activity. This groundbreaking book uses the latest in scientific theorizing about energy physics to explore what these weird phenomena actually are. Antony Milne is the author of ten previous books covering a wide range of scientific subjects. He has worked as a research fellow for NATO’s Scientific Affairs Division. Milne is a also a member of the anti-bolide pressure group Spaceguard UK. 216 x 138mm • h/b • 288pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9278-0 • £18.99 August 2011

July–december 2011




The First Great Train Robbery David C. Hanrahan In May 1855, the citizens of Victorian Great Britain were shocked to read in their morning edition of The Times that £12,000 worth of gold bars and other valuables had been stolen from a train travelling between London and Paris. This carefully planned theft, of what would be more than £1.5 million in today’s money, was executed without violence and without explosives – its perpetrators relied on skill, teamwork and intelligence. In The First Great Train Robbery it is explained how the mystery was finally solved. David C. Hanrahan exposes a scandalous cover-up by the South Eastern Railway Company and explains how an act of treachery on the part of two of the robbers ultimately led to a trial that gripped the public and the press in an unprecedented way. This compelling tale, which inspired Michael Crichton’s novel and subsequent film, The Great Train Robbery (starring Sean Connery), has all the characteristics of an exciting crime thriller but is also an extraordinary true story. David C. Hanrahan is a former headteacher who lectures at the National University of Ireland, Galway, and has published a number of books on British history. He has written for BBC History Magazine and worked as a historical consultant on the BBC television programme Days that Shook the World. 216 x 138mm • h/b • 224pp • 10 b&w illustrations • Rights: World 978-0-7090-9040-3 • £16.99 • August 2011

A House for Spies SIS Operations into Occupied France from a Sussex Farmhouse Edward Wake-Walker This is the story of the bizarre role played by Barbara Bertram in the Second World War. From 1941 to 1944 she provided board and lodging in her Sussex farmhouse to men and women of the French Resistance. As well as Barbara’s experiences, which included sewing suicide pills into the cuffs of agents who requested it, the book follows the mixed fortunes of the Lysander pilots and the agents themselves, several of whom were captured, tortured and killed in their efforts to get German military intelligence back to the UK. This book offers a unique portrayal of the undercover war from both the British and French points of view. This very human story gives a rare insight into the SIS’s turbulent working relationship with de Gaulle’s Free French intelligence service and also details the heroic stories of the special duties Lysander pilots. Edward Wake-Walker is the great nephew of Barbara Bertram. The son of a Royal Navy officer, he was educated at Marlborough College and Aix-en-Provence University before joining the staff of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in 1975. He has travelled extensively, representing the RNLI as their PR director and has also published five books on the history of saving life at sea. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 288pp • 34 photos • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9015-1 £19.99 • August 2011


| NON-fiction

With Winning in Mind Lanny Bassham Be wary of the people no one wants on their team, the ones who are too small, too slow and not very capable. The unwanted have a built-in motivation to do whatever it takes to succeed that those who are picked first do not have. This is a story of just such a person and what he did to find his place at the top of the world in his sport. The Mental Management® System is not based on psychology, instead it is 100% based on competition. It’s not a theory; it’s simply what works. Written by an Olympic gold medallist and endorsed by professional athletes this book provides a unique perspective on self-improvement. For over three decades, Lanny Bassham has been teaching Mental Management® to Olympians, business owners, Fortune 500 Corporations and the elite of the sport and business communities. The author is recognized as a teacher of the world’s best in the area of mental preparation for sport and business. 216 x 138mm • h/b • 200pp • Approx. 10 b&w diagrams • Rights: BPTM excl Canada 978-0-7090-9378-7 • £15.99 • August 2011

Basic Drawing How to Draw What You See Charles Williams Drawing, the most basic of the visual arts, is often seen as a natural ability, but it can be learnt. Working from observation in pencil, pen or charcoal helps you to see clearly, increases your visual awareness and enhances your ability to design in two dimensions. The New English Art Club, an exhibiting society with a 125 year history, runs a school of drawing in which it tries to keep alive the tradition of working from life. Charles Williams, the current curator, brings together exercises, illustrations, demonstrations and, above all, the attitude to drawing of the NEAC Drawing School in one comprehensive book. Charles Williams is a figurative artist who has been painting and exhibiting regularly since graduating from the Royal Academy School’s postgraduate department in 1992. Elected a member of the NEAC in 1996, he was also elected to the Royal Watercolour Society in 2006, as well as being a founder member of the notorious Stuckists. 210 x 148mm • h/b • 256pp • Approx. 130 illustrations • Rights: World 978-0-7090-9104-2 • £14.99 • September 2011

July–december 2011




Music in the Landscape How the British Countryside Inspired our Greatest Composers Em Marshall Foreword by JEREMY IRONS & Introduction by JONATHAN DIMBLEBY Music in the Landscape is an exuberant celebration of British composers and the landscape. Although readers may be aware of Elgar’s love of the Malverns or Britten’s identification with the Suffolk coast, nearly all British composers of the early- to mid-twentieth century were influenced by the landscapes in which they were born or chose to live. Marshall delves into particular places that were vital to the inspiration of musical landmarks – such as Tintagel, instrumental to Bax’s eponymous tone-poem; and Egdon Heath, Holst’s evocation of the wild Dorset heathland described by Hardy in The Return of the Native. These works, and many others highlighted in this illuminating volume, epitomise the intimate relationship between nature and music that compels the attention of music-lovers throughout the world. Em Marshall is the Founder-Director of the acclaimed English Music Festival, Director of the CD label EM Records and Chairman of both the Ralph Vaughan Williams Society and the Granville Bantock Society. She has appeared on Radio 3, Radio 4, Classic FM and at the BBC Promenade concerts. 250 x 195mm • h/b • 296pp • 125 colour photos • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-8468-6 £27.50 • September 2011

Practical Gemmology DeeDee Cunningham Robert Webster’s highly regarded work, Practical Gemmology, first published in 1943, has been through six editions and numerous reprints and was long considered the standard work for those learning the theory and science of gemmology. This classic has been entirely revised by DeeDee Cunningham to return it to its esteemed place among current gemmological education books. Re-written and expanded, this completely updated book includes new material on high-tech treatments and synthetic diamonds as well as instrumentation, theory, testing and gemstone properties. Although suitable for readers of all levels of understanding, Practical Gemmology is specifically tailored to provide the information necessary for the successful completion of diploma examinations and is an invaluable tool for gemmology students. DeeDee Cunningham holds professional gemmology and diamond diplomas from Great Britain and Canada. She has been the recipient of multiple distinctions, including one in the Gem Diamond Diploma from the Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed reference book The Diamond Compendium. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 336pp • Approx 90 tables and diagrams • Rights: World 978-0-7198-0431-1 • £25.99 • September 2011


| NON-fiction

Tyranny and the Lash Prisoners and Punishments in British History Stephen Wade Tyranny and the Lash offers a rare insight into the world of crime and punishment. It investigates the changing definitions of criminality that occur when the law adapts to the radical transmutations of society caused by warfare, social disorder and events like the Industrial Revolution. This book also explores the changing nature and uses of prisons throughout the centuries, from the medieval period to the early twentieth century – looking at various different types of prisoner, from prisoners of war to suffragettes. It takes the reader through various crises in prison management and explains the change in attitudes towards imprisonment following the nationalization of prisons in 1877. Stephen Wade is a former university lecturer now writing and researching the history of crime and law. He is widely published in both popular true crime writing and in more academic crime history, and he has also published several works on genealogy. 216 x 138mm • h/b • 224pp • Approx 20 b&w illustrations • Rights: World 978-0-7090-9244-5 • £16.99 • October 2011

An Encyclopaedia of Plants in Myth, Legend, Magic and Lore Stuart Phillips In this book Stuart Phillips brings together a collection of the stories, folk tales and legends relating to plants. Whereas at one time these folk stories might have been passed on from parent to child as a way of teaching something of the natural world, many are now largely forgotten – yet they are an important part of our folk heritage. Wherever possible, a complete list of common names is given for each plant in this book. These names are as much a part of the plant’s folklore as the myths surrounding it and they also serve to show where the myths and lore relating to one plant may, at some point in the past, have been attributed to another plant with the same common name. This collection works as both a ‘dip-in’ book for items of interest and a comprehensive guide to the use of plants in art, literature and common customs. Stuart Phillips is a director at the Gaia Consultancy horticultural training company. For more than fifteen years he has been a regular contributor to BBC radio programmes, giving gardening advice and answering listeners’ questions. He has also written articles on all aspects of horticulture for a number of periodicals. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 520pp • 50 colour drawings • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9150-9 £35 • November 2011


July–december 2011



Scotland Yard’s First Cases Joan Lock When Scotland Yard’s first detective branch was set up in 1842 crime was very different from today. The favoured murder weapon was the cut-throat razor; carrying a pocket watch was dangerous; the most significant clue at a murder scene could be the whereabouts of a candlestick or hat. Detectives had few aids and suffered many disadvantages. Fingerprinting was fifty years away, DNA profiling another hundred and photography was too new to help with identification. In spite of these handicaps and severe press criticism, the detectives achieved some significant successes. Joan Lock includes such classic cases as the First Railway Murder, as well as many fascinating, fresh reports, weaving in new developments like the electric telegraph against a background of authentic Victorian police procedure. Ex-nurse and policewoman Joan Lock is the author of eight non-fiction books about crime and the police. Some include the Victorian era and one relates the history of the British Women Police, a subject on which Joan is a respected authority. Joan has also written short stories, radio plays, radio documentaries and novels. 216 x 138mm • h/b • 256pp • Approx. 30 illustrations • Rights: BPTM 978-0-7090-9125-7 • £17.99 • November 2011

The Verge Pocket Watch Its History, Development and Maintenance Christopher Barrow Following the success of The Pocket Watch, Chris Barrow has produced another clear and concise guide, aimed again at the enthusiastic amateur. This book combines a fascinating history of the development of the verge pocket watch with a comprehensive step-by-step guide to cleaning and repairing a variety of English and Continental verge movements. If you have a verge pocket watch hidden in a drawer and would like to investigate its workings, perhaps with a view to getting it going again, this book will help you to reach that goal. It will also give you a deeper appreciation of the beauty of both the design and technology of the verge pocket watch. Chris Barrow has been an electronic design engineer for thirty years. For the past twentyfive years or so, he has been restoring and repairing pocket watches, and for the past six years has run a successful web-based business selling restored pocket watches. He is also an enthusiastic carpenter and furniture maker in his spare time. 216 x 138mm • h/b • 172pp • Approx. 100 colour photos • Rights: World 978-0-7198-0400-7 • £20 • November 2011


| western ebooks

Arizona Pay-Off Duke Patterson When Tex Scarron, six foot of whipcord and steel, rode home to the Bar X in Arizona, he found Parson Dean and his gang working a lucrative ‘protection’ racket. Gunplay is fast and furious as Tex solves the mystery behind the racket and finds happiness with the mysterious outlaw girl whose trail has so often crossed his own. 160pp • MOBI:978-0-7090-9427-2 • PDF:978-0-7090-9428-9 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9426-5 £7.99 • October 2011

A Colt for the Kid John Saunders Johnnie Callum has worked hard since Donovan’s riders stamped his parents’ homestead flat and sent him running terrified into the night. But when Donovan was all set up to wipe out his new ranch, Johnnie began to get gunminded! 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9418-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9419-7 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9417-3 £7.99 • October 2011

Dead Man’s Range Paul Durst The murder trail was eight years old when Jeff Carmody got out of Huntsville Prison. But a woman stood in his way now – would he baulk at killing a woman? That was when Carmody picked up his gun. 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9421-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9422-7 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9420-3 £7.99 • October 2011

Gunhawk John Long Jeff Rand, a feared and vengeful gunslinger since his family were murdered, is persuaded by Jim Miller to give up his gunning and join him in peaceful gold-mining. All goes well until one day Jeff returns to camp to find Miller murdered and the gold stolen. As Jeff gets involved in a bank heist, can he clear his name and bring the murderers to justice? 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9424-1 • PDF:978-0-7090-9425-8 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9423-4 £7.99 • October 2011

The Kansas Fast Gun Arthur Kent Dave Frome was a man with a secret past, who had vowed never to carry a gun again. It is not until he sees an innocent man brutally lynched that Frome buckles on his gun to battle with the bad men of both factions and win the hand of the girl he loves. 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9415-9 • PDF:978-0-7090-9416-6 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9414-2 £7.99 • October 2011

July–december 2011

general fiction ebooks

| 11

Broken Places Wendy Perriam Perriam’s 22nd publication tackles challenging subjects such as growing up in care and the euphoric angst of love in a humorous mode; combining laugh-out-loud comedy with an insightful analysis of fear. 304pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI:978-0-7090-9376-3 • PDF:978-0-7090-9377-0 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9375-6 £7.99 • July 2011

Churchyard and Hawke E.V. Thompson Churchard and Hawke is an exciting and insightful novel about the years when the Cornwall Constabulary was in its infancy. This is another novel testing the investigative skills of Amos Hawke, now a senior Cornish policeman. 256pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9335-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9336-7 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9334-3 £7.99 • July 2011

Girl on the Orlop Deck Beryl Kingston Portsmouth, 1803. The wedding of Marianne Morris and Jem Templeman is in jeopardy when Marianne learns that her husband is not the man she thought he was. When Jem runs away to sea to shirk his duties, Marianne takes decisive action and joins the Navy, determined to find Jem and bring him home. 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9359-6 • PDF:978-0-7090-9360-2 EPUB:978-0-7090-9358-9 • £7.99 • July 2011

Past Caring Robert Goddard The first publication from bestselling author Robert Goddard sees Martin Radford, history graduate, jump at the chance to visit Madeira at the invitation of an old university friend. However, his investigation into the mysterious resignation of Edwardian cabinet minister Edwin Strafford triggers a violent train of events. A thrilling read from a master storyteller. 504pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9341-1 • PDF:978-0-7090-9342-8 EPUB:978-0-7090-9340-4 • £7.99 • July 2011

Simeon’s Bride Alison G. Taylor The first major publication by crime writer Alison Taylor finds a woman, little more than a skeleton, hanging in dense woodland outside Bangor, hands bound behind her back. Detective Chief Inspector Michael McKenna and his colleagues, seeking her identity and her killer, become enmeshed in deceit and half-truths, chasing shadows, pursued by the malice of women with McKenna’s bored and resentful wife wreaking her own havoc. 272pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9338-1 • PDF:978-0-7090-9339-8 EPUB:978-0-7090-9337-4 • £7.99 • July 2011


| Women’s Fiction/Saga ebooks

Across the Sands of Time Pamela Kavanagh A ramshackle property on Partington land seems the ideal home for newly engaged Thea Partington and her fiancé Geoff. But as renovations begin, Thea is thrust into a series of waking dreams of the history of the house, revealing uncanny parallels, stormy relationships and fearful consequences. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9396-1 • PDF:978-0-7090-9397-8 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9395-4 £7.99 • September 2011

Amy Peggy Savage Doctor Amy Richmond has been falsely accused and wrongly struck off the Medical Register. She thinks this is the worst day of her life. She is wrong. In the streets the newsboys are shouting the news – war with the Kaiser’s Germany. Amidst the carnage and suffering of the First World War, Amy finds the true meaning of sacrifice, hope and love. 224pp • MOBI:978-0-7090-9442-5 • PDF:978-0-7090-9443-2 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9441-8 £7.99 • August 2011

Echoes of a Promise Ashleigh Bingham Victoria Shelford has run away to sea in the name of love. Disowned by her parents, she refuses to let her sorrows dampen her wandering spirit and she sets off to exotic Kashmir to find a new life. Victoria is intrigued by grim-faced Andrew Wyndham but struggles to get close to him and his closely guarded secret. Can she succeed where others have failed? 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9482-1 • PDF:978-0-7090-9483-8 EPUB:978-0-7090-9481-4 • £7.99 • August 2011

The Far Land Christina Green When Loveday Jenkins meets Ned Kerslake, a photographer who tells her about romantic lands he has visited, her own dreams of travelling start to flower. But when Henry Long comes to Teignmouth her feelings are confused. She has to decide where her far land really lies, and who will travel there with her. 224pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI:978-0-7090-9497-5 • PDF:978-0-7090-9498-2 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9496-8 £7.99 • September 2011

July–december 2011

Women’s Fiction/Saga ebooks

| 13

Maggie’s Girl Sally Wragg The year is 1938 and Maggie Bates, widowed for nine years, has returned to her roots. Fuelled by a looming threat from across the channel, family tensions rise to boiling point and the tangled web of lies surrounding Maggie’s true parentage is in grave danger of unravelling with shattering consequences … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9405-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9406-7 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9404-3 £7.99 • September 2011

Out of the Storm Janet Thomas In a sleepy Cornish fishing village, one woman struggles with an agonising choice while another suffers endless brutality. These two women have the courage to turn their lives around, but can they live with the consequences? 224pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI:978-0-7090-9559-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9560-6 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9558-3 £7.99 • September 2011

Rumours and Red Roses Patricia Fawcett After meeting in hospital where their babies are undergoing open-heart surgery, Becky and Adele resolve to remain friends whatever happens. However, as their friendship deepens, Adele discovers how the two families have been linked previously. Will their friendship survive or is it too dark a secret? 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9550-7 • PDF:978-0-7090-9551-4 EPUB:978-0-7090-9549-1 • £7.99 • August 2011

The Runaway Grace Thompson Faith Pryor has always run away when things become difficult, living in the hope that she would find the family she had lost during the chaos of war. After a disastrous encounter with Matt, the man she had promised to marry, she meets Ian, in a chance encounter. Will she be brave enough to stop running, and take her chance? 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI: 978-0-7090-9556-9 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9557-6 EPUB: 978-0-7090-9555-2 • £7.99 • August 2011


| Women’s Fiction/Saga ebooks

Second Best Pamela Fudge Stacey Trent has just about given up on love when a whirlwind romance with the charming Nick Cable persuades her otherwise. But as she learns his words were all lies, she is left to the mercy of his older brother Lex. As the attraction between them grows, will she ever be able to convince Lex he is more than second best? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9399-2 • PDF:978-0-7090-9400-5 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9398-5 £7.99 • September 2011

Should I Forget You Jeanne Whitmee Kathleen Brady is evacuated during WW2 and separated from her two stepbrothers and mother. She falls in love with the enchanting Chris while she lives on Magpie Farm but is soon called back to look after her brothers. Kathleen must confront her brothers and the lies she has told about her youth to the man she loves. Will it ruin her chances with Chris forever? 224pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI:978-0-7090-9512-5 • PDF:978-0-7090-9513-2 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9511-8 £7.99 • August 2011

The Watercress Girls Sheila Newberry In August 1914, twelve year old Mattie and little sister Evie are unaware that their idyllic childhood in Suffolk is almost at an end, for as their mother says, ‘all the world’s gone mad ….’ They grow up to lead very different lives but will the two sisters be reunited and a secret resolved? 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9544-6 • PDF:978-0-7090-9545-3 EPUB:978-0-7090-9543-9 • £7.99 • August 2011

Who is Mary Winter? Pat Thornborough Driving back from the garage in the worst storm of the winter, Reverend Mother Joan of the Stella Maris Convent didn’t hold much hope for the future of her convent. What happened next along the dark muddy lane was to bring about a change in their lives that was destined to colour their future forever. 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9460-9 • PDF:978-0-7090-9461-6 EPUB:978-0-7090-9459-3 • £7.99 • September 2011

July–december 2011

crime ebooks

| 15

Above Suspicion The Mulgray Twins Drink and drugs can be a lethal combination, as DJ Smith soon finds out when a master criminal’s profits are threatened by her undercover role as butler to Sir Thomas Cameron-Blaik, the wealthy and respected owner of a distillery on the island of Islay. Can DJ remain undetected long enough to identify Moran, a ruthless drug baron, and make her escape? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9562-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9563-7 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9561-3 £7.99 • October 2011

After the Fire John Pilkington In the turbulent time following the Great Fire, a series of chilling murders shakes Restoration London. All are linked to the new Dorset Gardens Theatre where Betsy Brand is playing First Witch in Macbeth. But as Betsy attempts to aid the investigation, she soon finds her own life at stake… 224pp • Rights: World, no audio • MOBI:978-0-7090-9524-8 • PDF:978-0-7090-9525-5 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9523-1 £7.99 • November 2011

Avenging the Dead Guy Fraser 1863, Superintendent Henry Jarrett, chief of the detective department at Glasgow Central, is under pressure from the Union Bank who are in the midst of a scandal… but just as the investigation gets underway the murders begin. The mysterious killer claims to be a righter of wrongs and is seemingly in possession of facts known only to the detectives. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9518-7 • PDF:978-0-7090-9519-4 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9517-0 £7.99 • November 2011

Birthdays Can Be Murder Joyce Cato When travelling cook Jenny Starling is asked to cater a birthday party, she doesn’t expect to find herself in the midst of a shocking murder. But when it comes to someone adding poison to her own precious recipes, Jenny isn’t going to take it lying down and won’t stop until the real culprit is found… 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9539-2 • PDF:978-0-7090-9540-8 EPUB:978-0-7090-9538-5 • £7.99 • November 2011

Blood on the Cowley Road Peter Tickler When Sarah Johnson plunges to her death, it appears to be a clear case of suicide. But when Jake Arnold, the last person Sarah rang on her mobile, turns up dead in the River Isis, DI Susan Holden’s preconceptions are thrown into disorder. From riverside pubs to a mental health day-centre, Blood on the Cowley Road builds to a startling climax. 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9527-9 • PDF:978-0-7090-9528-6 EPUB:978-0-7090-9526-2 • £7.99 • November 2011


| crime ebooks

Bury in Haste Jean Rowden When a young man is kidnapped but turns up the next day, baffled but unharmed, the affair is dismissed as a joke. But country policeman Constable ‘Thorny’ Deepbriar has longed to try his hand at detection and starts to explore the case. As more people go missing, including one of his own friends, Deepbriar has to risk his own life to prevent the murderer from claiming yet another victim. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9579-8 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9580-4 • EPUB: 978-0-7090-9578-1 £7.99 • November 2011

The Darkfall Switch David Lindsley After a power cut kills dozens of people in the London Underground, engineer Dan Foster uncovers a web of deception and a scheme that someone is desperate to conceal – even if it involves murder. Will he be able to unveil the ugly truth before it’s too late? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9457-9 • PDF:978-0-7090-9458-6 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9456-2 £7.99 • October 2011

Death of a Teacher Lis Howell Set in a village school on the Cumbrian Coast, Death of a Teacher is a riveting portrayal of modern parenting and policing – a harrowing tale of what happens when discipline disappears and jealousy is rife… 224pp • Rights: BPTM English Language • MOBI:978-0-7090-9494-4 • PDF:978-0-7090-9495-1 EPUB:978-0-7090-9493-7 • £7.99 • October 2011

Depth of Despair Bill Kitson When two skeletons are discovered in Lamentation Tarn, talented detective Mike Nash and his team have little evidence with which to work, until a surprising discovery prompts them to contact law enforcement agencies in Eastern Europe. But this is only the start of their investigation … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9515-6 • PDF:978-0-7090-9516-3 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9514-9 £7.99 • October 2011

Design for Murder Roy Lewis Suspected serial killer Raymond Conroy is acquitted on a technicality thanks to his lawyer Eric Ward. But when Conroy disappears and the Zodiac Killer strikes again, Ward finds himself involved in the case once more leading to a murderous climax where the truth finally emerges. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9547-7 • PDF:978-0-7090-9548-4 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9546-0 £7.99 • October 2011

July–december 2011

crime ebooks

| 17

Desperate Measures Patti Battison When the body of a young girl is discovered on a landfill site DCI Paul Wells is certain that Ian Lennox is the killer but is there any chance he can finally get the result for which he prays when his career is on the line? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9521-7 • PDF:978-0-7090-9522-4 EPUB:978-0-7090-9520-0 • £7.99 • November 2011

Flotsam & Jetsam Keith Moray The death of a noted scientist, the discovery of a half-drowned puppy and the suggestion of police negligence lead Inspector Torquil McKinnon to investigate sinister events on the seemingly idyllic island of West Uist. Who knows what secrets will be washed ashore? 224pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI:978-0-7090-9454-8 • PDF:978-0-7090-9455-5 EPUB:978-0-7090-9453-1 • £7.99 • October 2011

The Killing Club Angela Dracup DCI Ed Swift is investigating the death of Christian Hartwell but finding evidence is proving problematic. Was it a suicide or was there something more to his death? When Hartwell’s mother receives a threatening visit, she and her family find themselves in real danger and Swift knows he must uncover the truth … and fast. 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI:978-0-7090-9565-1 • PDF:978-0-7090-9566-8 EPUB:978-0-7090-9564-4 • £7.99 • November 2011

Like False Money Penny Grubb Fledgling PI Annie Raymond desperately needs a third case on her books to secure her future, but when it comes, her future career is the last thing on her mind. Not only has Annie herself walked into a trap but she has also led a young girl into mortal danger. Can she make it right before it’s too late? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9506-4 • PDF:978-0-7090-9507-1 EPUB:978-0-7090-9505-7 • £7.99 • October 2011


| crime ebooks

Meet me in Malmö Torquil MacLeod Journalist Ewan Strachan is delighted when he is invited to interview old university friend, Mick Roslyn – now one of Sweden’s leading film directors. He is not prepared though for discovering the lifeless corpse of Roslyn’s wife or for being blamed for her murder. Can he convince the police of his innocence? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9451-7 • PDF:978-0-7090-9452-4 EPUB:978-0-7090-9450-0 • £7.99 • October 2011

Nemesis of the Dead Frances Lloyd Ten holidaymakers are bound for a tiny Greek island steeped in superstition and ancient myth but one of them is planning a ruthless murder and not all will return home … 224pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI:978-0-7090-9491-3 • PDF:978-0-7090-9492-0 EPUB:978-0-7090-9490-6 • £7.99 • October 2011

The Pardoner’s Crime Keith Souter Sir Richard Lee is forced to investigate a vicious rape and a cold-blooded murder, only hours after his arrival at Sandal Castle on the request of King Edward II. But as Albin of Rouncivale confesses to a crime everyone believed to have been committed by Robin Hood, Sir Richard must move quickly to preserve the stability of the realm and perhaps even the crown itself. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9500-2 • PDF:978-0-7090-9501-9 EPUB:978-0-7090-9499-9 • £7.99 • November 2011

Requiem for a Dummy David Stuart Davies Successful ventriloquist Raymond Carter begins receiving death threats over the telephone – particularly unnerving as they are done in the voice of his dummy, Charlie Dokes... This complex mystery thriller, the fourth in the Johnny One Eye series, is set against the grim backdrop of war-torn London, and is told with wit, humour and suspense. 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI:978-0-7090-9530-9 • PDF:978-0-7090-9531-6 EPUB:978-0-7090-9529-3 • £7.99 • November 2011

July–december 2011

crime ebooks

| 19

Slice David Hodges Detective Superintendent Jack Fulton finds that Sadler Street Police Station does not represent safety and security for its law-abiding citizens when he takes on a murder enquiry and discovers that his psychotic killer might actually be one of the staff! Fulton has little idea of how personal this is about to become… 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9533-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9534-7 EPUB:978-0-7090-9532-3 • £7.99 • November 2011

The Snuffbox Murders Roger Silverwood The 16th in the highly successful Inspector Angel series finds the Inspector looking for an antiques thief and murderer who tears out the tongue of anyone he fears might give him away. And the only thing linking the three chief suspects is their shared interest in acquiring antique gold snuffboxes… 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9503-3 • PDF:978-0-7090-9504-0 EPUB:978-0-7090-9502-6 • £7.99 • November 2011

To Die Alone John Dean When the bodies of a man and his dog are found on the northern hills, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris and his team find themselves plunged into a violent world where life counts for little. As the mystery deepens, the investigation reveals a disturbing world of secrets, half-truths and betrayals where lives and loves are casualties… 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9448-7 • PDF:978-0-7090-9449-4 EPUB:978-0-7090-9447-0 • £7.99 • October 2011

With a Narrow Blade Faith Martin When a dying elderly lady is stabbed to death in her own home, DI Hillary Greene is instantly puzzled. The house doesn’t appear to have been robbed and Flo Jenkins herself was well-liked. With no forensics, no leads and only a junkie nephew as a vague suspect, is this going to be Greene’s first failure on a murder case? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9536-1 • PDF:978-0-7090-9537-8 EPUB:978-0-7090-9535-4 • £7.99 • November 2011


| regency ebooks

The Confession of Fitzwilliam Darcy Mary Street

In Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jane Austen created the most intriguing hero of all time. For all those to whom Pride and Prejudice is the romantic novel, Mary Street’s remarkable and convincing telling of Darcy’s story will prove irresistible. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9362-6 • PDF:978-0-7090-9363-3 • EPUB: 978-0-7090-9361-9 £7.99 • July 2011

Fortunate Wager Jan Jones

Caroline Fortune is dismissive of the many suitors her mother continues to send her way. Lord Alexander Rothwell is happy to be dismissed, irritable because he wants to return to London. So when Caroline finds Alexander left for dead outside her brother’s racing stables, they are both considerably disconcerted … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9393-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9394-7 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9392-3 £7.99 • August 2011

A Fraudulent Betrothal Natasha Andersen

When her twin sister disappears, Clarissa impersonates her in an attempt to placate society and discover her sister’s true whereabouts. But Clarissa knows nothing of London society and people are starting to suspect. As she becomes even closer to her sister’s fiancé Lord Leighton, Clarissa realises she is falling in love with him herself… but how can she cheat her own sister of Leighton’s attention? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9463-0 • PDF:978-0-7090-9464-7 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9462-3 £7.99 • September 2011

An Improper Suitor Monica Fairview

Miss Julia Swifton has no desire to marry – that is until her grandmother threatens to marry her to a notorious rake, Lord Thorwynn. On her search for an intelligent, scholarly husband who will suit her, she must face many challenges. But she does not have to do it alone, even if her companion, Lord Thorwynn, is the last person she would ever want to marry … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9488-3 • PDF:978-0-7090-9489-0 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9487-6 £7.99 • September 2011

July–december 2011

regency ebooks

| 21

In All Honour Beth Elliott

Sarah Davenport gets caught up in a sinister plot after her brother loses his entire fortune to the sinister Lord Percival. But when Lord Percival kidnaps her, Greg is the only person who can save her… 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9445-6 • PDF:978-0-7090-9446-3 • EPUB:978-0-7090-9444-9 £7.99 • September 2011

Jilted Ann Barker When Eustacia Hope is jilted at the altar, her parents decide to save her reputation by sending her to stay with her godmother, Lady Agatha Rayner. It is there that she meets Lord Ilam whom she has been warned against but their attraction is interrupted by the reappearance of Eustacia’s estranged fiancé. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI:978-0-7090-9472-2 • PDF:978-0-7090-9473-9 EPUB:978-0-7090-9471-5 • £7.99 • August 2011

Lady Jane’s Ribbons Sandra Wilson Lady Jane Derwent faced formidable odds as she set out to win the furious coach race to Brighton. She knew how hard it would be to win, and how easy it would be to lose so much, especially her heart … 224pp • Rights: English Language • MOBI:978-0-7090-9430-2 • PDF:978-0-7090-9431-9 EPUB:978-0-7090-9429-6 • £7.99 • August 2011

Lady Sabrina’s Secret Jeannie Machin Deborah had but one way to unravel the shroud of secrets surrounding her missing brother. Somehow she had to gain the upper hand over the maddening Rowen Sinclair who used women as his playthings – while she tried to keep him from getting a hold on her heart … 224pp • Rights: English Language • MOBI:978-0-7090-9433-3 • PDF:978-0-7090-9434-0 EPUB:978-0-7090-9432-6 • £7.99 • August 2011


| Regency ebooks

Lord Buckingham’s Bride Sandra Heath Francis Buckingham offered Miss Alison Clearwell refuge from the relentless Prince Nikolai, but at a price. That price kept getting higher. It began with risking her good name, then her virtue, then her heart… 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI:978-0-7090-9436-4 • PDF:978-0-7090-9437-1 EPUB:978-0-7090-9435-7 • £7.99 • August 2011

The Other Mr Darcy Monica Fairview When Caroline Bingley collapses to the floor and sobs at Mr Darcy’s wedding, she does not think anyone is watching. However the American cousin of Mr Darcy has noticed and sets out to break through her infamous reserve. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7090-9485-2 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9486-9 EPUB: 978-0-7090-9484-5 • £7.99 • August 2011

The Paradise Will Elizabeth Hanbury When spirited Alyssa Paradise unexpectedly inherits her uncle’s property in Dorset, she is determined to meet the challenge of running a grand estate. Only the enigmatic Sir Giles Maxton and the monthly dinner meetings they are required to have threaten her peaceful existence. 224pp • Rights:World • MOBI: 978-0-7090-9509-5 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9510-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7090-9508-8 £7.99 • September 2011

Ruined Ann Barker Jessie Warburton has been hopelessly in love with the rakish Earl of Ashbourne for years. Tired of being ignored she leaves for London, and immerses herself in the literary world of her hostess, Mrs Machin. In London, Jessie blooms and attracts more than one admirer. Will she make the right choice? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7090-9469-2 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9470-8 EPUB: 978-0-7090-9468-5 •£7.99 • August 2011

July–december 2011

regency ebooks

| 23

Scandal at the Dower House Marina Oliver When Catarina’s elderly husband dies she moves to the Dower House, where things are about to change dramatically with the arrival of her younger sister, Joanna. Pregnant and alone, Joanna is shielded by Catarina. But when tragedy strikes, what will be the fate of the unwanted child? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7090-9402-9 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9403-6 EPUB: 978-0-7090-9401-2 • £7.99 • August 2011

The Second Lady Southvale Sandra HEATH Miss Rosalind Carberry defies all warnings when she accepts Lord Philip Southvale’s proposal. With their respective countries gearing up for war, Rosalind leaves America to join her husband in England. When she lands she discovers she is facing a rival for her husband’s love – one who has nothing to lose. 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI: 978-0-7090-9439-5 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9440-1 EPUB: 978-0-7090-9438-8 • £7.99 • September 2011

Spoiled Ann Barker When Evangeline Granby finds herself indulging in a desperate and improper flirtation with a handsome young gallant, she is alarmed to discover that he is the newly appointed curate for the village. The pair must learn to fight their attraction or risk losing their reputations. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7090-9466-1 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9467-8 EPUB: 978-0-7090-9465-4 • £7.99 • September 2011

Supervising Sally Marina Oliver Phoebe is delighted at the opportunity to go to Brussels as Sally’s companion but her hopes are dashed when Zachary, Earl of Wrekin, decides she is too young and refuses to escort her. To her relief, when she rescues Sally from a calamitous action, Zachary is persuaded to relent. But when it is announced that Napoleon has escaped from Elba everything is in turmoil for Phoebe … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7090-9408-1 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9409-8 EPUB: 978-0-7090-9407-4 • £7.99 • September 2011


| general fiction

Colonel Brandon’s Diary Amanda Grange Now published in paperback, Amanda Grange’s sensitive and insightful retelling of Jane Austen’s much loved work sheds a dazzling new light on an old classic. Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of the publication of Sense & Sensibility this instalment of Grange’s popular series provides readers with an expertly told supplement to one of the world’s great love stories. At the age of eighteen, James Brandon’s life is set fair. He is in love with his father’s ward, Eliza, and he is looking forward to a lifetime of happiness with her. But his world is shattered when Eliza is forced to marry his brother and James joins the army in despair. Returning to England, James finds Eliza in a debtor’s prison where she has found herself after her divorce and subsequent destitution. He rescues her from her terrible position, but she is dying of consumption and he can do nothing but watch and wait. Heartbroken at her death, he takes some consolation from her illegitimate daughter, whom he raises as his ward. But at the age of fifteen, the young Eliza goes missing … Jane Austen Award nominee Amanda Grange has written a popular series of Jane Austen retellings. Amanda lives in Cheshire and you can find more information about her on the website 198 x 129 B Format • p/b • 256pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9474-6 • £7.99 • October 2011 ebook format • 256pp • Rights: World • MOBI : 978-0-7090-9553-8 • PDF: 978-0-7090-9554-5 EPUB: 978-0-7090-9552-1 • £7.99 • October 2011

July–december 2011

general fiction

| 25

God’s Highlander E.V. Thompson Fresh from ministering to a poor parish in the slums of 1830s Glasgow, after a brief but distinguished career in a Scots regiment of the British army, young Reverend Wyatt Jamieson takes up the ministry of the Highland village of Eskaig. When the community faces destruction at the hand of the greedy, city-bred factor, Wyatt manages to win the support of the community. However his heart is lost to Mairi, a fiery, barefooted Highland girl. 234 x 156mm •h/b • 384pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9157-8 £18.99 • August 2011

E.V.Thompson was born in the East End of London and worked as both a policeman and a sailor before embarking on a career as an award-winning novelist. His first book, Chase the Wind, won him the Best Historical Novel of the Year award, and he has since gained a legion of fans across the globe.

Hawke’s Tor E.V. Thompson The brutal murder of a promiscuous young wife and the disappearance of her baby son bring Superintendent Amos Hawke and Sergeant Tom Churchyard to a tiny moorland village in nineteenth-century Cornwall, where the residents harbour dark secrets. The two policemen believe the murderer will be found within the isolated and insular community, but unravelling the tangled web of lies and deceit proves frustrating. Is the answer to the mystery held by the young gypsy girl whose appearance on the scene has disturbing ramifications for Tom Churchyard? 234 x 156mm • h/b • 288pp • Rights: World 978-0-7090-9279-7 • £18.99 • November 2011 234 x 156mm • trade p/b • 288pp • Rights: World 978-0-7090-9373-2 • £11.99 • November 2011


| general fiction

Blood Never Sleeps Jane Morell

A student from Lebanon is out to kill the man who shot down her three brothers in cold blood. The Irish widow of a Hezbollah fighter, now resident in London with her student son, plans a vicious revenge for her mother’s death. Matt Locksley from MI6 must discover their plan before it is too late. Many lives are at stake and he has only a few hours in which to save them … Jane Morell was born in England but has spent most of her adult life abroad. An educator and poet, her work has taken her from the Peruvian Cordillera to the jungles of New Guinea, and for more than ten years to various parts of the Middle East and Far East. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9266-7 • £18.99 • July 2011

Dead on Time Veronyca Bates

When Jonathan Boot, the Mayor of Mallerton District Council, dies a very public and bizarre death in the middle of a council meeting, Inspector Cobb finds himself entering a world of suspicion, rumour, adultery and deceit. When two further murders occur Cobb becomes convinced that the mayor’s unexplained wealth is the key to solving the crime. Can he solve the mystery before a fourth murder victim is found? Veronyca Bates took early retirement in order to find the time to write. This is the second instalment of the Inspector Cobb series, following on from Dead in the Water, also published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9250-6 • £18.99 • July 2011

Haunted Creek Ann Cliff

The Australian bush in 1875 is a challenge for even the strongest of men and for a woman it is daunting. Rose Teesdale travels from England to join her husband Luke with high hopes for a new life on their Australian farm. She is not prepared for the immense, silent forest and the dangers that lurk under the trees. With Luke away, Rose is left to face the sinister Lord Barrington and the mysterious people of Haunted Creek. Ann Cliff was born in Yorkshire and brought up in a farming family. This is her first novel about Australia and is based on the history of the area where she now lives. Ann’s other novels are set in Yorkshire and include Summer by the Sea and Shadows on the Moor, also published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9275-9 • £18.99 • July 2011

Never be Lonely Pamela Fudge

Since she was four years old, Francesca Dudley had always been told her father was dead. Fran is shattered to discover that he had a whole new life and family in Canada and, to make matters worse, her mother had been in touch with him all along. Fran’s mother is taken ill before she can confront her. As if things weren’t complicated enough, Fran’s ex-husband is determined to win her back by fair means – or foul. Pamela Fudge works as a part-time administrator at Bournemouth University and started writing fiction in 1983. She has had short stories published in most of the national women’s magazines in the country. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9253-7 • £18.99 • July 2011

July–december 2011

general fiction

| 27

The Rake’s Challenge Beth Elliott Giles Maltravers, the rakish Earl of Longwood, is weary of society life, duels and even his mistress. Anna Lawrence, nineteen and inspired by Lord Byron’s poems, is determined to seek a life of travel and adventure. Both decide to flee society. They meet when Giles rescues Anna from her first escapade and, his own pleasures forgotten, he continues to rescue her from one potential disaster to another. He knows he cannot live without her yet a secret means that there are obstacles in their path. Beth Elliott was born in Lancashire, but fell in love with books during many childhood visits to her Welsh grandparents, whose bookshelves were always well-stocked. Her greatest discovery was the novels of Jane Austen, which have fascinated her ever since. Her previous books The Wild Card, In All Honour and April and May were also published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9252-0 • £18.99 • July 2011

Tomb of the Serpent Guy Fraser Superintendent Henry Jarrett thinks he has encountered murder in all its forms, but gory human sacrifice is horribly new. Is there a madman loose in Victorian Glasgow as Jarrett, Inspector Grant and Sergeant Quinn believe? To add to the confusion there is a murder at a travelling fair which appears to bear no resemblance to the others, and the little matter of the valuable artefacts. Guy Fraser was born in Scotland and has an MA in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology from Edinburgh University. His previous novels, Jupiter’s Gold, A Plague of Lions, Blade of the Assassin and Avenging the Dead are also published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9246-9 • £18.99 • July 2011

Turn of the Tide Joan M. Moules Tim is easy-going and contented but Katie refuses to be thwarted in her desire to move up in the world. Finding the money to take first steps on the property ladder calls for a drastic solution, one which rebounds on her with devastating effects. Meanwhile Gordon and Maureen move to an affluent area of a South Coast town with their small baby when Gordon’s firm relocates from London. Four people, tossed together by the hand of fate, have their loves and lives turned upside down in this exciting and tense story. Joan Moules was born in Hastings but lived in London from 1940 to 1945 before returning to her birthplace. Having worked in various offices, Moules was plunged into the life of a busy shopkeeper when she married. She now lives by the sea in Selsey, Sussex. 234 x 156mm • h/b •224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9249-0 • £18.99 • July 2011


| general fiction

The Unexpected Miss Bennet Patrice Sarath Who will give consequence to a young lady slighted by other men? Poor Mary Bennet. Her elder sisters are beautiful and kind, full of fire and spirit. Her younger sisters, both very silly, are popular wherever they go. Mary likes to play music and read books. When the opportunity presents itself for her to embark on a new life, she begins to realize her own strengths and discover just how much a woman of understanding and fortitude can shine in the eyes of a good man. Patrice Sarath has written many novels including short stories that have appeared in magazines and anthologies, including Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Patrice lives in Austin, Texas, with her family. The Unexpected Miss Bennet is her first novel published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9280-3 • £18.99 • July 2011

Dead Ringer Roy Lewis In old age, Edwin James looks back over his scandalous life in the law and the theatre: he recalls his rise to fame and fortune which began as a debt-ridden counsel in the case arising from the Running Rein scandal of the 1844 Derby. Aided by ex-convict Ben Gully, he probes the dark belly of the London underworld whilst all the while trying to avoid his creditors. In the face of despair can he discover the truth before old scandals rise up to engulf him …? Roy Lewis is a well-established crime writer with over sixty novels. He lives in the north of England where he sets many of his books. A former college principal and Inspector of Schools, he now runs business training programmes and has business interests in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9271-1 • £18.99 • August 2011

Family Fallout Peter Conway Alex, the 15-year-old adopted daughter of Tory MP, Richard Travers, is found drowned and with a head injury in a pond in the garden of the family house. With the local police short-handed due to a flu epidemic, two detectives from Scotland Yard are seconded to investigate. At times vivacious and good fun, at others moody and highly emotional, Alex had proved difficult to manage. With the only person able to handle Alex being her widowed grandmother the family are plunged into conflict and strife, until the final shocking truth is revealed. Peter Conway lives in Somerset. He is a prolific writer and Robert Hale has published many of his novels including Vengeance Deferred, Unwillingly to School, Deadly Deception and Web of Deceit. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9251-3 • £18.99 • August 2011

July–december 2011

general fiction

| 29

A Fatal Fall of Snow Joyce Cato Spending Christmas in a snowed-in country farmhouse, cooking all the traditional seasonal food she loves, sounds like a dream for travelling cook, Jenny Starling. Except that the family she is cooking for are hardly full of the Christmas spirit. When Jenny finds her kitchen table suddenly playing host to a corpse with a knife in the chest, she is once more in the thick of things. And with the farmer accusing her of the deed, she needs to investigate the matter herself to find the real killer. Joyce Cato was born in Oxford and went on to work as a secretary before becoming a full-time writer. This is the second book based on Jenny Starling, the first, Birthdays Can Be Murder, was also published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9273-5 • £18.99 • August 2011

Portrait of a Murder Stella Whitelaw Harriet Dale is an insurance claims investigator and a talented, but out of work, actress. While untangling a stolen artwork claim, she discovers The Frightened Lady, the portrait of a 200 yearold unsolved murder. The portrait also carries a curse. Anyone who moves it, dies. Axe Winston, a lethally attractive man, spells danger. And for a moment, Harriet forgets the good advice given her by DI Brice MacDonald, with dire consequences. Stella Whitelaw began her writing career as a cub reporter and rose to become the first female chief reporter in London. She writes short stories for national women’s magazines and has won many competitions, including the Art of Writing. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9272-8 • August 2011

Risky Mission Dan Latus A mysterious young woman offers Frank Doy a large amount of money to drive her to a secret location in central Europe. When her husband, a dangerous Teesside gangster called Harry George, warns him off with serious threats, Frank agrees – no one pushes him around. But the risks soon multiply. Mrs George is not only leaving home, she’s taking her two young kids and millions of pounds with her. But there is someone even more dangerous, someone from Mrs George’s past, who also has an interest in the money, and more... Dan Latus lives in Northumberland with his wife. He grew up in Teesside, which has been the inspiration for this particular novel. Risky Mission is his second novel published by Robert Hale, who also published Never Look Back. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9264-3 • August 2011


| general fiction

The Colour of Death Frances Lloyd Twelve days to Christmas and, in snowbound London, a prostitute is found with her throat cut. Six hundred miles away, on a remote Shetland Isle, the body of another young woman lies sprawled at the foot of an ancient tower. When a sudden epidemic of swine-flu breaks out in the Northern Constabulary, Detective Inspector Jack Dawes is sent up north to investigate the second murder. Floundering on unfamiliar territory, Dawes confronts an intelligence equal to his own and a ruthless killer, set to strike again. Frances Lloyd was born in Dagenham, Essex, and spent her childhood moving between RAF stations. She has worked as a freelance journalist and photographer, as well as in government communications, writing speeches for politicians. She now lives in the Scottish Highlands where she writes full time. Her previous novels include Nemesis of the Dead and The Bluebell Killer, also published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9283-4 • September 2011

Dead Shot June Drummond Leading industrialist Trevor Cornwall was found dead at the gates of his daughter’s estate. It was remarkable not only that he had been shot but also that the murderer had already delivered an obituary notice to a newspaper. Then there was another murder. This baffling case proved difficult for DCI Dysart and Dr John Thorneycroft and there would be many surprises before the killer was finally unmasked. June Drummond had her first book published in 1959 and has been published worldwide ever since. Hale also published her novels Loose Cannon, The Meddlers, Old Bones Buried Under and Countdown Murder. June passed away earlier this year. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9285-8 • September 2011

The Secrets Man John Dean When DCI John Blizzard visits a friend in hospital, he is intrigued when an elderly villain in the next bed begins to reveal what he knows about Hafton’s criminal gangs. The news attracts a series of sinister characters to the ward. When people start dying, his colleagues begin to take the DCI’s misgivings seriously. The ensuing events become a race against time to save lives and bring Blizzard into contact with a part of his past he had tried to forget. John Dean is an award-winning journalist from Darlington, Co. Durham. He has twice been named North-East Freelance Journalist of the Year and also Environmental Reporter of the Year. His previous novels published by Robert Hale include The Long Dead, Strange Little Girl, The Railway Man and To Die Alone. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9284-1 • September 2011

July–december 2011

general fiction

| 31

Shadowbreaker Joy Ellis As DI Nikki Galena struggles to come to terms with the tragic death of her friend, a man is found on a piece of wasteland in Greenborough town. The manner of his death, a cold-blooded and professional execution, bothers her deeply, but not as nearly as much as it bothers her sergeant, DS Joseph Easter. Joseph’s life has been scarred by a terrible event in his past. Now he realizes that the nightmare is seeping back, threatening his sanity. Nikki Galena finds herself locked in a battle to find what appears to be not one, but two brutal killers loose on the Fens. Joy Ellis grew up in Kent but moved to London when she won an apprenticeship with the prestigious Mayfair florist, Constance Spry Ltd. Having run her own flower shop for many years, Ellis then worked as a bookseller until a trip to the Greek island of Skyros, where she took part in a writer’s workshop with Sue Townsend, who encouraged her to write her own books. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: BPTM • 978-0-7090-9306-0 • £18.99 • September 2011

Suspects All! The Mulgray Twins Death and danger stalk undercover investigator DJ Smith when she is seconded to the Portuguese Drug Enforcement Agency in Madeira. After Luís Gomes’s body is found floating in Funchal harbour, Comandante Figueira blames her for a security lapse. Given a deadline to get results, DJ narrows the list of suspects, each of them with something to hide. A tense end game takes place on the 2,000 foot cliffs of Cabo Girão, when DJ is faced with the hardest decision of her life. The Mulgray Twins have lived in Edinburgh all their lives. After university, they taught English for thirty years in Midlothian. Following an early retirement they had time to take up writing as a hobby and won the Edinburgh Writers’ Club novel competition in 2002. The twins have written Under Suspicion and Above Suspicion, both published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • 978-0-7090-9281-0 • £18.99 • September 2011

A Warrior’s Code Larry Johns Treachery and double-cross are the hallmarks of the mercenary soldier. Can you ever know who the real enemy is? Is it the man in the cross-hairs, or the friend alongside you? Or is it the man who pays your wages? Martin Palmer must fight his war in the grim certainty that a potentially fatal bullet could come from any direction. In a world where change is inevitable, there will always be another paymaster with high aspirations, and enough money to pursue them. And money, of course, is the mercenary soldier’s creed. Born and raised in Cornwall, Larry Johns has earned a living as a soldier, an artist, a jazz musician, a music lecturer and a writer. His seascapes are sold around the world. When not writing, painting, performing or travelling, he teaches art and woodwind privately in Cornwall. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9282-7 • £18.99 • September 2011


| general fiction

Back-Slash Bill Kitson What is the secret of the forester living a hermit-like existence in the remotest part of the Wingate Estate? Is he a callous murderer? Is he now taking a terrible revenge on those who wronged him? A ruthless killer is on the rampage, one with a distinctive trademark. With resources decimated by a flu epidemic, Mike Nash is forced to use unorthodox tactics to expose a web of corruption and deceit. Evidence all seems to point to an inevitable conclusion, but will Mike be able to uncover the truth, and can he do so before it is too late for all concerned – be they innocent or guilty? Bill Kitson, a retired finance executive, was born in West Yorkshire. He is an avid fan of cricket and cryptic crosswords and is also the chairman of the Scarborough Writers’ Circle. Back-Slash is the fifth instalment in the Mike Nash series, following Kitson’s gripping thrillers Depth of Despair, Chosen, Minds that Hate and Altered Egos. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9316-9 • £18.99 • October 2011

Coming to the Edge Theresa Murphy Work, his girlfriend, his infatuation with a sexy private detective and the murder of a young girl singer all combine to depress DCI Mattia, who is struggling with a case involving politics, big business and a psychopathic killer. Two of his team are attacked and his working relationship with his desirable chief constable is compromised when they meet socially. Will he succeed in clearing the murder victim’s husband, whom he believes to be innocent, or will his police career end in ignominy and the loss of a woman he now knows he loves? Theresa Murphy was born in Portland, Dorset and is the author of numerous books published by Robert Hale. She is a member of MENSA and her writing has included diverse subjects ranging from television comedy to nautical history. She lives in Dorchester, Dorset. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9317-6 • £18.99 • October 2011

The Death Detective and the Skeleton John F. Rice The unearthing of a skeleton with a ligature around its neck, by a hungry fox, brings the Death Detective – Sherlock Holmes’s descendant DI Essach Wangdula – and his assistant DS Flora L. Hughes to Southfield, to investigate. Identification of the body by facial reconstruction leads the pair to London where they learn the victim had been involved in a suspicious death. Another body and two missing people alert Wangdula that he is up against a committed serial killer. John F. Rice was born in Birmingham. Before turning his hand to writing he spent much of his career as an estate agent. Rice has been happily married for fifty-five years and lives in Shropshire. This is his second novel, Sherlock Holmes’s Tibetan Adventure was also published by Robert Hale. 243 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9315-2 • £18.99 • October 2011

July–december 2011

general fiction

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Firetrap David Hodges Engaged in a police surveillance operation on the Somerset Levels, DC Kate Hamblin leaves the van momentarily and narrowly escapes death when it is blown apart by an incendiary device. Accused of abandoning two colleagues, who die in the explosion, Kate is excluded from the resultant murder hunt and effectively suspended from duty. Anxious to nail the killer herself and clear her name, she risks all by entering into an unholy alliance with the murder team’s chief suspect … A former superintendent with Thames Valley Police, David Hodges is a prolific writer and former essayist. His first published crime thriller, Flashpoint, attracted critical media acclaim, and was followed by Burnout. His enthusiasm for crime fiction continued with Slice, his first book published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9305-3 • £18.99 • October 2011

The Last Chatelaine A.M. Story Close to death yet lacking an heir, the Countess of Hampden instructs a private detective to select her successor according to strict criteria. Synnove McKenna, an elegant businesswoman, is subsequently singled out from thousands, to be mistress of Sanderling. Struggling to maintain the worthy Victorian values by which the countess lived, Synnove is targeted by opportunists as well as those with more legitimate claims. Blamed, blackmailed and betrayed – she faces both personal ruin and the desecration of everything her benefactress held dear unless she can manage Sanderling successfully. Following a career in business, the author now lives in South Warwickshire. Works include two thrillers, a one-act play staged at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in 2004 and three mystery novels: On a Thin Stalk, Shrouded Legacy and Straws upon the Surface, published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9307-7 • £18.99 • October 2011

Mr Micawber Down Under David Barry The ever optimistic Mr Micawber bids a fond farewell to David Copperfield and takes his family to Australia, confident their lives will change for the better. However, more than florid language and optimism is needed to survive in this brash new world that is Melbourne in 1855. Visits from the bailiffs, rent arrears and his daughter Emma’s betrothal to his landlord’s son, already complicate poor Micawber’s life, but when his son introduces a new man into their lives it becomes even more entangled. Micawber turns detective, but will the mystery threaten even his optimism and integrity? David Barry, a well-known actor, writes Mr Micawber Down Under, his first novel published by Robert Hale. An actor for more than 40 years, having started as a child actor, he played Frankie Abbott in the 70’s sitcom Please, Sir!, and has appeared in countless theatre and TV productions. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9312-1 • £18.99 • October 2011


| general fiction

Retribution Ray Alan This is the last book by much loved ventriloquist Ray Alan. Judge William Thornton, hard man of the Crown Court, retires to enjoy the fruits of his successes but becomes the victim of hate mail in the form of biblical quotations. His study is broken into and his beloved granddaughter, Jody, apparently kidnapped, adding to the judge’s nightmare. With his alcoholic, terminally ill brother, Bernard, and his housekeeper, Emma, the judge attends a cocktail party – can they unmask the perpetrator and end the judge’s misery? Born in Greenwich, London, Ray Alan entered show business as a teenager. Although he started out as a magician, he tried his hand at ventriloquism, creating his most successful character Lord Charles. He held the record for the greatest number of appearances of any guest artist on BBC TV’s The Good Old Days and was the most famous ventriloquist of his time. Ray Alan passed away in May 2010. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang • 978-0-7090-9318-3 • £18.99 • October 2011

Taken to Heart Jane Jackson Having been deceived by her father and her fiancé, Jenefer Trevanion values honesty above all things. After losing her father and her home in a devastating fire, Jenefer supports herself by bookkeeping for various businesses in the Cornish village of Porthinnis and acting as an agent for the Guernsey merchants who supply the local smugglers. The arrival of Charles Polgray, her father’s heir, brings hope to the village; for his plans to extend the harbour will provide much needed work and increased trade. Working together deepens the attraction between Jenefer and Charles but can he resolve the secret in his past before it shatters her trust and their future? Since Robert Hale’s publication of her first book in 1978, Jane Jackson has been a professional writer. Her compelling novel Eye of the Wind was shortlisted for the 2001 Parker Romantic Novel of the Year Award. As well as lecturing at writers’ conferences and summer schools, she taught for three years on the MA/PGDip in Professional Writing at University College Falmouth. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9308-4 • £18.99 October 2011

The Chalk Circle Antony Trew A big-game fishing boat is wrecked off the Mozambique coast. A light aircraft crashes in the bush. Two men and a woman survive and join forces in a fight for their lives – endangered by Rename guerrillas, wild animals, and simmering animosity between the men, fuelled by jealousy and desire … A familiar voice among the survivors from the wrecked Sunfish alerts Ferreria, their rescuer – triggering haunting memories of humiliation and torture in the infamous Chalk Circle. With the survivors’ lives now in his hands, the stage is set for Ferreria’s revenge. Antony Trew spent many years at sea. During the Second World War he served with the Mediterranean Fleet in the 22nd Anit-Submarine Group and in the Western Approaches where he commanded the destroyer Walker. He was awarded the DSC and died in 1996. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World 978-0-7090-9325-1 • £18.99 • November 2011

July–december 2011

general fiction

| 35

Come the Hour Peggy Savage Summer, 1938, and for the second time Britain is threatened by war with Germany. This time civilians too will be in the front line. In London, two very different families are brought together by the war. Doctors, Amy and Dan, have twins, eighteen-year-old Tessa and Charlie. Nora, a working-class wife and mother, has a twelve-year-old daughter, Sara, whose dream is to become a doctor, a wild idea for a working-class child. Together and helping each other, the two families struggle to survive and endure the six years of war, and Sara fights to reach her impossible dream. Peggy Savage was born in Manchester prior to World War II and went to a convent school where she gained a state scholarship to read medicine at Newham College. She subsequently became a GP before moving into aviation medicine and working for a major airline. She retired to the Lake District to pursue her writing and Come the Hour is her second novel published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9319-0 • £18.99 • November 2011

A Country Gentleman Ann Barker Lord Thurlby can only ever recall previous visits of Lavinia Muir, his mother’s god-daughter, with a shudder. So it is with undisguised horror that he hears she is to come and stay again. Her arrival on the common stage accompanied by the flirtatious Isobel Macclesfield does nothing to allay his fears. When he learns that Lavinia has become entangled with the rakish Lord Riseholm, his reservations appear to be justified. With the passing of time perceptions begin to change and only with the arrival of Lord Riseholm himself can matters begin to be resolved once and for all. Ann Barker was born and brought up in Bedfordshire, but currently lives in Norfolk. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9331-2 • £18.99 • November 2011

Just Another Day Patricia Fawcett Returning to her roots in Devon, Francesca discovers that her childhood home is up for sale. She buys it, but is moving back a mistake? Will she ever be able to rid herself of the guilt she feels following the accident to her brother, James, an accident for which she feels responsible. Meeting up with an old girlfriend, Izzy, brings things to a head for she was present that day and knows the truth. Together with Gareth, the new man in her life, and Izzy, Francesca has to find a way to forgive herself and move on. Born in Preston, Lancashire, Patricia Fawcett now lives in Devon, close to her family. She divides her time between writing, being a lively grandmother and being a volunteer at a National Trust property. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and the West Country Writers’ Association. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World Engl. Lang • 978-0-7090-9322-0 • £18.99 • November 2011


| general fiction

Off the Rails Beryl Kingston Born in 1800, George Hudson rose from farmer’s son to the rich and powerful Lord Mayor of York – friend to royalty and owner of half of the railways in the kingdom. But Hudson was driven by greed as well as ambition and dark secrets lurked within his past – a youthful indiscretion … and an illegitimate child. That child, Milly, has been brought up by her mother Jane, who dreams of taking revenge on her careless begetter. By a quirk of fate, both Jane and Milly work in the Hudson household. Will Jane’s revenge be sweet? Or will life – and unexpected love – get in the way? Beryl Kingston was born in south London, where she lived throughout the Blitz. Having married her first love at the age of nineteen, Kingston went on to have three children and teach English and Drama to secondary school children. Now a full-time writer, Kingston has published over 20 novels. Her recent novel Girl on the Orlop Deck was also published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 256pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9095-3 •£19.99 • November 2011

Paint on the Smiles Grace Thompson Cecily and Ada Owen’s shop is very successful. Their reliable deliveries and service are valued by cafés, tea stalls and shops on the Pleasure Beach during the summer months. However, things turn sour when Ada’s husband, Phil Spencer, comes out of prison a very strange and dangerous man. And Myfanwy, Cecily’s daughter, denied for too long, is planning a cruel revenge. Unaware, Cecily and Ada hand over most of their business to Myfanwy during the difficult years of World War II. Is it too late for the Owen sisters to survive or can they celebrate the end of the war with hope in their hearts? Grace Thompson lives in Swansea. She has a son and a daughter as well as five grandchildren. Her previous books also published by Robert Hale include The Runaway, Facing the World and Gull Island. Paint on the Smiles is the follow-up to Goodbye to Dreams, the first instalment featuring the Owen sisters. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: BPTM Canada non-excl • 978-0-7090-9238-4 • £18.99 • November 2011

The Boy from Berlin Michael Parker Secrets lurk around every corner as Gus Mason strides towards the Presidency of the United States of America. From the Nazi death-camps to the steps of the White House there is a mystery unravelling that threatens the very fabric of the American way of life. As Lieutenant Amos, a Newark Police Officer, investigates the supposed suicide of a local senator, his investigations lead him deep into the corrupt world that is the underbelly of American politics, and closer to the truth. Michael Parker is an author of six published novels, including A Covert War and Hell’s Gate, published by Robert Hale. After leaving the Merchant Navy, he served in the Royal Air Force and reached the rank of chief technician. He now lives in Spain with his wife, Pat. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9353-4 • £18.99 • December 2011

July–december 2011

general fiction

| 37

The Butterflies are Free Anne-Marie Vukelic In the summer of 1857 the handsome Charles Dickens was to become obsessed with a woman who was to change his life forever, but to pursue her was to risk everything. Set against the backdrop of nineteenth century London, Dickens struggles to oversee his ‘home for fallen women’, mentor his friend – the drug-addicted Wilkie Collins – and parent his wilful and rebellious children. Will the fulfilment which has so far eluded him be within his grasp, before his health fails? Anne-Marie Vukelic was born in Codsall, South Staffordshire in 1967 and went on to attend St. Peter’s School in Wolverhampton. In the 1980s she moved to Austria but has since returned to her birthplace. Vukelic is a lifelong enthusiast of both Victorian history and psychology and currently works as a health and social care manager. The Butterflies are Free is her second novel. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9366-4 • £18.99 • December 2011

Drifting Shadows Christina Green Living a hard life on a Dartmoor tenant farm, Becky Yeo seeks something better. After a fleeting introduction to Joseph, Becky feels a drastic need to change her own life. After disobeying her family and refusing to marry the farm bailiff, Nat, whom she dislikes, Becky finds a job as a kitchen-maid at the Manor House which harbours dark mysteries, one of which concerns her family. Bent on revenge, Nat blackmails her. When Joseph returns he must challenge Nat for Becky’s hand. Christina Green was born in Essex. She now lives in Devon and has been a full-time writer for many years and has published over 30 books, including Into the Blue, The Far Land and River’s Reach. Her keen interest in social history inspires both her non-fiction writing and her new historical romance books. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: BPTM • 978-0-7090-9357-2 • £18.99 • December 2011

Heads I Win … Tails You Die Terrell L. Bowers With a list of victims, Nemesis will not be satisfied until all pay the ultimate price for their crimes. In this gripping thriller Kari Underwood, dreaming of becoming an investigative reporter, finds herself out of her depth when a shocking clue is thrown her way. When the clue connects to a current murder case she is given her chance to make her career. However when the serial murders begin to point in only one direction, her boyfriend’s family, Kari is forced to choose; justice, or love? Raised on farms in the United States, Terrell L. Bowers has been playing cowboys since he learned to walk. After taking up writing as a career he has published over 60 books. Terrell has been married for over 40 years and has two grown-up daughters. 234 x 156mm • h/b •224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9347-3 • £18.99 • December 2011


| general fiction

The Judas Blade John Pilkington Autumn, 1671: war looms with Holland, while discontent with England’s dissolute monarch, Charles II, grows. Meanwhile, Betsy Brand, celebrated actress with the Duke’s Theatre, has a predicament. Beset by financial troubles, she is obliged to leave London and undertake a dangerous venture as a spy for her country. What starts out as a fact-finding mission to the Low Countries soon turns into a deadly game, in which Betsy must use all of her acting skills to unravel a plot that strikes at the very heart of England itself. John Pilkington has written plays for radio and theatre as well as television scripts for the BBC. The Judas Blade is the second novel featuring heroine Betsy Brand. Born in Lancashire, he now lives in Devon with his partner and son. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9352-7 • £18.99 • December 2011

Too Late to Paint the Roses Jeanne Whitmee For Elaine, her first love was all-consuming, but when Chris, the love of her life, inherited a large sum of money everything changed. With the help of her friend, Mary, Elaine slowly began to forge a new life and fall in love again. When an unexpected face returns to haunt her she is forced to question the future for which she has worked so hard. Can life ever be the same again for Elaine and the people she loves? And, more importantly, has she ever really known the true meaning of love? Jeanne Whitmee originally trained as an actress and later taught speech and drama until taking up writing fulltime. After writing short stories and serials she began to write novels and has since written over thirty novels, with the more recent books published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: BPTM • 978-0-7090-9365-7 • £18.99 • December 2011

Wuthering Heights Revisited G.M. Best The tragic love affair between Cathy and Heathcliff in Emily Brontë’s famous novel took the world by storm. Imagine, therefore, the shock of Charlotte Brontë’s long-time friend, Ellen Nussey, when she discovers that, far from just existing in the pages of a novel, Cathy and Heathcliff lived. Her resulting investigations uncover the Brontës’ horrific secret of their relationship with the demonic Heathcliff. Forced to question Charlotte’s behaviour she has also to suspect the sudden deaths of not only Emily but also Branwell and Anne. The key to this gripping mystery is Wuthering Heights Revisited, the missing sequel to Emily’s novel, but can Ellen survive long enough to find it? G.M. Best studied history at Exeter College, Oxford and went on to become the headmaster of Kingswood School in Bath. He has written widely on Methodist history and has also penned a musical called Marley’s Ghosts, based on the work of Gilbert and Sullivan. His previous novel, Oliver Twist Investigates, was also published by Robert Hale. 234 x 156mm • h/b • 224pp • Rights: World • 978-0-7090-9364-0 • £18.99 • December 2011

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Above Suspicion.....................15 Across the Sands of Time.......12 After the Fire..........................15 Alan, Ray.............................. 34 Amy.......................................12 Arizona Pay-Off.......................10 Avenging the Dead.................15


Back-Slash............................ 32 Barker, Ann.........21, 22, 23, 35 Barrow, Christopher................ 9 Barry, David.......................... 33 Basic Drawing......................... 6 Bassham, Lanny..................... 6 Bates, Veronyca.................... 26 Battison, Patti........................17 Best, G.M. ........................... 38 Bingham, Ashleigh.................12 Birthdays Can Be Murder........15 Blood Never Sleeps............... 26 Blood on the Cowley Road......15 Bowers, Terrell L................... 37 Boy from Berlin, The.............. 36 Brilliant Disaster, The............... 3 Broken Places........................11 Bury in Haste.........................16 Butterflies are Free, The......... 37


Cato, Joyce..................... 15, 29 Chalk Circle, The................... 34 Children History Forgot, The..... 4 Churchyard and Hawke...........11 Cliff, Ann............................... 26 Colonel Brandon’s Diary..........24 Colour of Death, The.............. 30 Colt for the Kid, A...................10 Come the Hour...................... 35 Coming to the Edge............... 32 Confessions of Fitzwilliam Darcy, The..................................... 20 Conway, Peter....................... 28 Country Gentleman, A............ 35 Cunningham, DeeDee............. 7


Darkfall Switch, The................16 Davies, David Stuart...............18 Dead Man’s Range.................10 Dead on Time........................ 26 Dead Ringer.......................... 28 Dead Shot............................. 30 Dean, John..................... 19, 30 Death Detective and the Skeleton, The...................... 32 Death of a Teacher.................16 Depth of Despair....................16 Design for Murder..................16 Desperate Measures...............17

Dracup, Angela......................17 Drifting Shadows................... 37 Drummond, June.................. 30 Durst, Paul.............................10


Echoes of a Promise...............12 Elliott, Beth..................... 20, 27 Ellis, Joy............................... 31 Encyclopaedia of Plants in Myth, Legend, Magic and Lore, An.......................... 8


Fairview, Monica............. 20, 22 Family Fallout........................ 28 Far Land, The.........................12 Fatal Fall of Snow, A.............. 29 Fawcett, Patricia............. 13, 35 Fireballs, Skyquakes and Hums............................. 4 Firetrap................................. 33 First Great Train Robbery, The.. 5 Flotsam & Jetsam...................17 Fortunate Wager.................... 20 Fraser, Guy..................... 15, 27 Fraudulent Betrothal, A.......... 20 Fudge, Pamela................ 14, 26


Girl on the Orlop Deck............11 Goddard, Robert....................11 God’s Highlander................... 25 Golden-Bristled Boar, The........ 3 Grange, Amanda....................24 Green, Christina.............. 13, 37 Greene, Jeffrey....................... 3 Grubb, Penny.........................17 Gunhawk................................10


Hanbury, Elizabeth................ 22 Hanrahan, David C.................. 5 Haunted Creek...................... 26 Hawke’s Tor.......................... 25 Heads I Win … Tails You Die.....38 Heath, Sandra................. 21, 23 Hodges, David................. 19, 33 House for Spies, A................... 5 Howell, Lis.............................16


Improper Suitor, An............... 20 In All Honour......................... 21


Jackson, Jane....................... 34 Jilted..................................... 21 Johns, Larry.......................... 31 Jones, Jan............................ 20 Judas Blade, The................... 38 Just Another Day................... 35


Kansas Fast Gun, The.............10 Kavanagh, Pamela..................12 Kent, Arthur...........................10 Killing Club, The.....................17 Kingston, Beryl.................11, 36 Kitson, Bill...................... 16, 32


Lady Jane’s Ribbons.............. 21 Lady Sabrina’s Secret............ 21 Last Chatelaine, The.............. 33 Latus, Dan............................ 29 Lewis, Roy...................... 16, 28 Like False Money....................17 Lindsley, David.......................16 Lloyd, Frances..................18, 30 Lock, Joan.............................. 9 Long, John.............................10 Lord Buckingham’s Bride....... 22


Machin, Jeannie................... .21 MacLeod, Torquil...................18 Maggie’s Girl..........................13 Marshall, Em........................... 7 Martin, Faith..........................19 Meet Me in Malmö.................18 Milne, Antony.......................... 4 Moray, Keith...........................17 Morell, Jane.......................... 26 Moules, Joan M. .................. 27 Mr Micawber Down Under..... 33 Mulgray Twins, The.......... 15, 31 Murphy, Theresa................... 32 Music in the Landscape............7


Nemesis of the Dead..............18 Never Be Lonely.................... 26 Newberry, Sheila....................14


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Rasenberger, Jim.................... 3 Requiem for a Dummy............18 Retribution............................ 34 Risky Mission........................ 29 Ruined.................................. 22 Rumours and Red Roses........13 Runaway, The.........................13 Rowden, Jean........................16


Sarath, Patrice...................... 28 Saunders, John......................10 Savage, Peggy................ 12, 35 Scandal at the Dower House.. 23 Scotland Yard’s First Cases...... 9 Second Best...........................14 Second Lady Southvale, The.... 23 Secrets Man, The.................. 30 Shadowbreaker..................... 31 Should I Forget You................14 Silverwood, Roger..................19 Simeon’s Bride.......................11 Slice......................................19


Taken to Heart....................... 34 Taylor, Alison..........................11 Thomas, Janet.......................13 Thompson, E.V. . .............11, 25 Thompson, Grace............ 22, 36 Thornborough, Pat.................14 Tickler, Peter..........................15 To Die Alone...........................19 Tomb of the Serpent.............. 27 Too Late To Paint the Roses.... 38 Trew, Antony......................... 34 Turn of the Tide..................... 27 Tyranny and the Lash............... 8


Unexpected Miss Bennet, The....28

Off the Rails.......................... 36 Oliver, Marina........................ 23 Other Mr Darcy, The.............. 22 Out of the Storm.....................13



Wade, Stephen....................... 8 Wake-Walker, Edward............. 5 Warrior’s Code, A.................. 31 Watercress Girls, The..............14 Whitelaw, Stella.................... 29 Whitmee, Jeanne............ 14, 38 Who is Mary Winter?..............14 Wilkes, Sue............................. 4 Williams, Charles.................... 6 Wilson, Sandra...................... 21 With a Narrow Blade...............19 With Winning in Mind.............. 6 Wragg, Sally...........................13 Wuthering Heights Revisited... 38

Paint on the Smiles................ 36 Paradise Will, The.................. 22 Pardoner’s Crime, The............18 Parker, Richard..................... 36 Past Caring............................11 Patterson, Duke.....................10 Perriam, Wendy.....................11 Phillips, Stuart......................... 8 Pilkington, John...............15, 38 Portrait of a Murder............... 29 Practical Gemmology............... 7


Rake’s Challenge, The........... 27

Verge Pocket Watch, The......... 9 Vukelic, Anne-Marie.............. 37


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Rights mentioned are those held by Robert Hale. For Black Horse Westerns see separate list. For J.A. Allen equestrian titles see separate list. It should be noted that this list contains forthcoming books, and only approximate dates of publication, prices and production details can be given at this stage. The latest information will gladly be supplied on application.

July-December Catalogue 2011  

Catalogue for July-December 2011 Titles

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