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Blood Gold SCOTT CONNOR When Patrick Grady and Rusty Anderton ride into Hangman’s Gulch with a stash of gold filling their saddlebags, the last person they want to see is the notorious bandit Jack Wolf. One hell of a fight is coming and whoever survives it sure will have earned a slice of that gold! 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0553-0 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0554-7 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0552-3 £3.99 • July 2012

Darrow’s Badge GILLIAN F. TAYLOR Sapphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds: to Sir Hugh Keating, English aristocrat and Govan town deputy, the jewellery is the dowry for his future wife. To Black Elliott and his gang, however, the jewellery means money and prestige. So, when the gems are stolen, it means a lot of trouble for Sheriff Darrow … 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0649-0• PDF: 978-0-7198-0650-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0648-3 £3.99 • July 2012

Dead Trouble JAKE DOUGLAS Deke Cutler served ten long, hard years in the Texas Rangers and looked forward to his retirement. He aimed to join old friend Durango Spain on the Red River ranch they had bought. But, recovering from a near-fatal shot in the back, Deke ran into a new kind of lawlessness along the Red and beyond, in the wild lands known as the Indian Territory … 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0590-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0591-2 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0589-9 £3.99 • July 2012

The Goose Moon CALEB RAND Whilst in Canada buying livestock, Will Stryker kills a railroad gambler. The shooting was in self-defence but, fearing reprisal from the Mounties, Will escapes into the border snowline. That’s where he finds Linny Jule who’s fleeing from her cruel and sadistic father. Can Linny rely on Will to do the right thing? And is the deadly pursuit finally over? 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0550-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0551-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0549-3 £3.99 • July 2012





Longhorn Country TYLER HATCH

He was a man of two tribes. But a white man had raised him and there was as much hate as duty mixed in with those years. He worked hard and fought hard; a loner with a void in his heart that could never be filled, unless he killed the man who had raised him – a man to whom he owed everything. And Blaine always paid his debts. 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0587-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0588-2 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0586-8 £3.99 • July 2012

Meredith’s Justice PHILIP HARBOTTLE

Raiders are terrorizing the district of Mountain Peak in Arizona and when rancher David Meredith becomes their latest victim, it opens a new chapter in the violent and bloody history of the town. Caught up in the chaos is David’s younger brother, Bart. He is aided – and sometimes led – by his heavyweight father. Can the unlikely team of father and son avenge David Meredith and unmask his killer, or will they join him in death? 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0617-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0618-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0616-2 £3.99 • July 2012


From his sanctuary in Mexico, Raven heard of Beth Hallam’s enquiries about him, so he travelled to Texas to stop her. He had spent fruitless years hunting the outlaw Stig Ivey until he sickened of that way of life, but now prowess with a gun would be greatly needed for he must face killers, lawmen, rustlers, and above all, the outlaws who had killed his kin … 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0547-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0548-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0546-2 £3.99 • July 2012

Tennessee Renegade HANK J. KIRBY

Bucky Enderby was just sixteen years old when he had to flee his native Tennessee for killing three men and he found himself riding some long and lonely trails. But when the newly-revived Texas Rangers beckoned he crossed the Rio to find a wild kid worth thousands in reward money. There were men who aimed to claim that money – but first they would have to get past Enderby’s guns. 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0584-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0585-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0583-7 £3.99 • July 2012

Town Tamer JACK HOLT

Trouble was brewing from the moment Dan Clancy rode into Watts Bend. Wrongly accused of murdering the town marshal and due to be hung, he had managed to break out of jail and head for the hills. Now, sober and with a future mapped out, he must return to Watts Bend to settle old scores once and for all. 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0559-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0560-8 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0558-5 £3.99 • July 2012




Vengeance Pass LANCE HOWARD Johnny Laredo is a myth, a figment of a West hungry for legend, a name whispered around campfires – or so everyone thinks. Everyone but former manhunter Jim Hannigan. Concealed shooters, brutal hard cases and constant danger stalk him at every turn – not to mention a fiery young woman bent on revenge … 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0614-8 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0615-5 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0613-1 • £3.99 July 2012

A Coffin for Santa Rosa STEVE HAYES Dying of typhoid fever, Ingrid Bjorkman asks Gabriel Moonlight to bury her in Santa Rosa. Knowing he’s an outlaw with a rope awaiting him in New Mexico, she makes him promise to hire a Pinkerton to escort the coffin. But Gabriel loves her too much to let anyone else handle the burial and the shadow of the rope looms. Faced with betrayal, can he escape with his life? 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0711-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0712-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0710-7 • £3.99 September 2012

Devil’s Reach JAMES D. STATHAM When Clem Darby joins a Mississippi riverboat he finds a dying man who asks him to pass a message identifying his ambushers to his gang boss, Ed Keller. But Clem invokes Keller’s suspicion and becomes marked for death himself. The chances of him reaching the mine in Devil’s Reach alive are decreasing by the minute … 160pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0682-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0683-4• EPUB: 978-0-7198-0681-0 • £3.99 September 2012

Gunrage at Calder Wells ROBERT EVERS Marshal Jim Calladine is hunting the outlaw Cal Forden, wanted for armed robbery, land thieving and gun-running to the Indians. Then murder is added to those crimes – and Calladine is the victim. His brother, Steve, sets out on a mission of vengeance. But if Steve is to survive to face Forden he is going to need all the help he can get. 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0685-8 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0686-5 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0684-1 • £3.99 September 2012

Lawman Without a Gun CLIVE DAWSON Frank Kelsey had been a Dodge City marshal until the Dexter Brothers gang robbed the city bank and tried to shoot their way out. In the crossfire, Frank accidentally killed a young girl and had to turn in his star. But when he arrives in Condor it is a nest of corruption and in need of a strong lawman; a man like himself … 160pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0679-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0680-3 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0678-0 • £3.99 September 2012





Packing Iron STEVE HAYES Rebellious teenager Raven Bjorkman and her widowed mother, Ingrid, save the life of Gabriel Moonlight, an outlaw dying from gunshot wounds. When Gabriel rides off they don’t expect to see him again. But fate decrees that they will be reunited, and only Gabriel’s gun-skills will save the day. 160pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Can • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0714-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0715-2 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0713-8 £3.99 • September 2012

Savage Rides West SYDNEY J. BOUNDS Railroad baron Lew Preston fears his daughter Barbara might be kidnapped on her journey to marry his associate Jerry Crowther. So Savage, Pinkerton’s toughest agent, is hired to escort her by rail from Chicago to California. But the demure red-headed Barbara is soon revealed as a hellion … 160pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0691-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0692-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0690-2 • £3.99 September 2012

Savage’s Quest SYDNEY J. BOUNDS When thirteen-year-old Maggie Magrew asks for help in saving the Circle M from greedy rancher King Granby, Pinkertons send Savage to deal with the situation. He finds himself up against a sheriff owned by Granby, his two vicious sons and Texas Lee, who wants to cut another notch on his gun butt … 160pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0694-0 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0695-7 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0693-3 • £3.99 September 2012

Savage’s Trap SYDNEY J. BOUNDS When Savage was assigned to uncover evidence against Max Chaney and bring him to trial, he had no idea of the danger he was riding into. Surviving an attempt on his life, Savage is left in a coma but upon recovery he finds himself hunted by Gruber’s gang. Savage’s only chance is to bide his time until he can set and spring the trap that will end Chaney’s reign of terror … 160pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0688-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0689-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0687-2 • £3.99 September 2012

Trail of the Hanged Man STEVE HAYES Wrangler Ben Lawless knows he was hanged – he has the rope burns around his neck to prove it! But he can’t remember who hanged him or why. Nor can he remember how he escaped. Haunted by his missing past, Lawless heads for Arizona to start a new life and on the way causes some deadly conflict … 160pp • Rights BPTM excl. Can • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0708-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0709-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0707-7 £3.99 • September 2012




SIMON CLARK Since selling his first ghost story to a radio station as a teenager, Simon Clark has had a prolific career as a horror writer. Having previously worked as both a strawberry-picker and a shelf-stacker, he now writes full-time and has won a British Fantasy Society Award for his work.

Death’s Dominion This is contemporary horror at its most terrifying. Today science raises the dead to serve the living, but humanity begins to despise the risen dead who toil among them. After all, what does it feel like to shake hands with a corpse? Or converse with a man who died last year? Humankind vows to destroy every last one of its ‘monsters’, until one of them retaliates against humanity with shocking brutality and Doctor Paul Marais discovers that Dominion is far more than just a killing machine. In this domain death isn’t always the victor. 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0631-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0632-2 EPUB: 978-0-7198-0630-8 • £7.99 • August 2012

Ghost Monster Pel Minton is opening graves in a cemetery for an archaeological dig, but this particular cemetery contains a disturbing portrait which is known by local children as ‘The Ghost Monster.’ For centuries this grim image has imprisoned the spirit of Justice Murrain and his vicious gang of misfits, but soon these sadists will enjoy the darkest of pleasures … A chef carves human flesh with a pizza cutter. A laughing thug films his own death-dive from a cliff. People binge on mayhem, fighting until streets run with blood. These are the Possessed. Death will not stop them … 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0640-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0641-4 EPUB: 978-0-7198-0639-1 • £7.99 • August 2012

Hotel Midnight A newly presented collection of short stories showcasing the astonishing imagination of Simon Clark. These are tales that journey into places unseen, where everyday objects can draw a cold finger of fear down the spine. Here, there are no barriers. A man might step out of his back door to find his garden has been replaced by primordial forest. In the award-winning ‘Goblin City Lights’, we follow Jack Constantine as he learns about another London hidden from everyday view: one with its own teeming population hell-bent on trapping the unwary. Welcome one and all. This is Hotel Midnight – where every room has a view to die for. 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0637-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0638-4 EPUB: 978-0-7198-0636-0 • £7.99 • August 2012





In This Skin The old Chicago dance-hall, the Luxor, is haunted by something far more dangerous than ghosts …. Two teenage runaways, Robyn and Noel, are desperate for a place of safety. Fate takes them to the Luxor which has been sealed from the outside world for decades. They discover that people are drawn here against their will and that there is a pathway leading to a fabulous world beyond this one. Only the path isn’t just one way. Monstrous beings are stepping into this world too, with murderous intent. And they seek something that they value more than life itself … 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0628-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0629-2 EPUB: 978-0-7198-0627-8 • £7.99 • August 2012

This Rage of Echoes This time you know the monster’s face. It’s the one you see in the mirror …. For Mason Konrad the future’s looking good. Parties, an apartment in the city, a well-paid job in TV, then one night he’s attacked. Worse is to come: his attacker looks exactly like him. Soon he will understand that something unique has invaded his flesh – a certain monstrous ‘something’ that transforms ordinary people into replicas of him, that are driven by evil bloodlust … 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0625-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0626-1 EPUB: 978-0-7198-0624-7 • £7.99 • August 2012

The Tower The Tower stands in solitude. What began as a medieval farmhouse has grown over the centuries into something very different. Something evil. There are stark walls, shadow-filled rooms and lonely corridors haunted by a pervading darkness. But The Tower is possessed by much more than the ghosts of the past and it has the power to do more than simply terrify. Its dark heart has grown restless. When five unsuspecting young people agree to stay there as house-sitters, they soon learn that visitors are not welcome. This is The Tower, a house whose occupants don’t always wear a human face … 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Canada • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0634-6 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0635-3 EPUB: 978-0-7198-0633-9 • £7.99 • August 2012




NICHOLAS RHEA Nicholas Rhea is the pen-name for Peter N. Walker, formerly an inspector with the North Yorkshire Police, now the creator of the Constable series (the inspiration for the long-running and critically acclaimed ITV drama series Heartbeat) and author of Portrait of the North York Moors. As Peter N. Walker, he is the author of many crime thrillers and mysteries. He lives in North Yorkshire.

Constable Across the Moors Police Constable Nicholas Rhea finds himself dealing with a host of intriguing characters who live and work upon the spectacular heights of the North Yorkshire moors. Amongst the hilarious anecdotes are the cases of Katherine Hardwick, who used witchcraft to rid herself of a troublesome suitor, and the insurance man who covers a dog against its persistent theft and unscrupulous love-making. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0511-0 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0512-7 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0510-3 £5.99 • July 2012

Constable Among the Heather When young PC Rhea joins Albert Potter for a drink, he discovers his homemade moorland wines are a headache in every sense of the word. With mysterious moorland graves to uncover and the illicit romance of visitors to cover up, with motor accidents involving goats, peat bogs and his little police van, PC Rhea continues his fascinating and frequently hilarious career. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0520-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0521-9 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0519-6 £5.99 • July 2012

Constable Around the Village As he settles into the village life of Aidensfield, North Yorkshire, Police Constable Nicholas Rhea begins to understand the complexities of rural law enforcement, much of which proves to be very unofficial but highly effective. We hear of his dilemma as he is torn between his desire to prove crippled Sidney Chapman’s dog innocent of sheep-worrying and the need to do his duty. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0508-0 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0509-7 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0507-3 £5.99 • July 2012





Constable by the Sea As a seasonal break from his usual village beat, young PC Rhea finds himself involved with holiday-makers and their problems. As well as the normal seaside duties how does he cope with a man who has lost his false teeth in the sea and another who wants to give away thousands of pounds when drunk? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0514-1 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0515-8 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0513-4 £5.99 • July 2012

Constable on the Hill Constable on the Hill is the first of a series of books about a country policeman’s sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving life and work. Keeping the peace in the North Yorkshire village of Aidensfield makes for marvellous reading. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0505-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0506-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0504-2 £5.99 • July 2012

Constable Through the Meadow As PC Rhea’s beat is modernized, and his police bike is replaced with a mini-van, he gets more than he bargained for. Now his work draws him into closer contact with villagers in more ways than one. There are compromising positions aplenty in this next charming installment of Aidensfield life, as Nick finds himself lost in dense fog and runs across a couple of illicit lovers trapped in their car. He also advises the village grocer about his very respectable lady shoplifter and discovers how Farmer Owens copes with his nagging wife. As ever, Rhea provides a charming portrayal of the village bobby and Aidensfield’s genuine Northern country folk. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0517-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0518-9 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0516-5 £5.99 • July 2012




Aunt Letitia DOMINIC LUKE Dominic Luke is a major new talent: his debut novel draws a compelling picture of the swift-changing mores of early twentieth-century England and deftly holds the reader in the grip of this endearing, intriguing protagonist and her complex life story. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0611-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0612-4 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0610-0 • £7.99 August 2012

England’s Janissary PETER JAMES COTTRELL Kevin Flynn thought soldiering would be an adventure but, disillusioned by war, he is unprepared for the bitter troubles dividing his home in Ireland. Flynn must decide what he is prepared to do to save the woman he loves from the vengeance of the men who revile him as a traitor, one of England’s janissaries. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0602-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0603-2 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0601-8 • £7.99 August 2012

Ice Angel ELIZABETH HANBURY When mysterious widow Lady Isabella Vane arrives in London, she is christened the ‘Ice Angel’ because of her reserved manner and ethereal beauty. However, once her path crosses that of eternal bachelor Hal’s interest is sparked. But can Isabella ever overcome her past to find love? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0652-0 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0653-7 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0651-3 • £7.99 August 2012

Off the Rails BERYL KINGSTON George Hudson, powerful Mayor of York, was driven by greed and ambition and a dark secret lurked within his past – an illegitimate child. That child, Milly, has been brought up by her mother, Jane, and by a quirk of fate, both mother and daughter find work in the Hudson household. Will Jane’s revenge be sweet? Or will life – and unexpected love – get in the way? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0745-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0746-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0744-2 • £7.99 August 2012

A Country Gentleman ANN BARKER Lord Thurlby is horrified to discover that Lavinia Muir, his mother’s god-daughter, is to come and stay again. When Lavinia falls in with the rakish Lord Riseholm, his reservations appear justified. But only with the arrival of the Lord himself can matters begin to be resolved once and for all. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0723-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0724-4 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0722-0 • £7.99 September 2012





Drifting Shadows CHRISTINA GREEN Working hard on a Dartmoor tenant farm, Becky feels a drastic need to change her life. Disobeying her family and refusing to marry the farm bailiff, Nat, force Becky to find a new job at the Manor House. Bent on revenge, Nat learns of a dark family secret and blackmails her … 224pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0643-8 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0644-5 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0642-1 • £7.99 September 2012

A Father for Daisy KAREN ABBOTT Beatrice Rossall is faced with a bleak future when her father dies, leaving not only Bea without a home but also Daisy, a four-month-old orphan left in her care. With no money and nowhere to go, Bea is in a predicament until fate steps in and offers her a way out. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0673-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0674-2 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0672-8 • £7.99 September 2012

Language of Thieves ELIZABETH JACKSON In 1949, Appleby, Westmorland, two cultures collide: that of a local squire, Tobias Flint, and Daisy Latimer, resident traveller. Trouble arises when the handsome gypsy, Roulson Adams, is rejected by the beautiful Daisy and takes a terrible revenge. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0646-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0647-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0645-2 • £7.99 September 2012

Taken to Heart JANE JACKSON Having been deceived by her late father and her fiancé, Jenefer Trevanion greatly values honesty. Charles Polgray, her father’s heir, brings hope to the village; his plans to extend the harbour will provide much needed work. Working together deepens the powerful attraction between Jenefer and Charles. But can he resolve the secret in his past before it shatters her trust and their future? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0658-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0659-9 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0657-5 • £7.99 September 2012

Wuthering Heights Revisited G.M. BEST Imagine the shock of Charlotte Brontë’s long-time friend, Ellen Nussey, when she discovers that, far from just existing in the pages of a novel, Cathy and Heathcliff lived. The key to this gripping mystery is Wuthering Heights Revisited, the missing sequel to Emily’s novel, but can Ellen survive long enough to find it? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0676-6 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0677-3 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0675-9 • £7.99 September 2012




HELEN FORRESTER Helen Forrester was born in 1919 in Hoylake, Cheshire. She was famous for her superbly written stories, some about Liverpool, during the Great Depression.

The Latchkey Kid Mrs Olga Stych, daughter of an immigrant Ukrainian pig farmer, has finally made it to the top of the social pyramid of Tollemarche, a small town in Canada’s Bible Belt. But to get there she has had to somewhat neglect her son Hank. As a member of the Committee for the Preservation of Morals, Olga has mounted a passionate campaign against the latest ‘immoral’ bestseller. But the author of the book turns out to be her own son Hank … 208pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0760-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0761-9 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0759-6 £7.99 • October 2012

Liverpool Daisy Liverpool 1931 and Daisy Gallagher is big, tough and loving. In a city torn by the Depression, Daisy’s desperation for money leads her into the arms of drunken sailors willing to pay for their relief. Through her own strength and suffering, she earns enough to pay for her friend’s much needed medical attention but when her stoker husband returns from the sea Daisy realizes, terror-stricken, that there is no hiding her actions from him … 256pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0766-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0767-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0765-7 £7.99 • October 2012

Three Women of Liverpool Liverpool, May 1941. The worst week of the Blitz. An extraordinary story of three brave women, each trying to deal with the brutal tide of destruction brought on by the war. There is Ellen – whose home is destroyed by bombs; Gwen, whose family absorbs all her time and energy; and Emmie, whose only fears are for the safety of her merchant seaman fiancé. None of them are prepared for what will follow when the air raid siren sounds for the first time on 1 May 1941 … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0763-3 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0764-0 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0762-6 £7.99 • October 2012





Another Home, Another Love GWEN KIRKWOOD Rosemary Palmer-Farr loves farming and animals and has spent much of her childhood at Bengairney Farm with her dearest friends, the Carafords. When the childhood friendship of Sam Caraford and Rosemary deepens into love action is taken to keep the young couple apart. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0810-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0811-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0809-8 £7.99 • November 2012

Blue Dress Girl E.V. THOMPSON From the author of Chase the Wind and Though the Heavens May Fall this beautifully told saga is majestically woven around the lives of two people, discovering unexpected feelings in unfamiliar territory. 352pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0804-3 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0805-0 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0803-6 £7.99 • November 2012

Far Above Rubies ANNE-MARIE VUKELIC Married to one of the most famous novelists of the Victorian era, the life of Catherine Dickens is as absorbing as any of Charles Dickens’ novels. With a sharp sense of time and place, Catherine brings to life a series of well-known Victorians, William Thackeray, Wilkie Collins and the colourful Count D’Orsay, who live once more through the pages of this intriguing novel. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0818-0 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0819-7 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0817-3 £7.99 • November 2012

Haunted Creek ANN CLIFF Rose Teesdale travels from England to join her husband Luke with high hopes for a new life on their Australian farm. She is not prepared for the immense, silent forest and the dangers that lurk under the trees, or for Luke’s indifference. When Luke is killed Rose decides to stay on, but how can a woman survive with a small child in that wild country? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0846-3 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0847-0 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0845-6 £7.99 • November 2012




The Bonds of Earth E.V. THOMPSON In 1837 rich deposits of copper ore are discovered and a huge influx of out-of-work miners flock to the area, bringing with them problems alien to the hard-working but easy-going countrymen of Cornwall. Avarice and intrigue, the vicissitudes of farming life and the sheer desperation of hungry miners all add to the bewildering changes that will irrevocably alter the course of young Goran Trebartha’s life. 288pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0849-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0850-0 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0848-7 • £7.99 December 2012

Nothing is Forever GRACE THOMPSON Ruth has looked after her brothers for ten years since the death of their parents and is head of the family, but the arrival of a new, very determined sister-in-law makes change inevitable and Ruth struggles to maintain her superior role. Nothing is Forever is a finely drawn portrait of the joys and challenges of close-knit family life, from the muchloved writer of Gull Island and Facing the World. 256pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0840-1 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0841-8 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0839-5 • £7.99 December 2012

Snake in the Grass DOMINIC LUKE Lydia Taylor’s dog is dead. Now, nearing forty, in mourning and haunted by the ghost of her mother, Lydia finds herself acting in ways she never expected – not least when she seduces eighteen-year-old Dean Morley. With a cast of superbly drawn characters this witty and insightful story delves deep into village life and captures finely depicted personalities with all their strengths, desires and foibles. 256pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0834-0 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0835-7 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0833-3 • £7.99 December 2012

‘I’m on the train!’ WENDY PERRIAM A new short-story collection exploring the diversity of human relationships by examining hidden selves, unspoken truths, guilty secrets and unsettled lives. Combining comedy with social comment, Wendy Perriam investigates contemporary issues such as the morality or otherwise of begging, and the values of a society emphasizing style and image over more substantial concerns. Four fantastic short stories; Second Sex, May, Tulips and Heart’s Desire, taken from Perriam’s acclaimed collections, will be available to download for free from all major ebook retailers. 224pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0605-6• PDF: 978-0-7198-0606-3 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0604-9 • £7.99 December 2012





The Burden of Doubt ANGELA DRACUP When consultant anaesthetist, Moira Farrell, is found stabbed to death, shock reverberates amongst her medical colleagues. DCI Ed Swift must unravel the tangled threads of the murder against a background of his own growing concern for his daughter. Will justice be done for all involved? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0572-1 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0573-8 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0571-4 • £7.99 July 2012

Deathly Suspense JOHN PAXTON SHERIFF When the police break into Joe Creeney’s house, his dead wife is hanging by a rope from the banisters and Joe is walking away holding the ladder. Yet Joe’s sister is convinced of her brother’s innocence. Amateur PI Jack Scott must unravel shocking mysteries both past and present … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0565-3 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0566-0 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0564-6 • £7.99 July 2012

Deathly Wind KEITH MORAY Inspector Torquil McKinnon is devastated to discover that his best friend is missing, presumed drowned. Then when a crofter dies in a climbing accident and a body is discovered face down in a rock pool, he begins to suspect that there is a killer on the loose. Torquil’s detective skills are employed: can he put everyone’s minds at rest? 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0562-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0563-9 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0561-5 • £7.99 July 2012

Catalyst PAUL BENNETT When a petrochemicals giant launches a product that seems like the answer to everyone’s prayers, Kit Harper knows that it sounds too good to be true. This miracle product turns out to be something potentially catastrophic. Blackmail, kidnapping, murder: there are some who will stop at nothing to prevent Kit from revealing the truth. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0568-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0569-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0567-7 • £7.99 July 2012

Blood in Grandpont PETER TICKLER DI Holden has a murder on her hands. A woman has been stabbed to death in an Oxford car park and her mobile phone holds a photograph suggesting a crime of sexual passion or revenge. But things are never as clear cut as they first appear and finding the killer becomes more than a matter of life and death … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0575-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0576-9 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0574-5 • £7.99 July 2012





Donna had been a beauty. Who’d want to strangle her? But Frank Crane, investigating her death, soon finds evidence of a dark side to her life. This race to find the killer leads to an explosive ending, with the murderer’s identity providing the biggest surprise of all … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0556-1 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0557-8 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0555-4 • £7.99 July 2012


DAVID HODGES DC Kate Hamblin narrowly escapes death when her van is blown apart by an incendiary device. Accused of abandoning two colleagues who died in the explosion, Kate is suspended from duty. Anxious to nail the killer herself and clear her name, she risks all by entering into an unholy alliance with the murder team’s chief suspect … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0655-1 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0656-8 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0654-4 • £7.99 August 2012


JAMES RAVEN It’s a rollover week on the National Lottery and the jackpot is a whopping £18 million. Journalist Vince Mayo has picked all six numbers, but before he can celebrate his spectacular win he’s battered to death at his home deep in Hampshire’s New Forest. In a hellish chain of events, Mayo’s friend and fellow journalist, Danny Cain, is forced to go on the run when the police suspect him of the murder … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0599-8 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0600-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0598-1 • £7.99 August 2012

Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds

STEVE HAYES & DAVID WHITEHEAD One foggy night Thomas Howard of Missouri rescues Countess Elaina Montague from rape and robbery. To repay him, the beautiful Countess offered to enlist her friend, Sherlock Holmes, to help look for his missing brother. The case leads to their involvement in a vicious blood-feud, a spectacular daylight robbery and a thrilling climax below the brooding River Thames. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0596-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0597-4 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0595-0 • £7.99 August 2012

Cry Baby

FAY CUNNINGHAM Gina Cross works as a police forensic artist and is convinced there is a connection between the body of a pregnant teenager and a friend’s missing sister. Enlisting the help of Adam Shaw, an investigative journalist, the pair find themselves at an empty house with blood on the floor – and are led to the mysterious Willow Bank hospital … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0736-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0737-4 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0735-0 • £7.99 August 2012





Suspects All! THE MULGRAY TWINS D.J. Smith is seconded to Madeira after Luís Gomes’s body is found floating in Funchal harbour. Given a deadline to get results, DJ narrows the list of suspects, each of them with something to hide. But her investigations draw the attention of a ruthless killer to herself and her sniffer cat Gorgonzola ... 224pp • Rights: BPTM excl. Can • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0726-8 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0727-5 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0725-1 £7.99 • September 2012

Dollar ALEXANDER LINDSAY It is a fact not generally known that in 1940 the prime minister secretly arranged for Britain’s entire gold reserves to be transported through U-boat-infested waters to America, in five ships. In this taut thriller, Alexander Lindsay combines fact and fiction to devastating effect. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0787-9 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0788-6 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0786-2 • £7.99 October 2012

A Narrow Return FAITH MARTIN Ex-Detective Inspector Hillary Greene returns to Thames Valley to work on an old murder file that’s as cold as a blizzard. Who would want to slaughter a housewife in her own home? With something to prove, Hillary Greene knuckles down to catch a killer … 224pp • Rights: World Eng. Lang. • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0753-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0754-1 EPUB: 978-0-7198-0752-7 • £7.99 • October 2012

Fell the Angels JOHN KERR Based on the notorious Victorian murder involving Charles and Florence Bravo and Dr James Gully, proponent of the ‘water cure’, John Kerr reaches beneath the veneer of Victorian respectability and twists the ingredients of enormous fortune, sexual adventure, domestic abuse, avarice and jealousy into a satisfying whole. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0784-8 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0785-5 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0783-1 • £7.99 October 2012

Dying for a Cruise JOYCE CATO When Jenny Starling accepts an assignment to cook for a wealthy businessman on his luxurious river-boat she sees nothing but plain sailing ahead. So when someone is murdered, and anyone aboard could be the murderer, she’d better keep her wits about her … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0756-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0757-2 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0755-8 • £7.99 October 2012




The Curious Mind of Inspector Angel ROGER SILVERWOOD

A famous film director is found murdered on set in the South Yorkshire town of Bromersley. Nearby, a penniless tramp is discovered shot dead with a gold sovereign in his mouth. There are neither clues nor DNA for either murder, but Detective Inspector Michael Angel tackles this case with his customary tenacity. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0778-7• PDF: 978-0-7198-0779-4 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0777-0 • £7.99 October 2012

Find the Lady

ROGER SILVERWOOD A blind woman is found murdered in the South Yorkshire town of Bromersley and three unconnected witnesses swear that they saw a woman in a blue dress flee the scene mere minutes before the body was found. For Detective Inspector Michael Angel the chase is on: he has to find the lady before she murders again! 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0775-6• PDF: 978-0-7198-0776-3 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0774-9 • £7.99 October 2012

The Man Who Couldn’t Lose ROGER SILVERWOOD

Wheelchair-bound millionaire businessman Joshua Gumme has the Midas touch. He is successful with women and in business. It is no surprise, therefore, to find his body floating in the River Don and Angel’s investigations set him on the track of two extremely dangerous crooks … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0781-7 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0782-4 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0780-0 • £7.99 October 2012

Murder in Bare Feet ROGER SILVERWOOD

Detective Inspector Angel must investigate a strange case where both the murderer and the murdered man are without shoes. An antiques dealer and his son are the prime suspects, but they have a rock solid alibi. Another unusual case to test the investigative powers of Inspector Michael Angel … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0769-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0770-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0768-8 • £7.99 October 2012

The Wigmaker

ROGER SILVERWOOD A wig maker, Peter Wolff, is found dead and his workshop on fire. There are no clues, no DNA and no apparent motive. It’s a race to the finish to find the murderer and Inspector Angel is in hot pursuit of a killer … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0772-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0773-2 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0771-8 • £7.99 October 2012





The Judas Blade JOHN PILKINGTON Autumn, 1671: war looms with Holland. Meanwhile, Betsy Brand, beset by financial troubles, is obliged to leave London and undertake a dangerous venture as a spy for her country. Working together with Captain Mullan, they must confront an unseen killer, and unravel a plot that strikes at the very heart of England itself … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0807-4 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0808-1 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0806-7 £7.99 • November 2012

The Boy From Berlin MICHAEL PARKER From the Nazi death-camps to the steps of the White House there is a mystery that threatens the very fabric of the American way of life. Lieutenant Amos, a Newark Police Officer, investigating the supposed suicide of a local senator, is led deep into the corrupt underbelly of American politics and closer to the truth. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0813-5 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0814-2 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0812-8 £7.99 • November 2012

The Annals of Sherlock Holmes PAUL D. GILBERT This sparkling collection of three new Sherlock Holmes stories draw on details and hints from the pages of Conan Doyle’s classic works. From the pen of the acclaimed Doctor John Watson we are introduced to previously unsolved mysteries as referenced in many of the original stories. 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0801-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0802-9 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0800-5 £7.99 • November 2012

Dead Ringer ROY LEWIS In old age Edwin James looks back over his scandalous life in the law and the theatre and probes the dark belly of the London underworld while at the same time trying to avoid his creditors, only to discover the truth may not be all it seems and old scandals can rise up to engulf him … 224pp • Rights: World • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0843-2 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0844-9 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0842-5 £7.99 • November 2012

Hot Ice GREGG LOOMIS Jason Peters: classical music enthusiast, artist, animal lover, assassin. An assignment sends Jason on the trail of a conspiracy to weaken, if not destroy, the West. Murder and mass destruction are only a few of the tools they are willing to employ to achieve their aim … 224pp • Rights: BPTM • MOBI: 978-0-7198-0837-1 • PDF: 978-0-7198-0938-8 • EPUB: 978-0-7198-0836-4 £7.99 • November 2012

Autumn 2012 ebooks catalogue from Robert Hale.  

Autumn 2012 list of ebook releases from Robert Hale. Independent publishers since 1936.

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