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by Lila Purdy by Marjolaine Richards by Eliza Logan by Shannon Sewell by Snaps Studio by Brianne Wallace by Marjolaine Richards by Shannon Layburn by Tenley Clark Photography by I. Levy Photography by Michelle Baron

Spring 2016

ON THE COVER Editor: Lila Purdy

Model: Makenna and Nina Photographer: Marjolaine Richards Stylist: Shelly Capka HMU: Angela Borrelli

Halcyon [ hal - see- uh n] Summa Summer Time... Hope everyone is having a lovely summer and staying hydrated. The temps have been super high, but I suppose this is expected since Winter wasn’t so nice. During the Summer months is a good time to hit the public library and check out some books, and continue to read daily. Also a good time to create and craft. Tag us on your craft ideas and email us if you have any DIY project you would like to share for us to feature. I have planned to explore more of the state I live in. Many times we are so anxious to leave our home state and explore others, never realizing some of the exceptional beauty in our own backyard. Fell free to let us know your Summer adventures and how you plan to make the best of your months off school.

Lila Editor



Photography: Snaps Studio Model: Lily Joy Makeup: Mugopus Styling: Heather Rome

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DIY Bath Bombs

Easy enough for tweens and teens to make...

These DIY Bath Bombs are sure to bring out the lush in your bath with the many health benefits that come with a soothing, relaxing bath. The coconut oil is for that super soft skin and has many other benefits with its’ antioxidant properties. Epson salt, named for the mineral rich waters of Epsom, England, allow magnesium sulfate to be absorbed into the skin providing an inexpensive and natural way to reduce stress, treat skin problems, and draw toxins from the body. Essential oils provide aromatherapy and have their own individual health benefits for each scent. I like to use the highest quality oils, such as; dōTERRA® Deep Blue for sore muscles and Lavender for relaxation. Ingredients • 1 Cup Baking Soda • 1/2 Cup Citric Acid (Sold at Walmart or any store that sells canning supplies. • 1/2 Cup Corn starch • 1/2 Cup Epsom Salt • 3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil (melt for a few seconds in microwave) • 1 Teaspoon of water (Add slowly!) • Optional-Essential oils • Food Color (just a few drops) • Bath Bomb Molds (Sold online or from your local craft store.) Instructions Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Add water a few drops at a time until mixture is like quicksand. IMPORTANT…Water is to be added slowly to prevent the fizz while mixing. If you add it too fast the mixture will fizz out, leaving nothing left for the bath bomb in your tub. It is fun to use charms or cake decorations. If using charms, put in mold before adding mixture. Pack mixture tightly into molds on each side and push molds together. The amount of packing takes a bit of practice as you don’t want to over pack too tightly or under pack to loosely. Using a spoon, gently tap the mold to release the bath bomb. Gently place on tray and let dry for at least 24 hours.

By: Shannon Layburn

Sound + Vision

Photography: Tenley Clark Photography Styling + HMUA: Tenley Clark Models: Grace (JE Models), Sally and Violet (MDT Agency + Zuri Models)

I don’t know

where I’m

going from

here, but I

promise it

won’t be


-David Bowie



Back to Art School

Photography by: Michele Baron Styling by: Veronika Howard Hair and Makeup by: Tia Lee & Carie Webb Models: Kaegan B, Darius M, Chloe W and Caspian D Thanks to Gregory Siff, Lisa Falcone/4AM Gallery and David Baron

Gregory Siff Interview by Kaegan B So this shoot was a back to art school theme, did you go to art school? I didn’t go to Art School! I just hung out with artists all the time and my mom took me to lots of cool museums like MoMA and the Museum of Natural History in NYC. She also got me lots of paint and an easel. Today I usually just paint on the floor and keep going till I like how it looks! Did you ever have teachers that were cool like you? Why thank you, I felt cool hanging with you guys! In high school I had art class with Mrs. Shilliailes and she put on music for us and we would chill and make Fimo clay characters and paint and carve linoleum. It was so soothing to take a break from the day full of all the other tests and classes. She was so cool because she always encouraged us to do what we FELT. If you could meet any artist, living or dead, and ask them one question, who would it be and what would you ask? Whoa such a good question. I would ask Jean-Michel Basquiat, who made me want to paint every day when I first saw his work with my Dad at the Brooklyn Museum. He had a hard life and his art was a way to tell his story and soothe him to make life better. I’d ask him what’s the best way to start a painting when you are just not feeling it that day. I would also want to ask Vincent van Gogh how did he keep so focused and creating when all the world told him his art wasn’t very good.

We did some snooping around and found out that you were an opera singer and an actor, I already know you are a musician, is there any thing out there that you don’t do but wish you did? Haha! I don’t know how to make real life edible marshmallows and I’d like to try that!! Do you draw on everything (I do!)? If I saw your shopping list would be covered in sketches? I always have a magic marker with me at all times. It’s the best way to live. What role do you think artists have in today’s society? The modern day artist is the reminder to the world that there are still those who lead with their heart and never stop. Art is the most important thing. It’s true. It is one of the last intimate forms of connection with others through our life experience. When you paint something and share it you are offering a piece of your story, a chunk of your life and where you’ve been, how you’ve felt. This gives us a feeling that we are all in this great big world and we are not alone. I liken the feeling to the artist of today being the Ice Cream Man. Gus was my first Ice Cream Man. He was the original happiness dealer. A chocolate milkshake could heal anything, just like a good painting. These days the more paintings I make the more I feel like Gus. Have you ever been inspired by real events? Do you use art to work through things that scare you? All my work is born out of what happens to me in real life. Yes, I’ve dealt with a lot of hard times and good times by painting what it feels like. In paint you can also help create things you wish to happen to really happen. It’s powerful. It’s like saying a prayer or writing down your dreams. When you say it out loud you get closer. When you paint it out loud you are almost there!

What music do you like to work to? I have different moods for different days. Sometimes I'm all rapped up in the studio and sometimes I just like Miles Davis and Chopin. Right now I really like Radiohead. Do you have a dream project? I would love to build the Ice Cream Room that I am unveiling at my show June 10th, and do it at Museum of Modern Art PS1 In Brooklyn where I was born. MoMA ps1 is an old public school that is turned into a museum and there is always the coolest newest peculiar and different kind of art being shared there. I want to do it! It's going to a be a room where all the senses are hit with what it's like to want, get and feel ice cream. What is the best advice you have ever received? Dream up the craziest idea and do it. One of my favorite artists, Louisxxx, told me this. I believed him.

What is the best advice you can give? Paint everyday. Create something everyday and share it with the world. Do you think artists look at the world differently? Artists allow themselves to feel things at a grand intense level. A great artist Summer C. Moon once told me, "Everyone is an artist, some just practice it more.� Favorite song? That's life. Frank Sinatra Food? Burgers and Chocolate Shakes! Color? BLUE Book? The Giving Tree Movie? Great Expectations (DeNiro Ethan Hawke)

All original artwork by Gregory Siff

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Halcyon Kids  

Summer 2016

Halcyon Kids  

Summer 2016