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ISIS solutions, helping you to manage flood risk Cost effective, integrated modelling solutions


At Halcrow, we understand the challenges you face

ISIS software provides users with a flexible and cost-effective range of tools to help understand and manage the challenges associated with flood risk. Our suite of modular software solutions is used for simulating water flow, hydrology, water quality and sediment transport in rivers, floodplains, canals, estuaries, catchments and urban areas.

“We use ISIS for the majority of our real-time flood forecasting models and for rating-curve development. We find the software fulfils our key requirements of being fast, stable and accurate. We have worked with Halcrow to develop new functionality that meets our needs, such “British Waterways has been employing as reservoir updating, wind the ISIS modelling suite for many years. shear and salinity features.” The 1D model provides an excellent tool for investigating in-channel canal studies, Mark Franklin, flood forecaster, such as optimising water resources and Environment Agency flood studies. The 2D model has been successfully employed to investigate the breach risk associated with potential failure at our embankments and dams. We have found both models provide a valuable suite of tools which are robust and stable.” Richard Dun, principle hydraulic engineer, British Waterways

How can modelling help? Our software provides you with the tools required to manage flood risk effectively, including: • • • •

modelling coastal, fluvial and pluvial flood risk predicting the flood hazard so that resources can be prioritised calculating the potential economic impact from flooding predicting how flood water will affect critical infrastructure, and heritage and ecological sites • understanding which river and floodplain features have the most significant effect on flooding • providing scenarios and visualisations for emergency planning • understanding the potential impact of climate change and helping to assess adaptation strategies

Which software to use? Typical considerations include the required outputs, acceptable level of accuracy, time available to build and run the model, data availability, compatibility with other software, funding, user skills and future needs and applications.

Did you know? There are hundreds of ISIS and TUFLOW models in use by the Environment Agency. Contact its National Customer Contact Centre for more information, tel: 08708 506 506.

ISIS Professional ISIS Professional is a leading one-dimensional hydrodynamic simulator for modelling river and open-channel systems. It can model water levels and flows for open channels, floodplains, culverts, embankments and hydraulic structures. The software also provides rainfall-runoff simulation using a range of hydrological methods. Effects on water quality can be simulated, including a range of pollution inputs, dispersion, decay and the reactions between different pollutants. Erosion, transport and deposition of sediment can also be simulated. Key applications: • flood forecasting • flood-risk mapping on a regional and national scale • flood-defence scheme design • water-quality assessments • flood-risk assessments • sedimentation and sediment control • catchment management planning • water-resources management

ISIS 2D ISIS 2D is a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model that enables flood extents, depths and velocities to be accurately predicted and quantifies the impact on people, property and the environment. ISIS 2D is well suited for floodplain modelling and can represent complex flow paths associated with urban areas, including streets, buildings and other infrastructure. Two-dimensional software is essential for the simulation of flooding (from overtopping or breaching of defences) where flow routes are controlled by both the nature of the urban landscape and the presence of drainage infrastructure. Key applications: • embankment breach investigations and asset failure • pluvial / surface-water / stormwater assessments • dam breach analysis and associated flood, hazard and damage mapping • local and catchment-scale assessments • estuarine and coastal modelling • flood-risk assessments

ISIS FAST ISIS FAST is an innovative flood inundation modelling tool unlike any other software available. A tool for assessing flooding using simplified hydraulics, it provides results in seconds or minutes as opposed to hours or days. It is up to 1,000 times faster than traditional twodimensional models. ISIS FAST allows modellers to rapidly estimate flood extents and depths from multiple sources of water, including tides, surges and fluvial overtopping or breaching of defences, surface water and sewer flooding. The speed with which it can calculate water depths gives modellers the flexibility to explore uncertainty.

Key applications: • flood-risk assessments • probabilistic analysis frameworks • pluvial flood mapping at a local, regional and national scale • real-time flood mapping when linked to forecast rainfall • rapid estimates of flood extents and depths from many sources of water, including coastal, fluvial, surface water and sewer flooding

ISIS Mapper ISIS Mapper is a free analysis and visualisation tool for spatial data. It enables model data to be viewed interactively alongside other GIS data. Users can produce flood maps animated flood sequences, and extract information from spatial data sets to use in model building. Images, such as digital maps and aerial photographs, can also be viewed in two dimensions or draped over ground models to create a three-dimensional view. ISIS Mapper can export flood mapping outputs directly into Google Earth, providing further options for visualising and sharing results.

TUFLOW TUFLOW is a flood and tide simulation software package. It simulates the complex hydrodynamics of floods and tides using the full equations of flow. It can be dynamically linked to ISIS models – there are already hundreds of linked TUFLOW and ISIS Professional models in use in the UK. Halcrow is the UK agent for TUFLOW software. By purchasing TUFLOW from Halcrow, users benefit from UK based support.

ISIS Free ISIS Free is an integrated one-dimensional and two-dimensional modelling package. Providing the same functionality as ISIS Professional, ISIS 2D, ISIS FAST and ISIS Mapper, you can confidently apply it to different types of hydraulic conditions, then seamlessly upgrade to the full version of the software should your project grow beyond the limits of ISIS Free. ISIS Free can be used on both commercial and non-commercial projects. It can be downloaded from

Training and support Our scheduled and bespoke training courses cover a wide range of topics, including the theory and practice of modelling, hydrology, hydraulics, flood risk management and the use of GIS. Our technical support team is always on hand to provide user support, with experts in the application of our software to realworld problems. Vijay Jain Software sales manager +44 (0)20 3479 8195

Alastair Sheppard Software sales executive +44 (0)20 3479 8196

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ISIS solutions, helping you to manage flood risk.Cost effective, integrated modelling solutions