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==== ==== P90 X Just The Facts ==== ====

There are a lot of fitness programs for sale in the market, especially over the internet. It promises instant results in as little time as possible. They promise so much in so little time that it's hardly believable. And despite its unlikely formula, people still eat these programs up for a lot of different reasons. However, with the P90 workout, it promises no such thing. It only says that you have to take your time at your own pace to get the results that you want. The P90 or Power 90 workout program was developed by professional trainer Tony Horton. It was specifically designed for non-athletes: everyday sort of people that don't use their bodies as much as athletes. It is a 90 day program that promises to help you lose weight, gain stamina and strength, and basically make you feel good about yourself and about your health. The program is divided into two, 45-day programs, requiring about 30-45 minutes a day, 6 days a week. It asks a commitment of about 4 hours a week for 90 days. The workouts are performed 6 days a week while the ab sculpting are done on alternating days. It doesn't say anything about losing weight quickly. In fact, it promises no such magic. The P90 workout program is all about you working yourself at your own pace. This is usually why the time commitment for the first two weeks or so might be a little higher than what is advertised. It also costs less than your normal gym membership, which makes the program even more attractive for regular, everyday consumers who want to lose weight. The P90 program also offers a more advanced program for those who have already finished with the 90-day program and wants to just maintain or take his or her program to the next level. The program also has measuring tools, weight loss planning instructions, and even a workout program that helps you lose 10 pounds and 10 inches in 6 days. A few consumers complain about the repetitive and seemingly redundant workout. However, they combat this by adding a few twists of their own. Like any other weight loss program, the P90 program relies on a person's commitment to stick to the routine within the allotted time. It is not a miracle cure for obesity or laziness. It is, however, the first painful, sweaty, and tiring step towards a healthier new you. Just remember there is no gain unless there's pain!

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==== ==== P90 X Just The Facts ==== ====

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