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Mall Mania As the Bahrain City Center open up, how do the other malls stack up?

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Ramadan Kareem

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What to do & where to go during the holy month HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Editorial

HalaBahrain Magazine Lifestyle - Technology Entertainment - Events

Mbarak 3alikum El Shahar!


Dear Readers, First & foremost, we would like to wish you, our readers, the very best for the month of Ramadan. By now we’re a good few days into the holy month, and we hope everyone is adjusting to the new way of life! Of course, some enjoy the month for the tranquility it brings, others for the time they get to spend with family, and others for the evenings where they get to hang out with friends. But how about those who don’t get along well with Ramadan? Well, this issue is for you; we’ve listed some of the places you can go and things you can do during the month, as well as fasting tips to make the hunger pass by a little easier. We’ve also covered the major shopping malls in the country, as we all get ready to see what the new City Center has to offer. Finally, we’ve taken a look at some of the upcoming Eid events; they’re pretty exciting, so make sure to get your tickets early! We’d like to thank all our readers for the continued support; last month’s issue has reached out to almost 20,000 subscribers, which means HalaBahrain Magazine has a wider distribution than some of the major in-print magazines out there! Keep reading, and tell your friends about it! Again, we would love to hear from you; send us your emails with thoughts about the magazine, letters, ideas, and let us know what you’re thinking!

The Team Editor-in-Chief Ammar Al-Aradi Creative Director Fardan Raffi Public Relations Amal Fareed

Copyright Information © All Rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher. Liability: While every care has been taken in the preparation of this magazine, the publishers cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information herein, or any consequence arising it. HalaBahrain is a fully registered online publication with the Bahrain Ministry of Information, under registration number EQHBH210 HalaBahrain is published monthly; to view the magazine, for a free subscription, or to download a copy, please visit For advertising and all enquiries, please contact

Have a great one!

Ammar Al-Aradi Editor In Chief

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008



HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Local

News, Events & Happenings

Although the Ramadan daytime is usually associated with long, tiring hours with nothing to do, the same can’t be said for Ramadan nights! There’s quite a bit going on, whether it’s one of the many iftar buffet tents, festivals at the malls, endless Ramadan TV shows, or one of the many traditional events around the island.

The new Bahrain City Center is planned for a September 10th opening, and promises to be the most exciting mall in the island, so that should definitely be a place to check out. Restaurants and coffee shops are a popular hangout during Ramadan, and are open till late. Looking for something a little sweet? Pass by Maya at Seef (or their new branch at City Center) and sample their new fine collection of chocolates.

6 September Layali Ramadan Charity Bazaar Location: Fatima Kanoo Hall, Tubli Timing: 8:00pm - 12:00am Contact: +973 - 36400501 Entrance: BD1

Feeling a little charitable? Layaly Ramadhan, a charity bazaar, will take place on the 6th of September to showcase Bahrain's young talent and raise money for charity. The event will display a variety of goods made and sold by young Bahrain based girls, with proceeds going to charities for food and clothes donations to less fortunate families during the holy month (for women only).

10 September

As for Eid, there are even more exciting events. Internationally renowned musician Amr Diab will be performing live at the BIC on the 3rd of October, and The Axis of Evil will also be here performing their hilarious stand-up comedy acts on the 2nd & 3rd days of Eid.

Gergaoon Festivities Location: All over Bahrain, but more prevalent around Manama and Muharraq

Bahrain City Center Mall Opening Location: Bahrain City Center, Seef Area 14 September

10 September - 19 September Al Ayam 16th Cultural Festival Location: Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Center (Hall 1) Contact: +973 - 17 725111 +973 - 17 723300 (Fax) 23 September Elham’s Third Season Opening Location: Albareh Gallery, Adliya Timing: 8:30pm Contact: +973 - 39623381 Every Thursday & Friday Traditional Bahraini Nights Location: Heritage Village (next to Bahrain National Museum) Timing: 8:30pm - 12:00am Entrance: Free 2nd & 3rd Days of Eid Bahrain Comedy (with Axis of Evil) Location: Al Ahli Club Timing: 7:00pm-10:00pm Contact: 3rd October Amr Diab, live in Concert Location: Bahrain International Circuit Contact:

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Mail

HalaBahrain Mail Got something to say? Anything specific you’d like to see in the magazine? Or maybe you just love our magazine? Hate it? Or just need someone to talk to? Whatever it is, let us know, and you could win a prize! Email us on: ————

or there. Thank you again for a wonderful magazine, and we wish you the best on it.

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Welcome to Bahrain! We hope our little island has managed to offer you a little more than the heat and humidity so far, and we’ll definitely try to cover events from all walks of society. ————

Cool magazine bro’s. If you want, you can interview me for your next issue, i’m a big deal here.

Please be informed that I am currently out of the office until 23 August 08. For any enquiries about (employer), please call our Recreation Manager on (phone number)

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Thank you for the great effort on your magazine, we’re new to Bahrain and it gives us quite a bit of insight into what the country has to offer. We would love if you could post more about Filipino movies that are coming out in the cinema screens, and if there are any Fi l i p i n o- r el a t e d events happening here

I loved the article on Al Maseela restaurant! Keep writing on the more traditional side we rarely see nowadays! Love it, five stars!

I want to congratulate you for the launch of this wonderful magazine, the effort is very shown in the pages of it. Good job Ammar and well done the team and everyone involved. To higher and higher inshalla.

I love the idea, and fully approve of it! A new idea for Bahrain, and for us bored people looking for fun things to do! We’re glad you approve! ————

Thanks Ann, that’s been our plan from day one. Bahrain is so focused on the modern side of things that no one looks at the traditions and heritage.

And you are….? ————

Thanks Captain, the magazine is only as great as it’s readers!

Err. Ok, sure? ———— FROM: Don Hasneez SUBJECT: Music Lovin’ HalaBahrain! Can you post more concerts and parties? There’s hardly anything to do here! Actually there’s quite a lot, and be sure we’re getting a first hand look at a LOT of concerts coming pretty soon! ;)

Competition Winners! Well done to Hanan Ahmed for winning a brand new Sony NWZ A806

Well done to Raja G. and Ismail Yousuf for winning two tickets each to the Lost Paradise!

What Does MP3 Stand for?

Where is the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Located?

The correct answer was A) Mpeg Audio Layer 3 Thanks for all those who participated, and better luck next time!

The correct answer was C) Al Areen Thanks for all those who participated, and better luck next time!

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Events

Black & White Fundraiser On the 14th of August, MEPI (The Middle-East Partnership Initiative) and the Leo Club helped put together an event to raise funds for the Alia Center, Bahrain’s only institution dedicated to helping children with Autism. The event helped raise money and awareness for the center, which was in risk of being closed down due to the lack of funding. The

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008 HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008

event featured a great line of entertainment for guests, with DJ Imran Alaradi playing music throughout the night, as well as a dancing performance by Salsa Bahrain, followed by live music performed by Cordoba Band. The event was a great success which helped a great cause, and had the crowds entertained and on their feet by the end of the night.

6 6

Editorial Tradition

Get Ready for Gergaoon!

Out of the many traditions we have in Bahrain during

collected. All over the country, neighborhoods are lit up

Ramadan, one of the most fascinating is what we call

with colorful lights and decorations, and the festivity of

"Gergaoon". During the middle of the month, Gergaoon the night puts a smile on any frowny face! is celebrated all over the country; it is basically the Khaleeji version of trick or treating on Halloween, only

A few places where you can feel the true essence of

less horrifying, brighter and more colorful .

Gergaoon and the Bahraini heritage include:

On Gergaoon night, children are dressed in traditional clothing (Sometimes adults do too!), girls' hands are decorated with henna and their hair braided nicely. The children then carry cloth handmade bags, go from house to house (chanting the traditional Gergaoon songs) around the neighborhood for treats, and then run home to brag in joy about how much they’ve

Old Manama/Muharraq Going down the streets of Manama or Muharraq is an experience of lights, colors and scents. Try walking around any traditional neighborhood, and you will be greeted with colorful decorations, singing children dressed in their best, and locals handing out traditional delicacies like Kabab, Khanfaroush, Legaimat and many more, cooked in your presence by Bahraini women who master their art!

The Heritage Village; Bahrain National Museum The setting at the heritage village – as the name suggests – takes you back decades ago, to a Bahrain before tall buildings and technology, as you get warped into this carnival of traditions and heritage. You can find different stalls representing various, diverse aspects of the Bahraini culture back then.

Don't forget to include Gergaoon in your planner for the 14th night of Ramadan (14 September). You wouldn’t want to miss all the fun!

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


The month of Ramadan is here, and with it come so many feelings and emotions; some love it for the peace and tranquility that it brings, giving them the chance to worship more and get closer to Allah. Others enjoy the late nights out, whether that includes cruising around the local streets, seeing the shops buzz with people rushing to get their Eid clothes, or hanging out in the local gahwa with a sheesha in hand. Others enjoy the gathering of the family to eat, watch TV

Iftar Buffet Sure, Ramadan is all about spending time with the family right? True, but don’t let that stop you from sneaking out to one of the great Iftar buffets being held around the country at least once during the month!

shows and spend time together. Not everyone enjoys the month, however; some hate it for the stress it puts on their body, others hate the fact that everyone is in such a bad mood during the day, and some don't appreciate the fact that they just can't grab a Big Mac before sunset. Whichever one of these people you are, we've listed some of the many things you can do this Ramadan to make the month more enjoyable/beneficial, and some tips on how to pass the hunger during the day.

There are quite a lot to choose from, so you’re spoilt for choice. Check out Novotel for a beach facing iftar meal, The Banyan Tree Resort for something far out in the desert, or Ritz Carlton for a meal that will fill your stomach and empty your wallet! All the major hotels and restaurants offer iftar buffets, so ask around.

Fasting Tips: •


Editorial to Do Things

When it is time to break fast, do not over-eat; slow down, take it easy, and don't push your stomach. This also goes for eating in general during the nonfasting hours; if you try to keep your stomach as full as possibly during the evenings, it's going to feel comparatively very empty in the morning, and you'll just feel hungrier (especially true for over-eating at Suhoor time). If you try to make it during the day with • not so much food, your body adjusts, and you'll find it easier to fast. Drink lots of water and fruit juices over the nonfasting period, to adjust for the periods where you • aren't taking in any fluids. Try to cut down on fruit 'drinks' (which are technically just flavored water and sugar), soft-drinks (Coke, Pepsi etc), and other nonnatural beverages, which might actually make you feel more dehydrated the next day (due to excess • amount of sugar and processed content). Avoid fatty and fried foods, which give the illusion of filling you up. They make you heavy, but within a few

hours you're hungry again. Try to eat more fruits/ vegetables, and natural foods that include fiber, grains and seeds. Especially useful are: - Dates; which are an excellent source of sugar, fiber and carbohydrates - Almonds; provide protein and fiber with less fat - Bananas; provide potassium, magnesium and carbohydrates Try to cut down/avoid foods with processed sugar (especially the sweets we find so many of during Ramadan). Sugar is important, but it is much better to get natural sugar from dates and other fruits. Also try to avoid salty foods closer to Suhoor time. These will dry you up and you'll end up feeling very thirsty the next day (Personal experience; avoid Tikka late at night!) Overall, take it easy on the food, don't overstuff yourself, and use common sense. Try to take in more natural foods, to cut-down on processed ones, and just east wisely.

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Things

to Do

Ramadan Tents What’s more Ramadany than a tent? These have sprung up faster than you can say “Sun’s down time to eat!” signaling the overwhelming commercialization of the holy month. Still, the Ramadan tents are always a fun place to hang out with friends, smoke a Sheesha (not that we endorse smoking, but we’re not denying that it’s fun either), grab a bite, play cards, and

Mall Hopping Considering the weather isn’t that great just yet, hopping from one mall to another doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! And with all the special

maybe even catch some live entertainment. There are many out there to choose from, such as the Gulf Hotel’s Ramadan Tent, Regency Intercontinental, The Palace, among others. Before you go, however, ask your friends; you just might know a friend of a friend of a friend whose set up a Ramadan tent in their own backyard, and knowing how things go here, everyone’s invited!

Ramadan happenings at most malls, as well as the new City Center opening, the ‘going to the mall’ thing doesn’t seem as boring as it used to. See our special feature on major malls.

Traditional Nights at the Heritage Village: For a more traditional Ramadan, head over the to the Heritage Village next to the National Museum, on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30pm-12:30am. The village has traditional bands, local food and drinks, competitions for children, and much more. Entrance is free. BIC Desert Tours: Fancy something a little different? Drive down to the Bahrain International Circuit, and get whisked off-road by Hummer to a traditional Ghabga in the middle of the desert. The desert camp includes food, sheesha, henna and other activities for BD30 per person. Call 17 450000 for info. 23 September: Elham

first detective story.

This will be followed by a screening of the intriguing short movie “Woken Shell”, shot in a Manama office block by Vijesh Rajan, and finally, young For starters, there will be a musician Ali Milad will round screening of digital artthings off with a solo performworks by graphic designer, ance on the bass, influenced artist, photographer, writer by funk, rock, and indie music. and DJ, Fawaz Alolaiwat. Next up, there’s a reading Elham’s upcoming session takes place at 8.30pm at Albareh Gallery in Adliya; the gallery café will be open by Yacoub Al-Slaise, who started his writing life aged from 6pm for Iftar. For more information visit 10 when he penned his or call Arthur on 3962 3381.

Creative arts group Elham is launching its third season on Tuesday 23rd September in collaboration with Albareh Art Gallery, and a talented cast of emerging artists traversing the creative spectrum.

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008



Editorial Local

Something very big is stirring up this Ramadan; if you haven't already noticed the huge new building thats been under construction in the Seef area, wake up! The Bahrain City Center is finally ready to open, and promises to be the largest and most exciting mall in the country. If you don't already know, the City Center series of malls is one of the most successful in the region, opening multiple branches around the Gulf, each becoming a popular hangout for shoppers, movie-goers, those looking for a bite to eat, and those just

City Center: Scheduled for a September 10th soft opening, Bahrain City Center brings a cool selection of entertainment, shopping & leisure to the island. The mall will feature a new Magic Planet (full entertainment facility for all ages), the largest cinema complex in the Middle East, more than 50 food and beverage outlets, and two international 4 and 5-star hotels. The 350 stores will

looking to pass some time. Now that the City Center is here, how do the other malls stack up? Bahrain already has a considerable number, but that is understandable due to 1the heat and humidity that surrounds us for a large part of the year, forcing people indoors, and 2- the lack of availability of regular public hangouts (ie public parks, beaches, clubs etc). Here we take a deeper look at City Center, see what all the fuss is about, and put the other malls to the test to see how well they fare against it!

include Saks 5th Avenue, H&M, Home Center, as well as a 16,600sqm Carrefour Hypermarket. To top it all off, the mall will also feature the regions largest indoor-outdoor water park (opening later this year). Best of all, parking here won’t be a headache (as compared to some ‘other’ malls in the country) as City Center boasts a whopping 5,500 parking spots, Will it’s opening steal the light from Seef Mall? Lets wait and see.

Seef Mall: Until now, the most popular mall in Bahrain; this is especially apparent on weekends, when trying to enter the mall takes a good hour (30 minutes driving through the traffic into the parking lot, and another 30 minutes of looking for a parking spot). When you do finally get there, you have access to over 300 outlets offering global brands, 16 screen cinema showing the latest movies, two food courts, and the Magic Island facility offering games and rides for children. A nice atmosphere and hangout, if you don’t let the traffic and weekend rush get to you.

Aali Mall: Located 10 meters away from Seef Mall can be looked at as either a bad or a good thing; bad because your mall gets overlooked, and the traffic from Seef Mall makes getting there difficult, but good because you get the spillover effect of customers from Seef. Either way, Aali Mall is still a combination of designer stores, antique shops, and everything in between, with a nice traditional touch to it’s design. The new restaurant strip right outside is usually busy, and is one of Bahrain’s hip hangout spots on weekend nights (restaurants include Johnny Rockets, Nino’s, Nu Asia and more).

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Local

Dana Mall: With a Hollywood-themed 12 screen cinema, Bahrain’s first indoor rollercoaster and children’s theme park, a varied selection of restaurants and a Lulu Hypermarket, Dana Mall gives visitors a well-rounded experience. There are a few good shops here, although most are usually overlooked due to the mall’s design. The mall is overall a nice place to hang out, although it’s generally been noted that the temperature here does feel a little warm, especially near the food court (well, for most of us A/C accustomed Bahraini’s anyway).

Marina Mall:

Bahrain Mall:

Offering a large selection of clothes and shoes, home accessories and decorations at affordable prices, a children’s play area, and a food court makes this mall a popular spot for families. Most of the second floor used to be occupied by Home Center, but as this is moving to the new City Center, expect to see something new opening here soon.

Originally, this mall seemed to be more family oriented, with a great selection of shops, a varied food court, Geant Hypermarket, as well as a full entertainment facility for children. The children’s play area has recently been replaced with The Home Store which, although a great place to buy furniture, sort of leaves children without a place to go.

The Center: Originally called Al Alawi Center, this has recently been renovated to include some new international brands and a number of 24 hour restaurants, as well as a Jawad Supermarket. Good for a late night snack.

Either way, the mall still tries to offer children activities and things to do during festivals and events, leaving parents free to walk around to finish their shopping. Still popular largely due to Geant Hypermarket’s presence, although how this will be affected by Carrefour’s opening is yet to be seen.

Sitra Mall: One of the more recent malls, which offers a hypermarket, food court, and a multitude of stores (most seemingly tailored towards children’s clothes). The atmosphere is nice and relaxed, and Sitra Mall never gets too overcrowded, even on weekends.

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Out Eating


e’re big chocolate lovers here at the Hala Bahrain offices; so much so that heated arguments over who can have that last Ferrero Rocher are quite common. Needless to say, we were quite thrilled when the wonderful folks over at Maya invited us over to sample their brand new collection of chocolates launched in celebration of the holy month.

to find blended with chocolate; an experience that definitely needs to be sampled to be appreciated.

In total, Maya’s new collection has 24 new daring flavors; Pastry Chef Rohitha Ediriweera and Chocolaterie Bertrand Espouy are the new masterminds and creative culinary talents behind the new Maya collection, who together created the latest If you don’t already know Maya chocolates and Maya, it’s that chocolate bar/ desserts, serving the best to restaurant over at Seef Mall, the clients and making them serving all sorts of delights. experience true luxury with From the moment you enter, every bite. you are whisked away with the scent of pure chocolate, All of the ranges are freshly emitted from the huge produced locally, making it churning drums, with a full the first premium Bahraini array of desserts to be served, chocolate. Each chocolate from fondues to waffles, as mold, praline or truffle is hand well as a wide selection of hot crafted and produced daily chocolates and cocoa to maintain freshness. infused teas. Surprisingly enough, the chocolates are also organic, To be honest, we were a little living up to the Maya slogan, reluctant to try the new Chocolate for a Better World. collection; with weird (exquisite?) flavors such as You can visit Maya in the new Chili Chocolate and Earl Grey Seef Mall extension, and soon Tea Chocolate, you really in their new branch at City can’t be sure what to expect. Centre, to experience firstWe were more than surprised hand the desirable desserts, with the result, however, which and take home a box of their was an amazing blend of exquisite chocolates. Yum! flavors we would never expect

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Automotive

a tilt-telescopic steering wheel, full power accessories, cruise control, leather power seats, dual-zone climate control, six-CD changer and a full navigation setup with voice-activated controls and Bluetooth.

HONDA ACCORD COUPE Honda coupe owners have always had a specific image associated with them; something along the lines of “I want to own a sports car, but I can’t afford a real one, so I’ll just do with this Honda”. This image is totally obliterated by the new Accord Coupe, which brings a whole new level of ‘cool’ back to the Honda vehicles.

Under the hood, the car holds a 2.4 liter four cylinder (177hp), or for the power hungry, a 3.5 liter V6, good for 268hp (five-speed automatic is standard, although the V6 is available with a six-speed manual). The car handles really well, and somehow the steering feels just right.

The all new 2008 Coupe is actually a head-turner. With a completely new sleek, stylish design, which is much more aggressive than it’s sedan version. The car has a bold presence, and you can bet those people whispering as you drive by are talking about your car.

Overall, the new Accord Coupe brings more than enough cool to that good-old Honda reliability, and makes a strong competitor for any sporty coupe out there, including some in the higher price ranges.

The Accord doesn’t only stop at exterior looks, however. To discover more on the new Accord Coupe, visit the The interior is done up amazingly well, and Honda’s Honda Showroom in Sitra or call 17-457 111. attention to materials, fit and finish have definitely paid off here. Besides the general feel, the top level trim offers


Typically seen outside the high-class Adliya restaurants on any given weekend, in the parking lot of 5-Star hotels, or adorned by Qatari number-plates and driving around Exhibition Road/Juffair Road, the Range Rover Sport has managed to gain quick popularity on the Bahraini streets. A sportier version of the regular Range Rover, with a sleeker look, bigger wheels, and more of that i’m rich (or spoilt?) attitude, the Sport is actually an off-roader designed for the road (because not many people here take them off-roading, anyway). The engine comes with a 4.4 liter V8 producing 299hp, or a 4.2 supercharged V8, good for 390hp.

The interior is roomy, driving position is comfortable, and the list of available accessories and options is just too long to list (everything from folding parking mirrors, to a center console cooler, to parking sensors). The only quirks with the car include a few of the plastic interior parts, which feel a little cheap, and some wind noise while driving. Overall a great SUV if you can afford it, as buying it will cost you a bundle, and maintenance will cost you a bundle more. For more information visit Euro Motors in Sitra or call on: 17 750 750.

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Fashion

Down With the Clown! Why do men usually frown whenever we bring up the subject of makeup? It's because the concept of makeup screams ‘She's probably UGLY under all that!’. Frankly speaking, I don’t blame men; it is merely a natural reaction when the face is covered with layers of plaster and paint. The only reasonable explanation would be that all this effort is spent hiding something! The original purpose of

makeup is to accentuate a woman’s beauty, and bring it out by covering the minor flaws rather than changing a persons features by overdoing it. This issue, we bring you the essential tips to do just that; How to wear makeup as though you are not wearing makeup! In order to achieve that you have to remember throughout the process to keep it light, simple and as real as possible.

Before I start with the actual makeup, there are 3 very important steps you must take in order to prepare the canvas i.e. your skin: Cleanse: You can't apply makeup on unclean skin. The first and probably most important step is to start with a clean slate, so cleanse your skin. Face wash was created for a reason: DO NOT wash your face with regular soap! Even though it might clean your skin, it dries it as well in the process. Exfoliate: After cleansing the skin, the next step is to open up the pores. Blocked pores usually cause blackheads and pimples, and we don't want that! Use a gentle exfoliating scrub so that you can start with fresh skin! Moisturize: This is one of the most important tips! It is vital that you moisturize your skin before applying anything on it; and this applies to all skin types! Foundation: The first and most basic step when it comes to makeup. Before we go into applying the foundation, it is important to talk about how to choose the right foundation because this step will define your overall look. Before you buy a foundation try three shades of color. Try the shade you think is closest to your skin tone on your jaw line (not the inner side of your wrists, this is a crucial step ladies!), the shade that’s slightly darker below your jaw line and try the lighter one above your jaw line. The shade that seems to disappear on your skin is the one you should be buying. Conceal: We all have dark circles around the eyes, pimples, spots and/or blemishes, and unfortunately it’s all part of the real you. But hey, who needs to know? Here's where the concealer comes in handy. Your concealer must be a shade lighter than your foundation; go a shade too light and you risk having clown eyes! For puffy eyes and dark circles with brown, blue or purple discolorations use a peach concealer. The orangey hues neutralize the color and the deep tone optically flattens the puffiness. Powder up: Many women have the misconceptions about powder, that it makes the face look cakey or ashy; this is only true when you use the wrong shade or apply too much. Loose powder acts as a protector when you go out because the dust, smoke and dirt in the air doesn't go directly to your skin. Remember the key is to wear your makeup light and in thin layers. Apply powder very lightly using a powder brush rather than a sponge; a sponge would probably give you more than you need.

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial Fashion

Eyes: Your eyes are your most expressive feature. Overdoing it with heavy eye shadow and lots of eyeliner only takes from the natural beauty and sparkle of your eyes, and make them look smaller and duller. To bring out your naturally beautiful eyes, go for earthy tones like beige, brown gold or plum for eye shadow. If you must wear eyeliner then use brown or charcoal grey, draw it as close to the lash line as you can, and make the line as thin as possible. You can get away with not wearing eyeliner or shadow, but mascara is vital. It better be in the same colors chosen for the liner; light brown for the natural born-blonde, or darker brown/charcoal grey for those with darker hair. Apply no more than one or two coats, but make sure not to apply too much so your lashes won't look too dark, sticky and unnatural.

Blush: Blush is the trickiest step. Applying too much blush makes your face unnaturally colored and bruised. To avoid that, you must carefully apply your blush in light, earthy pink, peach, plum or bronze tones with a blush brush in light gentle strokes. In the picture, a plum cream blush is used, and as you can see only a small dot is used, then smudged and blended on the cheek.

The Makeup Bag: All you'll need to carry around is a compact pressed powder, your blush (but make sure not to overdo it!), and gloss for touch-ups, to apply lightly every two hours in order to maintain a fresh natural glow, and you're good to go!

Lips: For natural lips, you can never go wrong with lip gloss. You can also use lip balm or just a regular colored chap stick, which will give your lips natural color and fullness. If you can't stay away from lipstick, however, make sure you know the natural color of your lips and buy a shade of lipstick that is close to it. When applying lipstick, use a lip brush rather than the tube itself. A brush makes it look more natural and less sticky.

(IMPORTANT TIP: Be aware of your natural tones when doing your makeup shopping, and always buy colors and hues that match with them. Contrast your God-given tones, and a clown is on the loose!

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


Editorial& Movies Music

New & Upcoming Movies

New Music Releases Jonas Brothers: A Little Bit Longer

Burn After Reading The award-winning Coen Bro’s are back, and this time with a dark spy comedy about two gym employees, who try to exploit the memoirs of CIA agent that fall in their hands. To back up Coens’ ingenious direction is a great cast, including Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Francis McDormand and John Malkovich. Judging from their previous classics, this new Coen comedy is must-see. Beverly Hills Chihuahua An animation about a spoilt Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Chloe, who somehow gets lost in Mexico, and must find her way home. Little does she know that Papi, her toughlooking Chihuahua neighbor from back home, has joint forces with a motley crew to come and rescue her. Voices by Drew Barrymore, George Lopez and Andy Garcia.

Righteous Kill Any movie starring both Al Pacino & Robert De Niro is automatically a mustsee. The two star as a pair of veteran New York detectives on the verge of retiring, and discover a murder that seems to be linked to a case they thought they solved years before. After additional crimes take place, it seems clear that the detectives are dealing with a serial killer. The movie cast also features hip-hop superstar Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Whether you like to acknowledge it or not, the Jonas Brothers are taking over the charts with their string of hits, and their new album has shot up to number one shortly after release. Two years after their debut, this teen-pop band has risen to fame, and their new album treads in the area of classic pop, so much so that adults wouldn’t be too embarrassed to play it. The key to this album’s success is the way it was poised perfectly between teen disposable pop and mature music.

Ice Cube: Raw Footage

For his 8th album, Ice Cube brings back more of his raw Gangsta rap style, wrapped up in lyrical wit (lyrics like "Fool, I'm the greatest/You just the latest/I'm loved by your grandmamma and your babies") and served with a side of classic minimal beats. Raw and gritty as usual, and reminiscent of Ice Cube’s earlier albums, Raw Footage’s egotrip will definitely satisfy hardcore rap lovers, and push away everyone else.

Carlos del Junco Band: Steady Movin’

My Best Friend’s Girl The story of Tank (Dane Cook), a master at seducing and offending women. Tank is hired by guys who get dumped, to take their ex-girlfriends on the worst date of their lives - an experience so bad it sends them running back to their guys. When Tank’s best friend, Dustin (Jason Biggs) is dumped, Tank offers to help, but ends up facing his biggest challenge, as he gets torn between loyalty to his best friend, and his love for his best friend’s girl (Kate Hudson). An outrageous, no holds barred romantic comedy.

Steady Movin' shows yet again why many people think Carlos del Junco is the greatest harmonica player alive - with a number of great tracks, del Junco elevates the harp to the equivalent of a Stradivarius violin! The album bursts with creative energy and beautiful vibes, making this jazz-blues album one that will make everybody want to dance.

HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008



HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


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This Eid promises to be an exciting one, with a number of great shows over the three days; we've listed the best of them here.

Amr Diab Concert: Possibly one of the most, if not the most successful Arab artist to date, well known internationally, winner of the “World Music Award” 3 times, Amr Diab has released hit after hit over the past 25 years.

Bahrain Comedy: For something a little different from the ordinary, make sure to catch this; live stand-up comedy. Although popular in places such as the US, we’ve hardly had the chance to witness any such thing in Bahrain (maybe expect for the odd joker at the office). The main acts will be performed by the totally zany Axis of Evil (not the one George W. Bush usually refers to, but a group of Middle-Eastern comedians who’ve managed to hit it big with their crazy humor). A must-see if you’re a fan, and an even more definite must-see if you haven’t managed to catch their acts yet. Opening for the Axis will be a group of Bahraini comedians; definitely something different, and promising a new type of entertainment that seems to be stirring up in Bahrain!

Get ready for Diab to perform in Bahrain on Friday, 3rd of October (which should hopefully coincide with the 3rd day of Eid), live at the Bahrain International Circuit. The concert should be a crazy affair; it’s easy to expect crowds from Bahrain as well as from the surrounding countries rushing to catch the superstar on stage, and even though tickets may be a little pricey, you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Tickets are priced at BD30 for regular admission, BD50 for Executive, and BD100 for VIP. For more information, contact:

Free Classifieds! Want to post up a free ad? Send the details to Each ad can be a maximum of 25 words. Last submissions accepted on the 25th of the current month.

Tickets are priced BD15 at the back, and BD30 at the front. The shows will be on the 2nd and 3rd days of Eid. For more information, contact

Bapco Club Eid Party: The Bapco Club Parties have become a habitual event for every Eid. Held on the second day of Eid, the party will include a grand buffet, fancy decorations and live music by Bahrain local band, Al Layali. A great night of fun, food and dancing. Tickets are BD15. For more information, contact 17-753666

Corvette Z06 for Sale:

Portable Hard Drive:

2003 model, red color, full bolt-ons, new tires, short shifter, racing clutch. Driven 32 miles only. BD12,000/-

Western Digital Passport, 120GB. Excellent condition, loaded with music/movies!

Tel: Mohammed - 36888266

Tel: Rashid - 39275739

New Portable DVD Player:

Game For Sale:

Brand new Philips Portable DVD Player for sale, with all accessories. BD30/-

GTA4 for Xbox Brand new, NTSC version. BD25. Tel: 39966934

Nikon Camera for Sale

Tel: Rashid - 39275739

Nikon FM10 with 35-70 Nikon zoom, and 70-210 Tamron Zoom, with SB10 Speedlight, all for BD150/Tel: 36149458 Email:

iPhone 3G:

Laptop for Sale

Apple 3G iPhone, 16GB, unlocked.

Toshiba Qosmio G20 laptop for sale.

Email Lash for more details:

Tel: 39071770 (between 3pm-11pm)

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HalaBahrain Magazine | July 2008


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