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Noticed that the country seems to be a little less busy on the weekends? That’s because half of the population have decided to go camping! We’ve written a short report on what to do in the desert a little later on, so make sure to check it out!

For those who haven’t enough motor-rush from January’s Grand Racing weekend, check out the F1 Testing sessions this month! Entry is only BD1, and you can get to watch the Ferrari, BMW and Toyota teams test out their cars as part of the preparation for the 2009 race! Of course, the CRC races and Drag championship are also there to keep you busy throughout the rest of the month! For a different sort of Valentine’s day, check out the Coral Beach Club’s fancy dress party. Think you’re as a good pool player? Well head down to Envy to watch some of the best in the country go at it in a few games of pool. Want something different? The King’s Cup Challenge is going on, so if you’re into horse racing, this should be something to watch for. This month’s Elham gathering will be at Arad Fort; a different setting, with a few more talented individuals showing off their works of art. Finally for those who want to get loud Paul Mendez will be performing live at the Marina Club, so get your tickets early if you want to get rowdy!

10-28 February Pool Tournament Location: Envy @ The Palace Contact: +973-17725000 13 February F1 Testing Location: Bahrain Int’l Circuit Timing: 9:00am-5:00pm Contact: +973 - 17450000 13 February Valentine Special Fancy Dress Party Location: Coral Beach Club Contact: +973-39649590 19-22 February King’s Cup Challenge Location: Contact: +973-17754300 24 February Elham 17th Monthly Gathering Location: Arad Fort Contact: 25-27 February Bahrain Drag Championship - Round 4 Location: Bahrain Int’l Circuit Contact: +973-17450000 26 February Paul Mendez Live Location: Marina Club Contact: +973-39857359 27 February CRC Round 4 Location: Bahrain Int’l Circuit Email:

HalaBahrain Magazine | February 2009


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HalaBahrain - Feb 2009  

Volume 1 - Issue 8 HalaBahrain Magazine

HalaBahrain - Feb 2009  

Volume 1 - Issue 8 HalaBahrain Magazine