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December 2010 - Vol 3 - Issue 6

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Chai Karak


What’s so special about it? Tradition And much more!

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HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



Another year.. Dear Readers, We’re just weeks away from 2011! Yes, 2010 was a great year for us, and what a great ending it is for the country! December was just chock full of holidays for everyone, from the Islamic new year, to the Ashura holidays, to National Day, and so on. Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to actually get any work done! We’ve covered a number of events during the month, including the Speed Weekend at BIC, the 3rd installment of Pecha Kucha, the Resurrection rock/metal concert, and more! And with the last day of the year, we’ve put down a little guide of things you can do to ring in the new year, just in case you have no idea what to do, and to wrap up a cold winter, we looked at Chai Karak, and what makes it so special! Again, we would love to hear from you about anything; send us your emails with thoughts about the magazine, letters, ideas, and let us know what you’re thinking! Till next time,

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HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



The Speed Weekend took over the BIC, as round one of a racing event that will also be held in Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The event brought in a number of different races including the Chevrolet Supercar Championship and the Porsche GT3 Cup among others, as well as a host of fun for the whole family, including entertainment for children & adults.

Speed Weekend

HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



Pecha Kucha The third Pecha Kucha night took place this month at the Sh. Ebrahim Center. Pecha Kucha is a night where creative personalities, designers, artists and more join together to talk about or display their work and stories, each having 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each. The night had Salman Zaiman, Khalid Al Muharraqi as well as ten other Bahrainis on stage talking about what they do and create. For more info on this check out

HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



Resurrection took place in Adhari Hotel on the 28 of November, & brought Together some of Bahrain’s best local alternative/rock bands together to headbang the night away to the crowds. The bands on stage were Atom, Smoldering in Forgotten, Lunacyst, Day 7 and Motor Militia. The event was a sell out and had the crowds rocking all night long! More of these coming soon!


Photos by: Mohd Alorrayed HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



Chai Karak

If you’ve grown up in Bahrain (or the region) then you must have had this at one time or another. Chai Karak is very simply a tasty warm cup of strong dark tea, mixed with full cream milk, sugar and warm spices, and is popular especially during the colder weather. Making Karak is actually a bit of an art-form; sure, everyone can boil hot water, add a tea bag and then milk, but something about the way Karak is made makes it taste so much better. For a good example of what a ’real’ cup of Karak tea tastes like, pass by Al Noaimi in Riffa. It may be just a small shop in Bukwara that serves tea, which you would probably miss in between the bigger shops and restaurants in the area. What you will notice, however, is a ton of cars outside, placing their orders and waiting for their cup of Karak. Yup, on any given day you will find a bunch of Land Cruisers, Lexuses, BMW’s and so on ordering tea; people come from all over Bahrain for some, so if you haven’t tried it before, make sure to pass by! So let’s say you actually want to make a cup of Karak at home, how do you actually go about it? Well there’s a number of different ways to get that tasty flavor, and since Al Noaimi won’t give up their secret recipe, we’ve created a few of our own. Start by adding boiling water to a cup with 1 Lipton tea bag and 3 sugar cubes. Leave it till the tea turns DARK (the word Karak actually means STRONG, so be patient and let the tea settle). Next, add spices as you see fit (some like it with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, others prefer it plain), and then finally, a touch of condensed milk until the whole thing turns a tasty shade of caramel. The second recipe is about the same, but you start off by heating full cream milk in a pan/pot, pour it into a cup with the sugar & spices, and then add the tea bag. Whichever way you choose, it’s best served warm on a cold day. Enjoy! HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010


HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010


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Bahrain News World Cup!

After months of preparing for their World Cup bid for 2022, Qatar put on a great show at the FIFA event, in hopes of being given a chance to host the World Cup for the first time in the Middle East. On the day of the decision, thousands of people from all over the region waited anxiously for the answer, and cheered as the 2022 WC was granted to Qatar! Sure, it may be 12 years from now, but it will be here before we know it! And considering the Qatar causeway will be ready, the WC will be just half an hour away! Dusty Dusty

Another Mall? So it has been announced that another mall is to open in Bahrain. This time, it’s a 100 million dollar mall, spanning over 100 thousand square meters and is spearheaded by Al Salam Bank. The whole project is meant to provide 450 jobs, and will also include the first Ikea in Bahrain. Now don’t get us wrong, we love Ikea, but we wonder if we really need another mall in Bahrain? And we wonder if 100 million dollars can or should be used for a better business venture to diversify the Bahrain economy. Something to think about.

Just as we were starting to enjoy the cooler weather, the country decided to hit us with a massive wave of orange! Yup, within just minutes, the island went from being nice and clear, to getting engulfed in a dust storm. Apparently it wasn’t just in Bahrain, as all the surrounding countries from Saudi to Kuwait to the UAE seemed to get affected by the same thing! HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010

New Bus Stops Bus stops all over Bahrain are currently under consideration for a full revamp, after numerous complaints about them being outdated and unsafe. It gets us wondering how many of them are actually being used every day (apparently quite a lot) and what sort of potential we have for more people to use public transport if the whole system is modernized. After all, being stuck every day for hours in traffic isn’t really much fun. 11


New Year?

We’re weeks away from the last day of the year and that begs the question, what do we do for new years? Well, the wonderful team at HalaBahrain has decided to give you a few tips and suggestions on things to do, and ways to welcome in the new year!

Party the Night Away: As always, a number of parties are going on around town, for those that want to welcome in the new year in a festive way. Although the weather might be a little cold (well, for us Bahraini’s anyway), there are a number of beach parties going on, at the Coral Beach with Hed Kandi and Winter Wonderland, or at the Marina Club with DJ Jackson. If you prefer a warmer environment indoors, try Casa Bar at Mercure Hotel with an open buffet and live Latin band, or Muju Lounge in Amwaj with Café Mambo Ibiza. A ton of other hotels and venues are all setting up parties as well, just in case these don’t tickle your fancy!

Clubbing: Want to dance the night away in more of a familiar environment? Most of the nightclubs are doing something for New Years; get your best Italian Mafia costume out for Tabu’s new year party, check out the live dance show at Z Club, the live 5-piece band at JJ’s, or just enjoy night of dancing and counting down to 2011 at any of the other clubs around, like Brazil, Cocoon, etc.

HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



New Year’s Dinner:

Want to be in a festive environment when the new year rolls in, but don’t want to be up on your feet and dancing all night? There are a number of festive NY dinners going on around the classier restaurants, along with music, a countdown, and a small dance-floor too (in case you do eventually get that urge to dance; you probably won’t look ‘too’ out of place). Try Upstairs Downstairs for a nice 6-course meal, Olivetto for a tasty Italian dinner & international house DJ, some of the other fancy restaurants in Adliya, or those in 5 star hotels around the island.

Leave the Island: For a change, try a new years outside Bahrain! If you don’t want to go too far, check out Dubai and Lebanon for a; they have a number of crazy new years parties and concerts lined up. Of course, you could always fly out to London or New York and celebrate with millions of others in the biggest new years celebrations around the world (make sure you carry a heavy jacket along with you). You should probably act fast though, as ticket prices and hotel rooms are getting more expensive! HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



New Year Retreat:

Get away, without really having to go too far! Rent a room or suite at one of the hotels in Bahrain, and get a full relaxing treatment while there. The Areen Resort (previously Banyan Tree) is great for this sort of thing, and with a full spa package, you’ll be all ready and relaxed to welcome the new year. Otherwise, a full package and retreat at the Ritz, Diplomat or the Gulf Hotel, with a full buffet breakfast, makes a great way to ring in the 1st of January!

Desert Barbeque: Since the desert camping season has already started, a great evening out would be to organize a full night with friends/family out in the desert! Get some warm clothes, coal, food to grill, bbq equipment and you’re ready to go! Finding an empty spot isn’t too tough, and you can either set up a tent, or gather around a small bonfire. If you’re looking for your own place, either set up a tent, or rent one with all the facilities you could need! Either way, it can make for a different kind of welcome to the new year. HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



Exhibition Road/Adliya/Juffair:

As happens every year, those looking for a place to go crazy usually hang out in groups down these streets, and wave and shout at oncoming cars, use spray-snow cans to show the world how they feel, and on occasion manage to hold a group burnout session in the middle of a busy road to express their excitement. It definitely is a different kind of new year celebration, but beware at the end of the day of the authorities running after you to make sure peace and quiet is kept!

Sleep it off: So maybe you don’t care that it’s the new year? Maybe you didn’t have the greatest 2010, and you’re just looking forward for it to be over. Or perhaps to you the whole shift from 31 December to 1st of January is just the same shift as any other day? Well then, there’s not much to say here; keep the heater on, get the blankets ready, and sleep in. Welcome the new year with relaxed smile, and let’s hope for a great 2011!

HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010



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HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010


HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010


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Fishing boats by the Bahrain Financial Harbour HalaBahrain Magazine | December 2010


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