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AIESEC IN COLOMBIA EB 2012 APPLICATION LCP OF AIESEC UNIATLANTICO PROFILE Contact Details Name: Rafael Pedroza Noguera. Email: GChat: pedroza.rafael87 Msn:

Skype: rafael.pedroza1978 Twitter: @Pedroza_R AIESEC EXPERIENCE Position Recruitment Coordinator OC. LIM/LTM 2011 - II.

Entity Aiesec UniAtlántico. Aiesec UniAtlántico.

Date August 16, 2011. September 3, 4, 2011.

Place Barranquilla, Colombia. Barranquilla, Colombia. Santa Marta, Colombia.

Date May 21, 22, 2011 September 3, 4, 2011. October 15, 16, 17, 2011.


Role Newbie OC. Delegate.


Studies Career Pscychology

University Universidad del Norte.

Date February 18, 2011

Key learning Empowerment, Conflict Resolutions, Rapport, Talent Management.




Key Learning


Centro Educativo Creciendo Juntos.

August 11, 2011

Child Cognitive and PsychoSocial Development.


General Questionnaire 1. Why have you decide to apply for your LC Executive Board as LCP? The Chance to Dream. In this times of machines and running in life, men has forgot the chance to dream. As a clinical psychology I’ve heard many times, that life is too rough, too fast, too quick, and everything is about money, consuming the people life to a work that many times is not the one they wanted. But in the therapy, with the past of sessions, my patients were going acquiring again the chance to get a life they want to live. By the first time I could see a person and after the process could see another who has decided to take his life by his own, by planning, looking for the chance to study, work, travel and enjoy. Now they know that life is not easy, but is not impossible to have a dream, work for it and get it. That’s the thing I could understand in AIESEC. There’s a chance to dream, to live and enjoy life while we work hard to get those dreams. I can do that in my clinical process with every patient I listen to, but I think I can do this with every person I can deeply touch every time I talk about how AIESEC has had a very good and strong influence on me, during this days and for my future, with no doubt at all. My Personal And Professional Development. In AIESEC the way things work are, not as different, than in a company, because we work as hard as one. But the Members. That’s the main difference I can find. As an organization we work to explore, identify and develop young people leadership potentials, and I’d love to contribute in that process with every member. It’s a matter of desire, one day a group of persons (The current EB) has made an extraordinary effort, to help me and be with me during this developmental process, now I feel, is time to tengage and development of every young person wherever we are in the world. Right now, with my LC and all the strategies we can create to get to the young people in my city, in the region, the country, the world, because… why not? With these words I want to say that I would like to develop the way I can work in a organization, to get new skills and develop those I have, and generate a big impact every place I’d be. To live a trace, making an excellent job, in different fields. And I think AIESEC is the best place to begin and contribute to the others members experience.

My Friends. I have the honor to say that I’ve got excellent persons as friends in the committee. I want to live the AIESEC XP completely, and they have given me their support for this application to the EB as LCP. So they made the suggestion, have encouraged me, and gave me their support for this application and I’m not disappointing anyone, or at least try it the hardest to not to. 2. From your role how you will implement and execute the 2015 programs according to the local reality? •

The programs must be attacked in every front. We could generate impact by selling incoming or outgoing exchanges, and that would be one way. In the same way every time we sell a Team Member or a Team Leader spot, we could make positive impact. Developing strategies to engage, up-sell, capacitate, coach, compromise every person who wants to live the @xp is the way.

The internships for GIP I’d execute them looking for to get the organizational goals, during all year with the single raising way. I think any moment of the year is a good moment to Recruit EP’s, for this program. For GCDP participants, I expect to plan and execute projects where we can find the dates which allow us to work with some extra time waiting to be in the top moment of the year to the realization of the internship. That extra time would give us some confidence to handle some problems we could find during the process.

The processes of Team Member and Team Leader Programs would have a strong variation. That variation would be the focus on the programs. Nowadays, we’re running the programs to develop the membership as AIESEC members, and this a valid focus. We have members in their teams, and we have leaders with their teams, but do we have the membership to achieve the organizational goals? That’s my question, I think I would have a 50-50 answer. Not everyone in the LC has the compromise to get those goals. So I think, we must have a Membership oriented to the goals we could have for the 2012, and capacitated to develop the strategies we choose to take to get our goals.

General Questionnaire •

3. What should be the focus areas for 2012 according of your role? For me, a LC, as any organization, works as a holistic structure, where the addition of their areas in this case, performing their processes, always striving for excellence, would guarantee the success of the processes, looking for the very high standards of quality for the LC or any other organization. For this, I would say that I would focus my work to keep the membership motivated, capacitating their hard and soft skills, setting up the best board advisor, with mentors, coach, envoys and so on. In this case the LCP is the first one doing that, always looking for global learning environments to participate and invite the whole LC membership. But, trying to give an answer for the question should be the focus areas: TM, IGIP, IGCDP, OGIP, OGCDP and Marketing.

TM because is the work with a motivated and a capacitated membership where we can strategically plan and execute the ways we’re heading to our objectives for the year. I think is clear to focus on TM to achieve the quality of the experience for all the areas and programs. By the other hand, with TM and Marketing working in synergy, we can give numbers and quality for the Team Member and Team Leader program, during the participation of the membership and the external sectors in the the AIESEC xp.

The programs areas (IGIP, IGCDP, OGIP, OGCDP), has to be a focus area because with them we can achieve numbers for the committee, and actively contribute, as a LC, in the MC organizational goals, quantitatively speaking. To keep going with this, those numbers are meaningful for the LC, because give to it economical sources to develop their activities during the year. Qualitatively speaking, those numbers prove the good ways the LC decided to take for their strategic goals; Those number are motivational for the LC, showing the operational plans results to the processes, we took, because it is great to show how are we contributing to our BHAG, and changing life engaging, participating and creating a Long life connection with every participant of our programs in the organization.

The other focus area is Marketing: Because every campaign we’ll make has to be strategically thought to engage. Engage as the first step, of the AIESEC xp. And also for the selling and the up-selling of every product we’re showing. In alignment to our BHAG, vision and @way, the marketing processes are crucial to the road we have to take to achieve our organizational goals, as a LC to contribute, national and worldly. It is also the path we can think to get to many people, in the inside and outside sectors to get the recognition we want for our Three Wheels: Being the most credible and diverse youth voice, by growing our physical and virtual reach; Being the First Choice Partner by being recognized for our ability to develop responsible and entrepreneurial leadership, and generate Positive impact on society experiencing and enabling, a collaborative environments.

Specific Questionnaire 1. Do you think AIESEC is currently relevant in society? Why? •

Yes. I think is relevant because of the impact we can generate as a talent managers world widely. I’m talking about the chance a person has when gets into the organization, as a Member, as a Leader, as an Intern, as a Partner and so on. AIESEC can provide society very high profiles to solve world issues. AIESEC has different organizational strategies, but one way, the AIESEC WAY to engage and develop every young person in the world, looking for roads to get into a world ruled by peace and fulfilling humankind’s potential. We do this; we contribute in the development of a leader, by a platform accessible to lots of people all over the world; we contribute them exploring and developing their leadership potential, cross-cultural understanding, by a ‘learning by doing’ way. Our eXPerience is delivered by Team Leader and Team Member programs; and the Internships by the GCDP and GIP. This XP begins from the engagement to the organization, living the @XP, to create a long life connection. We can manage the talent to solve world issues, during the @XP and the effect we generate in a long term, with the long life connection articulated during the living experience in the organization. Another important thing is the fact that AIESEC, is striving to the year of 2015, wanting to be the most credible and diverse global youth voice, by growing the physical and virtual reach. Wants to be the first choice partner across the sectors, by being recognized for the develop of responsible and entrepreneurial leadership. With all these reason I can say, AIESEC is relevant and will be relevant in society, by the positive impact by cross-generational strategies through collaborative environment.

Specific Questionnaire

•Department Secretaries www.educacion. www.barranquill

•Indufaros SA Barranquilla CR 50 No 55 – 76 3490100 •Eternit Atlantico SA Barranquilla Via 40 Kra 67 Loma #3 3503800 •Promigas Telecomunicacio nes SA Barranquilla Calle 66 # 67 – 123 3713775 •CI Procaps SA Barranquilla Calle 80 # 78B – 201 3719275


•Department Majors Offices. www.barranquill


•Universidad del Atlántico www.uniatlantic •Universidad Libre www.unilibrebaq aq •Fundacion Universitaria San Martín www.sanmartin.



2. What are the main external opportunities that your LC has for 2012? (please put the reference of the information, web pages, newspappers, books, etc)

•Casa del Abuelo Barranquilla Calle 86 # 42B – 10 3538047 •Hogar Los Girasoles Barranquilla Calle 71 # 59 – 49 3657152 •Hogar Geriatrico Marina Valiente Barranquilla Carrera 43B # 79 – 92 3688101 •Atardecer Sereno Barranquilla Carrera 42F1 # 80 125 3780065

3. What are the 5 things you would change in AIESEC? (Don’t think just in Colombia, think about AIESEC as a global organization) The communications between the MC and a LC, aditting another channel to make a better flow through the entities. The way questions are made in the EB selection process during the interviews. (At least Colombia)

More Black in the platform.

5 things I´d change of AIESEC

Work experience abroad as a criteria for the GIP experience.

More coaching and mentoring for the selling skills development

Specific Questionnaire 4. Create a SWOT analysis of your LC (Suggestion: Use AIESEC System as a way to make the SWOT)






- Outgoing Exchanges structure. - Empowerment of members in different areas. - Recruitment process of Talent Management.

Opportunities - The needs for social work in the city.

- Agreements with universities. - Interest of companies to invest in social reason.

Weaknesses - Incomming Exchanges process management

- Limited information management - Corners implementation

Threats - Insufficient comunication with the other LC in the city. - Competition with other organizations that offer similar programs.

Specific Questionnaire

150 Team Members Empowered, allocated and working to capitalize our organizational goals. The synergy of the OGX corner, making campaigns strategically thought, offering a career program, saving advisory to achieve the planned career program.







5. What are the organizational goals you would propose for your LC in 2012? What strategies would you implement to achieve them? 45 Internships. 45 Internships. Become the greatest Capitalize the three provider of Educational universities student training ships in the population in our country. due to the segmentation delivering 25 Internships. 35 Internships. amount of Languages an aggressive campaign Attack the languages Summer social positive students we have in the of the @XP in the details courses that the students impact project where the university, and the concerning to OGCDP. have to take in the three trainees are coming to work languages programs Focusing in those new universities in our with the organization which offered in other spaces to introduce our segmentation to generate has summer time programs. universities. products. Educational Training ships We’re proposing prevention, with a language native and promotion in aids and teacher, with the AIESEC sexual health. Being this cross-cultural subject one of the understanding. millennium objectives.

50 Team Leaders, Empowered and empowering the Team Members participants. This leader is going to be constantly in touch with the MC and the outside sectors looking for those chances to capacitate their members in the process we’re looking for to operate, striving for our organizational goals.


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My LCP App  

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