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Narwhal News from Division Nine Official newsletter of Division 9 Key Club

January 2012

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Club Elections and DCON Updates! -Divisional Council Meetings! -Lieutenant Governor Election Rally!

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Above is a picture of the December Winthrop Kiwanis Meeting. We had alumni Kiwanis Scholarship recipients, Key Club officers, and Kiwanis members come together for the last meeting of the year! Do you know any members that aren’t receiving these newsletters? Please send their emails to

DUES HAVE BEEN RECEIVED! I recently got an email from our District Treasurer saying that International has finally received our dues. Please email me if there are any more problems.

Club Elections and DCON Updates! Deadline for electing 2013-2014 Club Officers: February 1st, 2013. Deadline for DCON Registration: February 5th, 2013.

Registration for District Convention is due FEBRUARY 5th! You know what this means…time for club elections! This is what information I have received so far for DCON Attendance: Omak- Club Officers and Involved Members

If you are interested in running for a position, please talk to the outgoing officer of that position or your adviser. It is important that you know your duties and are willing to fulfill them before you take the responsibility. Good Luck!

Okanogan- Candidate for LTG

Members- Don’t miss this opportunity to run for an office in your club! Here’s what officers said about their experience:

“Being an officer for my home club has not only been fun, but it has also taught me to become a true leader.” - Club President

Liberty Bell- Club Officers If there are any changes to this, please contact me as soon as possible. 2012-2013 Club OfficersOnce you have held your club elections for next year’s officers, please email me the name, position, phone number, email, and grade of each officer within a week after your elections. Thank you!

Special thanks to advisers, Stephen Smith and Roy Rieber for making sure your officers are fulfilling their duties and keeping in touch with me about Club elections!

“Being an officer for Key Club has been one of my most memorable parts of high school.” –Club Treasurer

Divisional Council Meetings! December DCM: Awards

Thank you to Mr. Rieber, who brought all of the members ice cream! It was delicious!

Since the beginning of this Key Club year, there have been some officers and members that have shown outstanding dedication in their clubs and in our division. Please congratulate these following award recipients when you see them at your next Key Club event!

Omak: Officer- Jasmair Bains Member- Jag Bains Liberty Bell: Officer- Tom Zbyskewski Liberty Bell Key Club hosted this month’s Divisional Council Meeting! This was their first time hosting a divisional event and they did a great job! Thanks for being so spirited and welcoming! Okanogan: You’re next! 

Member- Liam Daley Okanogan: Officer- McKenzie Ervin Member- Katie Klepec

This was a successful DCM. We had members and officers from each club attend. We also had two Key Club alumni attend the December DCM! Thank you to all who came! If you were unable to attend this DCM, please talk to your officers or email me to get caught up on all that is going on in our division and with the district. Make sure to be at next month’s! January DCM: This month’s DCM will be in Okanogan on January 19th. This is the same day as the LTG Election Rally and at the same place, just different times. We will have our Divisional Council Meeting RIGHT AFTER the Election Rally, that way no one will have trouble with traveling or schedules for January’s DCM! See you all there!

Lieutenant Governor Election Rally! The Election Rally will be on January 19th from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Okanogan Behavioral Health Care Office.

This Election Rally will be put on with HEADLINE the help ofGOES Omak SIDEBAR Kiwanis President, Andi Ervin.

We are finally going to have an election rally! This is our first year holding an LTG Election Rally, so here are some answers to your questions: What is an LTG Election Rally? It’s exactly what it sounds like! It is a rally to elect our Division 9 2013-2014 Lieutenant Governor. There is only one person running, do we still have to have a rally? Yes, even though we only have one candidate, it is still necessary to vote for our next year’s LTG. Also, it’s going to be so much fun, why wouldn’t you want to have a rally?! How can I be a voting delegate? Talk to your adviser about wanting to be one of the two delegates, if they have not yet chosen them yet.

Thank you for all of your help! Also, I know how much our Key Clubbers love having food at our meetings! Therefore, it is a potluck! So, bring snacks to share and please inform me of who’s bringing what as soon as you can!

These are the names I have so far as for who is going to be involved in this rally. If anyone has any changes to make to this list, please contact me as soon as possible! Omak Delegates: Jasmair Bains, Jag Bains Liberty Bell Delegates: Tom Zbyskewski, Jacqueline O’Keefe Okanogan Delegates: Hunter Ervin, Katie Klepec Chaperoning Kiwanis: Andi Ervin, Stephen Smith, Roy Rieber

Remember to Bring Snacks!

Pacific Northwest Division 9 Lieutenant Governor Hakikat Bains 509-203-4476

Feel free to contact me whenever you need!

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