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Hello, My name is Hakan. I’m a Product and Systems Designer. Here, you can find some of my selected works as a student and a freelance designer.

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CV Education +90 539 938 07 44

Middle East Technical University Bachelor’s Degree - (2013 - 2018) Politechnico di Torino Erasmus Student - (2016-2017)

Profesional Experience TUSAŞ-TAI Aircraft Group Intern - Summer 2016 reo-tek Simulation and Exhibition Design Intern - Summer 2016 Arçelik Washing Machine Production Facility Intern - Summer 2015

Achievements FIAT User Experience Hackathon 2nd Place - 2018 Hult Prize Competition Semi-Finalist - 2017 A Design Award “Safety’s First” Bicycle Helmet - 2017 National Patent - 2016/13411 Project done during Arçelik Internship - 2016

Skills 3D Softwares Rhinoceros, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Fusion 360 Grasshopper, T-Splines Keyshot 2D Softwares Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Manufacturing 3D Printing, CNC Operation, Laser Cut Operation Woodworking, Metalworking, Clay Modeling Personal Abilities Teamworking, Design Thinking, Project Management, Inter-Disciplinary Working Languages Turkish - Native English - C2 Italian - B1

LIFE LINE A System of Smart Products for Coordination During and After Search Rescue Operations

Research & Ideation My user research showed that Search&Rescue operators use a variety of different gadgets to aid them. They do require a unified system to work together.

The equipment should include many tools that they require, such as GPS trackers, cameras and thermal imaging units. They should also be able to withstand extreme conditions.

Also the product should ease the operation management in the case of big events involving many teams with different expertise.

System Generation Life Line creates a product family that can work in many different scenarios that can take place in a Search&Rescue operation. The customizable kit can be adapted before the operation, or during the operation with the use of fast snap system it includes on both headband and chest harness. The fabric parts on headband can also be used as a visual distinguisher for teams and different personnel. After the operation, the data gathered from all personnel and the chest command modules can be used together for post-op analysis.


Operation Leader


Product Family The head units are similiar in form with small variations depending on the purpose. They are designed with IP68 standarts in order to protect the equipment inside. The closed system is charged via wireless charging, also the method of data transfer.

The chest harness is designed as a case for smartphones that are already used by Search&Rescue operators. It works as a protective casing and an utility system at the same time. It has buttons to navigate through in order to ease the use with protective gloves.

‘Safety’s First’ Biking Helmet A smart biking helmet to satisfy safety needs of daily users both during and before usage. with Koray Hisarlı & Levent Muslular

Idea Generation Each year about 2% of motor vehicle crash deaths are bicyclists, resulting in a death toll of 25,000. Helmet / Accessories to increase -Safety -Entertainment -Usefullnes

A 10 minute difference in response time can decrease the risk of death or permanent injuries by upto 30%.

Force of impact

Button for calling help manually Helmet locked at bike

Helmet use has been estimated to reduce the odds of head injury by 50 percent, and the odds of head, face, or neck injury by 33 percent.

Signal lights Navigation

Production With the help of Arduino microcontroler platform, we had the chance to actively try functionality of the system. We also conducted user tests with different usage and impact conditions.

Finally we created a smart bicycle helmet, that creates a safety system for both user and the bicycle itself. Giving user chance to take full control.

Usage Scenario By calculating the acceleration caused from the impact, the system decides whether the shock was below or over the critical physiological limit.

User can call for assist even without shock, if needed.

If the shock is of critical magnitude, the helmet directly alerts for medical assistance. If its below the danger zone, it still notifies user about potential danger and allows to make an emergenct call.

User can opt out to call for assist or not.

When automatic emergency mode activates, it emmits light to help emergency personel locate user.

When stationary, the motion detection system actively works to prevent theft of bicycle. It alerts the user via phone and allows tracking by GPS.

Anti-theft measure by GPS location.

A system and product family design to create awareness towards paper waste and encourage kids to participate in recycling and reuse. with Necati Danac覺, Furkan Efe Dikmen, Koray Hisarl覺 & Mert Y覺ld覺z

Research & Ideation The amount of paper waste is an ever-increasing number, in 2017 it is estimated that 300 million tons of paper waste is created.

Considering Turkey, the average paper and paper derivatives consumption is 6 million tons. Average of 70 kg per person.

Most of this waste occurs in schools and offices, making upto 85% of the paper waste. In average, a kid uses 10,000 sheets of paper annually.

Workshops We worked in collaboration with local schools and non-profit organization for user testing. With the expertise of non-profit organizations, we had chance to get a better understanding of recycling process, from gathering to transformation.

We had the chance to make workshops with elementary school kids to measure their participation and eagerness to the process.

Sustaining the System By determining and contacting the Key Partners in the process, like school administrations and Non-govermental organizations in the area, we created a self reliant system built on trust. Economical outputs of the system allows all partners to benefit all parties, allowing system to be scalable and sustainable.

System Generation Children are supplied with the basic Paper Monster kit, which is DIY, to collect waste paper at homes. Then, they bring their own monsters to class to feed mother paper monster. While schools keep organizing events to promote this initiative, these collected papers are used in printing of educational comic books following the character ‘Hero Of The City Paper Monster’. The comic focuses on benefits of recycling and paper waste, thus creating an educational cycle to sustain the system.

Product Family We created a product family, keeping the DIY spirit of the monsters. The small monsters share the same design language, allowing kids to easily correlate them.

The material and production methods are decided considering the recycling and logistic scenarios of the paper and cardboard. It also allows kids to customize by hand, thus having a emotionally supported relation with them.

BONSA A sustainable design solution informed and inspired by nature for bathroom.

Research & Ideation The fluid form of the dandelion leaves allows raindrops to easily flow, creating oppurtunities of water directioning.

Bombardier beetle, creates a high pressure water stream by pushing high amount of water through a narrow end.

The roots of the trees, especially bonsai trees, have high water carrying capacity thus gives the impression of water flow.

Form Studies After the idea generation, different aspects of the selected design is considered by skethcing.

Different types of control surfaces are studied for easier use. Color coding is also studied for usage.

Final form is prototyped in clay to get a better understanding of the surfaces and simulate usage scenarios.

Finalization The control points on the twistable surfaces allow better control on flow amount.

The ergonomics and fluid form of the faucet allows easy cleaning and pleasing experience.

Easy to assemble body and interchangeable parts allow cheap and easy maintenance.


+90 539 938 0744

Hakan YILMAZER Portfolio  
Hakan YILMAZER Portfolio