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Simple Labs is a company focused on creating value for clients across their different spheres of operation from Knowledge Services to Industrial Automation. They work in the fields of embedded systems, robotics and automation. They help businesses maximise their returns by addressing their automation challenges, offering them innovative products and solutions to overcome these and helping them to optimally employ the same. They also develop electronic products that address a range of issues for both consumers as well as business. Innovation forms the core of their products. They also understand the importance of knowledge creation for a sustained growth path. Their Knowledge Services impart quality knowledge to students creating in them awe for technology and igniting young minds towards higher aspirations.

Samki Teck Resources, an eco friendly consultancy organisation, run by a group of experienced Engineers provides a complete solution for Plastic Recycling with the best technologies available from over the Globe. Samki also provides integrated project management right from technology selection, detailed engineering till commissioning. Samki provides technologies for sorting systems, metal detectors/ magnetic separators, shredders, washing lines, extrusion system and crystallisation system

Bodhbridge: BodhBridge is an Educational Services Company with the core objective of serving students in higher educational institutions by providing affordable, high quality knowledge based services to catalyze effective and efficient learning. BodhBridge is founded by alumni of IIT Madras and Kharaghpur. BodhBridge is incubated by C-TIDES (Cell for Technology Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship Support), IIT Madras and are the national distributors for NPTEL course material. They maintain, a technology oriented career development web portal for all engineering students. will provide the right mix of technical know how and soft skills that will fine tune the students to industry’s requirements. It will also guide them in pursuing various other career options in the technical domain. Their sources for the content include Professors from IIT, industry experts, PG and PhD students from various IITs and toppers of competitive examinations like GATE.

Beatrix Solutions: The brainchild of a group of engineers passing out from several engineering institutions across the nation, Beatrix Solutions deals with diverse knowledge management and exchange based services. Their hallmarks include knowledge based services that are fully customisable as per requirements and encouragement and promotion of all student driven activities in educational institutions nationwide, while focussing on entrepreneurship with a social touch. The company has sponsored several college festivals, and conducted several workshops and orientation courses (eg: a robotics orientation workshop for over 600 students at SRM University) .The company already has action groups operating in Delhi, Delhi-NCR region, Chennai, Kolkata and other cities. The company envisions having over 50 local action groups by the year 2012. The two-fold motive of the company is to become a market leader in providing cheap and quality knowledge based services as well as to serve to promote student driven ventures in Universities in India, especially those which are oriented towards benefitting the society at large.

EcoLogin was an initiative conceived to promote travel as an uncompromising part of anybody's learning. EcoLogin plans to promote travel as a way of exploration in to both the outer world and inner world of one self. In order to make this possible ecoLogin plans to offer travel options to one and all at affordable cost and enable guided tours to reduce the difficulties posed by linguistic and other barriers. EcoLogin strongly believes in working with the local communities and creating employment for them through travel as well as through conservation. It would like to create opportunities for the locals to participate in the process of creating wealth through this enterprise. Besides that ecoLogin wants its customers to get the delight of travel and experience the pleasures of roughing it out.

Gquotient: GQuotient focuses on creating an innovative set of Green Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products, processes and services. GQuotient partners with enterprises to achieve stated economic and social objectives of Green ICT. They work with the business stakeholders at an enterprise and ensure that ICT landscapes and its associated business policies deliver on ongoing cost and carbon reduction promises while enabling a flexible and adaptable ICT architecture that supports the needs of the next-generation enterprise. Every product or solution that they deploy will help accelerate a solid business case to ensure that a customer reduces their carbon and energy footprint, while either increasing RoI or reducing TCO. A company dedicated to making everyday decisions simpler, it focuses on providing an interface where locating and finding things becomes easy. The company accomplishes this through a unique user rating based model, and also offers notification of events that take place around your chosen location.

Seco India: Seco or Save Energy Concepts is a company dedicated to energy conservation with their founders having more than two decades experience. They are committed to the cause of environment and helps industries and commercial buildings reduce their energy usage. Founded by an IITM alumnus, Seco has several firsts to its credit: the first company to commercialise PACER assisted project of USAID, the first company to introduce low cost combustion control system, the First building in Asia with water cooled walls, etc

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