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Plan your travel to Holy City of Allah

• Worshipping your God is something that purifies your soul and brings peace in life. No matter whatever your religion is, visiting any sacred place to worship God gives your inner peace and satisfaction. • In the religion like Islam, they do believe in worshipping Allah for the sake of purity of their life. Journey to holy pilgrimage Hajj is going on for centuries which is considered as the highest pious sacred place for Allah worshippers and is considered once in a lifetime experience. More than 2 million Muslims every year visit the holy city of Mecca that features five sacred pillars of Islam.

Travel to Hajj •

A true heaven for Muslims which was earlier visited by camels or by water resource that took days to reach the holy city now only takes few hours to reach the spot in a hassle free manner. In addition, various travel agents as well as online travel agencies offer pocket soothing Hajj Packages 2017 in order to carry out your dream and pay gratitude to God. However before packages or travel agents are opted for, it is actually important to make good search of Hajj tours. Conducting effective research shall help you get an idea about the true significance and origin of the holy pilgrimage Hajj.

Significance •


The holy pilgrimage was built by Prophet Mohammed a messenger of Allah who was sent to teach the true meaning of virtue and purity. With his sheer hard work, Hajj was built to be blessed by the presence of Allah. Considered as one of the five pillars of Islam, performing Hajj is a once in a lifetime deed. During the pilgrimage men and women are allowed to drape in white cloth from top to bottom. However they are not allowed to slaughter animals, cut hairs, shave, trim nails, and wear perfume and other things while performing such pilgrimage.

Visiting Umrah •

Just like Hajj is considered as holiest of the place for Allah worshippers, so is the Umrah tour which also has immense value and rewards in Islam. The true significance of visiting Umrah is to get free from all past sins and book your position in paradise. Moreover, Umrah package has made it easy deal for worshippers to visit the place in an economical manner and finalize your position in paradise.

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Plan your travel to holy city of allah