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Dear representatives of Protect America, Five Star Media would like to thank you for choosing our advertising class to be the leading participants in the first Pay It Forward challenge hosted by Protect America Cares. This opportunity was an incredible experience in which Five Star Media was able to implement marketing and advertising skills in the process of giving back to the greater Lansing, MI community. The charity of choice was Beekman Therapeutic Riding center (BTRC). Five Star Media would also like to thank the center for agreeing to let us work with them and learn about their contribution to the residents of East Lansing and Lansing, MI. Watching the volunteers work with the horses to initially develop trust among trainer and horse was an unforgettable experience. Seeing that translate into a bond between horse and rider was incredibly rewarding and fueled Five Star Media’s effort to help Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center in any way possible. Thank you for taking your time to allow us to present our work and overall advertising proposal to you. Five Star Media appreciates the opportunity to learn and grow from this experience in more than one fashion. Please enjoy the following proposal for Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center, an amazing Lansing charity. Sincerely,

Samantha Blackmore

Ha-Jin Kim

Jenine Rowe

Kelly Dakesian

Caroline Zieleniewski


SITUATION ANALYSIS Company Background S.W.O.T. Problem/Opportunity Market Research Summary Report Objectives

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CAMPAIGN EXECUTION Creative Brief Outdoor Print Direct Mail Social Media Public Relations Media Flight Plan

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APPENDIX Thank you! Contact Information

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Colby is one of the Beekman crew’s ten horses. He is a an expert of natural horsemanship!




rotect America was founded in 1992 and has grown into one of the largest home security companies in the nation. The company has protected more than 375,000 families in America with its state-of-the-art GE security system. Protect America is committed to protecting and defending the security of homes in America but has always been committed to a role in the community as well. Protect America Cares is a section of the company that focuses on charitable giving. The Ronald McDonald House, the Austin Zoo, Austin Pets Alive, Barkin’ Doggie Biscuits, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Feed the Children are just a few examples of the many organizations that receive help from Protect America Cares. Protect America has distinguished themselves from competitors with this vast commitment to charitable giving. The company has marketed themselves through social media sites like Facebook, twitter, and blogs. The company has also implemented a Pay It Forward challenge, utilizing talented Michigan State University students to raise money for a charity of their choice. The charity selected for the Pay It Forward Challenge is Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center, located in Lansing, Michigan. Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center is a non-profit organization that allows people of all abilities, many with disabilities, to partner with horses using the techniques of natural horsemanship to strengthen the body. The program has been in existence since 1979 but has had many struggles to gain recognition and support. The center combines a school for children and riding arenas. Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center operates with a volunteer-only staff and all of the ten horses at the center were donated. The center does not limit lessons to students of the center; lessons are also offered to non-students. This is the only center of its kind located in Lansing, which sets the charity apart from other non-profits in the area. The center does not have an extensive marketing background, although they have experimented with a television advertisement and some event marketing.



STRENGTHS Volunteer staff Tax exempt Reasonable prices / low rates Combines a school with a therapy center which provides multiple opportunities for people to donate and volunteer  Receiving help from Protect America Cares    



Small budget for improvement Depend on outside contributions Lack of recognition Poor location (not present in the minds of Lansing residents)

THREATS  Suffers the risk of being shut down

without proper funding  Competition with similar therapeutic riding centers in Michigan

OPPORTUNITIES  Eligible for grants and donations  Close to university where many people may

find interest in the charity  Could connect with many Lansing businesses for support


PROblem / opportunity

THE PROBLEM: The Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center has had trouble gaining recognition and raising donations for the center. In 2005 the center was almost shut down because their main sponsor cut funds and the center has struggled ever since but remains strong and hopeful.

THE opporunity: Protect America has provided a great opportunity for Michigan State University students to Pay It Forward and choose this charity and work with them on marketing and fundraising techniques. Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center will be able to utilize fresh ideas to possibly implement in the future.


MARket rESearch

Data collecting methods Five Star Media conducted market research pertaining to Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center. A survey was conducted of 184 people for primary research. The survey contained 8 questions:  Do you donate to charities and/or non-profits?  If yes, what charity or non-profits do you most donate to?  In what way(s) are you willing to help charities or non-profits?  Are in interested in horseback riding?  Have your heard of Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center?  What is your gender?  What is your age?  What is your income?

From the survey results Five Star Media learned that Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center has low awareness within the community, but people are willing to help charities or non-profits. 73% of people said they would volunteer their time to a charity or non-profit and 72% also said they would be willing to give a cash donation. Overall our survey results showed that Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center needs to raise their awareness within the Lansing area.


Summary report

After analyzing the survey results from 185 people, two main aspects were evident: Consumers are not aware of Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center. Also, most people who took the surveys are willing to help charities in some form, if they don’t already.

As a result, Five Star Media decided to focus on raising brand awareness of BTRC, which will therefore increase the opportunities for residents of the Lansing area to volunteer or donate to the charity.


Have you heard of the beekman therapeutic riding center in Lansing?

Do you donate to charities?



61% 85%





In what way(s) are you willing to help charities / non-profits? 2% 4%

32% 33%


Volunteering time

Donating Goods

Volunteering Equipment

Cash donations Other



 Raise awareness of a local Lansing charity  Increase involvement in the program




Client Protect America in support of Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center

Goal of Advertising Raise awareness in the Lansing community of the Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center to eventually increase annual donations to the center

Target audience Adults in the greater Lansing area

PROBLEM Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center has had trouble gaining recognition and raising donations for the center

SOLUTION  Reinforce the idea that the Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center is still relevant in the Lansing community  Raise awareness to those that are unaware of the center in the community.  Link the center to new events which will reach a broader audience through traditional and digital advertising strategies

Tone Informative, simple, encouraging



Outdoor advertising will be used to increase awareness of BTRC. If people are not aware of its existence, these ads like the one shown below will arouse curiosity and interest in passersby.


1979 EXIT XX


BTRC logo: Creates awareness of the charity


1979 EXIT XX Headline: Short and brief headline that unintrusively conveys BTRC’s involvement in the community

facebook: Social media logo where more information can be found



Print ads will be used to showcase the charity through a brochure and newsletter. The main purpose of the brochure will be to inform potential donors on the cost of maintaining and running the BTRC. It showcases all of the costs involved with running the BTRC and how donations are distributed within the charity. BTRC will run a short update every other month in the Lansing School District Newsletter. The main purpose of the newsletter will be to inform readers on recent updates or events that will be happening at BTRC.


Donations and volunteers from the community help support the continued operation of our program. BTRC is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization and relies 100% on the generosity of individuals such as you and the community to continue providing our services.

Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center is a non-profit organization, through LEAF (Lansing Educational Advancement Foundation). It is located on the campus of the Marvin E. Beekman Center, in Lansing, MI. Our program has been in existence since 1979. It was founded by a former principal of the Marvin E. Beekman Center, John Breaugh, who saw a need for specialized horseback riding therapy for Beekman Center students, as well as others with disabilities, in the community.

For donations, please make checks out to:

PROGRAM SERVICES We are proud to offer riding and driving lessons to people of all ages (3 years and older), with and without disabilities. Our experienced staff can teach skills in therapeutic riding, natural horsemanship, and driving to students from beginner through advanced levels.


LEAF / Beekman Riding Beekman Riding 2901 Wabash Road Lansing, MI 48910 If you would like more information, please contact our offices at 517 . 755 . 2174

Direct mail

Direct mail will be used to make people in the community aware of events put on by Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center. Mailing lists will consist of past attendees of events, volunteers, as well as parents within the Lansing school district. The main purpose of these pieces will be to inform people about BTRC, as well as encourage attendance at events.



MONDAY, APRIL 9th 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. 2901 Wabash Road Lansing, MI 48910 (517) 325-6740




Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center is a non-profit organization that allows people of all abilities, many with disabilities, to partner with horses using the techniques of natural horsemanship to strengthen the body. The Center operates with a volunteer-only staff and all of the ten horses at the center were donated. The center does not limit lessons to students of the center; lessons are also offered to non-students.

Please join our silent auction to help raise money for our charity. Your presence is very important to us!


social media

Facebook Facebook is an important element for any business in today’s viral online world. Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center implemented a Facebook page after consulting with Five Star Media and has done an exceptional job developing it. Facebook is a great way to update “friends” on opportunities to volunteer, to ride or to donate. Facebook also allows viewers to be invited and reminded of events hosted by BTRC. A few ways to take the page to the next level would be to implement the newest “Timeline” template. This allows for BTRC to have a banner picture that can immediately draw viewers into detailed content below. Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center can post personal stories or recaps after a riding lesson (permission permitting).

Twitter Twitter would be a great resource for Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center to have quick updates on the center’s hours, events, etc. Twitter can also be used as an encouragement tactic to invite followers to come ride.



BTRC’s old Facebook page had a minimal fan base and no information. No posts were being made and no pictures were uploaded. Five-Star Media spoke to the BTRC staff about the importance and benefits of social media, and urged them to improve their Facebook page.




public relations

EVENTS Panda Express, Noodles & Co., and Summer event (Carnival & Silent auction) Five Star Media implemented various fundraising events in the Lansing community to raise funds for BTRC but was also able to achieve more awareness of the charity through these events. Panda Express at Michigan State and Noodles & Co. both agreed to host a fundraiser in which a portion of their profit was donated to BTRC when Five Star Media’s flyer was used. BTRC could also benefit from hosting other fundraising events that could be located on-site or at another Lansing location. Because BTRC is linked to the Lansing school district, we suggest hosting an on-site carnival for kids and most of the proceeds would be able to help the center. Another event that BTRC could benefit from is a silent auction in which local businesses could donate goods (such as dinner or movie passes) and the proceeds would go to BTRC.


PRESS RELEASE The State News Contact: Five Star Media


SECURITY COMPANY SELECTS MSU ADVERTISING CLASS IN MARKETING PROJECT Protect America will work with selected class to raise money and awareness for charity Protect America is a major security company that has chosen Michigan State University to represent them in a marketing project. Students in the Advertising 342 class at MSU were split into teams to work on a semester-long Pay-It-Forward challenge and advertising campaign on behalf of Protect America. Teams of upper-level advertising students were given $500 and a Kodak video camera to document all of their work to be presented at the end of the semester. Protect America requested that the teams choose a smaller or lesser-known charity to work with on behalf of Protect America. Many teams of students chose local Lansing charities and are busy raising awareness through fundraising events and creating effective marketing ideas. Protect America is a major supporter of charities and has an organization within the company called Protect America Cares, which is linked to many major charities. The company is linked to the military, promoting safety with young children, and many animal charities. Marketing and advertising for their support of charities is done completely through social media. The students in the MSU advertising program said they are honored to have been chosen for such a major project and they are also excited for the opportunity to help local charities raise funds and awareness. ### Contact: Five Star Media (517-555-7827)



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Some of the horses enjoying a daytime meal


Thank you Thank you for your time and attention! Sincerely,


contact information

Samantha Blackmore 313.320.2633

Kelly dakesian 616.745.6115

ha-Jin Kim 517.402.8617

Jenine Rowe 734.812.3560

Caroline Zieleniewski 517.282.7303


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