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Egg Food

Having fun with eggs A SoFoBoMo book by Henk-Jan Kooiman

SoFoBoMo 2016 A book with egg food. I got the idea while baking an egg. All photos, mostly in my kitchen, and recipes are made by myself between July 8 and August 7 2016. It was a fun thing to do. Hope you like it. Henk-Jan Kooiman Zaandam, 2016

Breakfast & Lunch

My favorite breakfast. Hard boiled egg, a croissant and orange juice.

Simple breakfast

I used whipping cream for this version.

Bread with scrambled eggs and chives

Even a not very well poached egg looks nice in B&W

Poached egg in mushroom bouillon

My favorite lunch Add ham (or roastbeef) and cheese on some slices of bread, Bake eggs (with bacon) and put them on top. Nice with some cucumber, tomato and/or pickles.


Cooling down the eggs in streaming water

Tuna salad on avocado

There's a mixture of piccalilli and mayonnaise on the bread

Meatball on ciabatta


I love the salty taste of anchovy

Filled egg with anchovy and parsley

Recipe Ingredients: 1 chiabatta 2 spoons of olive oil 2 eggs (hard boiled) 200 gr smoked mackerel grilled bell pepper The making: Heat the oven at 200C Cut the ciabatta in slices Put the olive oil on top of the ciabatta Heat the ciabatta for 8 minutes in the oven The final: Peal the hard boiled eggs and cut them into slices Put the egg slices on the ciabatta Cut the grilled bell pepper into pieces and put them on the eggs Divide the mackerel into pieces and put them on top Have fun and bon appetit!

Bruschetta mackerel, bellpepper and egg

These eggs needs at least 12 hours in a beet marinade.

Filled pink eggs

The outside is made of slices of bread, flattened with a rolling pin.

PâtÊ rolls with mustard and egg

Recipe Ingredients: 2 eggs fresh dill 50 ml crème fraîche 160 ml vodka Preparation: Boil the eggs for 10 minutes Cool them down Peel them and cut them in half (length) Get the yolk out and mix it with the crème fraîche and chopped dill Add some pepper and (sea) salt Fill the egg white with the mix Put each half egg on a glass of vodka Garnish with some dill Finally: Eat the egg and drink the vodka Enjoy!

Egg on vodka

Never fried boiled eggs before. The result was great!

Fried eggs with shallot


Most of the ingredients are on the left

Scrambled eggs with shrimps

Although I prefer the white asparagus (they were not available), the green ones also taste very well

Asparagus with ham and eggs

Lovely dish with mushrooms, leek, shrimps and a homemade sauce.

Egg foo young with shrimps

I bought the pizza bottoms. Added pasta sauce, mozzarella, red onion rings and raw eggs. The prosciutto di Parma was added after the baking.

Pizza with ham, onions and eggs

The meatballs are made of bratwurst

Filled meatballs

Quiche with fresh spinach, onions, ham, cheese and eggs

Spinach-ham quiche


Easy to make with egg white, sugar and a teaspoon of lime juice

Lime/passionfruit meringue

Made of egg yolk, sugar and brandy


Thanks for looking! Henk-Jan Kooiman My previous SoFoBoMo books (

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