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Order of Program Saturday, April 21, 2012 - 8am - 7pm LOCATION: Conference room 8-9am



Prayer and Welcoming Address Performance by Marvah Saint Louis


Performance by Farah Lissa - National Anthems (Haiti and USA)


Speakers (7-10 minutes each) 1. Joey Cheriscat, PDG of Radiofos, Georgia. 2. Edwin Paraison, Ex MHAVE Minister 3. Special greetings by Me. Michel Bunache, Minister of Justice, Haiti. 4. Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras, President of the Senate, Haiti 5. Professor Kesner Pharel , Group Croissance, “Investir show” 6. Roxanne Ledan, “TAINO-L” 7. Performance by Soley Merceron 8. HID’s presentation by Jacob Francois, MBA. 9. Dr. Jean Orelien’s Presentation: “Haiti: Seen through the eyes of a Haitian-American Businessman”.

LOCATION: Exhibition/Vendor area 10:40-11:10

First Break (Networking, Vendors, Socializing)

LOCATION: Conference Room 11:15- 11:30

Introduction to the “DLO PWOP” Water Project Initiative/Introduction of keynote and panelist speakers: Moise Garcon.


Presentation and Demonstration of the Water System, By Mr. Jack Barker, CEO/President of Sunspring Innovative Water Technologies


Engineer Lavaud Cheristin, Plateau Central, Haiti

12:30- 1:00

Questions and Answers Distribution of Donation/Sponsorship forms

LOCATION: Conference/Dining room 1-2pm


2-2:20 pm

Presentation by Roosevelt Jean-François: “Leadership’s Education for Haiti and the Diaspora” (l’ Education au leadership pour Haiti et la Diaspora).


Special Presentation by Students of the University of Florida: “.


Introduction to HLARC (Haitians Living Abroad Resource Center) • Finding a common successful denominator and harmonizing Haitians in the Diaspora to create a central force, and a platform for further development of Haiti and Haitians living abroad. Services offered by centers: social services, education and health services, training, employment, referrals, etc. • Speakers: Frantz Bourget, Elize Joseph, and Jean Marie Lauture.


Questions and Answers Collection of completed Donation/Sponsorship forms

LOCATION: Lobby/Conference Room 3:35 -3:50

Second Break/Serving of snacks/coffee/cookies/brownies etc.

LOCATION: Conference room 3:50-5:20pm

Endorsing the Projects – Role and Involvement of the Diaspora in achieving the success of those projects. Best strategies to adopt and implement the projects with the Diaspora. Identifying other areas in Haiti to implement and achieve the projects, and best practices to achieve success of the projects in Haiti, i.e. overcoming political barriers, and avoiding wasting money in Haiti, favorable economic development, and how to market for a 100% success development in Haiti, etc. Keynote Speakers: (5 minutes each) 1. Haitian Alliance’s representative speech 2. Zoom Sur Haiti Presentation, Jean Alex Jean Philippe (Canada) 3. Kiskeya’s Group Presentation 4. Performance by Farah Lissa 5. Senator Donzella James 6. Major Joseph Bernadel 7. Mr. Stuart D. Hirsh, Health Alliance 8. Short Documentary about DLO PWOP.

5:20 – 6:00

AYITI DEMAIN LIVE: LES OBSTABLES A L’ INTEGRATION REELLE DE LA DIASPORA HAITIENNE DANS LA VIE SOCIALE, ECONOMIQUE ET POLITIQUE D’ HAITI? (The obstacles of a better involvement of the Haitian Diaspora in the socioeconomic and political life in Haiti?) Panelists: Evans Paul, Kesner Pharel, Edwin Paraison, Simon Desras Dieuseul, Frantz Bourget, Jacob Francois, Smoye Noisy. Moderators: Moise Garcon, Lindor Jn Serginho.


Entertainers: Fred Déjean Poppy Duverné Marvah Saint Louis Soley Merceron Lokandya


Keynote Speech by Dr. Cheryl Hill.


Performance by Soley Merceron


Words of Thanks and Closing remarks Promoting public/private Partnerships/Sponsorships supporting the projects, other Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, etc., by Moise Garcon, Lindor Jn Serginho, Carel Pedre, and Smoye Noisy

LOCATION: Exhibition/vendor area 7:00-8:30pm

Expositions, vendors, networking, etc

**Waiver – We reserve the right to amend this Program at any time.

2012 Summit Program  

This is the 2012 Summit Program

2012 Summit Program  

This is the 2012 Summit Program