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Dootilh January 2017


You want freeze with that? Polar Bear Swim a real feat of strength


Brian Grant shared this photo of the Polar Bear Swimmers on January 1 jumping into the Haisla Harbour, the front view of the same photo on the cover. More than 20 people participated in the traditional chilly dive, and participants were offered hot dogs, hot chocolate, and coffee afterwards.

HNC’s position on refinery plans Haisla Nation Council has worked with the proponents and the Federal Government's Environmental Assessment Agency in respect of each of the two refinery projects that have been proposed for our traditional territory -- Kitimat Clean and Pacific Future Energy. In the case of Kitimat Clean, the proponent has agreed to delay its regulatory process in order to facilitate Haisla Nation Council review. In the case of Pacific Futures Energy, the regulatory process has been materially changed in keeping with Haisla Nation Council's recommendations. Both are ambitious projects which are in the early stages of development. We have not decided to support or oppose either project as we need more information about 2

environmental impacts, employment opportunities, potential economic benefits, and many other areas of concern. Former Chief Councillor, Ellis Ross offered his personal opinion in support of the refinery concepts earlier this month in press release. It is important to note that Ellis resigned from Haisla Nation Council in October of 2016 and has given his support of the refinery concepts as the Skeena MLA Candidate for the BC Liberal Party. Haisla Nation Council will continue to keep the community updated on these projects in coming weeks. Crystal Smith Acting Chief Councillor

School welcomes new principal Haisla Community School’s new principal Sonya Mack has found passion in a career which gives her the freedom to see the world, but she’s discovered connections with the Haisla that prove just how small the world is. Born and raised in Bella Coola in the Nuxalk Nation, Mack has experience being an educator in many places and capacities - teacher, adult education, principal. In 1989 she had a brief stint teaching in Kitamaat Village, and here she learned through a community elder that there were two ladies who had, years before, travelled the mountains to come to Kitlope from Bella Coola, and welcomed into the community. It was a story confirmed to her back home. It just went to show that it’s a small world. Today, Mack joins the Haisla school from most recently being a teacher in Anahim Lake. She’s excited for the job but she’s also excited for the west coast life again. “It was time to go back to the oceans and the mountains,” she said. She’s committed to First Nations education and she considers it a great honour to now be back in the Haisla community.

HNC’s new Education Manager Tanya Rexin was born and raised in Fort St. John. Previously was Dean of Instruction at NWCC and lived in Terrace for three years. Before that, she worked for College of New Caledonia as Regional Director in Mackenzie and taught at Northern Lights College for eight years. Tanya has a Master's Degree in Criminology and is currently working on her MBA through SFU. She and her husband, Jim, moved to Kitimat over Christmas so that she could be close for the new job. They enjoy exploring local hiking trails with their dog. 3

The news from nee n’wagilas yowtz, our heartfelt condolences to families that are grieving, to all those that are ill, and to our shutins. Please join us for luncheons Tuesdays and Thursdays. Meals on Wheels are delivered every Wednesday. We start at 11.20 am – last delivery at 2.30pm. If we have a passing of a xaisla member, luncheons are cancelled. Meals on Wheels will continue as we feel as staff that the shut-ins still need to be fed and nourished. Thank You for understanding. Thank you to Rio Tinto for the gift certificate and lunch bags; to Horizons North for gift certificate and flower; to xaisla fisheries for the halibut, seal meat; to Val Boltons family in Prince Rupert for all the Indian food; to Daniel Paul, thank you so much for the prawns; to LNG Canada for the calendars, hats, all gifts for our Christmas dinner. We didn’t let our elders know that it was all Indian food, a nice surprise for them.

Thank you to nee n’wagilas staff Dustin Gaucher, Lily Tsuji, Val Bolton for all the prep work for Christmas dinner. Was awesome. Thank you to Hazel Hannibal’s department for the turkeys. Much appreciated. Thank you Paul Gray for the seal meat. Special thanks to Public Works staff for all what you do for us. Thank you HNC and staff for all you do for us. Be safe on all your travels. wa.

Elders at an LNG Canada picnic last year.

Fire department responds to house fire Shortly before midnight on January 8, 2017, the Haisla Nation Volunteer Fire Department was called to a house fire on Kitlope Avenue in Kitamaat Village. Eight firefighters attended the call, supported by five additional volunteers. Fire crews returned to the Haisla fire hall at 5:30 a.m., January 9. Fire and Emergency Services Coordinator Andrew Bolton says the home was completely destroyed, but the two occupants of the home did manage to get out safely. Bolton credits community members for giving firefighters adequate space during their operations, making their work a lot easier. 4

He says this event should be an effective reminder to ensure smoke alarms in households are installed and functioning

ATTENTION: HAISLA NATION Band Members and their Spouse

Product & Service Information

New Staff

HAISLA PO BOX 1101 HAISLA, BC V0T 2B0 Phone: (250) 639-9361 Toll Free: 1-888-842-4752

Fax: (250) 632-2840 Paula Smith, Job Coach (ext 144) Cell: 250-639-5290 Email: Gerri Budden, Job Coach (ext 144) Cell: 250-639-6489 Email: Stacey Wilson, Job Coach (ext.139) Email:

Welcome to the new Education Manager Tanya Rexin. Tanya will oversee both the LNG Capacity Development Department and Post-Secondary Department. Tanya’s email address is and her extension is #125. Job Coach Geri Budden & Paula Smith Job Coach Geri Budden and Paula Smith are both at extension #144. Learner’s Driver’s License Training We are taking names and phone numbers to put on a waitlist for acquiring your Learner’s (L) driver’s license. To qualify for training, you need the following: ➢ Government Picture ID and Secondary ID; Birth Certificate or Passport, Status Card, Care Card, BCID or a BC Services Card. ➢ NO outstanding fines or issues with ICBC preventing you from obtaining your ‘L’. e.g. outstanding Child Support Payments owed to FMEP. ➢ Be 19 years or older. Please leave your name and phone number with Deanna at extension #110 indicating you would like to be on the list for the training. PLEASE NOTE: The following will be strictly adhered to: HNC Job Coaches require 10 business days to process COMPLETED applications for Capacity Development funding.

Deanna Gray, Assistant/Database (ext. 110) Email:


Haisla input needed as the Haisla Nation Land Use Plan is developed From Lands and Resources The Haisla Nation is currently working to create a Land Use Plan to help guide the future growth and development of the community. The Land Use Plan will create a set of policies explaining how the land can be used in different areas of the Haisla community for both development and protection. The plan will contain a set of maps and documents recording the community’s goals and aspirations. We are currently working on a public engagement strategy for engaging the entire community so that the history, knowledge, and future vision of the community is fully realized in the Land Use Plan. The first step will be to reach out to the community to introduce the project and team, discuss community goals and aspirations, and to ultimately form a community vision which will guide the land use plan. Opportunities and constraints will be discussed with community 6

members to ensure that historical areas are protected and future development areas are agreed on by the community. The overall goal of the public engagement strategy is to work with the Haisla community to create a plan that reflects the desires of the community as a whole and that is in line with the Haisla mission statement.


he mission of the Haisla is to build a powerful prosperous and proud community, healthy in mind, body, and spirit

All community members are encouraged to participate in the various forms of public engagement throughout the next 6-8 months. It is anticipated that the community engagement strategy

The stages of the Land Use Plan Introduction / Draft Land Use Plan Visioning Creation and Review Chief and Council ratification process

Final Land Use Plan Review

will be reviewed and refined by the Land Advisory Committee to ensure that the plan meets the needs of the community as the project progresses and to ensure that we reach out to as many Haisla community members as possible. We need YOUR input into the creation of the Haisla Nation Land Use Plan! The land use plan will guide the future growth of the community to ensure that development occurs in a logical, responsible manner and to ensure that other Haisla lands such as heritage sites, environmentally sensitive sites, and resource extraction sites are protected. The Land Use Plan will be developed over the next 6-8 months and an important part of the plan creation will be input from you, the Haisla community. We are currently working on a detailed roll out strategy to seek input from all interested Haisla Members. This will include reaching out to Elders, Youth, Members at large, the Lands Advisory

Committee and Chief & Council. In the next few months we will circulate a draft document and host open houses in Kitamaat Village and Vancouver to make sure people have even further opportunity to provide feedback. The LAND ADVISORY COMMITTEE has stressed that we want to get full feedback from the membership at every step of the way . We want everyone to know that your voice matters and will be heard. The Land Advisory Committee consists of Liz Robinson (Chair), Marilyn Furlan, Fred Ringham, Sherry Smith, Cyril Grant Jr and Brent Robinson. In an advisory role we have Whitney Lukuku, Chris Wilson, Colin Light and Patti Wight (from the Land Advisory Board). For more information contact Brent Robinson, Assistant Lands Administrator for HNC at (250) 639-9361 ext 142 ; Cell (250) 639-0559 or by email at

How can I participate in the creation of the Land Use Plan? ● Read project updates in the Dootilh or on Facebook ● Attend community workshops and open houses ● Tell your neighbours and friends about the plan and get them involved ● Read the draft Land Use Plan when it is available ● Ask questions and send comments to the project team via Facebook or e-mail 7

Haisla NRS Environmental Liaison monthly update Happy New Year, Haisla! Government Natural Resource Sector Agencies and the BC Oil and Gas Commission, in partnership with the Haisla Nation and other participating Aboriginal groups, have developed Howard Vroon the Natural Resource Sector (NRS) Aboriginal Liaison Program (ALP) as a means of supporting greater Aboriginal community awareness of natural resource planning, development, safety, environmental and emergency management, restoration activities and regulatory oversight. The NRS ALP provides a knowledgeable, trained and properly equipped resource for Aboriginal communities to assist various NRS agencies in monitoring and inspection tasks as appropriate. The NRS ALP has worked to the mutual benefit of all parties involved as it relates to incident and complaint response and general field and office interactions. The NRS ALP agreement is currently represented by: Doig River First Nation, Salulteau First Nation, Prophet River First Nation, Haisla Nation, Nisga'a Lisims Government, Carrier Sekani First Nation, and Lake Babine First Nation. Liaisons are actively working in their respective territories conducting field activities related to disturbance monitoring and reclamation, compliance and enforcement, and emergency response. The success of the program has garnered interest from other First Nations in the province to participate as well. My role in the NRS ALP began in May of last year, and there was a lot happening in our Territory at the time. I was actively participating in joint field inspections at the LNG Canada (Shell) and Kitimat LNG (Chevron) sites, which had permits in place that were being monitored by the NRS Agencies as well as the BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC). During my first month, I spent a week in Fort St. John training with the OGC and other Agencies. I also attended other training sessions with OGC and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) and the Environmental As8

I am planning to coordinate a "Community Meeting" in 2017 to introduce the NRS ALP program partners to the community. If you are a hunter, trapper or outdoor enthusiast who is concerned about Industrial and Recreational activities in our territory, we urge you to attend and share your concerns. sessment Office (EAO). I continually review and study all the relevant Acts and Regulations pertaining to the job, Industry news and updates, and continue to work with OGC and NRS compliance and enforcement officers whenever they are in Haisla Territory doing field inspections. Aside from routine inspections with NRS staff, other field activities I was involved in during 2016: a "substantial start determination" and "compliance audit" with PTP up the North Hirsch and the Hoult, the Wedeene and Iron Mountain was conducted by EAO and OGC in August; and a "Tenure Inspection" with FLNRO in September - Lower Hugh Creek, Sue Channel, Eagle Bay and Kildala Arm (via M/V Peace Ranger). The goal of this field inspection was to conduct a joint inspection of industrial activities within the Haisla Nation Territory, to show "field presence" and provide a mentoring opportunity. It has been a pleasure to work with OGC and NRS partner agency personnel during my tenure to date, and I look forward to a continued positive relationship. I have learned a lot in a short period of time. I keep photos and report monthly to the NRS ALP Committee on all field activities. If anyone wants more information on what is happening in our territory, feel free to contact me at work: 250-6399361 Ext. 146 or email me at: I look forward to hearing from you. Report a Natural Resource Violation 1 877 952 RAPP (7277) or *7277 en/ BC Oil and Gas Commission Industry 24

hour Incident Reporting 1-800-663-3456 Public Enquiries and Concerns Fort St. John: 250-794-5200 Victoria: 250-419-4400 Call toll free via Enquiry BC 1-800-663-7867


Take care driving on winter roads Nechako Northcoast provided information about their road clearing efforts to Community Development ahead of the recent rises in temperature. Their tips are certainly useful at any time during winter driving conditions. They noted that rapidly rising temperatures would lead to freezing rain on the road, which after a long time of freezing temperatures would cause the water to freeze rapidly on the ground. Road crews, they say, will be

out 24 hours a day plowing and applying sand for traction. That said, when temperatures rise too fast, coupled with rain, there comes the chance that the sand on the road would ice over rapidly.


Drivers can follow road conditions and any road events, such as closures, by going online to Weather conditions and alerts are also posted on

Strategies and Actions for Independent Living©

SAIL© Home Activity Program – Level 1: Sitting Buttock Walk (sitting) 1. Lift and shift one buttock forward, then other buttock forward (scooting) to move forward in chair. • Do the same going backward. • Do 2-3 more times forward and backward. Too easy? • Slowly do more (buttock walk forward and back, up to 15 times each direction). • Hold one arm out to side while doing buttock walk. • If still too easy, hold both arms out to side. • Sing a song or recite a poem while doing the buttock walk.

Buttock Lifts and Sit to Stand If needed, sit closer to the front of the chair. Make sure your feet are close to the chair and far enough apart. 1. Put hands on armrests of chair or on thighs. 2. Lean forward. Push heels into floor as if going to stand. Hold. Relax. Do 2-3 more times. 3. This time, lift buttocks up off chair slightly. Feel the weight through your feet. Sit back down. Relax. Do 2-3 more times. Too easy? Sit to Stand • If using a walker, position it in front, with the brakes on. • Place hands on armrests or thighs. Lean forward, feeling the weight through your feet. Stand up. • Stand for 5 seconds, holding onto walker if needed. • Slowly sit down. Reach back to hold onto armrests if needed. Repeat 2 to 3 times. Too easy? • Slowly do more (up to 15 buttock lifts and 15 stands). • Slowly use your arms less until you can stand without using your arms at all.

These activities are part of the Strategies and Actions for Independent Living Program (2012) - BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit.


May 2013

Calendar Haisla Health Fair January 26, 2017 When: 1 pm (booths), 5pm (dinner) Where: Haisla Recreation Centre All welcome Patient Voices Network orientation When: 3:30 pm, during Health Fair If you are interested in being part of a network of people who are helping Health Care Partners make improvements to the system, like the Emergency Room at Kitimat hospital, please come! We need your voice! It’s a short term commitment, once per year. Learn more: Church services at the Haisla United Church Evening Services 7:00 pm every Sunday Music lead by: Dan Martin Bible study and prayer at Haisla United Church Wednesdays, at 7 pm.

Careers You can always see the latest job postings for Haisla Nation Council on (under the Council tab), and also see listings at for other positions.

A face on the totem pole near Haisla Marina peers through the branches of nearby trees on a rather wet and mild January 19. Still, plenty of snow and ice proves it remains winter.

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Dootilh - January 2017  

The January 2017 issue of the Haisla Dootilh.

Dootilh - January 2017  

The January 2017 issue of the Haisla Dootilh.