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Banana Kills Hair Fall: 10 Hacks You Must To Know!

Haven't you added a banana to your healthy diet yet now? Then add it today. Banana is the key for improving the hair shine, hair growth and keep them strong always. It is rich in calcium, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamin and full of natural oils that help in the complete nourishment of the hair. A normal banana mask can help in fighting dandruff and hair fall easily. Most important point is, It is natural and organic so anyone can use it.

Repair Heat Damage Hair

A normal banana hair mask helps in repairing heat damage hair easily with its natural oil. It's moisturizer work as “Sanjivani Booti� for dead hair.

Shining & Beautiful Healthy Hair

A combination of banana & egg masks just not help in growing your hair also gives healthy and beautiful shiny hair.

Relief from Dry Hair

Normally we use a banana to getting rid of from our dry skin, similarly, you can use banana and honey hair mask for replenishing your hair and give a soft touch hair.

Hair Fall Treatment

The banana mask helps in preventing hair fall because of its overflowing with keratin that makes your hair strong & stops hair fall.

Soft Hair

A pack with the combination of two natural healthy ingredient coconut milk and banana helps in making your hair soft and long.

Reduce Hair Shrinkage

The presence of vitamin A and B helps in preventing your hair from shrinking.

Strong Hair

If you are thinking about making your hair strong or more strong then banana can be the best solution for it. Weak hair is the main cause of hair fall. Use banana pack to provide natural care to your hair roots. strengthening it as you go.

Hair Straightening

The hair mask of banana, lemon, yogurt and Multani Mitti helps in straighten your hair. Avoid using water in this.


A healthy combination pack of banana, coconut oil, coconut milk, and honey together provide your hair the required nourishment that your hair needs. Take the advantage of banana proteins and vitamins for your healthy hair.

Boosts Growth

Apply whip banana yogurt mask together on your scalp for boosting your hair growth by stopping hair fall.

Banana Peels

Yes, Banana peel contains many benefits that help in hair growth and keeping shining hair. You can use banana peels in your hair shampoo for gain extra nourishment.

Why Banana?

Banana is full of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E because of this it helps in above mention points. So Enjoy this natural hair mask and keep your hair always shine, health, long and strong. Cheers!

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Banana kills hair fall 10 hacks you must to know!  

An helpful brief information on the use of banana for hair benefits. You must read.

Banana kills hair fall 10 hacks you must to know!  

An helpful brief information on the use of banana for hair benefits. You must read.