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Who authors this space? THBTP GUIDE TO READINGS,32,,70

For each salon that we establish, we present a collection texts. Here we introduce our biggest reading list to date with a pinch of salt. Looking at the book shelves in this salon we begin with some questions, who are all these authors and philosophers who understand the world as it was, or as it is now, a world both you and I inhabit?

“It may be argued that place-takers and thesis-makers are the movers of history but this begs the question: what is the movement they make? To be sure, space may be traversed but the movement here comes down to a series WN [\MX[_PMZMMIKP[\MX[\WX[\W\ISMIXTIKMº42

Truth Is Concrete, Graz, 2012 7Z U][\ Q\  JM \PM XZWRMK\ WN  UI\MZQITQ[U \PI\ _M \]ZV to?23,38,41,59,60 Yet even with Marx in mind, in the Global North it would not be the factories, now converted into OMV\ZQÅML ÆI\[ I[ \PM [XIKM[ WN  \PM[M XWTQ\QK[9 When what is left of a European work force has been transformed to a ÆM`QJTM XZMKIZQW][ TIJW]Z \PZMI\MVML _Q\P ]VMUXTWaUMV\ Q\ Q[ KTMIZ ¹?M PI^M \PM _PWTM WN  [WKQIT [XIKM \W ÅVL MIKP other”34,43,44,66,70 History isn’t purely intervals of events, with nothing happening between one queen’s beheading and the next, between a revolution and a counter revolution. In the clamorous coming \WOM\PMZWN JWLQM[QVÆ]MVKQVOIVLINNMK\QVOMIKPW\PMZ_PI\ we hear is movement.20,29,58,62

)ZMJWWS[\WJMÆIO[XTIKMLWV\PMJMIKPWN IVM^MV\'7ZXMZPIX[ “In the days when such a thing as a white barber was unknown in the South, every barbershop had its quartet […] Someone would start a tune, they are waved high so that we might keep moving?45,65,67 maybe even the barber himself, and two or three customers might join in, Take for instance Rousseau; we turn to him to mark the ideals not singing the melody, but vocalizing tones that harmonized. When a of the French Revolution61. Here is a text written on stone. Yet new particularly rich chord was discovered there would be demands for around it lies the unmarked graves and fertile soils of bodies, the ZMXM\Q\QWV[IVLKZQM[WN »0WTLQ\ 0WTLQ\ ¼]V\QTQ\_I[ÅZUTaUI[\MLº -James Weldon Johnson “Book of American Negro Spirituals” almost or completely forgotten words, gestures or friendships 14,26,35,55,57 that stitch the fabric of such and such an event. For us, what takes place in this hair salon, between your words Perhaps, as liberal theory would idealise, in this salon we can be and our scissors, between trust and friendship, are ideas and rational, social beings who, gifted with content and the space relationships that form the very grains of the shifting sands of \W LMJI\M _QTT ÅVL _Ia[ NWZ_IZL \WOM\PMZ31,33 Democracy.2 worlds. According to this logic, today we need only to glance at an RSS feed and re-Tweet to take part. Radical Democracy? Almost a hundred years ago Dada appeared in Europe.10,11 In the context of the First World War, this avant guard raged against the rational, bourgeoisie man (this civilised French UIV?MUQOP\LW\PM[IUM\WLIa#_MTWWSIZW]VL][IVLÅVL the wholesale destruction of the earth and the polarisation of wealth and power.18,27,32,40,47,51,67,74 ,MUWKZIKaLWM[VW\JMOQVI[IÆI\[XIKM;PW]TL_MKWV\QV]M to hope that it will become one?1,25,68 Perhaps we choose not to be rational or reasonable. Instead we could choose to cry, or laugh or simply to chat shit together. The word aesthetics, from the Greek meaning to feel.

The books assembled in this salon have primarily been donated by the three radical publishers mentioned below, to whom we are grateful. Some books found here, or not mentioned in this guide, come from our own collections, other donations or have found their way here as liberated commodities. Verso: Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing eighty books a year. Semiotext(e): Best known for its introduction of French theory to American readers, Semiotext(e) has been one of America’s most QVÆ]MV\QIT QVLMXMVLMV\ XZM[[M[ [QVKM Q\[ QVKMX\QWV UWZM \PIV \PZMM LMKILM[IOW8]JTQ[PQVO_WZS[WN \PMWZaÅK\QWVUILVM[[MKWVWUQK[ [I\QZM[M`]ITQ\a[KQMVKMÅK\QWVIK\Q^Q[UIVLKWVNM[[QWV PM Press: PM Press was founded at the end of 2007 by a small collection of folks with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience. PM Press co-conspirators have published and distributed hundreds of books, pamphlets, CDs, and DVDs.


Giorgio Agamben Means Without End 2000 University of Minnesota 2Amy Allen ed. Democracy In What State? 2009 Columbia University Press 3 Benedict Anderson Imagined Communities 2006 Verso 4 Giovanni Arrighi Terence K. Hopkins and Immanuel Wallerstein Anti-‐Systemic Movements 1989 Verso 5 Escalate Collective SALT 2012 6 Etienne Balibar and Immanuel Wallerstein Race, Nation, Class Ambiguous Identities 1991 Verso 7 Etienne Balibar Politics and the Other Scene 2002 Verso 8Jean Baudrillard Utopia Deferred 2006 Semiotext(e) 9JaapJan Berg ed. Houses of Transformation 2009 NAi Publishers 10 Elsa & Peter Bethanis Dada & Surrealism 2006 For Beginners 11Claire Bishop Artificial Hells 2012 Verso 12Ryann Bosetti Regarding Head Shape: Acknowledgment Of The Haircut As Form Publication Studio 13Craig Buckley and Jean-‐Louis Violeau ed. Utopie: Texts and Projects 1967–– 1978 2011 Semiotext(e) 14 Paul Buhle Robin Hood: People’’s Outlaw and Forest Hero, A Graphic Guide 2011 PM Press 15 Jacinta Bunnell and Julie Novak Girls Are Not Chicks Coloring Book 2009 PM Press / Reach and Teach 16Jacinta Bunnell and Nathaniel Kusinitz Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon Coloring Book 2010 PM Press 17Franco La Cecla Against Architecture 2008 PM Press 18Noam Chomsky Occupy 2012 Penguin Press 19Christina Christoforou Whose Hair? 2011 Laurence King 20Pierre Clastres Archeology of Violence New Edition 2010 Semiotext(e) 21Guy Debord Correspondence 2008 Semiotext(e) 22Gilles Deleuze Desert Islands and Other Texts (1953-‐1974) 2003 Semiotext(e) 23Costas Douzinas and Slavoj Zizek ed. The Idea of Communism 2010 Verso 24Karrie Fransman The House That Groaned 2012 Square Peg 25Isabelle Fremeaux and John Jordan Les Sentiers de L’’Utopie 2011 Zones 26Lindsey German and John Rees A People’’s History of London 2012 Verso


André Gorz Critique of Economic Reason 2011 Verso 28Stephen Graham Cities Under Siege 2010 Verso 29Félix Guattari and Suely Rolnik Molecular Revolution in Brazil 2008 Semiotext(e) 30Gilda Haas, Tomas Benitez and Carol Wells ed. We Shall Not Be Moved: Posters and the Fight Against Displacement in L.A.’’s Figueroa Corridor 2008 PM Press/SAJE 31Jurgan Habermas, The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere: An Inquiry into a Category of Bourgeois Society 1991 MIT Press 32David Harvey Rebel Cities 2012 Verso 33Dan Hind The Return Of The Public 2012 Verso 34The Invisible Committee The Coming Insurrection 2009 Semiotext(e) 35Norman M. Klein The History of Forgetting 2008 Verso 36 Chris Kraus and Sylvère Lotringer ed. Hatred of Capitalism A Semiotext(e) Reader 2001 Semiotext(e) 37Chris Kraus Where Art Belongs 2011 Semiotext(e) 38Pierre Kropotkine La Commune 2008 L’Altiplano 39Henri Lefebvre Introduction to Modernity 2011 Verso 40Peter Linebaugh Ned Ludd & Queen Mab: Machine-‐Breaking, Romanticism, and the Several Commons of 1811-‐12 2012 PM Press / Retort 41 Prosper-‐Olivier Lissagaray History of the Paris Commune of 1871 2012 Verso 42Yve Lomax Sounding the Event 2005 I.B Tauris 43Sylvere Lotringer and Christian Marazzi ed. Autonomia. 2007 Semiotext(e) 44Sylvère Lotringer ed. The German Issue 2009 Semiotext(e) 45Staughton Lynd and Andrej Grubacic Wobblies and Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History 2008 PM Press 46 Giacomo Marramao The Passage West 2012 Verso 47James Marriot and Mika Minio-‐Paluello The Oil Road 2012 Verso 48 Tom McDonough The Situationists and the City 2009 Verso 49Farquhar McHarg Pistoleros!: The Chronicles of Farquhar McHarg -‐ I: 1918 2011 PM Press / Christie Books 50Cindy Milstein and Erik Ruin Paths toward Utopia: Graphic Explorations of Everyday Anarchism 2012 PM Press


Ben Morea and Ron Hahne Black Mask & Up Against the Wall Motherf**ker: The Incomplete Works of Ron Hahne, Ben Morea, and the Black Mask Group 2011 PM Press 52Laura Oldfield Ford Savage Messiah 2011 Verso The Housing Monster 2012 PM Press 54Queen of the Neighbourhood Revolutionary Women: A Book of Stencils 2010 PM Press 55Jacques Rancière Proletarian Nights: The Workers’’ Dream in Nineteenth-‐Century France 2012 Verso 56Jacques Rancière The Emancipated Spectator 2009 Verso 57David Rattray How I Became One of the Invisible 1992 Semiotext(e) 58Gerald Raunig Art and Revolution 2007 Semiotext(e) 59 Lukasz Rondula Alex Farquharson and Barbara Piwowarska ed. Star City 2010 MAMMAL Foundation 60Kristin Ross The Emergence of Social Space 2008 Verso 61Jean-‐Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract 1968 Penguin Books 62Peter Sloterdijk Bubbles Spheres Volume I: Microspherology 2011 Semiotext(e) 63 Michael Sorkin All Over The Map 2011 Verso 64Jeannie Sowers and Chris Toensing The Journey to Tahrir 2012 Verso 65Charles J. Stivale Gilles Deleuze, Key Concepts 2011 ACUMEN 66

Erik Swyngedouw Civic City Cahier 5: Designing the Post-‐Political City and the Insurgent Polis 2011 Bedford Press 67Astra Taylor, Keith Cessen and n+1 Occupy! 2011 Verso 68Dianna Taylor ed. Foucault, Key Concepts 2011 ACUMEN 69Tiqqun Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-‐Girl 2012 Semiotext(e) 70 Tiqqun This Is Not A Program 2011 Semiotext(e) 71Paul Virilio Lost Dimension 1991 Semiotext(e) 72 Teun Voeten Tunnel People 2010 PM Press 73McKenzie Wark The Beach Beneath the Street 2011 Verso 74Eyal Weizman The Least Of All Possible Evils 2011 Verso 75Ellen Meilsins Wood Liberty and Property 2012 Verso

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Truth Is Concrete Reading Room Guide  

A guide for the Salon reading room 21- 27th September

Truth Is Concrete Reading Room Guide  

A guide for the Salon reading room 21- 27th September