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Get to Know a Little more about Your Hair How well do you know your hair? Let’s say even just hair? Do you know the basic facts about your hair? Here are some handy information about hair that you might really be interested. 

We have hundreds of thousands of hair on our head yet each of them has three layers where the cuticle or the outside layer protects the two inner layers. When the cuticle is healthy, the hair is usually shiny. This is because a healthy cuticle lays flat and reflects light. The cuticle is like scales and when they lay flat and tight, the inner layers would be well protected from heat, the sun, chemicals, and pollutants that are hazardous.

The cuticle becomes like scales that separate, making the hair look dry and dull. This is because the cuticle cannot completely protect the two inner layers under it.

The hair has natural oil called Sebum, covering straight hair better than curly hair. For this reason, straight hairs appear shinier that the curly ones. So, it is not really because straight hair is healthier than curly hair.

The end of each hair strands are the oldest so it is the most sensitive. It has been through a lot of scorching heat of the sun and other pollutants, making it easy to break. So, it is best to have a haircut form time to time. It will make your hair look healthier.

Your lifestyle affects the way you take care of your hair. Better be mindful with how you prioritize the health of your hair and scalp as it affects your whole physical appearance.

You have a specific hair type. It is best to know which hair type you have so that you would be able to choose the one that would cater to your needs. Consider this as you choose from Sebastian hair products or other hair care stuff in the market.

Washing your hair frequently protects it from harsh pollutants. You may check Matrix Hair products as you think about which shampoo to use for your hair and scalp.

Get to Know a Little more about Your Hair