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Deserving Devine for Deserving Divas™: Is a made for television program that highlights women who have been suffering from some form of hair loss and those who are experiencing life’s hardship surviving today’s economy and daily activities. Deserving Devine for Deserving Divas™ highlight their stories and the results of being completely made over at one of Vision Illusion Hair Replacement Clinic. Deserving Devine for Deserving Divas™ is a panel of successful women who have experience some form of hardship during their lives and struggles to get to where they are now in life. This panel of women changes geographically as the show travels throughout the United States and ultimately internationally. These panels on each episode of the show will share their views on helpful topic keyed towards informing and empowering women. The panel will also select one deserving female from a video file sent in by hundreds of women around the world who feel that they are deserving of a makeover with the helpful suggestion of the panel. The panelist is selected based on their individual careers and usefulness of their life stories and talents in helping the over all mission of the show. Each panelist will bring and individual view of topics based on their experience and share helpful information on how viewers can enter into their career field. This DVD contains three makeover portion of the show, 1 hair loss suffer preparing for marriage, 1 deserving grandmother struggling to survive foreclosure while raising her grand kids and 1 young lady entering college. These three candidates were chosen by a panel of distinguish and successful women. Filming of the panelist is in production and will be available for viewing soon. As the show Deserving Devine for Deserving Divas™ travel throughout the United States, it will sponsor I Am Beautiful Women’s Empowerment, Fashion and Beauty Shows to raise awareness in local communities to hair loss, education and prevention.

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