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Advance Class Lace Weaves and Lace Wigs *Hair Loss / Hair Replacement You will be taught the different forms of hair loss, how to identify and provide proper replacement pieces *How To Measure Learn how to take full head measurements and create molds for custom designed hair systems *Custom Design Learn how to set with your client and custom design their hair system *Custom Color Learn to do a hair color consultation, applying color, bleaches and rinses *One on One With A Client (very important) A client consultation helps you establish trust with your client as you discuss the goals she has for her hair, and scalp. A consultation gives you an opportunity to gather information from your client, which is essential in designing a style and recommending the right hair and hair piece. The client needs to feel comfortable so she can discuss her concerns and goals with you. *Applying Hair Systems 3 Different Ways Learn how to apply a hair system three different ways to allow the client to have some versatility with the look and fit of their new hair system *Cutting and Styling Learn how to trim, shape and clip hair systems *Placing Orders Cost for Class: $1500 Deposit: $200

Hair 90210 Catalog  

Hair services, machine made wigs, hair loss laser therapy, custom weave and wig systems, microscopic hair and scalp analysis. Professional c...