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Who We Are and Understanding Our Structure Most of you know us as Vision Illusion Hair Importers. We are now restructuring Vision Illusion Hair Importers and forming Vision Illusion Hair 90210 or simply Hair 90210. This restructure is due to us adding an array of new products, services and partnering with other facilities who will help us to continue bringing only the best services that meet our clients needs. Vision Illusion Hair Importers or VIHI will always be the lead company in this organization. We are making this change due to the name doesn’t speak to all the services we provide. Most people think that we are only a hair for weaving import/export company, as the name states. The following companies all fall now under Vision Illusion Hair 90210 or simply Hair 90210. With locations in Atlanta GA, Los Angeles CA and Rancho Cucamonga CA. Vision Illusion Hair Importers - Importers of 100% NonToxic Human Remi Hair for weaving, braiding and for the construction of our patented Lace and Weave Systems for those who simply want to increase thickness and fullness or just give their natural hair a rest. We also provide Cranial Hair Prothetics for hair loss victims, all showcased in this catalog. We import Non-Toxic Human Hair™ and operate as a hair replacement clinic and full service beauty salon. We focus on providing our patented high-quality, “Cranial Hair Prosthetics” and “Fast Weave Systems” for women and men who suffer from any type of hair loss such as alopecia, chemotherapy patients, fire and chemical burn victims etc... With focus on but not limited to the African American female Vision Illusion Hair Importers provides hair replacement services for all ages, nationalities and genders. Our partners in India harvest and provide to us the highest quality Non-Toxic Human Hair™ available for the construction of our hair pieces and for weaving and braiding. Get Branded with a high quality products that represents You! Let us design and start your own Signature Line today!

Hair Loss Laser Solution: The facility in Mableton GA first provides microscopic hair and scalp analysis to determine necessary treatment. We provide a multi-therapeutic treatment for reducing and stopping hair loss then re-growing natural fuller hair all through the use a FDA proven Cool Laser Light Therapy, internal and topical DHT blockers vitamins and all natural shampoos. The Fast Weave Shop: Located in Mableton GA, is a brand-new, upscale beauty salon focusing on providing high-quality, fullservice beauty care to the surrounding community. Our product and service lines are products and services not found in beauty supply stores and beauty solons. We have a patent line of hair pieces. The Fast Weave Shop will provide beauty services for all ages and both genders. In addition to providing these services, The Fast Weave Shop will also be a retailer of exclusive beauty hair care products. Customers will find products at The Fast Weave Shop that they won’t find in beauty supply and grocery stores.

I am Beautiful Women’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was legally formed in the State of Georgia. Our organization’s goal is to raise funds which we will use to offset the cost of treatments to women and young girls who are suffering severe hair loss as a result of a medical condition to include genetic alopecia, fire or chemical burns and for the purchase of cranial hair prostheses, which are often viewed as cosmetic and as a result not covered by insurance companies. We will also be working to educate the public about hair loss, prevention and the effects it has on love ones. Through our programs we hope to help as many individuals as possible with the resources we have available.

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Hair services, machine made wigs, hair loss laser therapy, custom weave and wig systems, microscopic hair and scalp analysis. Professional c...