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Welcome to our company, we realize you have other choices when it comes to your hair and education. We’d like to present you with what we are all about. Having been involved in the hair business for more than 20 years, we’ve became increasingly frustrated at the poor standards in our industry. Quite simply we became tired of salons and hair restoration clinics where personal training standards were ridiculously poor and good training programs and qualified stylist and technicians were almost impossible to find. We searched for a solution and we came up with one. We believe we have the best multi-therapeutic treatments for clients and training for salons and distributors. We train facilities nation wide to be the best in their area with the most attentive and knowledgeable staff, the most cutting edge training methods and a clean and comfortable environment. You won’t find a more qualified or more highly trained team anywhere. We also believe we offer many things none of the other businesses in our field offer. We have patent hair pieces, Lace and Weave Systems or hair prosthetics, custom made with 100% non-toxic human hair or in stock, state of the art Low Level Lasers Therapy (LLLT), all natural topical and internal vitamins and shampoos for DHT blocking to re-grow natural, fuller hair. What truly sets us apart from the rest of the field is that we are the only company in this field who offer this level of treatment and training to other facilities so you may have a broader access to our services. You can also become a hair loss or supporting member of our non-profit organization, I Am Beautiful Women’s Foundation . Come in and meet with one of our staff or visit online and become a member for free and see if our organization is for you without any obligation. More importantly - we are the only facility whose sole focus is on our hair loss member’s results. So come in and you’ll meet with a qualified stylist or technician - we don’t have salespeople, meet our staff and decide for yourself. If we’re not up to your standards, if we’re not the best, then don’t become a member or client. It’s that simple with no strings attached or fine print. We understand that making a decision on which company to provide you your needs is difficult. Will the service or training be up to standard? Will I really get the benefit of the time and money spent? These are fair questions that can only be answered by coming in or calling (1-800-728-7590), to meet us and having a free no-obligation consultation. It’s hard to hide bad service, poor staff or a lack of knowledge face -to-face. We’re proud of what we do here and feel that if we’re given a chance you’ll want to do business with us. We’ve been servicing clients around the world for a number of years and are proud to be a locally owned and operated business. We are also one of the more multi culture companies in the industry. This also means that our services is not for everyone in your community. If you are looking for results and you appreciate quality, then we’re for you. If price is your deciding factor, you won’t be happy with us and won’t get the most out of your experience. We really do feel we are the best and we’re worth it. You can reach us by phone at 1-800-728-7590, email us at or stop by and visit us in person to set up your free consultation and get started on your treatments, classes or membership. Thank you for your trust and we look forward serving you as a member in the near future. Angela Crawford

Larry Graise and Angela Crawford.

Larry Graise

Hair 90210 Catalog  
Hair 90210 Catalog  

Hair services, machine made wigs, hair loss laser therapy, custom weave and wig systems, microscopic hair and scalp analysis. Professional c...