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Colleges that have Softball Programs in the USA   By:Hailey Faith Pittman  


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A Is For: Abilene Christian University  

By: Robby Ross Jr

The Abilene Christian College has many of sports programs, including  Softball Fastpitch They have 34 girls  on their team. 

B is For: Baylor University 

By: Baylor University  

Baylor University has many of activities and sports positions and  one sport position is Softball.  

C​ stands for: California University

California covers a lot of ground and a quarter of the ground is the California State University, Chico.

D stands for.. Dickinson College

By: Dickinson College

Dickinson College own’s a lot of ground and most of that ground is Doorms for the students, the other part is for Schooling and for sports.

E is for: Emporia state University  

By: The Emporia University        

The Emporia State University is located in Kansas, and the  University has many of  scholarships including Softball.     

F is for, Florida University   

By: FSU    

Florida State University has many of programs, and goals and one goal they have is to advance  students. They also have great scholarships and  one scholarship includes softball.  

G stands for, Gannon University  

By: Gannon University    

Gannon University is located on the edge of Lake Erie. Gannon University focus on  Faith and Belief. Gannon also opened  camps for sport players, for example one  sport camp is Softball.  

H is for, Hofstra University 

By: Jessica Morgantsian  

Hofstra University is a very nice and a clean College. There  are many of students at this  college and their are also many  of scholarships offered, one  scholarship that is offered is  Softball.    

I stands for, Incarnate Word University  

By: The Head Coach  

Incarnate Univer8sity is located in Texas. Incarnate University offers many of scholarships and one scholarship that incarnate offers is Softball.

J is for, Judson University  


Judson is located in Illinois. Judson University is not that big but it does offer many of Academics scholarships.

K is for, Knox University

By: Knox college

Knox College is located in Illinois and there is 5 of these colleges all around the USA. Knox College offers many of scholarships and one of them is Softball.

L is for, Lehigh University

By: lehigh College

Lehigh is located in Philadelphia it has many of scholarships, and covers 1 quarter of the ground.

M is for Michigan Ann-Arbor University

Image taken for: Encyclopedia Britan

Michigan offers many of programs, careers, and events. Michigan also offers events in sports and one of the sports is the Softball Michigan team.

N is for, University of Notre Dame  

Image taken by; Notre Dame University  

Notre University is located right on the coast of  Indiana. Notre Dame offers  many of support groups and  scholarships and one of the  scholarships is Softball.  

O = Ozark University  

Image taken by: The Ozark Tech  

Ozark University offers many of supports athletics and sports  activities and one sport they offer is  the Ozark University Softball team.    

P is for Post University  

Image taken by: State  

Post University offers many of Sports athletics and inside activities and one  sports activity is Softball that offers  outside and inside.      

Q is for Quinnipiac University  

Image taken by; wikipedia 

Quinnipiac University is located in Massachusetts. This university  offers many of Athletics and many of  team encouragement groups.  

R is for Randolph College  

Image taken by: WDBJ 7  

Randolph is located in West virginia. This college offers many of Athletics  and Scholarships. Randolph college  also offers many talented students to  be flexible​.  

S is for San Diego Christian College  

Image taken by: The Christian College Directory 

The San Diego College is located in California. This  college offers many of  Athletics, inside sports, and  Academics. One inside and  outside sport is Softball.  

T is for Tennessee University  

Image taken by: University of Tennessee 

Tennessee University is named after Tennessee.  Tennessee University is  located just West of North  Carolina.  

U is for Upper iowa University  

Image taken by: Upper university  

Upper iowa is located in iowa. The reason why Upper  iowa university was named  this is because this  university is located in the  upper part of iowa.  

V is for Vanguard University    

Image taken by: Vanguard University Athletics 

Vanguard University is located in california. This university doesn't  offer many of scholarships but it  does offer softball scholarships.   

W is for Wisconsin Parkside University  

Image taken by: Wisconsin University  

University of Wisconsin is located in the lower part of  Wisconsin. This college was  named after the state name  Wisconsin.  

X is for Xavier University  

Image taken by: Forbes Welcome  

Xavier University is located in Ohio. It is about 109.45 miles  West/East of Indianapolis. 

Xavier offers many of Academics and Athletics.  

Y is for York College  

Image taken by: York College, Pennsylvania 

York College is located in Pennsylvania, and it is about 79.51 miles West of  Maryland. York college covers most of the  ground in York. The reason why they 

named the college York college is because that is were this University is located. 

Z is for Zoe University  

Image taken by: Zoe University Library 

Zoe University is located in Florida/Jacksonville. Zoe college has 

many of admissions, Student ability programs, but not athletics programs.     Book Summary   In conclusion, my book is about  colleges that have many of programs,  and the program that I chose is  Softball. Most colleges around the  world have athletic programs. On the  other hand the other half of the  colleges don’t have any Sports,  athletic programs, or even programs.  Colleges that have to do with softball  are hard and they take a lot of time out  of studying.  

Colleges that have Softball Programs, in the USA  

Book Summary In conclusion, my book is about colleges that have many of programs, and the program that I chose is Softball. Most colleges...

Colleges that have Softball Programs, in the USA  

Book Summary In conclusion, my book is about colleges that have many of programs, and the program that I chose is Softball. Most colleges...