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CREATIVECONSULTANTS 2013–2014 Application for Director of Creative Consultants Applications are due by Monday, March 25, 2013 at 5 p.m. Return to Kristen Smith in room 245.

BASIC INFO name_________________________________________________ major/minor_________________________________________ year in school______________________ phone #___________________________e-mail__________________________________ expected graduation date________________________ years in PRSSA_____________ years in Creative Consultants_______________ Have you been an account executive?_____________ If yes, for what team?______________________________________________ Have you been an assistant account executive?___________ If yes, for what team?_________________________________________ Have you served on a PRSSA committee? ______________ If yes, which committee_________________________________________ COURSES YOU’VE TAKEN OR ARE TAKING (please put a C before classes you have completed and an IP before those in progress) ______ADPR 3510 PR Research

_______ADPR 3520 Graphic Communication

______ADPR 3850 Introduction to PR

________ ADPR 5920 PR Communications

______JOUR 3410 Newswriting & Reporting

_________ ADPR 5910 PR Administration _________ ADPR 5950 PR Campaigns

_________ JRLC 5040 Law of Mass Communication

Are you in the New Media Institute?___________ APPLICABLE PR EXPERIENCE Please list internships you have completed. ________________________________________________________________ When__________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ When__________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ When__________________________________ Please list PR-related jobs you have had. ________________________________________________________________ When__________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ When__________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ When__________________________________ Please list other organizations, on or off campus, that you will be involved with while serving as CC director, including leadership positions you will hold. _______________________________________________________________Position__________________________________ _______________________________________________________________Position__________________________________ _______________________________________________________________Position__________________________________ ESSAY In a separate 1–2 page essay, please provide the reason(s) why you would be a good Creative Consultants director. Explain your vision for Creative Consultants, including specific ideas and how you would implement them. Define your leadership style. This application, along with your essay should be submitted to Kristen Smith (Room 245) by Monday, March 25 at 5 p.m. Each candidate will be interviewed by Kristen Smith, the Creative Consultants adviser; Dr. Betty Jones, the PRSSA adviser; and Angelene Crosswell, the current CC director. The new director will serve on the PRSSA Executive Board in addition to directing Creative Consultants. Please read the job description for the director prior to applying. Contact Kristen Smith with questions.