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concept guide fall winter 2011-12

Madre Natura colgo puro candore mi vesto di Te

MALVA SKINNY 98% organic cotton 2% elastane

PEPPER 100% organic cotton

GRAIN SKINNY 98,3% organic cotton 1,7% elastane

welcome to our world

When you read something and you know about the author you can hear his voice. So listen to me, as I am proposing a new concept of fashion to you. Wear me: your appeal will give shape to a unique style, your style. I love quality and beauty that can define social and moral values. Thank you for supporting an innovative idea that respects nature and people. Satisfy your desire to be liked, and prescribe to this change in perspective. Ask me for clarity and I will clearly express what I am offering you. Discover my story, listen to yourself, and share the experience.

haikure A brand representing not only a product, but the values underlying that product. One word, several ideas. A name with a soft, yet clear resonance – at one and the same time simple, yet sophisticated. Its musicality elicits emotions and the imagination. The Haikure brand represents all of these things. Future/Nature Transparency, Consideration and Sustainability. The Japanese haiku represents the framework within which we work, in accordance with the values in which we truly believe. The idea is to create a more sustainable future. Haikure looks to the future while placing great importance on the present, and it does this through the immediate communication of its intrinsic values.

Haiku A minimalist poetical form inspired by Nature and by the emotions that Nature elicits in us. Just like Haikure, haiku is capable of intriguing and involving those who come upon it.

Negli istanti, ignaro il futuro, sorride oggi

GINKGO 100% cashmere

pure fashion inside pure

100% cotton

Haikure is pure because it derives from natural elements, and because it is strongly committed to guaranteeing the utmost transparency.


fashion Exclusive, high-quality garments and close attention to details: Haikure is all of this. A brand that blends beauty and elegance with consideration for people and for the world we live in. inside Three words epitomizing a new fashion concept that encourages wearers to share the company's values and commitment. One short sentence that sums up our history and shows where we are now, and the direction we want to be going in. A geometrical sign - an abstraction of the divine proportions present in every aspect of Nature, guiding Man's actions.

Fashion is inside us all. Wearers of Haikure clothing create fashion. Haikure's garments place great importance on tradition, personality and the desire for selfexpression.

CHOKO MILITARY 100% organic cotton


I'm pure because I'm made from natural materials; because I don't try to conceal my true origins. I'm honest and authentic, designed for a much broader stage on which you, the wearers, shall be the real players.

AVENA BOY FIT 55% organic cotton 45% lyocell


I'm empowering in that I represent a series of mutual values, and I believe that we can all aim for the same result, based on those values, namely quality clothes designed with natural and personal well-being in mind.

Elegant and well-designed. I take great care over details, and I possess unique style. I love quality and beauty, but I go beyond mere appearances. I'm of an essential nature, but over the course of time I improve and evolve into new forms.



75% organico cotton 21% polyamide 4% elastane

55% merino wool 30% cashmere 15% silk


TRANSPARENT There is nothing about me that I wish to hide from you.

100% cashmere


VERSATILE I combine excellence, style and practicality. I'm dynamic: I can be both elegant and casual at one and the same time.

SPELT 100% organic cotton

MALVA SKINNY 98% organic cotton 2% elastane


I believe we can live in a better, more sustainable world. I'm sure that a lot of people think the way I do, and each of us can contribute, in his or her small way, to achieving something important.

SALVIA 98,3% organic cotton 1,7 elastane

traceability Traceability means having nothing to hide and being consistent with Haikure's principles. It means wearing the history of a garment, discovering its origins and giving importance to each and every detail: from the area where the textile materials were cultivated, to the workshops where they were made, the manufacturers of the accessories used, and those responsible for the various forms of treatment. Each phase of production helps guarantee a highquality product, and Haikure recounts each phase using its QRCode system and web technology. A mobile device fitted with a camera, connected to the web, together with a code sewn into each garment, guarantee the on-line traceability of the product.

Recycling, reducing and reutilizing packaging thanks to the R&D team's technology and expertise: Haikure is in line with the very latest requirements and trends, and is capable of manufacturing in an environmentally sustainable manner. Haikure supports the recycling of the mass of plastic that encumbers our Planet, and which cannot be disposed of quickly. Haikure's leitmotiv is sustainability and ecology, founded upon a winning combination of recyclable products and natural materials.

packaging The polypropylene packaging that Haikure uses is both recycled and reusable, in keeping with the brand's values and allowing customers to view the product inside. Transparency in keeping with the principles underlying production, together with an innovative design marking a break with convention.

consideration sa e bl


Haikure is a brand that looks to the future whilst placing considerable importance on the present, and is keen to share and divulge its development in a totally transparent manner, as certified by an independent, widely-recognised body like Made-by.

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From the very start, Haikure has adopted the underlying philosophy of “Made-by� by placing the emphasis on the idea of transparency.



Made-by is an independent body that certifies and discloses the social and environmental conditions of the production chain of fashionwear manufacturers. Its aim is to promote a more sustainable form of fashion, and transform this approach into standard practice throughout the world.

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for both people and the environment

Risplenderanno lucciole in estate di notti pure

53% wool 47% polyester


MAIS 98,3% organic cotton 1,7 elastane


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