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Dear Saad 50 Best JAMs of 2015 Made in HaikuJAM

Copyright Š 2016 by Haiku Jam Limited

Dear Jammers, Though many of us have not met in person, it's likely that we have jammed together. Or maybe we've shared a conversation about a JAM that particularly resonated. Perhaps we're even part of the same Circle, collaborating whenever inspiration strikes. When we first set out to create HaikuJAM, we imagined the following scenario: You're walking down the street and you accidentally exchange a glance with a stranger. For a brief second, you wonder about that person's story, how they got to where they are, what they're thinking about, where are they headed next and what are their dreams? You are compelled to start a conversation... But you don't. You both continue walking, never to meet again. Through HaikuJAM, we wanted to provide a pause button to life. Rather than just walking by, you could stop and share something with that other person and that other person could share something with you. For just a moment, you give each other a glimpse into your lives.

It just so happens that in HaikuJAM, this connection is shared over a line of poetry or a photograph. People from different parts of the world, some in the 'ups' of their lives, others in the 'downs’, all come together to create and simply be‌ It is these beautiful moments that inspire us to make HaikuJAM a space where we can relax, unwind, be inspired and express. Now that we're firmly into 2016, we hope that that your year is filled with even more magic. And yes, even though you'll all be busy realising your dreams, perhaps we can catch up over a line, or two (or three!) :) Until then, here are the top JAMS from 2015 for whenever you need reminding of how people can come together and infuse wonder into our world. With love as always,

HaikuJAM P.S. The title of this e-book has been inspired by a young Syrian poet whom we met through HaikuJAM in 2015. He believes that wars should be won through the take up of pens, not arms. His weapons are Art, Poetry and Education. It is a real honour to dedicate this collection in his name.


Tragic evening But good will always conquer Now Je suis Paris

Paris Andy, Neer & Tas


Growing old with you Has been the most precious gift I unwrap daily

Together Chrissy, Anele & Leela


Share a moment with me For I've ink left in my pen And space on my paper

Poet Yvonne, Jennabellatrix & Crystaline


Eventually, life and I will meet for coffee and talk about you

Masterpiece Anele, Leela & Ale


I call her wine Both dark and intoxicating Fine as she ages

Beloved Shishir, Llendl & Khushneet


The past, imperfect The present, tense The future, unknown

Temporal Equations Kat., Ishan & Anele


Will you come back even if I only had Stars without a moon?

Hello Roos, Anele & Neer


Is it possible That the sky descends To meet the earth secretly

Possibly Melissa, Nidhi & Ambar


At last, an app that Transcends Selfies and Hashtags And binds souls like glue

Haiku Jamazing freelamour, Dhru & Beatrice


When "us" was enough "We" felt "we" belonged Now "I" matter more

Times Shristi, Jennabellatrix & Sonal


He's on the last page So am I but On opposite sides

The Book of Life Leela, Khushneet & Pey Pey


Oh, poor crying sky Who are you missing tonight? "My stars," she replied

Endless Rain Nicholas, Beatrice & Dhru


Can I be the last To break this swollen bubble of arrogance you possess?

Something Anele, cyanhurricanes & Brenjet


Sleep is a stranger In my bed, I can feel it Trying to be you

The Late Night John, Anele & Roxy


An asylum of writers could Make the world insane with an overdose of words

Asylum Priyanzel, Nidhi & Anupama


A bow but no arrows A vow but no belief A hope but no faith

The Hunt Neha, Ambar & Akash


Here, take my flute Play me a sorrowful tune with notes from my soul

Gift Abhiram, Chrisly & Leela


The day had come To find your own way through life So release my hand

Little Girl Raza, Raineymouse & Lola


He disguised his life Beneath RayBan wayfarers But tears stained the glass

His eyes Anele, Neer & Barbara


Exhausted like a fallen leaf I lie still, listening to the silence of seeds

Nothingness Khushneet, Brenjet & Dhru


While busy with the selfie He missed the midnight countdown Sums up his year

Selfie Titir, Aidan & Ria.L


"I used to know her." In the fine summer days, but She turned cold in winter

Secrets Omair, Divyansh & Nidhi


Shouldn't there be more Ways to say I love you than through language alone?

Satisfaction Courtney, Roos & Dhru


I woke up tired The morning sun in my eyes And dusk in my heart

Exhausted Anne, Jennabellatrix & Michael


As the sea hits the Shore. I'll meet you at high tide Or break on the verge

Deep / 5-7-5 Anele, Courtney & Abhishek


My heart pumps ink To write the immortal words I must bleed

Permanent Ink Nidhi, Ambar & Angel


Let me tell you a Story all about how my pen underperformed

Story Shristi, Neer & Dhru


I searched for the alchemist He was searching for me too What you seek, seeks you.

Alchemist Thanvir, Deep & Leela


He giggles when I kiss his neck but cries when I bite his ego

Giggles Lamzies, Fizaa & Thanvir


The skies open to worlds of possibilities let it amaze you

Purpose Andy, Leela & Anele


She was forbidden Just because she was woman, Or she became a woman.

Fifteen Matt, Sahithi & Shishir


A life I love A partner I trust A house I built

Simplicity Karma, Sonal & Srishti


When words are your light the darkness just surrenders To verse's prism

Letter To A Young Poet Roos, Dhru & Shubham


It scares me to think that every child born this year Has to learn to hope

Fear Raineymouse, Brenjet & Jim


If we ever meet My milestones will be complete But heaven can wait

Ever Shristi, Ashton & Maggietish


Partying neighbours My invitation must have Been used as a coaster

Can't sleep Capucine, Brenjet & PineyTree


This evening Santa Claus will collect some serious air miles

Christmas Eve Neer, Sirin & Dhru


On the other side There is a person waiting for life to happen

Window Olivia, Neer & Dhru


Between us, our lives Became greater than the parts But the parts are great.

Startling Roos, Neer & Courtney


Before I sleep, I Think about you Your aroma, a night away

Tea Day Neer, Hari & Nikita


She had a beautiful way Of weaving her words with simple thread

Elegance Pyramids, Priyanzel & Yvonne


he picks up a pencil and bites on the eraser As curiosity doodles.

can't draw Jehan, Karma & Rit Gen


Our families won't understand; same sex love is part of Creation

Tale 23 Neer, Leela & Dhru


Life Is more than I deserve

. Rasya, Shabba & Yvonne


If you could, would you Bottle the seas And travel the world?

Dear Jamily Sabina, Dhru & Neer


These silent answers Have taught me to appraise the scream of my questions

Divine Knowledge Sabina, Anele & Leela


I am on the plane to learn a refugee's cause And better this world

Dear Saad Dhru, Andy & Isaac


I, human am flawed Yet still believes in myself for my flaws are Art

Person Syeda, Issabelle & Dhru


I wake up everyday to 1,440 opportunities but sleep to one dream

Purpose Shristi, Mark & Dhru


Every now and then The world would remind me I'm not a mistake

Mistakes Parash, Rasya & Seasalt

Thank you for making HaikuJAM so special in 2015. Special mentions to the following Jammers featured in this book: Abhiram Khekale Abhishek Ghosh Aidan Starr Akash Ravindran AleO'BrienLevine Ambar Parashar Anele Angel Anne Dominique Adre Anupama Manral Ashton Barbara Brenjet Capucine Chrisly Cheung Chrissy Courtney Symons Crystaline Jeanetta John cyanhurricanes Deep Shah Divyansh Dua Fizaa Anand freelamour Hari Isaac Miranda Ishan Kanungo Issabelle Gumabon Jehan Jennabellatrix Jim Cohen John Karma Kat. Khushneet Kaur Lamzies Tiffany Leela Llendl Cabance Empalmado

Lola Whiteley Maggietish Mark Cross Matt Melissa Michael Roustabout Steer Neha Nicholas Wong Nidhi Nikita Olivia Lamont Omair Tarique Parash Mehta Pey Pey PineyTree Priyanzel Pyramids Raineymouse Rasya Rawal Raza Khan Ria.L Roos Roxy Sabina Sahithi Shaalu Seasalt Shabba Hakim Shishir Jha Shristi Dhole Shubham Saraf Sonal P Srishti Garg Syeda Zainab Tas Johnston Thanvir Ahmed Titir Yvonne

Dear Saad  

50 Best JAMs from 2015 - Made in HaikuJAM