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Best Positions to Get Pregnant – Exploring the Mystery of Positions to Get Pregnant Both you and your partner are dreaming of having a baby and you know that the best time to get pregnant is coming so certainly you will not let this opportunity pass. There are many essential advices for your preparing in order to increase the rate of conception, and the most important thing you must know is best positions to get pregnant if you want to conceive quickly. This article will give you extremely useful suggestions. During the woman’s ovulation, the eggs will be released from the ovary and move down to the fallopian tubules. A normal egg can survive only 24 hours, but a sperm can exist from 3 to 5 days in the female body. If the egg is not fertilized, it will dry up and escape from the woman’s body. Pregnancy occurs if the sperm enters the woman’s vagina and meets the egg which is moving to the fallopian tube. You only need to choose the best positions that can help the sperm meet the egg as fast as possible. Missionary or man-on-top is the best choice for you because gravity will help the sperm penetrate deeply into the cervix. You should place a pillow under your hips during making love, or lift your legs up or lean them against the wall to avoid the leak of sperms. You can also increase the chance of getting pregnant by another position – entering from behind. This position will make sperm approach closest to the cervix. Especially, you should remember having fun or pleasure while trying to conceive because the female orgasm plays an extremely important part in leading to the successful result. You should also remember to avoid some positions, such as sitting, standing or woman-ontop. You can still get pregnant with these positions but the sperm will face up with more difficulties to reach the cervix. So the rate of conception by using them is lower than missionary position. There are many other reasons which can lead to the infertility, but wrong position in making love is still the most popular mistake of any couples. These necessary above advices about the best positions to get pregnant will help you increase the chance of having baby. If you want to have more detailed advices about how to get pregnant quickly, you can visit the website:

Best Positions to Get Pregnant – Exploring the Mystery of Positions to Get Pregnan