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CONCEPT “To create Opulent, universal platforms through which any individual, business and organisation can be heard. The idea behind all entities is to keep them as simple yet sophisticated as possible.� Our three current pillars are the Opulent Golfer online platform (magazine, website, newsletter, social media campaign) , The Opulent Charity, and The Opulent Concierge Programme (coming soon). The Opulent Golfer Online Bucket List - Designed to enable everyone to suggest Bucket List ideas, to which we can attach brands, businesses, locations, services, etc. Monthly Newsletter - Promotes the online magazine, our latest Strategic Partners, Bucket List ideas, and other products and services. Quarterly Online Magazine - Broken into 6 regions (Africa, Americas, Asia, Australasia, Europe and Middle East). We look at promoting our Partners from each region while delivering interesting quality content and stories. The magazine also will cover various categories: Gadgets, Travel, Health, Sport, Events, Photography, Fitness and more. The Opulent Charity The Opulent Charity is a one of its kind initiative: it has no staff or other overhead costs. 10% of our revenue goes to this fund. Overseen by Kirkman Lanfear Accounting, all funds minus a management fee are divided among the charities (3 to 5) at the end of each calender year. New charities are chosen at the beginning of each calender year. The Opulent Programme The Opulent Programme is a global travel service that handles vacations, golf bookng, impossible event tickets and more. With strategic partnerships with opulent tour operators through to private jet and super yacht charters we can arrange a trip of a lifetime.

WEBSITE FACT: Averaging 62% new visitors per week (As of March 2013)




“Keep it simple stupid�

We have split the world into 6 regions and have Opulent Golfer Ambassadors working in each region. Our regions: Africa Americas Asia Australasia Europe Middle East Through our opulent universal platforms we can reach every content in the world through many different channels. This makes us extremely special to partner with. What we understand is that every individual, business, company and organisation is different. They also have different needs depending on their location.

WEBSITE FACT: Average site dwell time: 9 minutes (As of March 2013)




“Get busy living or get busy dying.” - Stephen King In business, if you are not moving forward, you will be fading away. In today’s modern world, things move at incredible speed and if you are not moving with these development, you will be left in their wake. We believe that partnering with us can offer you a plethora of different ways to ensure your voice is heard while making your brand visible - globally and locally.

WIN-WIN Why do we stand out from the crowd? Unlike others who have products and plans, we have none. We pride ourselves on being open to creating individual, tailor-made win-win solutions for each and every Partner. No client is too small for us, and no client is too big.

WEBSITE FACT: Average over 300 new site visitors per week

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Average over

62.44% 300

new visitors per week

new site visitors per week

6 to 9 min site dwell time



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2013 REGION BREAKDOWN Each Ambassador will be assigned to one sector. This does not limit an ambassador from sourcing content, articles, clients, partners from other regions. Per Quarterly Online Magazine Targets * 1 Golf courses * 1 article, story or feature per issue. Stories should be accompanied by quality high resolution images, wether taken by the Ambassador or not. Word count: 800 words per story. US$500 per story when submitted with images, US$350 without images. * 4 Advertisers * 1 Strategic Partner Monthly Website Targets * 2 Monthly Newsflash articles * 2 Monthly Newsletter articles * 2 Event Calendar listings * 2 Bucket List listings * 1 Website Partner per quarter All information supplied by Ambassadors must follow the specifications in the Media Pack. All content submissions must be emailed to the Editor-in-chief, Miriam Mannak, using Content must be approved in writing via email by Miriam Mannak.

2013 WEBSITE PRICING - Newsflash US$150 Full website page on the newsflash section with content, images, links and downloads. - Monthly Newsletter (12 slots) US$500 per newsletter Article mentioned in newsletter with external links. One page on the website (Newsflash) with content, images, links and downloads. - Event Calendar Listing US$250 Listing on the events calendar with full page with event desciption, dates, times, costs, images, links and downloads. - Bucket List Listing US$500 Full website page with images, content, links and downloads. Main image displayed under selected regions. - Site Partner US$5000 per annum Logo on partners page, full website page with images, content, links, downloads. Logo on monthly newsletter, 4 newsflash listings, 4 event calendar listings and 4 bucket list listings. Additionals: - Social Media Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) - Front Page Slider

All requests for discounts, exclusivity or quote queries must be emailed to All discount must be approved in writing via email by Christopher Haigh.

The Opulent Program

The Opulent Golfer, Ambassador Program  

The Opulent Golfer Ambassador program is for anyone interested in getting involved with us on a sales level.

The Opulent Golfer, Ambassador Program  

The Opulent Golfer Ambassador program is for anyone interested in getting involved with us on a sales level.