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Shifts (Changes)

General Issues: 1. Maintenance; 2. Population; 3. Faith & Religion Groups; 4. Neighbourhoods; 5. Landscape; 6. Urban Development; 7. Economy; 8. Education.

Reality: Social Demands

Strategy: Reflect? or Against?

Design: Urban Vision

Primary Question:

Reflect or Against?

1. Maintenance (History) a. Over the centuries, the city has changed hands: Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottomans, Egyptians, German, British & the State of Israel until 1948. * plenty of urban heritages - lack of sense of belonging;

World Heritage Site

It doesn’t matter!

1. Maintenance (History) a. Over the centuries, the city has changed hands: Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottomans, Egyptians, German, British & the State of Israel until 1948. * well modernized - not well maintained; e.g. 1918-1948 British Mandate on Palestine, Golden Age of Haifa - Many of Wadi Salib’s historic Ottoman buildings have now been demolished, and in the 1990s a major section of the Old City was razed to make way for the municipal centre.

1. Maintenance (History) b. Together with the violence between Arabs & Jewish, conflicts with surrounding countries, buildings are being demolished.

A building in Haifa hit by a rocket fired from Lebanon.

Question_1: Need to bring sense of belonging or not? Develop or Reserve?



















2. Population

0 1800 1840 1880 1914 1922 1947 1961 197 2 1983 1995 2005 2008


2. Population a. Early 20th Century, 1958, 96% Arabs / 4% Jews, immigration, 53% Arabs / 47% Jews; b. First demographic decrease in 2008.

2. Population Haifa Population in Thousands

2. Population

Question_2: Decrease or Increase? Densification or Vacant?

3. Faith & Religion Groups a. until 1948. * single religions - various nationalities;

3. Faith & Religion Groups

3. Faith & Religion Groups

Question_3: Lack of unified voice! How can we contribute or at least negotiate for urban spaces (e.g. Meeting point for different groups)?

4. Neighbourhoods

a. Haifa has developed in tiers (3), from the lower to the upper city on the Carmel, e.g. Nawe Sha’anan, 2nd tier. With old town to the lower side and affluent neighbourhoods on top of the Mt. Carmel;

4. Neighbourhoods

b. Some neighbourhoods have established own characteristics, e.g. German Colony - Haifa nightlife;

4. Neighbourhoods

c. General divisions between Arabs & Jews, even Haifa is commonly portrayed as a model of co-existence in Israel;

4. Neighbourhoods

d. Increasing trend for wealthy Arabs to move into affluent Jewish Neighbourhoods.

Question_4: Is that the Truth for Co-Existence? Merge or Separate?

5. Landscape

Question_5: Follow or Not? Urban faรงade to the sea or not?

6. Urban Development a. Residential Construction (Qiryat Haim, Qiryat Shemuel, Carmel & Nawe Sha’anan) - Non-residential Construction & Conversion (Lower town, Haifa Bay & Nawe Sha’anan); b. 80% private investment; c. Challenges still existence during Master-Plan in terms of Transportation & Architecture Layout.

Reserves for future housing Urban faรงade to the sea CBD in downtown Central Carmel & the range Re-parcellation Densification (25%)

Question_6: Government’s Investments are going or not? Separated districts need to be connected or not?

7. Economy a. City of workers; b. Industrial region (eastern) around Kishon River, refinery Scientific Industries Centre (Western) Matam, business park; c. Fishing & Agricultural - Port - Industrial Port - Port & Tourism;

7. Economy d. Tourism: hotels + ferry line between Haifa, Acre & Caesarea + western port as recreation & entertainment area + expansion of local airport and port to accommodate international travel & cruise ships.

Leonardo Haifa on the Sea is the only Haifa hotel on the Mediterranean seashore.

Question_7: Traditional Industries decline or not? Tourism In Points or In Area?

8. Education

8. Education

High Educational Level


8. Education

Haifa Institute of Technology - Technion Campus Facilities



University of Haifa

8. Education

High-tech & Research


Haifa IBM R&D Lab just on the campus of UHaifa

Question_8: Important pole for Israel and Haifa! Bring new novo to Downtown or Suburban?


presentation 15.03.2010  

Urban Analysis of city of Haifa

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