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Al Quran Duties of Parents By Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Stress and Drug Abuse Problems By Mehreen Rizwan Role of Religious Scholars/Preachers in Drug Abuse Prevention By Haider Ali Short Cut Is Not A Solution From Sobriety to Success Marriage Is Not A Treatment Golden Words Helpline

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Al Quran

Our Lord, surely You will gather the people for a Day about which there is no doubt. Indeed, Allah does not fail in His promise." ( Surah Al imran Ayat No 9)

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Duties of Parents By Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Parents are most significant figures for a child. Nothing can be substitute of parents. To be parents mean to pay all naturally assigned duties to raise their children in positive environment so that they become disciplined citizens of society. Following are some of the naturally assign duties to be good parents. 1.Avoid unnecessary/harmful activities during pregnancy: It is evident by scientific researches that a child in a womb of woman is largely affected by physical, emotional condition of his or her mother. Mother's eating, sleeping habits, mental health and social activities influence the development t of child before birth. Genetics and biochemical changes play vital role in this regard. If a mother smokes or use any other substance/drug during pregnancy, there are more chances of transferring these germs into child's body. After birth, these germs appear affecting the growth of innocent child which are referred to as genetic problems. Some argues that drug abuse problems are also determined by biological factors. 2. Don't smoke sitting with children Researches highlight the harmful effects of both active smoking and passive smoking. When parents smoke in front of children, parents will be active smokers and their children will be passive smokers. Being passive smokers, children are at great risk of having physical and psychological problems. 3. Be a good role model for children Using drugs sitting with children depicts bad role model for children. There are more chances of using drugs in later life among children of drug abusers. Children copy their parents, behaviors, coping strategies and life style. A positive role model prevents children from developing negative behaviors and illegal acts such as drug abuse Page |4

4. Raise your children as good human being Provide education along with strict keep and check on your children. Only education is not enough to make them good human being. It is essential to provide them proper training regarding their behaviors and routine life. They learn from you how to live, behave and adjust in the society. 5. Earn bread for children honestly Try to fulfill all basic needs of your children but in an honest way. If you pay your duty honestly and sincerely, it will be easy for you to teach moral values to your children. They will learn from you to achieve their goals in a proper way and will never try to look for short cut just to gratify their needs

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Stress and Drug Abuse Problems By Mehreen Rizwan In fact, stress is one's reaction toward stressors. Two persons in a same situation may react differently. Social factors play the role of stressors in our life, for examples; poverty, marriage, dysfunctional family, unemployment etc. An individual interprets all of these problems in either positive or negative way. Minor level of stress is essential to solve the problems but moderate to sever level of stress impede the person's functioning and his coping skills. As a result, he tilts toward those activities which may provide him immediate relax. In search of immediate relax; he gets involved in the swamp of drug abuse. Drug abuse does not solve his problem and reduce his level of stress but further destructs his mental and physical health. Therefore, the prime goal of a person being under stressed should be able to respond to stress effectively, and it is possible by finding the ways that help in reducing the level of stress. Stress appears in different physical and psychological symptoms which are as follows; Physical Symptoms: o o o o o o o

Indigestion Heartburn Constipation Headache Dizziness Body aches Palpitation

Psychological Symptoms o o o o o o o

Tension Mood swings Sadness Poor concentration Indecision Irritability Poor sleep

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Strategies to manage stress: o o o o o o o

Make a balanced diet plan which provides you enough nourishment and energy to your body Do physical exercises (jogging, walking to make your body fit) Do mental exercises ( meditation, yoga, prayer) to be mentally relaxed Take shower Go for prayer according to your religion Discuss your problem with a reliable person/professional Generate strategies to solve your problem

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Role of Religious Scholars/Preachers in Drug Abuse Prevention By Haider Ali Drug abuse is a problem of not an individual but for whole society. Collective efforts can give desired results. Prevention of drug abuse in not possible only by opening few drug abuse prevention organizations and providing treatment facilities, indeed it entails a huge campaign at social level. Society members including professionals including religious one will have to take part in this campaign. Religious scholars/ preacher have prominent position in our society. They are able to change the thoughts and behaviors of people by conveying the message of Allah. People rely on their words and give a lot of respect to them. Many are donating money for the preaching of religion. With the financial and moral support of community, it will be easy for religious scholar to make people aware of drug abuse problems and their consequences. Religious scholars can play their role in prevention of drug abuse in two ways. First, scholars from all religion including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and others should collaborate with each other to address this issue, and secondly, they can preach their own religion for public that prohibit all kinds of drug abuse. In this regard, they can utilize their religious centre (mosques, temple, church, etc) as teaching institute for community where people learn to combat drug abuse problems. Religious scholars/preacher should realize that preaching is more than read versus or religious scripture to people. They are also responsible to address social issues, specifically drug abuse. Their contribution may bring a revolutionary change in the society

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Short Cut is not a Solution A True Story


belonged to lower-class family and I spent my childhood doing labor work. In teen age, I joined factory where both male and female used to work together. While doing my job, I fell in love with one of my colleague. She, too, used to love me. After some time, our marriage was arranged and with the consent of both of our families, we tied a knot at early age. After marriage, I had to work late night to meet the needs of family including parents, siblings, wife and children. I could not fully support my family. One day, I discussed my problem with my sister-in-law's husband who was a drug trafficker. He persuaded me to join his business to make money. I agreed and started selling drugs just to meet financial needs of my family. On the other hand, conflict between my mother and wife reached to a peak that was unbearable for me. Therefore, I used to spend most of my life outside and used cannabis. One day, my sister-in-law's husband was arrested by police and during investigation he disclosed my involvement in his business. He, himself, came back on bail but I detained for two years in prison. When I was released from jail, I looked for a respectable job but in vain. My family was destroyed. My brother has become a heroin addict and I, too, used heroin to overcome my tension. Now, I am injection user and my wife has left me forever. I have nothing to do in my life except searching a token of heroin.

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From Sobriety to Success

A True Story

I belonged to a community where cultivation of opium is a common practice. My family was also doing that business. At the age of 17, I came to Karachi to assist my uncle in his business of drug trafficking. His business was well established in the city. I was given responsibility of drug supply. It is very true when are you going to someone put on fire you too are at great risk of destruction and that happened to me. While doing that job, I used heroin for ten years and became an injection users. Gradually, I lost interest in business and remained busy in using drugs sitting in graveyard. My aim revolved around the drugs. One day, with the mercy of Allah, I met an outreach worker who convinced me to get treatment. I did so and now I am a recovering addict. I did not go back to my family because they are still involved in selling drugs. I got training of barber and doing hard work to earn the bread honestly.

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Marriage Is Not A Treatment A True Story

I hailed from an upper-class and religious family. My eldest brother was very brilliant and social person. My father used to proud of him and used to give a handsome pocket money. But he spent his money to please his university friends. He had friendly nature and gained prominent position in the social circle. He joined a group that ruined his life. His routine was totally changed and he started coming back home late night. My mother did notice of his demeanor. At one night, he entered home being intoxicated that was a huge shock for my entire family. All of us tried to find an appropriate solution of his problem. His marriage seemed the best solution at that time. Hence, we arranged his marriage to a girl living out of town with her family who did not have any knowledge of my brother's addiction. After marriage, when it was disclosed to them, they got angry. My family's decision was wrong because it ruined three lives; life of my sister-in-law and her two children. My brother is a heroin addict and did not recover yet.

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Are You Free Golden Words By Vic W You came from afar Somewhere no person can see I was sitting at the bar You whispered in my ear that I'm Free I lifted up my hear to take a look As I was sitting there reading a book I could not see anyone here I started to reach over for my beer As I reached to grab the beer Suddenly I was stuck with a ton of Fear The fear came from way inside There was a voice saying, "You don't have to get on this RIDE!..." I thought OH MY GOD am I losing my Mind? I knew I wasn't high nor have I smoked any kine The thoughts started to race really fast Thoughts of my Whole Life Started To FLASH! Form the time I was young to sitting on this seat I than looked down and saw a pair of feet.... The feet started to move and my thoughts at ease I heard a voice say, "My child I am Pleased." And now my Child You are Finally FREE Retrieved on February 28, 2011 from

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Helpline Q- I am 15 year old studying in grade 9. For last 4 years, I am eating betel nut that is very common in my family. My mother, sisters and elder brother also use betel nut. I want to quit I but couldn't. My family claims not bad effects of using betel nut. Once I tried to quit it that resulted in physical problems and I had difficulty in concentrating on my studies. Please guide me what I do to quit betel nut forever. Umer from Karachi A-Dear Umer, first you keep in mind that all drugs from betel nut to heroin are harmful for health. Some drugs rapidly destroy your health like heroin but there are some drugs or substances that slowly and silently ruin your life as betel nut, tobacco. Your family is habituated of that and use of betel nut is common in your surroundings that's why your family and people living around are not realizing its harmful effects. In this situation, you first focus on yourself. You can not impose your views on your family because you are too young. You try to quit betel nut. If you are using betel nut for 4 times in day, then use 3 and very next day, use 2 and after two days use 1 and after 5 days, do not use it at all. It will take you some times to give it up forever. Initially you may have physical complaints but with the passage of time you will overcome it. You will be more able to concentrate on your studies after getting rid of this addiction. So, start from today ( DFN ) Q-2 am 14 years old and studying in grade 8. I am eldest among my siblings. My father is an addict. He is using cannabis for last 9 years. He is very loving to all of us but his addiction is a main concern for whole family. I love my father a lot and want him to get rid of drugs. Many times, I requested him and tried to convince him to get treatment but he did not agree at all. Kindly tell me what I should do to bring my father back to life. Kinza from Karachi A-Sweet daughter, you are sincere to your family but sometimes, our sincerity and love could not do. As you are just 14 years old, you can not bring your father to any treatment center without his consent. You discuss this matter to your mother and she will be more right person to convince your father. If your father does not agree to her, then ask your mother to request your any uncle/aunt for help. There will be any significant person who can help you better in solving your problem. There are treatment centers in your city that may bring your father to treatment centers on your mother's report, if no relative is ready to help you. And you, being a child pray Allah to guide your father to come back to right path. Every one of us can not do any thing beyond our capabilities. DFN P a g e | 13

Helpline Q- 3 am a recovering addict of alcohol. I married and having a daughter. My family is joint family including my parents and 2 younger sisters and 1 brother. My eldest brother is living separately and his wife does not like to stay at our home because of my addiction. My relatives and acquaintance do not like to send their daughters to our home. My sisters feel it a lot. One of my uncles refused to accept my sister for his son. I got treatment and overcame my alcoholic behavior. Now, I am leading a sober life but still people degrade me and my family. This makes me worried. What will happen to my sisters and my daughter? Nasir from Lahore A-Mr. Nasir, you would have heard that one has to go long to gain respect but it takes him single moment to fall down. You have been an alcoholic that is considered the worst form of addiction in our society. We have our own social and religious values which strictly condemn alcohol. Another point is that, our people are curious about another's life. Once you have done something wrong, they will make negative perception of you. They will remain suspicious about you. It is better not to change their views about your own self and your family too. Remember one thing; a man doing hard work does not need to announce whatever he does or how he does. His work itself will make other realize to accept him a hardworking man. So, you keep your self busy in rectifying your past mistakes and focus on your recovery. You have to change your routine and do hard work in order to please your family. The time comes, when people living surrounding you will start accepting you. You should be in hurry and have patience in yourself. As far as, marriages of your sisters are concerned, couples are made in heavens. You pray Allah to help you in finding suitable match for your sisters. A person who accepts your sister along with her bad family history will be more suitable than a person who takes minor things to his heart. DFN Names and places have been changes to maintain the confidentiality. Send your queries pertaining to drug abuse problems at without any hesitation

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