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Vol 5 June 2011

A Voice Against Drug Abuse

Riffat Sadiq PhD (Fellow) Editor-in-Chief Safia Rafiq M Phil Associate Editor

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Al Quran Preventing drug addiction among teen age children By Riffat Sadiq Use of betel nut in young children By Safia Rafiq No Ray of Hope Drug Addiction: A escape from reality From Sobriety to Success Words that Help in Overcoming Addiction

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Preventing drug addiction among teen age children By Riffat Sadiq Our teens are at great risk of drug addiction as shown by empirical studies. This age is a puberty age therefore, certain physical and emotional changes occur in the personality. Parents should be alert all the time to not only keep an eye on them but also provide emotional support and should understand their feelings. If they do so, they children will be less likely to be influenced by others. Moreover, they will be prevented from drug addiction. There are some strategies or tips for parents to save their children 1. Build healthy communication: Parent should build healthy and clear communication with their teen age children in order to have understanding what they feel and think. Healthy, positive and clear communication reduces confusion in parent-child relationship and boosts the confidence in children. Healthy communication also includes the friendly discussion regarding social issues and addiction is one of them. 2. Provide appropriate information Parents are responsible to provide age-appropriate information pertaining to social problems. Information related to all kinds of drugs, its causes and consequences should be discussed with children in order to prevent them from drugs. 3. Keep an eye on their activities and friends Responsible parents have knowledge about the children's activities and their friends too. Parents must be aware of the time their children spend with their friends, teach them to deal peer pressure and say no when they are offered to be involved any illicit activity. 4.Set rules Parents should set rules and implement these rules in family. Rules must be ageappropriate and for whole family. Rules should not be imposed but gradually taught with understanding. If they follow rules, then parents should appreciate them. 5. Be a role model Parents are role model for their children. If parents, themselves, use drugs, they will not be able to save their children from this disease. Parents should avoid all kinds of drugs and become a good example for their children.


Use of betel nut in young children By Safia Rafiq During a training program conducted in a school, it was inquired about the use of betel nut from school children in daily routine. It was observed that 65 percent of them were using bĂŞte nut. Some of them were using 2 to 3 small size of packet and some of them were using 7 to 8 once a day. Children also reported that sometimes, they used betel nut in front of their family and sometimes, they hid from their parents. It is a great concern for all of us that the use of betel nut in young children is rapidly increasing. Betel nut is easily available at tuck shop on cheap prices. A single small packet costs 1 rupee and young children can easily buy that. Another great concern is that their families do not consider the use of betel nut as addiction. In some families, mothers, sisters and elder brothers also use it and send these innocent children to tuck shop to buy betel nut for their use. They put the example of using betel nut for them and as a result, these young children also test it. Though, this betel nut (supari) gives sweet taste, therefore, children like it very much. Unfortunately, they become addicted to these supari (betel nut) that gradually and slowly impair their health. It was also reported by the children that after continuous use of betel nut, they had headache and chest pain. They lost their interest in studies too. No one is paying attention to this problem. Perhaps, we are living in supari and gutka culture. When elder do not hesitate to take gutka and betel nut then it is not possible for these young children to be stayed away from that. In order to prevent our young children from drug addiction and use of supari and to eliminate supari and gutka culture, we all will have to work together


No Ray of Hope I was living happily with my husband and three children. They were getting quality of education and I was dreaming of their success. My husband was doing business. Suddenly, I came to know that my husband has indulged in addiction. One day, my husband came late. When I inquired about that he started beating me. He was using alcohol and was out of control. For this reason, he could not concentrate on his business. He destroyed his business, money and then started selling household things. My children had to quit education and spent most of their time playing outside the home. One day, my husband died of overdose. After his death, I started working in a factory to fulfill the need of my children but no ray of hope is there for me. Second phase of my miserable life has started with the indulgence of my eldest son in drug addiction.


Drug Addiction: A escape from reality Before addiction, my life was smoothly running being with my family, my wife and two children. Due to frequent power failure in my residential area during hot days, I used to spend time sitting outside in park near to my home. Youngsters used to smoke during that time. They were chain smoker and some of them were hashish smokers. Initially, I forbade them from smoking. Some of them offered me but I denied. One day, I had conflict with my family and was feeling blue. I was sitting in the park with same people. I was too disturbed and when they offered me a cigarette. I could not refuse and tried it. I felt good for a while. Since then, I am taking drugs. Now, I am addicted to crystal. My business has been finished and I am on the street. My wife wants to get divorce from me and my children are disturbed and insecure.


From Sobriety to Success I was dearest to my parents because of being only son. We were living

in the area where gambling and addiction were frequently used. I also started smoking in my teen age. Gradually, I used cannabis and then heroin. After the death of my father, I was on the street and became beggar. I also have been involved in criminal activities. One day, an outreach worker of an NGO convinced me to get treatment. Then, I got treatment and tried to come back to life but was relapsed. I was readmitted in the hospital for treatment. Then, I also attended meetings held by Narcotics Anonymous. Now, I am living as a recovering addict and got married. I am very happy with my present life.


Words that Help in Overcoming Addiction o

Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company. (Hazrat Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib)


If at first an idea isn't absurd there is no hope for it." (Albert Einstein )


Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens (Khalil Jibran)


Life is very interesting... in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.(Drew Barrymore)

Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find

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