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Volume 12 Jan 2012

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Al Quran Drug Addiction: Open the door of crimes Preventing drug addiction among teen age children Effectiveness of Family Therapy From Sobriety to Success Hopelessness brings further destruction Addiction: A threat for whole family Golden Words

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Al Quran

They conceal [their evil intentions and deeds] from the people, but they cannot conceal [them] from Allah , and He is with them [in His knowledge] when they spend the night in such as He does not accept of speech. And ever is Allah , of what they do, encompassing. Surat 4 verse 108

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Drug Addiction: Open the Door of Crimes

By Haider Ali

Once, my teacher had said, "Addiction to drugs is a mother of crimes.

When I started working in the field of addiction, I realized that drug addiction is indeed a mother of all crimes and sins. In Pakistan, numbers of crimes are increasing with the rapid increase in drug abusers. Drug abuser usually gets involved in theft, robbery to get money not only for drugs but also for different groups. Sometimes, they kill their family members to get money. It was reported that a drug addict killed his two daughters and wounded his wife and another daughter for not giving him money for drugs. A drug addict killed another drug addict to over heroin token. It was also reported in newspaper that money gained from drug trafficking is being utilized in terrorist activities to destabilize the country. Drug addicts seem to be involved in terrorist activities. Drugs are also being commonly used by drivers of public transport. Sometimes, their intoxication became the cause of road accidents. We all must request to government, non-governmental agencies and media to pay attention to this issue. Because, addiction of drug is not only a disease but it opens the door of other crimes which are destabilizing our whole society

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Preventing Drug Addiction Among Teen Age Children By Riffat Sadiq

Our teens are at great risk of drug addiction as shown by empirical studies. This age is a puberty age therefore, certain physical and emotional changes occur in the personality. Parents should be alert all the time to not only keep an eye on them but also provide emotional support and should understand their feelings. If they do so, they children will be less likely to be influenced by others. Moreover, they will be prevented from drug addiction. There are some strategies or tips for parents to save their children 1. BUILD HEALTHY COMMUNICATION: Parent should build healthy and clear communication with their teen age children in order to have understanding what they feel and think. Healthy, positive and clear communication reduces confusion in parent-child relationship and boosts the confidence in children. Healthy communication also includes the friendly discussion regarding social issues and addiction is one of them. 2. PROVIDE APPROPRIATE INFORMATION Parents are responsible to provide age-appropriate information pertaining to social problems. Information related to all kinds of drugs, its causes and consequences should be discussed with children in order to prevent them from drugs. 3. KEEP AN EYE ON THEIR ACTIVITIES AND FRIENDS Responsible parents have knowledge about the children's activities and their friends too. Parents must be aware of the time their children spend with their friends, teach them to deal peer pressure and say no when they are offered to be involved any illicit activity. 4.SET RULES Parents should set rules and implement these rules in family. Rules must be ageappropriate and for whole family. Rules should not be imposed but gradually taught with understanding. If they follow rules, then parents should appreciate them. 5. BE A ROLE MODEL Parents are role model for their children. If parents, themselves, use drugs, they will not be able to save their children from this disease. Parents should avoid all kinds of drugs and become a good example for their children

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Effectiveness of Family Therapy

By Munnaza Mehmood


t is fact that if one family member is addicted, the whole family environment is badly affected. Drug abuse problems make other family members mentally, physically and socially ill. For this reason, family members become themselves codependents and suffer from numbers of psychological problems. They provide money to their patient to escape from the problematic situation. Therefore, health professionals, besides treating addicts, recommend family therapy so that family can play its role in the treatment of family member. Family therapy focuses on entire family, treat psychological problems and assist in facing social problems. Unhealthy coping mechanism in family members of drug addicts affects the treatment process. When patient, after detoxification, goes back home and faces same dysfunctional patterns, he can not stay away from drugs too long. In order to have addict in long term recovery, a healthy change is needed in family patterns. Hence, Family therapists focus on entire family. Psychological problems which are oblivious in family members are fear and rejection. Usually, drug addict's family receives rejection and criticism from society which results in psychological problems like depression, aggression and hopelessness. They could not perform their social roles and become dysfunctional. Therefore, it is necessary to treat their psychological problems so that they become functional member of society besides working hard for the recovery of their addict family member. Researches have shown that dysfunctional family in one cause of indulging in drug addiction. Additionally, family dysfunctional patterns are hindrance in the treatment and recovery of patient. And family therapy facilitates the treatment and rehabilitation process of drug addicts and also improves the mental health of whole family.

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True Story From Sobriety to Success When I was 10 years old, my mother died and my father got second marriage. My step mother used to ignore him and in the absence of my father used to shout at me. I told my father all the situation but I felt that my father was helpless. I lost my interest in studies. I left my house for school but I did not go to school. I used to spend my time on the street. I made new friends. I usually shared my problems with them. They sympathized me an offered me a cigarette. One day, my father went to my school and got information. He had inquired about my activities and beaten my father asked me about my activities and beaten me. I ran away from home and reached to my friends. They managed food for me for three days. Then, they forced me to be involved in their criminal activates. . Once, Police caught me and informed my father. I was released on bail and then admitted in the treatment center. I stayed there for next six months. I realized my mistake and started studying again. Now, I am the students of BS and living with my aunt .

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True Story



y family was considered a respectable family of my town.

I also have been a good student and got through the matriculation exams with good marks. After that, I had a lot of spare time therefore, I started sitting with boys of my town. I used to enjoy in that company. One of those boys was using alcohol but we all ignored him. He used to bring alcohol on special occasion. Once, on Eid day, he brought alcohol and offered all of us. We all drank and felt good. We used to take alcohol on every weekend. My family tried to help me but myself never tried to be recovered. Now, I feel that I have wasted half of my life and am not hopeful regarding my future anymore.

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True Story Addiction: A threat for whole family


belong to a reputable religious family . My elder brother is a hafiz-e-Quran . He is married having three children. My father sent me to a renowned center for religious education in Multan. One day, I got news about my elder brother's addiction so I had to discontinue my studies and came back to Karachi . He was taking drugs for last five years . He used to buy drugs from a peddler who also used his sister for this purpose. My brother had sexual relationship with his sister. I tried my best to get treatment for my brother but I failed. More than 20 times, treatment has been given to him but he did not sustain his recovery. My brother also involved in drug selling and has been arrested by police. I had to go to police station to resolve this matter. I am earning member of my family. I have to take care of my family, brother's children and managing addicted brother. Sometimes, hopelessness rules over me and I see darkness in future

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Golden Words Dear Friend, I'm slowly losing hope, and my minds beginning to race looking around not knowing, how I got to this place I've taken so many chances, and I wasted so much time still writing this letter, as my words continue to rhyme I Thought drugs were a joke, don't be naivethey'll get you they never get you that high, they only know howto subdue and to these delusional drugs, I'll probably losemy life I'm to immature to have children, too not caring to be a wife you may say I need help, that I just need some medicine to get me by But, your just not understanding, how much these drugs want me to die I know they'll get me soon, pretty soon I won't even fight trapped in the darkness, still haven't found the light... If these are my last words to you, I want them to forever last remembering all our memories, wishing I could re-live the past I no longer want to stay in the present, I wish it was already done just always know you may start the day with many,but will end it with one always keep an open mind in life, I had to learn that on my own and look beyond peoples words, there's many things that are unshown There are some people out to get you, and some that just wait to die some are out for money, and others live life just to get high I've meet all of these kind of people, but could never be one threw many pennies in a wishing well, but left the outcome un-won please hold on to your life and just don't ever let it go you can't understand now, but trust me, some day you'll know... And now I have to leave, I'm left with no other choice my words begin to disappear as I slowly lose my voice But remember me, please just remember me, Finally my turn.....Soon I'll be Free Source: Dear Friend, Drug Abuse Poem P a g e | 10

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