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Contents Al Quran Psychological Risk Factors for Drug Abuse Problem Poverty and Drug Abuse Consequences of Tobacco Use (Gutka) Escape Is Not The Solution Do Face The Problems From Sobriety to Success Golden Words

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Al Quran

Psychological Risk Factors for Drug Abuse Problem

By Shireen Ismail Following are the psychological factors that lead to drug abuse problems among people; 1. Stress: American Psychological Association (APA) defines stress as, "The pattern of specific and nonspecific responses of an organism that tax or exceed his ability to cope". In response to stressors, physiological changes occur in the body that lead to psychological changes and person feels to be under stressed and could not cope with the stressors. Sometimes, he finds the solutions of his problems in useless things and get involved in the addictive behavior. He uses different kinds of drugs just to feel relax and to escape from reality. 2. Anger control problems: Anger control problem is also risk factor for drug abuse problems. Anger can be toward self or others and ranges from minimal arousal to rage. When a person could not control his angry feelings either toward self or others may lead to drug abuse. People use drugs to release their anger. 3. Poor self image: Self image is defined as the person's perception of self. There are two types of self-image; good self image and poor self image. When a person perceives him in negative way and feels inferior or underestimates his qualities, he gets emotionally disturbed. He sees his self worthless in comparison to others. As a result, he becomes dependent on drugs 4. Revenge: Revenge is also considered a risk factor of drug abuse problems. It also has two forms. One is toward self and second is toward others. Some times, an individual develop extreme guilt feelings and decides to punish himself and uses drugs. Sometimes, he uses drugs to take revenge from others (parents, siblings, spouse, and society). He uses drugs and tries to respond to evils by getting involved in evil acts. 5. Poor Self control: Poor self control is defined as the inability to individual to control his impulses or desires. It is a strong risk factor of drug abuse problems. A person's who is unable to control his desires, behaviors and emotion as well is more likely to be indulged in drug abuse behavior. Page | 4

Poverty & Drug Addiction By Riffat Sadiq A renowned personality in the field of humanistic psychology, Abraham Maslow (1954) had suggested that a man's personality growth takes place successfully and smoothly as his needs are gratified. If first of his need is not met appropriately, the second one will effected. The most important need is physiological need like need for hunger and thirst. People deprived of food, water and shelter are having difficulty in achieving secondary and higher level needs (need to be self- actualized) which are essential to have positive attitude toward others and self as well. Based on this concept, one can claim that, deprivation of basic amenities or in other words, poverty results in number of emotional and social problems. Several real life examples and researches revealed adverse impact of poverty and deprivation of basic amenities on human being and society and drug abuse is one of those adverse impacts. Besides impairing an individual growth, poverty seems to impair living environment, family functioning and social norms. Because, when a person faces difficulties in achieving his desired goals and finds other getting success, achieving status and wealth, he, obliviously, feels helpless and frustrated. These feelings further lead to anger and resentment; as a result, he tries to get access to his goal by following wrong paths, for instance, drug abuse. Even, children could not be refrained from indulging in drug addiction. Economic condition of family impairs children emotional well-being. Being deprived of social resources, they develop delinquent behaviors like drug abuse. World Health Organization (WHO) also has reported that drug abuse problems are rapidly increasing in developing countries where most of the people are leading from hand to mouth life. In order to minimize the use to drugs, poverty must be considered contributing factor. Government should launch program to enhance the living standards of people to save whole nation. Page | 4

Consequence of Tobacco Use (Gutka) By Haider Ali Tobacco is frequently being used in two ways. Some people use smoke tobacco by using cigarette/ hukka, whereas some chew tobacco (gutka). Both methods of using tobacco are harmful for health. A myth about hukka is that it is good for health . It is also taken as tradition and has been using for a long time. No empirical data is available to address the health effects associated with hukka use. But researchers have explored the effects of tobacco in form of cigarette on physical and psychological health. Chewing tobacco (gutka) is also being frequently used specially in middle and lower class. Tobacco chew (gutka) has profound impact on the physical health. Numbers of cases have been reported to hospitals that show the strongest link of tobacco with physical health problems, for examples mouth cancer, dental problems, stomach related problems etc, etc. Despite this, people are still using and also selling tobacco (gutka). Observing parents/elders, children and adolescents are using it. Parents send their children to buy gutka from shops. They daily observe their parents, relatives, neighbors and shopkeepers using and spiting on the walls, roads and from the window of public transport. They are learning multiple negative behaviors from their elders. Later in life, they will be like them and make unhealthy nation. We will have to change our self if we want to save future generation in order to make healthy nation

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True Story Escape Is Not The Solution When I reached to the age of maturity, I felt to be detained and my home was like a cage for me. Neither we were allowed to go to visit our relatives, nor were they allowed (by my father) to come to our home. My father had been abusing us. At the age of 17, I ran away from home and started living with my friend. I used to work and very soon I also got married. I used to take alcohol and then started injection. My wife was also an injection user. I had been blessed with a son. When my son was 6 month old, I divorced my wife and came back to my father's home with my son. I always tried to hide my involvement in drugs. Gradually, every one in my locality knew that I was taking drugs. Now, I want to get rid of it but no one is ready to support me owing to my father's attitude. One day, I requested my maternal uncle and he took me to hospital. After medical examination, I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. I am struggling but with less hope

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True Story Do Face The Problems I was born in poor and dysfunctional family. I never went to school and used new attire. My grand mother kept accusing my father. My father was a drug addict. My grandmother arranged his marriage despite knowing his addiction. After two months of marriage, my mother came to know about my father's addiction. There always had been quarrel between my parents. At the age of 15, I ran away from home and to be settled in another city. Initially, I used to sleep at railway station. Later on, I got job in a workshop. My boss was a nice man and always cared me. After four years, I went back home. My father had passed away due to overdose. My mother was working hard to run family finance. My uncle was also helping my mother. I decided to share the responsibility of my family. My mother was too much happy to see me. We all are working hard to lead a sober life.

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True Story From Sobriety to Success I belonged to upper class family and father was an industrialist. At the age of 17, I started going to factory with my father. One day, I met with an MPA's brother and very soon we both became good friends. He was cannabis user and owing to his company, I also became addict. Till the age of 25, I had become a heroin user. When my family knew that, they arranged my marriage. My wife did not know about my addiction. My wife was very good and hard working lady . Due to my addiction, I had lost my money even my factory. In crises, only my wife supported me One day, some of my relatives called me Jahaz (Junkie ) in front of my daughter . She was tearing and asked me the reason for calling jahaz. I felt ashamed of my self and kept weeping. I requested to my wife to take me to treatment. I got treatment and now I am living a sober life. Today, I do not have wealth but I am too much happy and satisfied with my present life .

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Golden Words (A Poem from family of drug abuser by Sue Cushing)

My Josh In my mind I hold a picture Of how we used to be For everything you needed You could turn to me. I still see that sweet faced baby And the toddler full of joy The charming little person And the athletic growing boy. Every phase I relished Treasuring every day All the while knowing Someday you'd grow away. I guess I wasn't watching Not holding up my end Because I swear I never saw When evil stole in on the wind. I sensed something was different I knew something was wrong But tried to justify my part "The Single Mother's Song." When I finally woke up Nowhere left to hide I cried and swore, yelled and begged But I was always on your side! Through all the broken promises The stealing and the lies, Somehow I still could find my son When I looked into your eyes.

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Golden Words The phone became my enemy Each ring could bring my death Because I feared the words I'd hear I lived holding my breath. The road has not been easy But I've always lived in hope Because I know you're not the enemy The monster's name is DOPE. This disease will never leave you You'll struggle One Day At A Time, You won't always be a junkie But you WILL always Note: This poem is taken for the magazine from Family Friend Poems,

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