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Volume 2 March 2011

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Message Dear Mr. Haider Ali, I am contacting you on behalf of the Civil Society Team at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna, Austria. We find the activities of your organization interesting and believe it would be beneficial for you to join our UNODC NGO database. Civil Society Team United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Vienna, Austria Tel: +43 1 26060-5582 or +43 1 26060-4620 Dear Haider Ali We appreciate your effort and wish for your success. we sent your webpage address to all psychiatrist. hopefully you will get good response. best of luck. Dr Tarique Arain Psychiatrist 2 | Page

Dear Editor

Drug abuse and our nation's response to it are the most important issues faced by Pakistani citizens, especially the youth today. The civil society, organizations, Government and corporate sectors should join hands together to fight this menace by establishing socially acceptable, economically viable and sustainable programs for drug abuse prevention and its treatment. Policy reforms and implementation of existing policies are also vital for making drug free society. I wish Drug Free Nation (DFN) all the best in its struggle to make us drug free nation". Muhammad Ayub Director Programs Dost Welfare Foundation After reading the first edition. I would like to conger late team of SADA. In spite of that there are some weakness but still it is very positive efforts against killing dieses. I also very happy to say it is not only the first magazine of Pakistan but also for whole Asia. I hope management of sada will come over the weakness in upcoming edition. Fasil from Australia 3 | Page

Drug addition is multiple problems. There is no single type effort to come over. although the media is playing very important role to highlight the many issues . I feel that issue of drug addiction is being ignored by them. but when I read the first edition of SADA , I am too much happy to knew that is very first magazine against drug addiction from Asia . Its is highlight the name of Pakistan. I also request to publish it in paper material. Tahir from Gujranwala

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Drug Addiction and our Economy

Drug Addiction & our Economy By Ubaid-u-Rehman About 6 million drug addicts in Pakistan are destroying their lives besides affecting every sector of society, specifically, the business sector in terms of causing accidents, reducing or causing loss of productivity, poor work and absenteeism, etc. The number of drug addicts in the business sector has gone up with the labor class and lower middle class by taking drugs for various reasons. The economy of Pakistan is paying a bi g price for it owing to employee accident and errors, high illness rates, wastage of time, low productivity and absenteeism. A survey conducted by Drug Free Nation in Karachi city indicates that drug abuse workers affected their organization in terms of loss of productivity, poor work and absenteeism. Among them 76% workers committed mistakes, 56% wasted raw material, 24% remained absent from work 3 to 4 days a week that impaired 86% of total productivity. Their speed of work was slow, 48% did not satisfy their employers whereas 78% impaired their quality of work. Furthermore, 40% of them quarreled with their colleagues at their workplaces. Above mentioned consequences of drug abuse problems are confined to merely Karachi city. A survey conducted on national level will further clear the impact of addiction on total economy of Pakistan. Furthermore, there is a great need to launch a program to make our workplaces drug free

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Article Fashion of Smoking and our students

Fashion of Smoking and our students

By Safia Rafiq

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Few days back, I saw 3 students smoking cigarette standing near by their tuition academy, holding bags and books in their hands. Their actions and style of smoking reminded me of a celebrity of Indian film industry, Salman Khan, who used to smoke in one of his film that captured the attention of our youth. After that many young boys appeared to be copying his hair style, attire and particularly his style of smoking cigarette. I thought for a while that their parents, at that time, were satisfied believing that their sons went out for studies and trying hard to make their future bright. But if they saw them holding cigarette in one hand and books on another hand while standing outside their academy, certainly they would die on the spot. Unfortunately, smoking cigarette has become a fashion among school and college going students. It is a great concern for all those parents who are keen to make their children educated and competent persons of their community. Because habit of smoking slowly and gradually destroys a person's health and its smoke also irritates those who are sitting near by the smoker. A student who smokes is also responsible to pollute the whole educational environment besides destroying his own health. Moreover, smoking habit increases the chance of being tilted toward addiction of drugs. Researches proved that many addicted people were used to be smoking before taking cannabis or heroin. Therefore, Parents, teachers and other well wishers of our students and youth must discourage this bad habit in order to save them from incurable diseases (drug addiction) and as well as to make them able to play their vital role in building a healthy nation of Pakistan.

Article Sleepy Nation, Biggest Disaster

Sleepy Nation, Biggest Disaster

By Haider Ali "Don't kill any one by bullet; just give him a free token of drug (small token of Heroin) on daily basis. He will die himself'', said a street addict. ."People are ready to give food to dogs but not to addicts" another street addict told Now, I take drugs because I have wasted my life. At the age of 50, I am alone, no family, no love, no respect, an addict regrets Availability of drugs increases the chance of being indulged in addictive behavior. We find people taking drugs sitting in the corner of streets, near the bus stops and under the bridges. We all pass them inadvertently, sometimes show disdain and treat them like slum dogs. They are called by different funny names, teased and mocked by our children. Drugs bring disaster for individual, family and then for whole nation. Unfortunately, being a nation, we are overwhelmed by ignorance, not bother to ask where these drugs are coming from, and how much drugs have severely affected our society. No place is safe now. Our industries, educational institutes and public places have been affected by this menace. Our youth, future builders of Pakistan, are ruining their lives. Many are addicted to prescribed drugs. Cigarette, gutka (tobacco) and supari (betel nut) are not considered as addiction. Smoking has become a fashion for teenagers. No one is noticing it. Who is to be blamed? Only our government or we all I think the whole nation is responsible, our teachers, parents, health professionals, preachers and media also. It is time to take preventive measures to save our future from being trapped by drugs.

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Patterns and Consequences of Drug Abuse Problems at workplace


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Patterns and Consequences of Drug Abuse Problems at workplace Haider Ali Meher and Riffat Sadiq Drug abuse problems severely hit the economy of Pakistan that resulted in poor work on the part of employees, incidents, wastage of time and material and loss of productivity. Therefore, the objective of this survey was to examine the patterns and consequences of drug abuse problems at workplaces. For this purpose, 150 drug abusers working in industries , companies and hospital of Karachi city were approached. A questionnaire was used to get information regarding demographics characteristics, their patterns of drug abuse at workplaces and its consequences they and their employers were facing. Results reveal that among 150 drug abusers, most of the abusers (30%) were taking drugs either in the washroom or in the cafeteria of their organizations . 60% preferred to take drugs in official break time, 70% liked sitting with their colleagues. Most of them (28%) were using cannabis, 25.33% were on heroin and 24.67% were poly drug abusers. Smoke was mode of drug intake among 40% abusers. Moreover, 18 drug abusers were using injection and 27.7% of them shared syringes with their working drug partners. As far as consequences of drug abuse are concerned, 86% abusers accepted to impact total productivity of their organizations, 76% committed serious mistakes, 56% wasted raw material, 88% reported slow speed of their work, and 78% reported impaired quality of work. 25.33% remained absent for 3- 4 days in a months except holidays, and 54% did not satisfy their employers. Statistical analysis of the results also reveals that 40% quarreled with their colleagues, and 18% became cause of incident at their workplaces. Before indulging in addiction, 24% abusers were earning 8000 to 10000 but after addiction 20% were earning that amount. Among 150 drug abusers, 16% were earning 10 to 12 thousands but after getting drugs, 4% earning between 10 to 12 thousands per month. Furthermore, 12% abusers were earning more than 20 thousands per month but after addiction only 2% abusers out of total 150 were able to earn more than 20 thousands in a month. The present survey highlights the impact of drug addiction not only on employees but also on the productivity of organizations. Further researches should be conducted to address this serious issue.

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