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Vol 1 Feb 2011

A Voice Against Drug Abuse

Pakistan Premier Online Magazine Against Drug Addiction

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Article About Drug Addiction

Messages True Stories Article About Drug Addiction Success Stories Helpline Messages True Stories Article About Drug Addiction

A Publication of Drug Free Nation


Contents 1. Al Quran 2. Message 3. Chain of Destruction By Rifat Sadiq 4. The Islamic Plan To Combat Alcoholism 5. 7-Ways for Staying Away from drugs By Shireen Ismail

6. When dreams shattered 7. Endless Misery 8. Sobriety to Success

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Al Quran

They ask you about wine and gambling. Say, "In them is great sin and [yet, some] benefit for people. But their sin is greater than their benefit." And they ask you what they should spend. Say, "The excess [beyond needs]." Thus Allah makes clear to you the verses [of revelation] that you might give thought. Surah Albaqrah Ayat No 219


Message On the auspicious occasion of the first on time magazine against drug abuse "Sada" I feel pleasure to submit my message no doubt it is the first issue and beginning towards the creating awareness regarding the harmful effects of drug addiction. Since drug pusses a serious hazard to health determined effort is required to create awareness among our people where literacy rate is very low. A WHO report says" the threat to many developing countries is immediate and serious. In the absence of the strong resolute government action drug addiction diseases have taken place in developing countries. These drugs have adverse effects on the physiology and well being of the addicts, so much so that people once accustomed will restore to them in utter disregard of the harmful effect mental, physical or moral. Besides the narcotics abusers themselves, their family also suffers as they must deal with social stigma. Government alone can not cope or create awareness to this burning issue of drug addicts. To create awareness in the society and motivate the addicts "Sada" is the one positive step the common person particularly our youth will be benefited with the valuable information and articles to be published in the on line magazine . I pray for the success of "Sada" and congratulate its team for their efforts. Prof. Dr. Gheyas-ud-Din Siddiqui Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Balochistan, Quetta.


Message President's Message In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Addiction to drugs appeared as the most serious problem worldwide. Despite knowing the dire consequences of drug abuse problems, the rate of drug abusers is increasing day by day. Drugs not only ruin an individual's life but also destroy family, community and nation. It is a complex disorder. Single methodology is not enough to save the humanity from its pernicious effects. Drug addiction must be addressed by different perspectives. Therefore, Drug Free Nation launched four different projects focusing on psychological, social and religious aspects pertaining to drug abuse problems. Though, media, in the current era, is a very powerful source to address all kinds of issues. For this reason, Drug Free Nation is going to publish an online monthly magazine (First Asian Magazine) pertaining to drug addiction. On this occasion, I congratulate Drug Free Nation's team and immensely thank to other contributors for raising their voice against drug abuse. As we all know that addiction is a social disease, we all should put hands together in order to make our nation drug free holding belief in that" A person who saves a life, he /she saves the whole humanity". Haider Ali


Chain of Destruction By Rifat Sadiq Addiction to drugs leads to gradual destruction of physical, mental, social and spiritual health of an individual. Continuous use of any drug results in biochemical changes; impair all internal system of human body. When this epidemic weakens the immune system, the human body becomes vulnerable to chronic or incurable diseases. Being indulge in addiction, an addict ruins not only his physical health but also embraces psychological problems as well. Addiction deteriorates the addict's ability to manage his stress and to solve his problems. Feelings of hostility, anger, guilt and hopelessness are vividly seen in addict's personality. A drug addict remains isolated from significant one, does not fulfill social responsibilities that further lead to disturbed interpersonal relationships. Avoiding family and relatives, absence from workplace and deterioration of family finances and assets bring disharmony in all aspects of life. An addict seems to deviate from social norms, religious rituals, looses a sense of right and wrong and appears as a socially dysfunction person. Unfortunately, an addict ruins himself and his whole family by impacting adversely their mental and emotional health. As a result, they seem to avoid facing society. Deviant behaviors like stealing, pick pocketing, quarreling, using abusing language and involvement in sexual behaviors generate feelings of shame and guilt in family members. Sometimes, they have to give money to their addicted family member and become codependent. In South Asian countries, daughters and sisters of addicts are having problems of suitable proposal for marriage. People do not like to have any relation with addict's family. For this reason, family seems to hide the reality and refuses to provide any kind of support to its addicted family member. After the destruction of family life, addicts have to live away from family, spend time with street addicts, and indulge more and more in drugs that, eventually, put them to death. Sometimes, their funerals are attended by family, relatives and friends and sometimes, these poor addicts are buried by welfare organizations



It is well known that alcoholism was wide spread all over the Arab Peninsula. The acceptance of the people for alcohol use was at its acme. Literature especially poetry reflects this fact. The deleterious effects of alcoholism was manifested on the social life conducting the tribes to continuous conflicts and wars The main approach to the problem by Islam, was to adopt gradation in forbidding alcoholism. This was carried out side by side with improving the social conditions of the people. Faith played a major part in these two approaches. The time estimated from the beginning of the campaign to its end was about 15 years. The personality of the leader, "The Prophet" was revolutionary affecting this change. The model he gave, as 1st step was the true example adopted by him and all his near followers and so they were respected and their pieces of advice were accepted, absorbed, well learned and maintained denoting absolute response: "THE PROPHET GAVE TRUE EXAMPLE TO BE FOLLOWED" (S.33: V.21) The 2nd step was disseminating knowledge about the evils of alcohol that it is deleterious and detrimental: THE BELIEVERS ENQUIRE ABOUT SPIRITS AND GAMBLING. INFORM THEM THAT THEY HAVE THEIR EVILS AND USES FOR PEOPLE BUT THEIR EVILS OUTWEIGH THEIR USES. (S2: V.219). Thus drawing the attention to the deleterious effects of using spirits and gambling. The 3rd step was rather decisive, it says blankly. YOU BELIEVERS DO NOT APPROACH PRAYING WHILE YOU ARE UNDER THE EFFECT OF ALCOHOL. (S.4: V.43)



Thus minimizing the abuse during most of the day, as the five prayers extend from dawn time until nightfall. The 4th step came when the people had matured enough to accept it through the penetrating model, the persuading orientation and the partial legislation. It was related that one of believers namely "Omar Ebn El Khtab" said in a meeting in the mosque "Oh Allah give us a decisive say about alcohol". At this time of real faith and maturation the last step was declared by the verse saying: YOU BELIEVERS, SPIRITS, GAMBLING. IDOLS AND FORTUNE TELLING ARE ALL EVILS WHICH YOU SHOULD ABANDON THAT YOU MAY PROSPER. (S.5: V.90) These vita steady steps treating the social and the spiritual side were the two pillars upon which the plan of combat rested. History states that since the last verse the majority of the abusers abstained and the people lived without alcohol and did not drink or touch or sell or buy or sit with abusers or even carry it. This picture is unique in history and is a witness of the success of the campaign. From the above stated example we can deduce the items of the Islamic approach. 1. The model of the leader. 2. The dissemination of information about the evils of abuse. 3. Legislative steps were gradual hand in hand with these approaches and the change was to the better of the social life of the people. 4. The law of prohibition and imposing punishment for abusers came last.


7-WAYS FOR STAYING AWAY FROM DRUGS By Shireen Ismail 1-Seek guidance of Allah Almighty Always pray to Allah Almighty to guide you regarding making friends because He only knows the intentions of people. He is the only one who knows what is going on behind the scene. Therefore, ask Him to help you to be stayed away from all kinds of evils. 2- Try to be a part of good company Try to find a company of good friends. Good friends not in term of appearance, status or extra ordinary talent but in term of good attitude. A friend having good self esteem help you to build self confidence, sense of right and wrong and exhibits tolerance, if something bad happens in life. Being a part of good company, you will prevent your self from going astray, for instance, drug addiction. 3.Don't copy others Try to know yourself, who are you? What do you want? Focus on your abilities, talent and resources not on what others are doing. Don't copy others and try to be satisfied what actually you are. Attire, make up and particular style of people of showbiz and other fields never make you satisfied as your own unique personality can. 4. Express yourself Express your feelings and emotions in positive ways such as writing essays, poems, painting, designing, making recipes, sharing with significant one, If no one is there to share your feelings, then try to write a story about your self. Also talk to Almighty after prayer, He will listen your and make you relaxed. 5. Do some exercises Do some physical and mental exercises such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing to be relaxed. These exercises will make you energetic and confident to deal with life problems and tension. 6. Dare to ask question If some one offers you cigarette or something else then you ask questions like, what is this?. What is the benefit of it? Why is he using that? Don't care of loosing such kinds of friends. Don't be fearful of being rejected by others. 7.Dare to say ' No' Refuse to experiment a cigarette even you are being made fun of others, rejected or deemed a coward person. Dare to say no and go on another way and you will find people having positive attitude. Don't be scared of being alone.



I hailed from a respectable family. Being a single child, I had been centre of attention of my family. At the age of 5, I started going to a renowned school of the city. I was in good book of my teachers. When I was in grade ten, two new students got admission in my class. Both of them became my friends. We used to spend most of our time together. We all decided to study together at home. Having permission from my parents, I went to my friend's home. I also stayed there overnight. Once, both of my friends starting smoking while studying. I forbade them but they did not stop. They used to smoke daily. One day, they offered me a cigarette. I could not stop myself and started smoking. That was the beginning of my destruction. Initially, I tried cannabis and gradually became heroin addict. I lost my interest in studies, as a result, I could not get through my exams. My indulgence in addiction was a great shock for my parents and they wanted me to get rid of this disease as soon as possible. I got treatment for many times but could not be recovered. My parents tried their best to bring me back to life but in vain. My father has passed away having dream of my bright future. My mother is working in a factory to meet household expenses, whereas, I am leading an aimless life

Endless Misery

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got married at the age of 16. My husband was a factory

worker. After two months of my marriage, I came to know that my husband was an addict. His addiction to heroin resulted in death. I had to support my three children by my own self. I started working in a factory. I worked hard day and night with the hope of being supported emotionally, morally and financially by my children. But misery of my life did not end. One day, my eldest son also became a heroin addict. Due to his addiction, my living environment was destroyed. My other two children suffered from psychological problems. My youngest son could not cope with the stressful environment and eventually committed suicide. Now, I am living like a person who just keeps waiting for death. For me life is more terrible than death




When I was 19 years old, I started taking drugs owing to peer pressure. My family got me admitted in a hospital for the treatment of addiction but I relapsed again and again. After the death of my father, my rest of the family shifted to America. Therefore, I had to live with my friends. Then, I lived with some of my relatives but no one was ready to provide me permanent shelter at home. Finally, I had to live on street. One day, an outreach worker of an NGO approached me but I refused to get treatment. Later on, I agreed to get admission in drug treatment hospital. My decision proved to be a turning point of my life. I recovered within 3 months. I also provided shelter by same treatment centre where I also used to attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. After some time, I started working as a state agent and was successful. I have been indulging in this business for last three years. Now, I have my own house and car. My family members rejoined me. I am still an active member of Narcotics Anonymous.

SADA Feb 2011  

Pakistan Premier online Magazine against drug abuse

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