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A Voice Against Drug Abuse

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There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.

Surat Al-'AÄĽzÄ b (The Combined Forces) Ayat No 21


Hadith Nabvi Sunan Abi Dawud .Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) forbade wine (khamr), game of chance (maysir), drum (kubah), and wine made from millet (ghubayrah), saying: Every intoxicant is forbidden. Abu Dawud said: Ibn Sallam Abu 'Ubaid said: Ghubairah was an intoxicant liquor made from millet. This wine was made by the Abyssinians .

Sunan an-Nasa'i .. It was narrated that Anas said: "I was pouring (wine) for Abu Talhah, Ubayy bin Ka'b and Abu Dujanah among a group of Ansar when a man came in and said: 'Something new has happened; the prohibition of Khamr has been revealed.' So we poured it away." He said: "The only intoxicant in those days was Fadikh, a mixture of unripe dates and dried dates." And Anas said: "Khamr was forbidden, and most of their Khamr in those days was Fadikh." Sahih al-Bukhari Narrated Ibn `Umar: I heard `Umar while he was on the pulpit of the Prophet saying, "Now then O people! The revelation about the prohibition of alcoholic drinks was revealed; and alcoholic drinks are extracted from five things: Grapes, dates, honey, wheat and barley. And the alcoholic drink is that which confuses and stupefies the mind."


Golden Words Pray for Self-growth Oh My Lord Give me sense To understand things Give me courage To find truth Give me power To stop evil Give me patience To endure trials Give me strength To help others Give me knowledge To aware others And My Creator Make me different To make a difference ( Riffat Sadiq) ŠDrug Free Nation


By Riffat Sadiq Your success is the combination of the faith you have in your creator and the faith you have in your own self. Success is different for every one of us. See your success through your own lenses. Here success is not same for all. Whatever you want to desire to achieve, first you will need to have faith in your Allah. Nothing can be happened in this world without His wish. He is the biggest energy providers in time of adversity. Some situations are not in your control and you will have to accept this reality. He will never leave you alone if you frequently remember Him either you are happy or sad. You should keep in mind that the talent and capabilities you are possessing only have been bestowed by Him. Secondly, you will need to have faith in your self, talent, potentials and so forth. You will need to identify your potentials in accord to what you aspire to achieve. Having faith does not mean that you will achieve your target. In fact, you need to have faith that the way you choose to go on is appropriate for you or not. If you believe that your decision is absolutely right then you should continue your struggle. So start from today and open the door of success using the following key

Faith in Allah Almighty


Faith in Self


Get Success


By Iqra Abdul Qadir Once founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam) said, ‘Knowledge is a greater force than a sword, go and acquire it’ Numerous problems are around us and many of them are the result of our ignorance. Drug abuse is one of those problems that have been rapidly grown because of our ignorance or lack of knowledge. Many youngsters today are suffering from multiple problems including social, economical and as well as emotional problems. They find ultimate solution of their problems either in ending their life by own or getting involved in delinquent activities like abusing drugs. Knowledge is basically of two kinds, knowledge of self and knowledge of others (world). Both kinds of knowledge are essential for youngsters regarding the resolution of their problems. Knowing self (potentials, nature and aptitude) makes the ground for future success. Knowledge of self builds self confidence and makes one assertive to handle peer pressure and other environmental problems. Knowing others (living or learning environment, people in surrounding) increases the ability to adapt to the changes occur within environment which are most of the time out of any one’s control. We have to adapt our self according to that. Staying away from drug abuse demands to have knowledge of your environment, ability to face peer pressure and other factors (financial, family problems) that may incline to take drugs. Knowledge of environment helps in understanding others and situation and make the person of social evils such as; drug abuse. In short, knowledge is every thing. To live a healthy life, try to have more and more knowledge about your own self and others.


By Safia Umer We all know that students always have been important in raising socio-political issues. Behind the long struggle for Pakistan, students had played a vital role. Motivation, passion to bring a change, need for achievement and devotion for society are some of the attributes of students which, if are used positively, can benefit the society in many ways. Unfortunately, In Pakistan, students Unions have been misused. Students are being used only for political purpose and not for the development of society. Many important issues are now behind the curtain because of the inappropriate use of students’ power. The most important issue is the use of drugs among students. Students need to be aware of the consequences of drug abuse. Students’ Unions and forum are not being used to raise the issue of drug abuse among students that is also harmful for entire educational institute. If one student uses drug then it will be passed to another students. Therefore, our educational environment seems to be in jeopardy. Campaign of prevention of drug abuse in educational institutes will never be successful without the involvement of students’ union and forum. There should be a “Youth Against Drugs” forum in order to channelize the qualities of students towards the prevention of drug abuse. Their motivation, passion, devotion to serve the country must be utilized for the eradication of drug abuse problems from educational institutes and to save the future of Pakistan, our students.


Pain of Social Isolation Drug addiction derailed my family’s reputation and wealth. My elder brother is an addict; therefore, his wife left him putting the responsibility of children on us. Children are living with us without their mother. They are deprived of education because we have no enough resources to bear the expenses of their schooling. Drug related activities are shameful for my family. People make fun of my brother and often bring complains. My eldest brother is living in another home due to his addiction. My addicted brother also has been involved in crime. He has been arrested many times. Our neighbors do not like to meet us. People visit our home only when they have any complain of my brother. Where ever we go, people ask about my brother. Therefore, my family avoids attending social gatherings. We have feelings of social isolation but there is no other option. I go to my home to sleep. Nothing else for my interest is in my home.


From Sobriety to Success I am running a gym. I am admired because of my physical fitness. In gym, my students idealize me and they try to make their body as strong as mine. I participated in many program conducted on national and international level. I have a lot of respect due to my achievements. There was a time when I had been a heroin addict. I used to live under the bridge. I did not have any respect in society. My mother used to weep for me. I didn’t have money to get treatment. I asked my elder brother to lock me in a room. I asked my family member not to open the door. First four and five days were tough for me but gradually I got relaxed . Within 15 days, I was completely well. I could not forget that day when I came out from tat room with hope. My family welcomed me with smiling face. I changed my friends and joined the gym.

I spent

more and more time over there. After three years, I became a champion at district level.


When Friends Become Foe I belonged to an educated middle class family. I was a good student and my parents had many expectations from me. I was leading a good life. After intermediate exams, I went to Pakistan tour with my friends. My travel of Pakistan along with my friends destroyed my life forever. I did not know that friends with whom I am going to enjoy some moments of my life will become my foe. My friends were cannabis users. I started using cannabis because of peer pressure. I felt good after taking cannabis. Initially I used it twice a day and then became addicted to it. Some changes in my mood and behavior occurred due to addiction. My family noticed it and started investigating about that. Very soon they came to know that I was using the drugs. They got me admitted to hospitals many times but I relapsed again and again. Eventually, my family quit helping me. After that I used heroin and also made friends who were addicted to heroin. I shifted to injection that affected my leg. I could not walk easily. Despite that I did not quit drugs. Now, I have been diagnosed with HIV positive. I am living on street with other addicts. I beg standing on road to meet my basic needs. My parents are no more in this world and rest of my family members do not like to meet me. One day, I will die on garbage and dogs will be eating my body.


Helpline Q 1: My husband is an alcoholic. He verbally and emotionally abuses me whenever he is intoxicated. I have two school going children. Many times, he has threatened me to break our marital relations. But due to family pressure from his own family, he did not do so. I have allowed him to get second marriage but he does not stop himself from abusing me. His alcoholic behavior is very painful for me. Please guide me how I can help him and myself? Uzma - Lahore A: Dear Uzma, every one has problem in life. First relax yourself so that you could find a suitable solution of your problem. Actually, alcoholic behavior is the root cause of your family problems. Your husband abused you when he was intoxication. Your in-laws also seemed to be good with you. You also have not mentioned any financial problem. As far as abusive behavior of your husband is concerned, it is curable. You immediately contact to professionals who are providing treatment and rehabilitation services to drug addicts and alcoholics. They will also guide you pertaining to the alcoholic-related problems. Talk to your inlaws and try to motivate your husband for getting treatment. Avoid arguing with him when he is drinking or intoxicated. Intoxication limits the ability to comprehend what other is saying. You will have to develop patience because getting treatment once does sure that your husband will never use alcohol. Chances of relapse will always be there. DFN

SADA December 2012  

SADA Is A Pakistan Premier Online magazine against drug abuse , A Project of Drug Free Nation

SADA December 2012  

SADA Is A Pakistan Premier Online magazine against drug abuse , A Project of Drug Free Nation