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Module 1: Ideation

Haidee Lim

Student No. : 617093 Semester 2/2013 Group 7


Side View

Object: Floaties



Top view

Top view Deflated

Bottom view

Inflated Cross-section

Haidee Lim (617093)

How it was measured Ruler

Scanning and tracing

A ruler is used to measured both when the floaties is inflated and deflated. The measuring thape is used to measure the floatieto get a more accurate reading when it is inflated.

The floaties is scanned. It is then measured using the measuring tool in Adobe Photoshop.

Haidee Lim (617093)

How it works

As air is bllown into the floatie, a high pressure of air flows into the nozzle of the floaties and into the cavity. As the cavity begins to be filled with air, it causes the floatie to inflate. This is because the air particles inside it. exerts pressure onto the wall.

For the floatie to inflate, it needs a cavity or space inside it so that when air imoves into it, it allows the cavity to be filled with air causing it to infla te. The material of the floatie has to ensure that air doesn’t pass through it easily so when iair is filled into it, tha air doesn’t escape. The seam joining the materails of the floatie has to be tight so that air doesn’t escape from the floatie.




Air tight seam

waterproof canvas(a material that doesn’t easily allow air to pass)

Haidee Lim (617093)

Rhino documentation

To create the digital model of the floatie, the main tools used were the lines and curve tool was used to create the shape of it. The loft command was used to create the panels. Furthermore I managed to model half of a floatie. Then, I finished it off using the mirror command which was used to join half of the section modelled creating a full model of a floatie.

Haidee Lim (617093)

Sketch model For the sketch model, tried to make a sketch model of the floatie to fully understand how the inflatable mechanism fully works on the floatie. With the knowledge of how it , I tried to incorperate it on another model but using a different shape.

Sketch model of a floatie A sketch model on how the inflatable mechanism can work on a more dome like shape.

Haidee Lim (617093)

Personal Space and Sketch Design From, the reading by Somer R. (1969) about personal space, there were a few points that were mentioned which intrigue me. Firstly the fact that there are no limits or a concrete type of a person’s personal space was really interesting. This is due to the fact that different people have many and different ways to considered what their personal space are. An example is how people have different preference on how much others should be away from them at a certain distance from others. The observation given on how a female felt uncomfortable when facing a male person as it was indicated that the female felt awkward being looked at is another example of how personal space works. Moreover, another thing on personal space that caught my interest was how someone’s personal space can change from time. It was mentioned that a person dislikes being at close contact with someone but when they are in a relationship, the personal space changes when the person doesn’t mind being kissed. This shows how the level of personal space from a longer distance can change to a shorter distance based on certain circumstances.

From the understanding on personal space and how inflatable works, I did a few sketch designs to start on how my inflatable should be like. I decided to experiment on how inflatables can create different shapes, how the air can distribute from different sized chamber and the creation of extrusions as well as well as how it helps to protect one’s personal space.

An inflateble hat in a shape of a flower.

A scarf together with a shoulder pad that can provide protection.The design was done while playing around with how inflatables can create protuded shapes.

A vest in the shape of a butter fly wings which can help to create distance from the users to others whille experementing on how air can flow from different sized chamvers.

Haidee Lim (617093)

Reflection To conclude this week’s journal, I have learned and understand many things, One of them is on how inflatables work and the many ways that it can be constructed such as forming different shapes and patterns. Furthermore, even though a personal space is something very broad, by understanding various concepts of it, I manage to come up with how and inflatable can help to protect one’s personal space. Lastly, I have learned and understand on how to use Rhino much better in which I managed to make a model which I have never done before.

Haidee Lim (617093)

virtual environments- week 2  
virtual environments- week 2