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Week 1 This week’s tutorial, I have learned about structures playing a crucial part when building something. The types of structures that was mentioned which I found really interesting was -




A structure must be able to hold or withstand the weight or forces that come to the particular structure Such as, for a structure to be able to hold a large amount of load above it which can be seen in a structure of the roofs, trusses are used instead of a flat metal. This is because the trusses are able to withstand the load as the forces are able to be spread around the structure. However, having a long flat metal bar will cause the structure to bends as they are too much forces exerting onto one area of the structure.


Another type of structure is for a brick wall to withstand lateral forces and to prevent it from collapsing, the joint between the bricks plays a very important part The bricks will be sturdier if the bricks were arranged in an unorderly pattern and have another layer at the back of it.

This is due to the fact that when a force comes in contact with it, the forces will spread throughout the wall. This can be shown when me and my group were using wooden blocks to construct a tall structure The base of our structure used the principle of the arrangement of bricks learned before. By using this method, our structure was able to hold a large amount of load above it without the base structure collapsing as well when one accidentally hits one of the wall of the structure, the structure does not easily collapse

Constructing Environments- week 1