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Parshat Yitro

21 Shevat 5777 17 February 2017

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There are only six parshiyot in the Torah

fame and fortune, and he passed it up for a




that are named after individuals. Yitro is

higher calling. He was a man who spent his


one of them. For a person to earn the eter-

life trying to find the truth, and did not hes-

nal legacy and privilege of being named as

itate when he eventually found it. To prove

one of the six he must have done some-

that his conversion was sincere and that he

thing very significant. After all, there are no

was accepted by the entire nation, Yitro is

parshiyot named after Avraham, Yaakov, or

singled out with a parsha in his name.

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Chayim Arukim

to all those who have Yahrzeit this week as follows


18 February 22 Shevat

Lady Beryl Steinberg Brother Joan Middleweek Mother Stephanie Klass Mother

In Pursuit Of Truth

even Moshe!

A Jewish lifestyle does not mean seclusion

The whole world knew what Hashem was

from, or deprivation of material things.

doing for the Jewish People; freeing them

Hashem does not want this. Hashem wants

from Egypt amidst grand, open miracles.

us to use everything we have; our talents,

According to some opinions, every body

our personalities, our emotions, our pos-

of water in the entire world split at the

sessions, and channel them for a higher

time the Jews were crossing the Red Sea.

purpose, and to answer His call. Sometimes

However, there was only one person who

this involves a sacrifice, but in the pursuit


acted on the evidence that was unfolding

of Absolute Truth, it is a price worth pay-

18 February Community Kiddush See Shule mailing for details

before him, and this led to his decision to


join the Jewish People.


20 February 24 Shevat


21 February 25 Shevat


22 February 26 Shevat


25 February 29 Shevat

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25 February Unsponsored 4 March Debbie & Anthony Horne

Rabbi Nick Kett

To put this into perspective, Yitro was the closest personality to the Pope. He was a successful man, who led countless individu-

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als in their own quests for truth. He had

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First Aliyah - 12 verses Yitro, Moses’ father-in-law hears about the miracles that Hashem has performed for the Israelites, and comes to join the Jewish People. Second Aliyah - 11 verses Upon observing Moses method of adjudicating disputes, he suggests a hierarchy of wise and righteous judges and to delegate his responsibilities, with Moses presiding only over the most difficult cases. This would also free up time for Moses to teach the Torah he hears from Hashem. Third Aliyah - 4 verses Moses accepts Yitro’s suggestion and sets up the system. Yitro returns to his native land. Fourth Aliyah - 6 verses Six weeks after leaving Egypt, the Israelites arrive and encamp at the foot of Mount Sinai. Moses ascends the mountain where Hashem gives him a message to transmit to the People. Included inthis message was Hashem’s designation of the Israelites as “His treasure” and “a kingdom of princes and a holy nation.” Fifth Aliyah - 13 verses The Israelites are commanded to sanctigy themselves and are warned not to approach the mountain. On the third day, amid dramatic thunder, lightening, clouds and shofar sounds, Moses settles the nation at the base of the mountain. Sixth Aliyah - 20 verses Hashem tells the Jewish People the Ten Commandments: 1. Belief in Hashem. 2. Not to worship idols. 3. Not to take Hashem’s name in vain. 4. To keep Shabbat. 5. Honouring parents. Not to: 6. Murder. 7. Commit adultery. 8. Steal. 9. Bear false witness. 10. Covet another’s property. Seventh Aliyah - 9 verses Overwhelmed by the Revelation, the Jewish People ask Moses to transmit Hashem’s messages in the future, as an intemediary.

The first two commandments were delivered directly by Hashem. Moses transmitted the remaining eight.





Delve into the deeper side of Judaism This week we take a look at Yitro’s immediate response and change in the face of truth

Staring Truth In The Face Although all the nations knew about the splitting of the Red Sea, and although they all knew of B’nei Yisrael’s victory over the nation of Amalek, they failed to heed the message. There was only one man who really listened and grasped the meaning of the momentous events. Realising that Hashem is omnipotent, he inferred that it was his moral duty to serve Him. This was Moshe’s father-in-law Yitro. Yitro lived in Midian, a country that Amalek’s ally and a foe of the Jewish People. He was originally prepared to join Amalek in its battle. However, when he heard of the miraculous victory he immediately did teshuva. Without delay Yitro took his daughter Zipporah (Moshe’s wife) and her two sons (who he had left with Yitro), and rode into the desert to join the Camp of B’nei Yisrael. His intention was to convert, even if this meant sacrificing his honour and comfort in worldly matters. Hashem commanded Moshe to go out and wel-

com ehis father-in-law as he was coming for the right reasons. Moshe took Aharon and the Seventy Elders to greet him. They were joined by the entire nation, since they reasoned that he must be very important to be greeted by such a dignified group. Thus, Yitro, the first righteous convert, was given a royal welcome. From the respectful manner in which Moshe treated Yitro, we learn that it is proper for a

“I studied every religion in the world and I reached the understanding that Hashem is the true G-d.”

person to honour his parents-in-law. Moshe began to describe the recent events to Yitro; the Exodus, the Heavenly Bread they receive every day, the Well of Miriam, that supplies an endless source of water, the promise of great rewards in the Land of Israel. When Yitro heard the detailed narrative of the great miracles that Hashem had

performed for them, he immediately implemented his decision to convert to Judaism. Seizing a sharp knife, he performed a Brit Milah on himself and acknowledged Hashem as the sole Ruler. “I studied every religion in the world and rejected them all as being false, and I reached the understanding that Hashem is the true G-d.” When Yitro, the former priest who had investigated every cult in the world, exclaimed that Hashem is the true G-d, he performed the greatest Kiddush Hashem possible. The nations of the world heard about it and forsook their idols, thereby acknowledging the futility of serving an image. A special miracle occurred in Yitro’s honour - a portion of Mann came down for him during his first meal. This clearly demonstrated that he had become part of the Jewish People. Based on ‘The Midrash Says’ by Rabbi M. Weissman

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Parsha Stats Yitro is is the 17th of 54 sedras 5th of 11 in Shemot Written on 138 lines in a Torah (ranks 46th) 71-75 verses - ranks 47th (subject to dispute!) 1105 words - ranks 46th (the smallest in Shemot) 4022 letters - ranks 46th (the smallest in Shemot)

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Tip #17 Three Point Plan


There are three main prayer services that a Jew can pray each day: Shacharit, Mincha & Ma’ariv. These correlate to the prayers instituted by our forefathers. Each of these three services share the same framework. Firstly, a series of ‘warm up prayers’ to prepare us for our private conversation with Hashem. Next, the Amidah is the central point of any service, and it is fol-

lowed by a set of concluding prayers. This structure models the way in which we would address a mortal monarch. Firstly, we prepare ourselves mentally to understand the opportunity to stand before royalty, then comes the conversation, and finally, bringing ourselves back to earth after the experience. Try and explore this structure in your prayers today.

The number of verses is contested, and depends on how to accurately divide up the Ten Commandments. This results in a range of 71-75 verses! Yitro contains 17 of the 613 mitzvot. 14 of these are found within the ‘Ten’ Commandments! The entire world knew about what had happened to the Jewish People. Yitro was the only person to change his life because of it. The Torah is not always written in chronological order. The story is Yitro is one example of this, since much of the story took place after the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.

Just For Fun Teacher: Adam, please list all the 10 Commandments in any order. Adam: 3,5,4,7,8,1,6,9,10,2.




In The Spotlight


TLC Afternoon Tea On Tuesday, TLC hosted its second event for members of the community; an afternoon tea, replete with impressive stalls, offering goods and services at reduced, and occasionally complimentary rates!. Nearly 100 people attended, and many of them were new faces. Guests could browse the stalls, which included impressive plants, beautiful gifts, bespoke Challah boards, unique teas and drinks with nutritional value, beauty products, Reiki, and more besides. It was also an opportunity for the ‘Stenecourt Stitchers’ to show off their handmade baby hats and cosies, which are given to newborn babies, including those who were born premature..

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Yitro 5777